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Found 3 results

  1. Now that it's summer here in the states, anybody have any good G&T recipes?
  2. Warning: Don't watch or read this while fasting lol. I happened upon Almazan Kitchen while researching recipes and techniques for camping cooking techniques. I've now watched everything they've posted and accomodated many new techniques. It's pure simplicity and joy to watch a master in his element. Part cooking show, part nature appreciation, part ASMR channel. The location features as heavily as the food. Kitchen is integrated in nature. What stands out and I deeply appreciate, is that there are no explanations of recipes, no speaking at all really, just pure video of his process with the sounds of the fire, the sizzling fats and the waterfall nearby. Pure food porn at its finest. Here's the first one I encountered. Enjoy!
  3. Food

    What do you eat (or avoid eating)? What's your diet profile (or ideal diet)? Got recipes? What does the Taoist, Buddhist, or Spiritual diet consist of?