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  1. The Complete System

    A great song indeed:
  2. The Complete System

    It's clear that the lyrics are secondary to the music in case of Iron Butterfly's master piece, so it should rather be considered as not a song at all, than as a bad song. But no need to discuss this any further. Bums can listen to the composition on my earlier link to YouTube, and thus form their own opinion of the quality of the composition.
  3. The Complete System

    Or leave something to the imagination...
  4. The Complete System

    The Garden of Life. What more do you want?
  5. The Complete System

    In my mind there is a difference between broad and deep study and/or practice. One cannot have both. I think I know enough by now to see what subjects are worth deep study (and practice), and that will take up a lot of time. So the (maximal) time I have left is very relevant. By the way: Iron Butterfly's In a Gadda da Vida is a master piece! No doubt about that:
  6. The Complete System

    That would be the case in the ideal world where one would have infinite time and energy at one's disposal. In actual practise one looks around during one's younger years and tries this and that, but as one grows older and acquires more experience and knowledge (and hopefully some wisdom) it becomes clear that time is running short and that one would do better to focus on the few practices that actually seem to work. And then one no longer bothers about all those other possible and impossible paths that are offered in the spiritual marketplace. So there is a purely practical limit to one's "open, learning inquiring mind". At least that is the point that I think I have currently reached.
  7. Lineages- old and new

    @ Spotless You have given a clear description of your experience, and comparable descriptions are to be found in the psychological literature on religion and mystical experiences. I think that the Buddhist idea of the non-existence of the individual self as an autonomic entity is very relevant here. Happily modern psychology is coming to the same conclusion. So although I didn't had a mystical experience myself I think it can be understood as basically the dropping away of the illusion of the existence of an individual self. No need to use mythological or alchemical symbolism. But sadly in our Western society the role of the individual is hugely overvalued, so that the idea of there being no individual self is generally seen as crazy by ordinary people. And that's why some people get the experience and don't recognise it for what is, and consequently get a panic attack, think they have gone mad, or worse.
  8. The Complete System

    What do you mean by the whole system?
  9. Lineages- old and new

    Was it also very different from the mystical experiences as described by the great mystics and as described in the psychological literature about mystical experiences?
  10. The Complete System

    Being approached as a teacher has to be earned. I'm too old to throw away my time, energy and money on following people who pose as teachers without being able to show that they are worth the appellation. For me it's the other way around: only when somebody has accomplishments to show that he is worthy of being called a teacher, then I will regard him as a teacher and show him the kind of respect that goes with it.
  11. The Complete System

    That's impossible. With an empty cup there would no longer be a reason to prefer one teacher to another, or to no teacher at all. Most of the stories I read on this forum that are supposed to prove some point of view don't convince me at all, so there is every reason for me to be sceptical about teachers claiming to know this or that on the basis of their own experience.
  12. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    I think one has to differentiate between unconditional love as a mere feeling (without any implied compulsion to act on it), and real life love that cannot do without acts that prove it's continued existence.
  13. The Complete System

    You have also to reckon with the fact that what a teacher considers to be knowledge need not be knowledge according to your own criteria. So even when you are sure that the teacher is of impeccable character, that still doesn't imply that you yourself would have reached the same conclusions (or acquired the same knowledge) when you would have lived through the same experiences as your teacher. Some paths can be bullshit according to your own criteria while being the pinnacle of spirituality according the your teacher, without your teacher necessarily being an idiot or a charlatan.
  14. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    @ Everything Do you ever watch the news, or care about what is happening in the outside world?
  15. The Complete System

    You definitely have a point there. If you don't understand and/or are able to do something than that may mean several things: 1. It's bullshit. 2. It's isn't bullshit, but it is currently beyond one's understanding and/or capability. 3. It's not one's cup of thee, and it only "works" for a certain type of people. So it is indeed delicate to decide what is what. There is always an element of trust and/or distrust involved. I believe distrust isn't altogether a bad thing, but one should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.