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  1. Deleted

    The mystery person looks like a regular worker.
  2. Free at end (from China zoo)

    Don't blame science for someone making a mistake.
  3. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    It was used positively for thousands of years, negatively for only two decades or so and that happened almost exclusively in European cultural sphere. In Asian countries people mostly aren't aware of the evil that you associate with the symbol when they use it in their religious symbolism for millenia.
  4. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    I don't know what they practiced, but there are many Buddhist qigong out there. Swastika is common in Buddhism so there is nothing surprising if it's used in China, India or Japan. It becomes an evil symbol when combined with evil beliefs.
  5. What are you watching on Youtube?

    I liked the show of respect at the end.
  6. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    If you do your thing and you're honest about it, it shouldn't bother people. I saw some back and forth... but honestly, I don't know what the conflict is about. In what sense are you anti-taoist?
  7. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    I wouldn't put them down just because they seem to be having a bit of fun, they could be onto something. I doubt any serious traditional schools will pay any attention to them. I assume they're not even Chinese or pretending to be from a trad. lineage.
  8. How would you infiltrate a cult?

    By yourself you could end up wasting your time or worse. Don't think they're all just what they seem on the outside, if you're in bad luck it could just be a front for organized crime.
  9. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I like the videos, but sometimes auto-translate is very difficult to understand. It's good that skeptics have taken notice of them so we don't have to. The eastern arts may lose credibility, but all the fault is with the ones who make money by faking it.
  10. The Magus of Seattle

    I didn't know that Bruce Lee had a separate qigong master. Watching his movies and reading his philosophy you know he had to have deeper training than just the martial arts. The book does sound interesting, you could say that it's in great part due to Bruce Lee that I found myself where I am today.
  11. Keep in mind that political discussions change constantly. A radical position of the past is now what most everyone believes in, but the radical has moved to what was true in the past or might be in the future. Getting caught up isn't finding us any closer to the Dao, it's better to follow nature's rhythms and listen to it's music.
  12. Abortion

    Those who want to completely ban abortions completely are rarely people who want to take responsibility for the consequences of the ban. I doubt there is anyone who thinks abortions are good even if they support the right of access to abortion. Especially failed ones from doctors whether they are street abortionists in countries where it's illegal and many die during the procedures or in countries where it is done professionally are bad in everyone's eyes.
  13. Dunning-Kruger? I think you're on the right track, the way you express it though is somewhat confusing though. Smart people realize they don't know everything and can't handle everything. It's wise to admit being less capable so we can do something about it on concepts that really matter.
  14. Basic questions

    9. Taoism has relevance to present-day as much as it always had. 10. A lot is still in Chinese culture even popular culture.
  15. Should an IS Traitor be Allowed to Return to the UK?

    They believed it was and acted like they were. They were established enough to hold slave markets and administer cities and their brutal laws.