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  1. Living Hobbit Wild

    The hobbit dwelling was very well equipped. If you make a lot of effort to arrange a place, then any place will be a good one. I would recommend a place like Alaska. There you can feel small in the midst of great nature. I remember as a child I liked the paintings of Rockwell Kent dedicated to life in Alaska. But in order not to freeze there, it will be necessary to grow hair on the legs like a Hobbit did
  2. How does your Garden Grow

    Ha ha. That is great! To me, it looks like an easy way to make my own garden - just give it a "walk"
  3. The Cool Picture Thread

    Unusual friends.
  4. How does your Garden Grow

    I do not have my own garden, I believe that it takes a lot of time. Not sure if I could find enough time for this. However, for me it is always a pleasure to read about other people's garden affairs, I believe that this gives an amazing experience and knowledge about interaction with nature. Therefore, I envy people gardening successfully (in a good way). Thanks for the topic.
  5. Enlightened movies

    Thank you Zorro Dantes. You posted very interesting movies. I'll have to see them.
  6. Daoist diet confusion

    As far as I know, different schools have different approaches to diet. In general, the diet includes a variety of dishes of Chinese traditional cuisine. Which by itself can be considered a Taoist
  7. TCM - vegetarianism

    I think so too. –†eople are different and different food suits them. It is better to listen and understand yourself bodies, and not be guided only by theories and ideas about how to eat right.
  8. Spelunking!

    I love caves when it is not too long and spacious enough. I definitely would not want to climb into such a hole like in this video.
  9. The Hannah Cabinet

    That's amazingly beautiful! But definitely this is stuff for rich people.
  10. I love Tacos

    What a delicious topic. I already want to eat)))
  11. Eastern Caligraphy

    Yes, right. First, learn the language, and the correct writing of hieroglyphs (the types of points and lines, and their sequence when writing - if we talk about Chinese). Then start caligraphy.
  12. Interval Timers for Practice

    I have no idea about this, But I always use an alarm clock on my smartphone - for me this has always been enough. By the way, I found for myself that in ZZ it is better to not think about time at all.
  13. War vs Office Job

    I suppose that being only calm or only active is not natural. Yin and Yang are constantly replacing each other in the world. And if the sun constantly shines, then all living things will burn and dry, and if it rains constantly, then everything will drown and freeze. So the one who lingers at one extreme, thereby suppresses his opposite side. By the way, the samurai is always calm, but at the same time it can be said that he is always at war !
  14. War vs Office Job

    Interesting topic. Office job is often associated with the inertia of attenuation of human potential. And on the contrary, the war pushes a person to activity and actions in the face of death. It is interesting that in traditional teachings there is an image of war is used as an image of the path of internal self-improvement.
  15. Hand Pan

    Hello Nungali ! How is the process of Your mastering this instrument? By the way, I never heard it live. Where does it sound better, indoors or outdoors? (like in the same forest for example)