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  1. wow thanks guys for links and recommendations !!! KEEP THEM COMING... we all have lifetime of study ahead so decent library of BOOKS THAT DO WORK is handy... i ESPECIALLY appreciate you post links to where YOU ACTUALLY LEARNED MCO... thats priceless, not suggestions based on "i heard that this and this should be good" or "people mention this a lot on DAOBUMS, AMAZON, etc."... if you google MCO you get many books but the questions is what really WORKED FOR YOU and got YOUR MCO started... and what is just "another" generic book about taoist yoga or qi energy ... iam from a small shitty east-europe town so finding a real "non-bogus" teacher who actually has GENUINE KNOWLEDGE is quite impossible here, there are 1 or 2 taoist or gi gong courses, but i believe they are just exploiting the fashionable name for some basic stretching, light Yoga excercises you can read from any book with a QI or YOGA in its name... i work 9-5 and commute home long so i dont have time to travel across country to meet some teacher who again might not be legit in these regions... its a simple numbers game... people in BIG cities with strong asian and/or alternative sub-culture (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Sidney) have big advantage finding GENUINE teacher... but its not always possible everywhere...
  2. Anyone else care to share where he or she learned MCO from. If you dont think it can be learned from book or dvd you dont have to reply
  3. Hi guys ive seen many sources and authors refered about Microcosmic Orbit. Iam trying to find which are most respected self-learning materials about MCO. Can you post where did you learned MCO from ? I know many here learned MCO from a teacher - oral transmission which is of course the ideal way. But if you would recommend a self-study source to learn MCO what would it be ? Iam interested in self-study so books, video, web articles are prefered. Please be specific about the title. Author and title of the book or dvd, etc. I know aboout Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming - Qigong Meditation but for me this book is too encyclopedic/academic (430 pages) and he also keeps mentioning in this book you should read his previous book before you start (Embryonic Breathing - another 400 pages) - i dont want to read 800 pages to start practice Also Mantak Chia is mentioned a lot but he already has like 60 books and 50 DVDs - if you learned from Mantak Chia which title would you recommend most from his catalogue about Microcosmic Orbit Also Jerry Alan Johnson is mentioned, but i dont know his work at all, i dont know which of his books describe MCO. Could you guys post if you self-learned MCO... where did you learn MCO from ? What titles would you recommend ? Please dont post "i heard this and this should be good"... iam trying to gather tried and tested sources that really worked for people in the field, so i prefer recommendations that really worked FOR YOU... THANKS A LOT
  4. thanks guys for sharing your expertise fair point - when i CONSCIOUSLY RELAX the tongue like a muscle, it swells - the tip naturally aligns and touches with ARROW 1 - that sounds natural... to reach ARROW 2,3 i must bend the tongue just a little bit... to reach ARROW 4 i bend the tongue even more... what interests me is that SOUR/ALKALINE/LEMONY taste i get on ARROW 2,3,4 and that little bump of ENGORGED TISSUE that develops in minutes around ARROW 2,3,4 when doing MCO... this bump dissipates several minutes after MCO... its either some accumulated BLOOD or LYMPH FLUID that make the palate swell in that area a little bit... thats what got me thinking - the taste and the swelling... on ARROW 1 i dont get that at all... ARROW 1 is completely inert and sense-less area... ARROWS 2,3,4 seem to be active, juiced, responsive, dynamic - they respond to MCO (swelling and INCREASINGLY MORE LEMONY tasting) I dont OVERINTELECTULISE iam just curious... if i can sense strong response on ARROW 2,3,4 and nothing on ARROW 1... i wonder, i ask, why is that, is that telling me something ?
  5. iam practicing MCO for first time and the instruction says: PUT YOUR TONGUE ON PALATE BEHIND YOUR TEETH that makes sense but i read some different and conflicting instructions on internet (suprisingly) where exactly do YOU put the tongue on the palate ? my palate is not curved evenly like you see on all anatomic pictures (they are just average diagrams), i made a "picture" of mine, it has a long straight portion behind teeth and than it prolapses deeply upwards - creating high dome... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>> strangely... i can sense that some parts of palate deeper in my mouth have mild sour/alkalic taste (like licking very mild or diluted lemon) when doing MCO... i remember i read somewhere (will try to find source) that this spot where you can sense the sour/alkalic taste is the right spot to touch your tongue... i dont know where i read it... ARROW 1: this is where i guess most people place the tip because most instructions say "BEHIND YOUR TEETH" i dont feel ANYTHING here... ARROW 2, 3, 4: these spots are where i can sense faint sour/alkalic/lemon taste when i do MCO... the spot shifts a bit one moment its more 2, couple of minutes later its more 3 or even 4 WHATS ALSO INTERESTING is that after a while of practicing MCO i can sense a bump or engorged tissue develops around spots 2,3,4... this bump dissipates couple minutes after stoping MCO... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>>
  6. Hello i found this qigong video course: http://uniquepowerfulsecretqigong.com http://uniquepowerfulsecretqigong.com/qigong-order/ Does anybody have any experience with this DVD or this guy ? Iam looking for curing PREMATURE EJACULATION... Thanks
