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  1. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Actually its you and others who have a hard time doing that. I couldn't care less if you are a mod or not either.
  2. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    My quoting messed up, looks like I have to do two posts. Anyway, I meant that in a general sense not only you, but ok.
  3. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Exactly, I would hope for OP to be able to help themselves.
  4. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Homie, I'm calm. I mean to say do you have anything more for OP? Because there really isn't much good cause to keep focusing on me.
  5. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    The thing is, it's kind of a mistake to presume that not sharing in an ever bounding positivity means something negative or that to let others or something be is either positive or negative. I did say that I had experiences where I felt I had best intentions for others when saying or doing something but it didn't turn out well, so sometimes being positive isn't really being positive after all. The result doesn't always reflect the intent, the intent isn't where its all at. Anything for OP? I'm really trying to make this not about me or people's reactions towards me.
  6. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Well, I'm a decent writer. I don't think a few short paragraphs is a lot to say nor did it take long at all. Notice my low post count too. You seem to like to make points based on your observations, maybe you should reconsider your sense of observation. Now, if you're done, fine. Did you want to help OP out though?
  7. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Thanks. I would. That's totally fine, I am not even criticizing people here for that and I wasn't the one to first bring up the topic. The thing is, it can only go so far can it? If you want to raise a family for instance, it would be rather odd if your partner in parenting and kids were always only interactable via computer or some other device wouldn't it? I think there is a lot of defensiveness about the idea in the moment about forum use and what for or to what extent. This is all distracting from what OP originally said, so instead of going back and forth with me, why not address OP a bit more again?

    A broom as a weapon was the first thought that came to me too, but I see what you're saying. That's a good way to see it too.
  9. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Hence I said "face saving".
  10. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Who cares? We're strangers and not really impeding each others lives, and that's how its going to stay.
  11. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't either. I said something tantamount to that too. That is a great, I like it.
  12. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    Hold on homie, what are you coming at me for? I don't approach you or anyone else like that here do I? I made one comment, and now you and others have been more busy replying to me than to the OP, when I said I am not trying to hijack the thread. You're not even criticizing the original comment I made to the OP anymore. What gives? First, I didn't bring up the use of forums. I only replied about them to state that they are not my forte, so there is little to question about "Why even be on the forums?" when I barely am to begin with and use them primarily for reading and passing time. No, I don't believe the people you can interact on a forum whom you have never met in real life can be closer connections that the ones you already have in real life. Is that something you really want to make a point against? Why do you have to defend your own forum use to me? Why should you care or care whether I care? It took a matter of seconds, which is what I had in the moment, to post about my dog and it was definitely not for sympathy's sake but what I was actually doing in the moment and also to illustrate that yes there are personal connections in real life people should be mindful of more so than strangers on the internet. You're spinning it all the wrong way. That aside, so called comments if empathy come off as very smug in the context of the rest of the words, so I don't take it as empathy ok? Anything else?
  13. Han Dynasty Astrophysics?

    The whole Taiyi thing really took off in this period too didn't it?
  14. Han Dynasty Astrophysics?

    What did you write to them about? Are you talking about the Columbia University Press addition?
  15. Identity-less and purposelessness dilemma.

    That is true, but it's good to be careful because sometimes that backfires. It's happened to me before, even when I had good intentions I realized later it would have been better if I said nothing, didn't get involved, etc. It's an important judgement call.