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  1. Pronunciation Classical Chinese?

    Don't know. I'm no longer active on this website.
  2. On Spontineity

  3. I wonder what all this has to do with Marblehead or with Taoism. Please keep such relational stuff private. One can best deal with that by means of personal messages.
  4. Happy to see David Hume mentioned here.
  5. I think that Mablehead's position on life after death was that he didn't think it likely (on the basis of his materialist leanings), but that he wasn't absolutely sure about it. All much in the spirit of the Chuang tse.
  6. The kind of survival of death that Marblehead would have accepted is the survival of the memory of who he was and the way (some of) his ideas and approach have taken root in us.
  7. There is something to be said for that. Surely every human-made model of the world is flawed in some way or another. So why not just acknowledge that ones own position is flawed also. Discordianism looks like an interesting position to ponder. Can you recommend a particular book about it? But that's the problematic twist: if you hold on to a position that you know to be wrong you might not only hurt yourself, but others also as "collateral damage". Why? Because basing your decisions on a wrong idea about how the world functions might easily lead to dangerous and unhealthy action.
  8. @ Manitou Thanks! @ Limahong Clear! So Marblehead really considered it OK to be knowingly wrong, or at least to refuse to consider evidence that might prove him wrong. I remember discussing quantum mechanics with him, and how he refused to reconsider his naive causal materialism in light of (if I remember correctly) the double slit experiment. To me it is hard to swallow when somebody refuses to change a provably false position when confronted with a refutation, even if that someone was Marblehead. But perhaps there is something to say for his claimed right to be wrong? I would be guilty of the same stubbornness if I wasn't ready to listen to argument in favour of Marblehead's motto. - Anybody?
  9. Thank you. For the rest - Apech and others have already said it better then I could.
  10. The worldview of a fanatic: The world is rotten and I know what is wrong with it. So I am justified in forcing my opinions onto others, because I know what has to be done. Furthermore those who disagree with me must be stupid, mentally ill or morally depraved for not seeing the truth as I do. Therefore I don't care about the feelings or opinions of those who dare to oppose me. I will not stop to do the right thing till justice is done! Left, right or religious - what does it matter...
  11. Good! The above post by liminal_luke is much better than what I had in mind for Sean. So I will just say that I agree with liminal-luke.
  12. The result of all this will be that still more Bums who hate fanaticism of whatever kind will permanently leave this place.
  13. Politics is the one and only thing we greatly disagreed about, but this was no problem to him. Good to remember that the chasm can be bridged in these times of heavy polarization.
  14. Can somebody please explain to me (and possibly to others also) what is going to happen on Jim's Celebration on Sunday. I first though it was going to take place in some bar somewhere in the US (but I couldn't find out where), until I read that we were expected on The Dao Bums itself. Then I read something about the food, until it proved to be virtual. I'm not very active on social media and not at all in the virtual reality thing, so I have no idea what the plans are.
  15. Thank you! I think it is important to remember Marblehead as he was, and not make a Taoist deity of him. As he liked to say he would rather drag his tail in the mud.