  7. Difference between Qigong and Neigong?

    hmm i dont know what last 3 posts were about... i just noticed by reading through TaoBums that there are some themes which ussually start a lenghty off topic discussion when mentioned... so thats explained... i want to avoid any offtopic fight of some of the more "opinionated" TaoBums users... the fact that i dont have history is because iam new to eastern teachings and iam just trying to figure out the basic terminology and directions before i choose one to put my time and effort into... given there is many schools, systems i guess my approach is right... my real interest is still answering the 2 questions... Question A (yin and yang chi in nei gong vs singular chi elsewhere) and Question B (public nei gong systems) i used the video of the guy only as an example of some guy who talks about "yin and yang chi" quite a lot... if referencing anyones sources when asking questions is not good than i dont understand netiquette... i think the best that could happen is someone coming here and listing some proper Nei Gong systems (public or not) so i can go search google and see if they talk about yin and yang chi as separate energies - well that would either prove the claim or not... i got lots of perosnal opinions so far but no frame of reference (with 1 or 2 exceptions) - they are all just other peoples claims they believe are correct... sadly without much reference or factual backing from any source... so i guess i will keep waiting until someday, someone reads this thread who actually did any Nei Gong and would be ready to share some backed-up or referenced answers to Question A and B... i guess there is nothing bad about wanting to know truth if i read through most of the replies they are either off topic, ambiguous, personal beliefs and opinions without any source of validation or they react on some unimportant detail in the post and completely ignore the 2 questions... cheers everyone and iam sorry if i stepped on someones toe
  8. Difference between Qigong and Neigong?

    Starjumper wrote> "We also had some focus on gathering energy from the Earth which is yin and energy from Heaven, which is yang..." well i think that sounds definitelly like working with 2 different energies to me... i stumbled upon this YouTube video of John Chang (i believe the stuff he does is called Mo Pai and looks to me like Nei Gong - spirits, visualisations, yin and yang energy, stillness or little movement, etc.) MO PAI is definitelly NOT PUBLIC and the only book i know that was published about it "The Magus of Java Book" is more a history and philosophy than excercises (although i didnt read it, this is just from reviews)... iam not interested in legend of John Chang as his teaching isnt public, nor do i care if he can light a fire with bare hands, so please no flame wars about John Chang or similar "magicians" i refer this video as an example of someone talking specifically about using 2 different energies together... Yin and Yang so there are definitelly some people who distinguish between Yin and Yang Chi and to be frank it makes so much more sense to me even as a beginner... if there is duality in everything on earth why wouldnt there be duality in chi ?
  9. Difference between Qigong and Neigong?

    well i didnt for a minute think i would become an expert in anything... i was just asking 2 simple questions to clarify something i read on internet and wanted to get more sourced opinions from TaoBums members who know the answer - nothing wrong with that i guess: Question A is it true that there is a diffreence between Qi Gong and Nei Gong in that Nei Gong differentiate between Yin and Yang Chi whille most Qi Gong systems only teach about singular Chi (Yang perhaps) as is claimed in this text: Question B are there any public Nei Gong systems ? Well so far there were about 10 replies here and on the other dupicate thread (same topic) and no one answered Question A and as of Question B i got reference to 1 book (http://www.amazon.com/Ling-Bao-Tong-Neng-Gong/dp/1470174545/) that was told to me contains Nei Gong excercises so i immediatelly ordered it to check it out... Also i did my homework and searched myself around TaoBums for any mention of public Nei Gong systems and the closest i could get is this: Wang Liping - Longmen Pai (Dragon Gate) system http://www.amazon.com/Ling-Bao-Tong-Neng-Gong/dp/1470174545/ ordered this book and will see whats inside, i hope excercises... i hope nei gong... i will update my post when i get it... Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson - Zheng Yi sect teachings http://www.qigongmedicine.com/daoist-books/ lots of books on magic and alchemy from Zheng Yi sect - definitelly Nei Gong stuff... iam not sure if these books have any teaching system or they are just collected texts from unknown sources ment as a reference for advanced Nei Gong aspirants... but Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson also offers a DVD series "http://www.qigongmedicine.com/medical-qigong-dvds/" these DVDs also seem to be Nei Gong flavour from the descriptions - these DVDs work with all kinds of visualisations, qi projection and healing of patients both physical and soul and emotional... the first 2 DVDs seem like a nice "intro" to Nei Gong... anyone here got them ? Max Christensen - Kunlun system http://www.primordialalchemist.com/ http://www.amazon.com/KUNLUN%C2%AE-System-Alchemy-Leading-Within/dp/098522360X/ i bought this book - the only public material available from Kunlun system - and i will see whats inside, theory or practical excercises... Kunlun system might not be 100% Nei Gong and it has many supporters as well as sceptics on TaoBums, but it seems to me its also bit more mystical and esoteric than ussual Qi Gong systems so i will give it a try - there is no option to find out than read that book (iam outside USA) - ordered the book... frankly i dont expect much from either Wang Liping's and Kunlun books... i expect there will be lots of theory and historical excursions into ancient china but not much excercise instructions let alone coherent system to teach from a book... i might try one of those Zheng Yi sect books published by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, that stuff is most probably Nei Gong, but i have a feeling these will be either too theoretical or too advanced for a beginner like me... i know its almost impossible to learn something so complex and timeless as Nei Gong... but still if anyone would know any public Nei Gong system that has any sort of books, DVDs, materials for sale please post them here next to my 3 findings... there must be more than these 3 i found... common
  10. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    http://www.amazon.com/Ling-Bao-Tong-Neng-Gong/dp/1470174545/ book ordered !!! one has to be cautious today with about 1.000.000 books about Cchi... not to get a book full of talking and philosophy and references to excercises but not EXCERCISES... i belive this one could be good... also ordered: http://www.amazon.com/KUNLUN®-System-Alchemy-Leading-Within/dp/098522360X/ just out of curiosity... i noticed KUNLUN is adored by some here and frauned by others... i prefer to read the book and make my own opinion... any other public Nei Gong systems ?
  11. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    link please... i checked his DVD/Book section and there is no mention about that... do you own that material or its just a wild guess...
  12. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    ok who of you two guys read the book ? the one who read it please tell me if there are nei gong excercises in it or just philosophy...
  13. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    ok i will PM... iam still curious about the claim i cited - about Nei Gong using Yin and Yang chi energies rather than singular chi energy:
  14. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    ChiDragon> please could you clarify why do you think so ? maybe with some reference as to your claim... i read several threads about difference between Nei Gong and Chi Gong and i didnt notice anyone saying that one is prerequisite to the other...
  15. Difference between Qigong and Neigong?

    hi guys this is an intentional DOUBLE POST... please allow this post... as life happens there are 2 exactly same threads on TaoBums going on... so i took the right to post the same question to both as they already do exist concurently... please dont blame me these two exact threads exist... i just want my question read by as many people and get most opinions... thus the DOUBLE POST... hi guys iam new to TaoBums and iam just looking around, gathering information and starting to paint a picture before i jump on the excercises... iam trying to find a system to start and stick to... i dont want to be jumping from system to system later... i have relatively good health and iam more looking for a kind of general cultivation and life elixir to fuel my creativity and spirituality... after reading this thread i feel iam more inclined to Nei Gong than Chi Gong - it just makes more sense to me and my kind of personality... would you post some popular and powerfull Nei Gong systems ? Names or website links... i did my homework and spent days reading through TaoBums just to gather names of specific systems so i have some solid reference to begin with... i currently have my short-list of Qi Gong systems that i can choose from (some of them may be Nei Gong just using the "marketing catch-all" term of Qi Gong, i dont know) Terry Dunn - Flying Phoenix Qi Gong Chunyi Lin - Spring Forest Qigong Michael Lomax - Gift of the Tao Yang Jwing-Ming - Embryonic Breathing (name of book rather than system) also if you could clarify one citation that jump started my interest in Nei Gong, please dont kill the messanger iam just citing a website that may be confusing terms: source: http://www.gestaltre...ung-john-chang/ I dont mind the authors opinion what system is "more powerfull" but what caught my interest is the bit that only some systems (Nei Gong) distinguish between 2 types of Chi (yang and yin) - if this is true i definitelly want to be learning a path that utilizes complete spectrum of internal energy - it just makes so much more sense that there would be 2 opposing energies (yang and yin) flowing in your body... that claim just fitted right into my sense of how things work... what do you think about that claim and if its true i would love to get names of the systems that utilize both yang and yin energy... thanks and please no flame wars Chi Gong vs Nei Gong... iam just humbly asking for clarification of specific claim i read outside of TaoBums and what caught my attention, because it resonates with my world view (the existence of both yang and yin chi inside your body and the need to manage them as 2 individual chi energies) cheers