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  1. Read the Bible and pray to Jesus.

    Don't waste your time on stuff like this with fantasy words that take you nowhere.


    Acts 2:38

  2. Hi. I would like to...

    Yeshu'at is in the psalms, trust me. You'll find it. It may take a while, but it is there. Yes it does. Yes Yeshua, Yeshu'at is Jesus. This was known before Babylon. Yes, my salvation, Yeshu'at is literally the helmet of salvation. Hence Jesus is literally the helmet of salvation. The only difference is Jesus is the Germanic of Iesous from Latin from Yeshua which is Hebrew. Jesus said he is the keeper of all doors and locks. Yeshua has the Keys of David. He also has the keys of death. He is also the door of the sheep. He has already proclaimed victory over this situation. I will now tell you what happened: My kitten tore down my Kali statue and the tapestry April 4th 2021. I asked her is it really that bad? Her eyes were all black. I prayed to God, which I hadn't in a long time and asked God to help me get free from this stuff. Then my mind was clear and I remembered things I hadn't in a long time. I burned my books, destroyed my crystals, found a church that understood deliverance... moved... my life is completely blessed now. Let me tell you Jesus name when he returns... Bereyom Immanuel Bere means beginning Yom means forever Immanuel means God is with us. This isn't taught. This is the kind of amazing stuff you hear from Jesus. You just double check it with the bible, if what you get is out of harmony with it, then its not from him. But it makes sense. But, if you renounce everything and pray to him, you too can hear that still small voice. Its no trick, Jesus wants people to come directly to him. He will train your fingers for war. Let the high praises of God be in their throats and two-edged swords (Whole council of God) in their hands 7to take vengeance on the nations, to punish the people of the world, 8to put their kings (demons) in chains and their leaders in iron shackles, 9to carry out the judgment that is written against them. This is the glory of all the saints! Hallelujah! -Psalm149:6-9 I pray for the end of all these wicked spirits, dragons, that they never even be found again, that the agents be given forgiveness and a clean slate and that all here drive furiously to find their freedom in Jesus. Give them the eyes of Elijah, ears of Samuel, wisdom of Solomon in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Edit: Yes, I recognized what you said. I would take it up with Jesus. He still has his body. That's enough proof for me. Acts 2:38 Yay, now I can forget about this. I don't believe in the word construct anymore.
  3. Hi. I would like to...

    Thank you, I have full Faith this will go well. I've had opportunities to say farewell. All of my former way is now debris, Yeshu'at. I pray everyone's life goes better, freedom from heavy ideas, Yeshu'at. 👌
  4. Hi. I would like to...

    I need to have my posts removed and my profile/name erased. I renounced everything I was a part of in April of 2021. This would be integral for my healing. Thank you for understanding. I want to put this behind me and close any open doors by erasing all of this. In Christian deliverance/exorcism to leave these for a period of time gives evil spirits "rights" and to deny this leaves the doorway in the court of someone who denies it in the power and authority of the name and blood of Jesus Christ. If you need a reference, deliverance from evil spirits by Francis Macnutt. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I feel sorry for the direction it took everyone but nothing lasts forever, not even fantasy. Not even the internet will last forever.
  5. Acts 2:38

    Repent be baptized in Jesus name receive the holy ghost.
  6. Acts 2:38

    Acts 2:38 @sean
  7. Acts 2:38

    Or maybe were not aware of themselves as much as they think they were when they did. Well, if we call something a thing we choose. I submit that we then give them a measure of power. It is easy to group things like that or even people that we do not like into such groups. That I also submit may be where our awareness betrays us. It is easier for people to position themselves against groups. Much harder for people to find a position above that that works towards a positive ideal that works in one's favor. But when I speak generalities... I do not do so according to my disposition, but more of a reflection of how I had to come to terms with the outworking of things in a way that was eventually meaningful and yet had a useable and pragmatic approach.
  8. Acts 2:38

    Has anyone done anything bad that they felt sorry for... Then went through the trouble of correcting that? Each person posts their story. Mine is known to most.
  9. sacred masculine

    Awesome! Very well played. Well, I am kind of in a hurry to get back to practicing my stuff. I realize the bar I set... 20 thanks is a bit much. So, I will go ahead and post the practice. I will additionally add something which I do not often add. Which is that people that live free of the concepts that make people feel generally stuck have a faster chance of success. If you use mantras before hand, cleansing ones like STREEM, Ganesha, or any of the Tibean mantras that clear you that contain BEKANZE or BEKANZA, or other supplications that clear as well as a Stillness-Movement practice... All of these types of things tend to speed up the activation of it. Final Warning I give beforehand is that some mantras are specifically sacred. Meaning that people who would treat it in a worthless way find themselves in a type of negative contagion or entanglement. When I have warned people of this in the distant past, this went unheeded. Do not make this misteak. You have to put your full feeling, devotion and thanks into this practice. It is probably the most powerful thing in existance beside KREEM as a mantra or the one I explain in the spoiler.
  10. Yay
  11. sacred masculine

