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Found 3 results

  1. I hope I am in the right place to ask things about Microcosmic Orbit. Also, I have lurked much and known about Jing, Qi, and Shen. Today I came here because I want to ask some peculiar things about MCO. It is surely the process of putting our tongue behind the front teeth and letting the flow open, isn't it? However, my question is much deeper. These things has never happened to me before. I started to conserve a lot of Jing inside my body by practicing absolute celibacy. After some year, MCO happened automatically. I felt sort of calm and in more deeper meditative state when I kept my tongue behind my front teeth where gum meets. Now my question is recently I have experienced sort of electric type of sensation. It is little strong electricity like when you put your tongue on a battery. What is this? Is such experience normal in MCO? Please help me. It took a lot of work to search and come here and ask this question. I have not found a word on this topic anywhere. I hope to get some good responses.
  2. I have a serious question

    Where can I ask about microcosmic orbit?
  3. iam practicing MCO for first time and the instruction says: PUT YOUR TONGUE ON PALATE BEHIND YOUR TEETH that makes sense but i read some different and conflicting instructions on internet (suprisingly) where exactly do YOU put the tongue on the palate ? my palate is not curved evenly like you see on all anatomic pictures (they are just average diagrams), i made a "picture" of mine, it has a long straight portion behind teeth and than it prolapses deeply upwards - creating high dome... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>> strangely... i can sense that some parts of palate deeper in my mouth have mild sour/alkalic taste (like licking very mild or diluted lemon) when doing MCO... i remember i read somewhere (will try to find source) that this spot where you can sense the sour/alkalic taste is the right spot to touch your tongue... i dont know where i read it... ARROW 1: this is where i guess most people place the tip because most instructions say "BEHIND YOUR TEETH" i dont feel ANYTHING here... ARROW 2, 3, 4: these spots are where i can sense faint sour/alkalic/lemon taste when i do MCO... the spot shifts a bit one moment its more 2, couple of minutes later its more 3 or even 4 WHATS ALSO INTERESTING is that after a while of practicing MCO i can sense a bump or engorged tissue develops around spots 2,3,4... this bump dissipates couple minutes after stoping MCO... <<PICTURE ATTACHED>>