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  1. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Great to read of your adventures. I don't like travelling myself, so I always like to learn about far away places from people who go there.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Yes! Makes one feel alive.
  3. The Chuang tzu and its modern philosophical commentaries are more relevant to your problem, but of course the Tao Te Ching has its own merits
  4. Or whether the beliefs and criticism of (relevant) others are even worth bothering about.... When you start doubting you have to go all the way, and then your doubt will destroy itself because the necessities of daily life will force you to return to some form of common sense (that is to relative truth). However if the later doesn't happen you will truly become an idiot, and perhaps even a dangerous one if you take the fundamentalist way out.
  5. There is nothing wrong with realising that one cannot be sure about anything. One can just as well find one's way in life without absolute certainty. And this can even be a joyful life, see the Chuang tzu. For more about this see modern philosophical and scholarly interpretations of the Chuang tzu.
  6. What are you listening to?

    CCR - always good!
  7. Unhappily I have no sense of humor...
  8. Good for you, but you should known better than. And I know more about anarchism than you think. You clearly have no idea who I am. I already read Kropotkin, Bakoenin, etc. when I was young. And I liked it very much. But I know better now from watching and studying the real world, and not because of any propaganda. But I know these kind of discussions will lead nowhere, and I will stop following this topic from now on. I have done my part.
  9. @ Song of the Dao You will be put in jail after the democratic system collapses. Anarchism is very beautiful in theory, but it doesn't work. The power vacuum will quickly be filled up by criminals and war lords. And once that happens there the will be a call for a strongmen to restore law and order. After that all free spirits like yourself will either have to shut up, or will be put in jail or be killed. It's a damn pity many people never learn anything from history...
  10. No they are not - conversations about sports are optional and socially irrelevant. The difference is that a democracy without voters couldn't exist, where a democracy where everyone votes could very well exist. So the (pseudo-spiritual and/or irresponsible) mentality of not even taking the minimal trouble to bring out a vote once in a while will wreck the democratic systems of the western world if it becomes even more widespread.
  11. Yes, you are part of the problem. I often wonder whether those people who proudly declare that they don't vote really don't bother about politics and wouldn't care whether they live in a (relatively) democratic society or not. But if you really don't care in what kind of society you live then your position is indeed consistent. However Lau tzu did care about politics and a large part of the Tao Te Ching is about politics.
  12. There is a sense in which one could say that the world is an illusion, but that is not the ordinary sense of "illusion" as being an error in perception. Ignoring a wall because in a certain special philosophical sense walls don't exist will only give one a headache or worse. It's completely useless to discuss this subject without first studying some deep Buddhist philosophy (such as the theory of the two truths) or alternatively some decent philosophy of science. Of course this advise will be ignored as it is to much trouble to follow, and thus this topic can go on forever without reaching any sort of conclusion. Better move on...