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Found 4 results

  1. Jokes

    How many Tai Chi Players does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: ten, one to change the bulb and nine to tell you how they do it differently.
  2. Beginning QiGong

    Hello, I was looking to encorporate a QiGong routine in my daily life primarily in order to increase my energy throughout the day and relax at night (after MMA|weight training). I have found two systems: Zhan Zhuang and Flying Phoenix routines by Terry Dunn. What do you think about the two systems that i have converged. Are there some other systems that i need to check out? I am relatively new to the QiGong if you except my Wing Chun training which lasted for about a year. Also i do heavy weight lifting throughout the week so i wouldn't want my QiGong to interfere with my training (that's why i was a bit skeptical about Zhan Zhuang) Thanks
  3. What's are some of the most interesting experiences you've had during meditation, OBE, etc.? I'm very interested to hear some of the them!