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  1. My 9th grade English teacher used to say before tests, "Any questions, difficulties, moral dilemmas? Speak now or forever hold your peace." This is what I thought of when choosng a handle here.
  2. Thanks everyone. Found the Eight Extraordinary Meridians audio guide too. I've been doing Reiki Hatsurei-ho, or at least my own version of it. After learning reiki five years ago, I'm still kind of on the fence about it. It appears to be a system that totally focuses on the positive. It just doesn't seem right for some reason. I told my shrink about it. Reiki feels good, and it definitely works. I don't know. I have this deep need for balance. If everyone did reiki then the world would be a lot more positive. My therapist of course replied that there will always be darkness and life will always find balance. Then if course there are reiki teachers. Most of the call themselves masters, having taken three or four weekend seminars. And most charge what I consider exorbitant amounts to share it. The man who originated reiki in its modern form allegedly discovered it by accident. When he taught it, he charged almost nothing because he believed it was a gift to mankind. Thus my emphasis on finding a system that is free. This guy gets it. We need to let the world know about Chi!
  3. Hey guys. I've been trying to get into qigong for the past seven years but there is no teacher near me. Also, I plan on moving around a lot in the next ten years. Is there a good source for learning by yourself? I did take taijiquan classes for a year or so. So I know the basics of posture and relaxing into movements. I've also done lots of meditation and some progressive relaxation and things like that. And a bit of reiki and yoga. So not a total beginner. I've picked up The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises by Stephen Chang and The Way of Qigong by Ken Cohen. They're both pretty comprehensive as far as I can tell. I also got a copy of Nourishing the Essence of Life translated by Eva Wong, which is too advanced for me. Here are some things online: A guide to "give you an overview to what you can do to enable you to practice Qigong yourself" by James MacRitchie A "simple, yet very powerful free energy practice." However my BS sensors go off whenever someone says their method is "the highest technology of all technologies.",20707.0.html "first in a series concerning how this qigong variant can gradually lead to superb health, physically, mentally, and spiritually." Though I'm somewhat weary that the author didn't supply a background or credentials. one's nice because the guy really believes qigong should be freely available for everyone. The movements seem like they were derived from martial arts. I'm leaning toward the Eight Extraordinary Meridians right now. Until I figure it out I'll stick with Zazen and Zhan Zhuang. If anybody wants to weigh in, please feel free. This place seems pretty serious about qigong so I look forward to your responses!