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  1. Taichi, Qigong, Neigong Advice Please!

    I honestly thought it was a type of Qigong or something but when I looked it up, I laughed out loud because this is a practice that I already employ and have used for several years and didn't know that it was a thing with a name all its own. I actually enjoy it more without the whole dramatic conclusion getting in the way. Plus, I get to show my wife love and passion without needing to take a break from cultivating and draining my jing. Sorry for any confusion but I realize now that Cerebral implies analytical and emotionless and that is actually very Not like me. I'm highly inquisitive out of a great love for life. I've managed to keep my child-like wonder intact somehow. I very much love deep, emotional, and impassioned musings of universal intricacies and spiritual truths alike. The only problem i have with my cerebral nature is that sometimes I turn to seeking knowledge rather than seeking internal treasures but I have gotten this under control recently. As much as I would love this, my problem is that I live in a deadzone for cultivation. There isn't a community of cultivators down here. The biggest thing down here spiritually is Reiki and other energetic therapies but I realized cultivation is the missing ingredient to true healing. I will definitely keep these in mind! Thank you. Right now I am working on Flying Phoenix Qigong and Qibody Cultivation. I'll start branching out from there when I stop needing instructional videos to practice.
  2. Astral Blindness Assistance?

    I kinda figured that might be the case. Thank you for helping to affirm that thought. I thank you for your well wishes. I'm fairly confident in my ability to establish a sacred space and protective fields so I'm not worried about taking things back. xD
  3. Astral Blindness Assistance?

    "My Own Definition" is a definition that is held by most people. Astral Projection is an Out-Of-Body-Experience that you can start and end at will, fully control, and get verified from other people on whether what you are experiencing is real or just your imagination. So in reference to the comment of how I know my Wife isn't lying is because I've independently verified the legitimacy of her abilities and watched them grow not knowing how to learning complete control. As to what I mean by how I know I astral travel even though I can't see anything which seems like the only way to verify if you are... I astral projected to where my Wife had astral projected and she said that my astral body arrived and was really happy that I did it, but I could see, I didn't realized I astral traveled because I was still in my body consciously. Until she decided to mess with me and Reiki my arm astrally and I felt it and where she was channeling without being able to see. She wouldn't have been able to if I wasn't there where she was astrally because she wasn't doing it to my actual arm. Exactly, in the astral body, the senses are actually separate bodies and need to be unified and expanded in order to do properly.
  4. Astral Blindness Assistance?

    Yes, I'm aware that my natural tendency leans toward Feeling rather than Seeing, but it is my personal belief that there is nothing any single person can do that another can't. If it is possible within One Human, it is possible within All Humans. I had to develop and cultivate my ability to Feel and I've discovered that I'm able to astral project, but my ability to See and Hear during the journey is left behind or underdeveloped. My Wife is a natural born seer, she can astral project but never learned, she just could... So she can't teach me. But one time I tried to astral project and she said I was able to project my astral self out of my body but my consciousness stayed in my body rather than following my astral self... Hence calling it astral blindness.
  5. Astral Blindness Assistance?

    Astral Blindness is when you can astral project and use astral senses within and without of the physical body except for the sense of sight. Your Astral Body is "blind".
  6. I've progressed in my spiritual development and meditative practices and discovered myself to possess Astral Blindness that is a rather persistent problem over the years. Does anyone have any recommendations or practices to begin working on this?
  7. Taichi, Qigong, Neigong Advice Please!

