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Found 3 results

  1. How is your MCO different?

    What is the most effective way to do the microcosmic orbit? How do you do it and how is yours different? Are there any tips you have that would make it more effective?
  2. Hi guys ive seen many sources and authors refered about Microcosmic Orbit. Iam trying to find which are most respected self-learning materials about MCO. Can you post where did you learned MCO from ? I know many here learned MCO from a teacher - oral transmission which is of course the ideal way. But if you would recommend a self-study source to learn MCO what would it be ? Iam interested in self-study so books, video, web articles are prefered. Please be specific about the title. Author and title of the book or dvd, etc. I know aboout Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming - Qigong Meditation but for me this book is too encyclopedic/academic (430 pages) and he also keeps mentioning in this book you should read his previous book before you start (Embryonic Breathing - another 400 pages) - i dont want to read 800 pages to start practice Also Mantak Chia is mentioned a lot but he already has like 60 books and 50 DVDs - if you learned from Mantak Chia which title would you recommend most from his catalogue about Microcosmic Orbit Also Jerry Alan Johnson is mentioned, but i dont know his work at all, i dont know which of his books describe MCO. Could you guys post if you self-learned MCO... where did you learn MCO from ? What titles would you recommend ? Please dont post "i heard this and this should be good"... iam trying to gather tried and tested sources that really worked for people in the field, so i prefer recommendations that really worked FOR YOU... THANKS A LOT
  3. iam practicing MCO for first time and the instruction says: PUT YOUR TONGUE ON PALATE BEHIND YOUR TEETH that makes sense but i read some different and conflicting instructions on internet (suprisingly) where exactly do YOU put the tongue on the palate ? my palate is not curved evenly like you see on all anatomic pictures (they are just average diagrams), i made a "picture" of mine, it has a long straight portion behind teeth and than it prolapses deeply upwards - creating high dome... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>> strangely... i can sense that some parts of palate deeper in my mouth have mild sour/alkalic taste (like licking very mild or diluted lemon) when doing MCO... i remember i read somewhere (will try to find source) that this spot where you can sense the sour/alkalic taste is the right spot to touch your tongue... i dont know where i read it... ARROW 1: this is where i guess most people place the tip because most instructions say "BEHIND YOUR TEETH" i dont feel ANYTHING here... ARROW 2, 3, 4: these spots are where i can sense faint sour/alkalic/lemon taste when i do MCO... the spot shifts a bit one moment its more 2, couple of minutes later its more 3 or even 4 WHATS ALSO INTERESTING is that after a while of practicing MCO i can sense a bump or engorged tissue develops around spots 2,3,4... this bump dissipates couple minutes after stoping MCO... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>>