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Found 3 results

  1. Warning: Don't watch or read this while fasting lol. I happened upon Almazan Kitchen while researching recipes and techniques for camping cooking techniques. I've now watched everything they've posted and accomodated many new techniques. It's pure simplicity and joy to watch a master in his element. Part cooking show, part nature appreciation, part ASMR channel. The location features as heavily as the food. Kitchen is integrated in nature. What stands out and I deeply appreciate, is that there are no explanations of recipes, no speaking at all really, just pure video of his process with the sounds of the fire, the sizzling fats and the waterfall nearby. Pure food porn at its finest. Here's the first one I encountered. Enjoy!
  2. I recently realised that cooking a stew is like a perfect Daoist dish for a beginner (at least for a Westerner who hasn’t got easy access to all your fancy herbs). You got a lot of vegetables, meat, and few if any grains. Also it is very warming, and so good for the body. However, as I plan to cook this on a regular basis, I want to know not only the best ingredients, but ingredients that are widely available and not too expensive. So, in my stew I shall add hot water (of course) bones (for the marrow, which will strengthen my Jing energy). From which animal do you think is best? meat (again, from which animal do you think is best?) Vegetable oil Anything else? I look forward to any suggestions, like what vegetables, spices, etc to add. However, Lao Zi says not to make a dish appeal to the 5 tastes of the tongue, so a bland, tasteless dish is what I want. So if you add something sour, suggest also something bitter.
  3. Cooking Mushrooms

    Hey all, It seems as though I need to add mushrooms into my daily salad. They seem to be abundant in goodness. Can I have some recommendations from you all, the wonderful members of tao bums that I've come to know and trust, on what mushrooms to eat and how to cook them to ensure their nutritional value? It would be ever so appreciated. I love you, Niveq