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  1. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    Thanks for the topic, Fa Xin ! I looked at the healing properties of basil, and was surprised. The list of beneficial effects on the body is really impressive. I will definitely explore basil on myself! By the way, it was noted that it has such a strong effect that doctors do not recommend using basil in large doses.
  2. The best antidepressant

    Interesting. Maybe that's why I like these products so much. Recently, I ate spinach every day for several days in a row, and noticed that my organism seemed to be happy to receive such food!
  3. Native American Quote

    Whitesilk, thanks for the quote! This is a very reasonable speculation. And in my opinion, this coincides with the Taoist approach.
  4. Rocket Science

    True, but... The idea of arranging a huge radioactive dump on the Earth actually is no better. But this has already been done. So mankind have already crossed the line beyond which bad ideas become reality. Unfortunately...
  5. Hong Kong Vat People

    In order for this to become a reality, a prerequisite is needed. Now a large number of people in the world do not have a livelihood, many feel unnecessary in the world. I have never thought about it before, but I think this is really possible, since many people are desperate.
  6. Living Hobbit Wild

    Oh yes. Such dwellings is very beautiful and comfortable. After all, the Taoists also live and practice in caves, although their homes are much more modest. By the way, in China there are huge number of people still living in cave houses, like this:
  7. The Cool Picture Thread

    It seems that my fears are justified. I have three more questions: Does it live in the area where you live? Were there cases of their attacks on people? Is it suitable for Chinese food?
  8. The Cool Picture Thread

    It is amazing
  9. The Cool Picture Thread

    Oh my God! What a monster! It looks dangerous
  10. Living Hobbit Wild

    Nice idea! By the way, for the home of the Hobbit, you can make circle-shaped doors and portals. Just like the Chinese do. It looks really amazing.
  11. Living Hobbit Wild

    The hobbit dwelling was very well equipped. If you make a lot of effort to arrange a place, then any place will be a good one. I would recommend a place like Alaska. There you can feel small in the midst of great nature. I remember as a child I liked the paintings of Rockwell Kent dedicated to life in Alaska. But in order not to freeze there, it will be necessary to grow hair on the legs like a Hobbit did
  12. How does your Garden Grow

    Ha ha. That is great! To me, it looks like an easy way to make my own garden - just give it a "walk"
  13. The Cool Picture Thread

    Unusual friends.
  14. How does your Garden Grow

    I do not have my own garden, I believe that it takes a lot of time. Not sure if I could find enough time for this. However, for me it is always a pleasure to read about other people's garden affairs, I believe that this gives an amazing experience and knowledge about interaction with nature. Therefore, I envy people gardening successfully (in a good way). Thanks for the topic.
  15. Enlightened movies

    Thank you Zorro Dantes. You posted very interesting movies. I'll have to see them.