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  1. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    No it's gentle for SFQ. Just the stomach being drawn in slightly on the inhale. The basic breathing for SFQ is a slow deep breath while bringing the stomach in slightly on the inhale while the mind is on the LDT. Visualize healing energy coming from the end of the universe through the pores and filling every cell of the body and the energy collects in the LDT. On the exhale visualize any sickness or blockage turning into smoke or butterflies and being sent out to the end of the universe. Also tongue on roof of the mouth.
  2. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    I knew I'd seen the LDT question before on the Learning Strategies SFQ forum. So I looked and came across this thread Shawn Grim the moderator whos wife is a SFQ healer posted this answer "The lower dantien question comes up frequently, as the "below" which is refered to so much in related forms/work , can be interpreted as toward the feet or toward the center of the body from the navel. Master Lin usually tells a story about putting the question out in his meditation and three of his Masters showed up and pressed into and behindhis navel. From then on he's used "behind" so it's clearer. It's interesting the number of friends also in the martial arts are almost excited when they hear him saying "behind". It's almost a "coming out of hiding" for them as they start sharing how that's where it's always naturally focused in for them too, but the people and style they've studied under kept saying below (toward the feet)."
  3. New Spring Forest Five Element DVD

    I bought this about a month ago and have been using it. I like it. It's more physical then the regular level 1 course. For two of the exercises you do slow quarter squat exercises. During one of the slow quarter squat exercises you have your hands up in the air like your holding a beach ball. Afterwards I notice I feel more earthy and the energy is more grounded into my body. With his level one system - I feel more Chi on the outside of my body - which is ready to be transferred to other people for healing. I also notice that I never feel hungry after doing the 5 elements. Chunyi Lin says that when you raise your hands above your head you stimulate the Triple Heaters.....I quoted him below. "For example, raising your hands above your head helps stimulate the triple heaters, a very important energy system that helps transform energy in the body. The triple heaters are relevant to what are now called the gland (endocrine) system and the lymph (lymphatic) system. Both of these systems contribute to immune system function. Many problems are caused when these two systems are not working correctly: arthritis, internal organ problems, cancers, mental issues, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, etc."
  4. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    The lower dantien for SFQ has always been behind the navel and not below it. He also recomends reverse breathing where you pull your stomach in slightly on the inhale. Both of these are minor details though. Chunyi Lin always says to listen to your body and if you feel like doing the exercises in a different way then go ahead. So if you're more comfortable with the dantien below the belly button or not doing the reverse breathing - it won't mess anything up and you'll still get good results....He also always talks about Good...Better...and Best......So there's no wrong ways to do the exercises.
  5. Holidays are great – managed to get in 3 hours of SFQ today. This will be my last post in this thread. I actually thought I was done with this forum for good….Intensive Qigong practice tends to make one more spontaneous – and with that I noticed this thread and decided to record my practice……With my spontaneous posting I felt moved to share a link on free Qigong Distance healing…..With many people throughout the world without healthcare – this can help many people……But it seems the OP is against certain things and wants to control what people talk about in this thread………So I’m done…Good Luck
  6. It's not spam. It's free distant healing energy that can only improve your practice and not hurt it. It's the equivalent of practicing a couple hours of medical qigong a day. It will open up channels in your body - therefore it allows the energy from people's practice to run more smoothly. Also it could help prevent people from getting sick - which will allow them to practice more. The benefits are endless. How can free long distance energy be spam? If I pray for somebody - is that spam?
  7. No need to practice hard this week if you don't want to. Michael Mohoric is sending out healing chi all week so everyone can just relax on Thanksgiving and get there chakras cleansed at the same time. The energy flows to you once you accept it.
  8. Just did 1 hour of good practice today. 15 minutes active exercises and just did a 45 minute meditation.
  9. No fireballs yet. Just feel well balanced times one hundred. Also just the usual health benefits. Also can't really get depressed anymore.....Sometime a while back all the practice somehow sucked out all the nasty shit. I see weird third eye weird flashes and things darting around. Younger face. Increased personal magnetism. Less sleep....Also lots of the other usual stuff. Post more SFQ practice results when you get the chance. I think Master Lin occasionally throws healing chi balls at people. I think one time Drew wrote about a lady who was freaking out about something and Master Lin stretched his arms back and a healing chi ball came out of his hand and went into the lady and she calmed down.
  10. Where did everybody go? Today I did 4 30 minute sessions dispersed throughout the day. I just finished a 30 minute minute session of "joining of yin and yang" where you move the energy ball in your hands. I also did "pore breathing"(breathing through the skin) into the lower dantien while moving the energy ball. I exhaled the energy as smoke. Chunyi Lin said on an interview that the "pore breathing" is a Taoist secret that will make your face look younger. It's true. People will say you look 10 years younger and the dark bags under the eyes from drinking alcohol in your 20's go away.
  11. 3 hours of SFQ. 2 hours standing and 1 hour meditation. I was going to try and do 4 but after 2 hours in the morning I had the "overwhelm" feeling....Probably deep emotional stuff coming out...It made me feel grumpy and moody.....I think I'm going to shoot for 3 hours a day for the next 6 days and then do a 4 hour day next Monday.
  12. I have no life and nothing better to do - so today I did 4 hours of Spring Forest Qigong. 2 hours and 45 minutes of standing active exercises - and 1 hour and 15 minutes of small universe meditation sitting cross legged on the ground. Since the beginning of the new year I've tried to do between 2 to 4 hours of SFQ daily. I've only missed a few days and usually can do 2 hours. 4 hours is hard though. I'm going to try and do 3 hours a day on work days - and 4 hours a day on my off days for the rest of this contest thing....I was off today and I'm off tomorrow so I will shoot for 4 hours tomorrow.
  13. Master Chunyi Lin

    I typed his name in intellius once and I believe it said he was born in 1958. Also just from memory from his book - he learned Qigong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu in highschool. When he was a slave for 5 years after high he said the Qigong always made him feel better when he was being worked to death. Later in college he learned Qigong from a nun because he wanted to heal his parents. He had bad arthritis in his knees from basketball - and because of this went to see the Qigong Master in the soccer field and was 85% healed. After the soccer field healing he began practicing for 2,4, and 6 hours a day. Then later did the 30 day cave meditations.
  14. What Ever Happened to Cat?

    Where the hell is Drew Hempel?