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  1. Loch Ness Monster

    It seems that science is powerless in front of the mystery of Lochness, since they can only guess. I heard that the ancient Chinese method of fortune-telling by tortoise shells often gave more accurate results
  2. Road Trip 2

    Swimming with sharks is no longer dangerous?! It seems that this shark has no teeth on the photo )
  3. It is a Good Day to Die

    Interesting topic. Yes, sometimes I wonder how much time in life goes to waste. Even ancient people spoke: "momento mori" !
  4. Enlightened movies

    I remember that I was impressed by the Werner Herzog documentary "Encounters at the End of the World", about life at the south pole.
  5. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Lev Bakst "Terror Antiquus", 1908
  6. Jesus from Siberia

    For me it was always interesting why people believe in frank quacks in such huge quantities and enter into their sects. I know that in Russia in the 90s there were a huge number of very strange sects, far from only Christian content. I wonder how common profane sects are in other countries. I think that there are a lot of strange organizations everywhere.
  7. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Rockwell Kent "Lump of Coal"
  8. Jesus from Siberia

    Thanks Lois, this is interesting. I have not heard about this person. Very touching moment at 7:00, about how it feels to hold Jesus by the hands))) Indeed, so far it all looks like the original Jesus. It only remains to see how his story ends
  9. Jokes

    Yes, I also thought this way. George Carlin was a mighty artist. But I think if someone would told him about Taoism, he would laugh on it too
  10. Warning!!!

    Interesting. I also read it not as a "mantra," but as a "mandala at first time." It reminded me how once upon a time I read a description of one practice. Where a person contemplated a mandala in front of himself, then he projected a mandala into a certain part of his own body (by his own mind). Thus came the invitation of a certain deity within himself. Then it seemed a little creepy to me ... what if suddenly someone else would respond to the invitation. For example, someone from the world of "not good spirits".
  11. Dealing with heat

    Heat is not the best time to practice the big tree. But if you need to cool down, then the best option is air conditioning! Even on hot days, you can practice in the very early morning, when the air cools naturally, or practice near a lake or river.
  12. Jokes

    It is amazing how many intersections with the Taoist path in this sequence!
  13. What are you watching on Youtube?

    An old video about "modern art". Old, but still funny to watch it.
  14. Epic Food Appreciation/Outdoor Cooking Masters

    Yes. After watching this topic, I also decided that it is time for me to go and do something equally attractive in my kitchen.
  15. Those poor Victorian era wives

    Wish, to do the same, but with pants. This could be enough to not worry about anything.