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  1. Basic questions

    9. Taoism has relevance to present-day as much as it always had. 10. A lot is still in Chinese culture even popular culture.
  2. Hong Kong Vat People

    Masata: - I don't like being tied down. I don't like depending on one place. I go where I want. With total freedom. He isn't giving up.
  3. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    How would you describe them?
  4. What is Patriarchy

    In patriarchy a man is qualified by virtue of being old and male. Supporting either patriarchy or matriarchy is either addressing an internal imbalance by externalizing, or creating a new internal problem from external imbalance. Once you taste balance,only trauma can make you want to seek imbalance.
  5. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    I just love Kandinsky's work. If you like his, what do you think of Hilma af Klint's? She was a contemporary of his.
  6. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Link isn't working?
  7. I've had my share of conflict, much of what I set aside when I decided to follow the Dao. Only pride had kept me from realizing that I too was wrong. Even if they were wrong, so was I. I'd ignore the fact that often it was me who gave the reason and they were just responding to it. Then the circle of irrationality and immaturity would grow as we fed our comebacks and insults into it. If we are not the people who relieve their boredom and lack of enjoyment in life by conflict then why should we indulge those that are? Do I see plenty of enemies and am I envious of them succeeding in something I am not successful in? Asking the question then should be directed to the one in the mirror. Could it be that it's me whose not living according to the Dao and attracting or even maintaining all the conflicts I find myself in?
  8. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    I just ordered one of his books, Awakening to the Tao translated by Cleary.
  9. I had some, all of them positive, when I did a yoga in my teenage years. Though they and some other gods were interesting, bhakti yoga didn't feel like my thing intuitively. I could have made inroads into it quite easily from that opportunity. It seems to come more naturally to other people, I'm much more introverted.
  10. Call to Vikings!

    I managed to read some of it. Didn't remember that it was that hilarious. I'm considering getting a physical copy. Doesn't seem like it's cheap, but not expensive either to get the whole collection.
  11. Spiritual heterosexual men have it more easy than non-spiritual men. I believe if you are serious about spirituality you naturally attract mates.
  12. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I agree, it's the healthy building kind of masculinity. Sadly quite missing in society as of late. It's sidelining women in decision making process and trivializing them as either objects or as non-existent people. In some patriarchal family structure you can have honor killings of women who don't obey the father or her brothers in their lives. A woman having multiple sexual partners is seen as bad while a man doing the same thing is a hero. Societies can kill of female children at times when they feel the male children are better. Pioneering work in computer programming was done by six women working with the ENIAC, though their achievements were recognized only after their time when most of them were dead. Historians just thought they were women posing next to equipment as models and ignored them in the writing. Sidelining women for no other reason is invisible to many men, after all we don't experience the same things. Something that the feminists struggled against in the not so far off past is now becoming a distant thing for most of us, but still a reality in some parts of the world. It's quite readily apparent that we've moved on from much of that. Such things motivated earlier feminists and still do in less fortunate parts of the world. The kind of feminists that become a joke in public discourse are of course removed from such struggles and probably just using the term as a cover for misandry and become unwitting tools for male versions of themselves in the political arena.
  13. Call to Vikings!

    Used to read these when I was a kid. Too bad our collection wasn't complete.
  14. meat eater to vegetarian

    I was vegetarian for many years. It worked fine once you got used to not associating fullness with the load on your digestive system. I stopped being vegetarian since being a meat eater is much more convenient, you can get the same health benefits by eating less meat. Maintaining ideal weight was easier as a vegetarian though.
  15. Instead of blaming women, why not blame selfish people who think everything is about themselves.