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  1. Morality

    Being told that there is a Heaven, or that God has a morality doesn't prove anything. A truly moral person doesn't follow anyone's orders (whether of a man or God), but acts on the basis of an inner conscience. Where that conscience is lacking religion doesn't help either. See how Putin and Trump position themselves as God's servants, and get away with it. Further there are religions that actually demand or promote the killing of non-believers.
  2. Why waist any more time on Awaken or Taoist Texts? The kind of brutal Taoism they promote simply isn't worth the effort, at least not from a modern western perspective. Taoism is a very broad current and anyone claiming to represent the only real Taoism is therefore simply wrong. Awaken and Taoist Texts are perfect examples of the fundamentalist intolerance combined with spiritual arrogance that often follows on too much learning. A sad sight. I had some discussions with Taoist Texts before and although he indeed knows a lot about Taoist texts his logic is ludicrous and not up to the task. See this: Are we to believe that most western role playing "taoists" pretend to follow someone of whom they never even heard his name? I better move on.
  3. I agree with that. Acquiring (supernatural) powers as a goal of cultivation might start one on the path but should indeed eventually be replaced by goals like virtue, morals and kindness. The latter might help one to lead a fulfilling and pleasant life. The quest for power however will lead to endless battles, frustrations, and spoiled relations with fellow human beings. This is true regardless of whether supernatural powers exist or not.
  4. Better start some new topics with discussions about the classics. If it's about the TTC, Chuang tzu, Lieh tzu or even Confucius' Analects than I would be happy to participate. That would be a more positive, constructive solution to the problem. Let me know...
  5. @Earl Grey What happened? I have been away for some time, but before that I always appreciated your posts as coming from one of the more knowledgeable members here although I didn't always agree with you. Why not just go on posting your own opinion on and/or experience with things as you used to do?
  6. Yes - that's the main problem! Any internet forum will have some unhelpful members, that's simply a fact of life we have to live with. But if nonsense, bragging and cursing starts setting the tone for the entire forum than potential new members will rather choose to stay away than to join us, that is: unless they like the toxic atmosphere. In time the forum will then spiral down the same dark road that all lightly moderated fora go. I see Pak_Satrio pointed at the same problem.
  7. It isn't simply a question of interpersonal style but of a deep abhorrence of fellow human beings who are seen as not on the same level (and are thus disqualified as scumbags). If such falls under "high level spiritual development" than I prefer to be without it.
  8. I think it would work up to a certain point. When a person/thing/situation upsets one to such an extend that it becomes impossible to meditate, to relax or to concentrate on other matters than it's best to (temporarily) avoid the person/thing/situation. But as one spiritually matures it should gradually become easier to tolerate obnoxious persons/things/situations without loosing one's cool. I personally haven't advances that far, and still use the Ignore List to block the nonsensical messages of a few Bums.
  9. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    Yes - better to split off this discussion about the renaming of D.C. Lau.
  10. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    Penguin and Random House are respectable publishers, so why did they change D.C.Lau's name?
  11. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/248080/darrell-d-lau/ Strange...!
  12. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    Inderdaad ben ik een Nederlander. I find it confusing when a scholar who is generally known as "D.C. Lau" is suddenly and for no apparent reason called "Darrell D Lau" on Amazon and at other sites.
  13. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    It says "D.C. Lau". I have no idea why the guy is suddenly called "Darrell D Lau" on Amazon and at other sites.
  14. Looking for a new teacher/school after Healing Tao

    Please look at the title page of the preview. ;-)