    I'd like to state that none of these are the case... My wife is 11 Weeks along in her pregnancy, I get plenty of sleep, and our libido is just fine. Not only that, I'm one of the rare few men who prefer romance over lust and am not controlled by the urges of my body. Before I knew it was actually a spiritual practice, I would choose to retain and not climax because it wasn't important to me, I didn't need to in order to feel satisfied. To that end, I don't feel assumptions like these without base are appropriate. Though I agree with your initial statements regarding the alignment and balance of our triune nature, I find messing not agreeing that I am skipping anything. When it comes to energy work, I'm not a novice. Sometimes I'll ask people advice and they'll give me an advanced meditation to be careful with because it can be dangerous... only to find out that the meditation was actually the first meditation I ever learned and practiced exclusively for a long time which allowed me to develop my ability to sense energies and manipulate forces outside of myself. I didn't have a traditional path of growth so I am fairly far along in my practices with energy even though I have only just begun practicing Flying Phoenix Qigong. I haven't necessarily skipped any steps, I have just taken a different path. I seek higher level forms of Qigong and Neigong because with a child on the way, I only have so much time before my time becomes very limited and I want to progress so that I can catch up to my Wife's innate spiritual development and when my child is old enough to begin meditating, to be able to be a spiritual leader for my family. I see where you are coming from, but I seek enlightenment from a truly innocent place. I've kept my child's heart intact, even though I am 26 years old and most have had theirs destroyed long ago. I have a deep passion and love for Life Itself, Sharing this gift with others, and Serving Others. It is my calling to help others but right now, I have to help myself grow so that I can be in a position to help others. Seeking Enlightenment for me is like a Child wanting to know what's inside of a Box. My fascination with what is inside the box isn't an indication of a lack of interest in stuff Outside of the Box, but a deep love for knowing what this world has to offer. I see the walk towards enlightenment to be a noble path of walking Life's Truest Purpose that can only be gained by truly Living Life... I don't believe enlightenment is even possible to be gained by someone who just wants to... escape... It's like asking someone to light a fire because you want to cool off... axiomatically, it just doesn't line up. Enlightenment is seeing the world for what it truly is and becoming one with all things where as escaping is... separating yourself from all things. If one seeks escapism while striving for enlightenment, they are forever walking a road that can never be progressed, a path of illusions. I'll definitely look into that, thank you. I'm just having issues finding reliable material on Neigong. Thank you for the tips, I'll definitely look into them!
  8. Taichi, Qigong, Neigong Advice Please!

    Yeah, since I've started meditating for roughly an hour every day, I've noticed I need less sleep and it's really nice because I always had this unconscious resentment towards sleeping because I was loosing out on 1/3 of my life, you know? I work at UPS so I get up around 3:30 as well so thank you very much for the advice, I'll Definitely use it!
  9. Taichi, Qigong, Neigong Advice Please!

    Yeah, I just started to realize that. I "knew it" but it hadn't sunken in yet, you know? My "ah-ha" moment was reading about SaiyaMan's Dao Yin Shu experiences about his Cup being full and spilling over and it was time to Drink before he can fill his cup anymore... I realized it was time for me to Drink from that which I have been given and BE that which I KNEW rather than trying to Know More so I can create a path for myself... Now that I have begun a regimented daily practice, I've begun experiencing growth again and it is very rewarding. I still research to learn more, but I make sure I practice what I know first.
  10. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    Thank you! Beginner stuff is still stuff! I'll definitely keep you informed on how it resonates with me. I was having difficulty finding a place to begin.
  11. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    I am not practicing a cultivation program or technique... I am currently seeking to start and practicing what I Do know as to grow in what realms I can at the time. As for your third question, ideally both honestly. I have a great desire to serve the people of this world. I am rooted in this world as I do believe there is a divine purpose to it. I seek both to be Liberated and to Serve.
  12. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    I'm fairly new to Qigong and Neigong and I'm having difficulty choosing a style or system to add to my practice. I'm having difficulty finding a quality source teaching that... doesn't cost an arm and a leg or require that I move to a different city. For me, when it comes to invoking energies and entities, my wife tells me I'm incredible at doing it (who is the greatest non-bias senser I've ever met) however my ability to sense what I invoke is... limited at best and usually I have to do it somewhat ceremoniously in order to do so. It's kinda all or nothing at this point but when I lean into an invokation, I change the vibration of the room considerably. My primary curiosity in this thread was to see if anyone else has experimented with alternative applications to Reiki Energy to enhance or accelerate cultivative works.
  13. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    This is also a conclusion that I've drawn as well. I often compare God to a Soda Can, Religion to Pictures, and Spirituality to Gif. You have two pictures of the Can, one sideview and one topview... One is a picture of a circle, the other is a picture of a rectangle... Many times there are arguments of which "picture" shows the real "soda can" when really a picture doesn't do it justice... it needs a Gif, or alternative perspectives to get a bigger picture of what the "soda can" is.
  14. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    I can understand and agree with this greatly. It does make sense that through someone else bringing something To You, it can be thought of as "Middle Management." Even though they are sharing what they were given, unintentionally, it may be Colored by their influence. It would make a lot of sense that regardless of the discipline or modality, if attained by ones own merit, it would be of higher quality and purity without the touch of humanity upon it. But it begs the question, how does one do it on their own without the help of a master?
  15. Reiki and Internal Alchemy

    May I ask you to elaborate on this? I'm unfamiliar with "Jeff's Stuff" lol Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. lol