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  1. Bliss and Enlightenment by James Swartz

    There is already a topic asking for a TTC translation containing pictures (that is: photographs) of the texts as they were found in the tomb: I would still be interested in having such a book.
  2. LIEZI Chapter 7 - Yang Zhu

    Yang chu - one of the more interesting ancient Chinese philosophers! Not for the faint of heart.
  3. In memoriam

    Marblehead was a skeptical down to earth person and didn't concern himself with esoterical practices. But to Starjumper those things were all important. Also Marblehead was more tolerant of opposing opinions than Starjumper. As to their character traits however I think they had much in common.
  4. In memoriam

    Behind the occasional rudeness there was an inquiring mind. If he somehow continues to exist then there will be enough to explore next. If not, than at least he did live with gusto.
  5. In memoriam

    Yes - sorry to read that he died.
  6. Reputable sources

    Who needs science? Much better to collect anecdotes to substantiate your own preconceptions. And when science says the same thing you already thought to be the case anyhow, well then by all means go ahead and quote the scientists. Welcome to the post-truth era.
  7. Lurker to Member

    Is this Steve Gray's successor?: https://www.taohermitage.com/instructors.html
  8. Tao Te Ching book with pictures of original characters??

    Yes - but the Guodian TTC isn't complete...
  9. translating

    Interesting link, will read it later on.
  10. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Thanks steve! Much better to get the topic back on track by providing some useful information, than for me to engage in a developing shouting match with Taomeow. I should have known better.
  11. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Of course men historically didn't have any chores of their own outside of family life, and thus could invest most of their time and chi in their own cultivation.
  12. Desire is the spice of life!

    In the West Epicurus already solved this quandary about desire and happiness with his classification of desires: https://iep.utm.edu/epicur/#SH5c But his teachings were not taken seriously and heavily distorted later on. As often happens with the wise men and women of old...
  13. I am Sorry

    Good to see you back! We had a lot of interesting discussions in the old days. Let's just forget about the political upheaval. No need to participate in that part of the forum. Should be possible to get some of the good stuff going again. Such as discussions about the good life, the interpretation of Taoist classics, etc. Are you still studying the I Ching?
  14. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I have tried to read the article but as far as I got it was all about Buddhism as an organized religion, and thus as a (historical) social phenomenon. It doesn't surprise me that women were historically discriminated against in Buddhism as an organized religion as that happened a lot in the society at large in the old days, and even today. I don't like joining an organized religion anyway as I'm old enough to make up my own mind on things. In western Buddhism as a philosophy I haven't seen any discrimination against women, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough...
  15. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    Thanks! I have downloaded the article and will read it later on.