    Hmm. Okay, I have decided to get really serious about this. I hardly ever share specific practices anymore BUT... That can all change. What if I told you that you could repeat something 108 times a day... That would put you in touch with the divine masculine. All you have to do is be consistent have 100% dedication and devotion to the practice -and do this every day until you do not need to anymore. Which can be 21-100 days depending on how firmly you put your faith into it. If I get 20 thanks for this post I promise to post it. It is simple. Its not a shakti or a bija... This method is like an atomic crack ride. Can I get 20?
  12. sacred masculine

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  13. RIP Boy Scouts

    I was thinking about this stream I often would spend time by as a kid. Even as thought streams go. Some people throw rocks and pebbles in and still the beautiful stream keeps beautifully moving onwards. Kind of like a discussion of the scouts. I went back a bit through the posts, but I do not really see "opposition" it is just a rolling stream. @rene I like the merit badge. It is spacey.
  14. RIP Boy Scouts

    You are not a punching bag. We are not treating you like a punching bag. Simple. Your words and you position are not you, or yourself. Most conversation on here is pretty much like that. I imagine there may be some people who just think of it in terms of people. But, just because they disagree does not mean that they are not your friends. I mean, people like me do take very strong positions on things. In fact, some of peoples views are deeply involved in very personal experiences that have developed over a very long time. I sympathize with you because some peoples attachments to their views or ideas are very strong. But, just because they are willing to talk about their ideas still means they want to interact with you which means that they care enough about you to do so. If you see people stop talking or conversing, it is much like overpetting a cat. The cat becomes frustrated and rrreeoow! So, likely people become tired of some types of conversation as well. So, pet your friends. Just don't overpet. rrreeoow!
  15. RIP Boy Scouts

    @rene That has always shaped my perceptions of things. Years ago I thought, gee some of these people are seriously maligned... We need to help them. But in doing so... We just come full circle to understanding that each element of society as you said has it's raison d'etre. So, already we have groups that are pushing against the grain en masse. The voice they have publically is that their point must be accepted. (Tolerance implies that Intolerance exists). Sublimated to the highest spiritual energy of a thing in LOA is actually the want for them to be accepted. But, as groups gain power and influence any said group becomes totalitarian in enforcing its aims. Meaning that the secret wants they have had is to make more proselytes. This is essentially how liberalism dies. Once the ideas of championing the underdog has made them the alpha dog... The movement toward totalitarian goals have already been achieved. So, my aims, what has never been said until now... Is this: That all things possibly need to be challenged or protected. Since that is not something that can be used as a LOA point of manifestation... It is simply that people need to come together to a point of unity. That cannot be used either as an LOA point because the oppositional point exceed the ability to manifest. Thus, one has to find a subset of ideas. A vehicle from which all people can agree upon that is the sublimation of these ideas. I agree that each motivation and political group has its own raison d'etre. But we can see that in America "all Men are created equal and created with certain unalienable rights" was not, or is not good enough for some groups. Because we are still dealing with the ideas that some people could somehow be oppressed. When in reality we all have everything we need to achieve greatness or have forgotten that. Let me illustrate, in my pre-right ideology way by championing a cause I do not believe in. Lets say for example I decide to identify as bird-kin. The fact that many people identify with birds is a factor. Thus bird-kin exist. The fact that bird-kin might be oppressed because some people do not identify with birds is probably a factor that could be debated. Because people might disagree or impune things wrongly because a person takes a strong position helps identify the dichotomy that develops. When we start to create a dichotomy of sorts, it starts to set up the failure to begin with. That is why post-modernist thought was such a helper. If a people or group is oppressed, we should try to alleviate that oppression. Right? But, this exemplifies some of the fallacies of this potential. For each group that wins according to this subset, another will mysteriously arise to the same. So, if we keep this in place we can't really solve the real issues because we will always have more of the same. Post-modernist thought will always be seen to be right and constantly gratify and prove it is right with each group that is championed at each turn. It becomes an obsession and an addiction because it provides ready and accessible emotional gratification. Post-modernism always dictates that people who do not champion the cause of the underdog are evil and vile people. Thus, we made something so great... Who can speak against it, even if we really wanted to find something more effective? So, in the end... I took up the mantle of being specifically against that kind of thing. Because I firmly believe that it is somehow possible to bring the world back into balance by finding something that everyone can latch on to that will unify people. If people stay in the idea that some things oppress others, there can be no point of LOA manifestation for that. But if people can somehow find that there are sets of doings that impress the need for success in any given endeavor... We then circumvent the need for the post-modernist school of thought. The world changes constantly. Every day, we see that much hard and fast rules that we held to... Have easily proved futile. But, the more people are realizing that the false dichotomies we use only serve themselves as a vehicle for oppression rather than the specific groups themselves. The closer humanity is to understanding this failing in impeding and stifling the manifestation helps us find a better vehicle and point of manifestation for alleviating suffering.