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  1. Strange Dream

    I can't recall a specific intent of mine while it happened. It felt like the natural course of things to happen, although what happened is not exactly natural I do simple practices like zhan zhuang, some basic yoga for stretching, some meditations on the chakras - nothing fancy. I do feel unwell due to the virus situation. Having to work from home, suffering huge financial losses, worrying about parents' health etc. Maybe the dream was related to that...
  2. Strange Dream

    I had a strange dream a few days ago. I was on my own, somewhere indoors, a dimly lit and heavy environment. I started turning around my own axis, like those whirling dervishes, but moving very slowly. After a couple of full turns, my body slowly started to raise from the floor, just a few inches. As I kept whirling slowly and floating, I thought to myself "Whoa, so that's what it feels like to float!" It was an exhilirating experience. After a while, I had more control and was able to move like astronauts do in a zero-gravity environment. Turning upside down etc. Then I thought "This is great, but if I wanted to do this again by will, I probably won't be able to." It was clearly something that happened to me, and not something that I made happen. Shortly after that, the dream ended. It felt pretty real. Any similar experiences?
  3. Thank you for sharing this. I now shake as you described for a couple of minutes prior to my ZZ practice. It clearly helps circulation. One time, I shook for a few minutes 2-3 hours before going to bed. I was not able to sleep much that night. I intend to go for 15-20 minute sessions over the next few weekends and see how it goes.
  4. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    I've been meaning to report back to this thread for a while. A few months ago, I my perineum started to twitch involuntarily, it felt like muscle spasms, not painful but just a little annoying as it was involuntary. It went on for a day or two, on and off. Then it stopped. A few weeks ago, a similar involuntary twitch/spasm developed in the LDT area. More specifically, right side of the lower abdomen. It went on and off for a little over two days. Then it stopped. I was beginning to consider seeing a doctor if it persisted. In case I had a parasitic worm or something inside my intestines. Thankfully I didn't have to. Other than that, nothing interesting happened. I keep practicing regularly.
  5. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    @cheya I do get a lot of sun exposure during spring and summer but not much during winter. I will check my vitamin D levels. I eat a lot of greens and some fruits on a daily basis so I don't take huge doses of vitamin C as a supplement. @Cybele Thank you, sounds like a good addition to my arsenal. @Taomeow Where I live it's very rare seeing someone wear a mask in public. It's usually the unfortunate kids with leukemia that do @GSmaster I try to avoid it because having a flu feels like shit. It is due to a pathogen that attacks you, so I believe it makes sense to defend against it. IMHO having a brief cold is OK though. Anyways, I prefer other ways to detoxify like sweating and fasting. @rainbowvein Interesting, I will look into copper. On average, I ejaculate about twice a week. I am 36. More frequent during summer and less during winter. It also depends on GF's mood though
  6. At the end of this summer, I decided to challenge myself not to go down with the flu or a cold over the next 12 months. It is a difficult challenge due to my current living conditions. I live in a crowded metropolitan city. I commute to work using a train and then the subway. It lasts 1.5 hours each way so I spend 3 hours per day commuting. During rush hour we get packed like sardines. Oh yes, I work at an office with poor ventilation. I have a stressful job. These are my living conditions Over the last few years, I made significant improvements to my eating habits, have taken a rigorous exercise regime, conditioned myself to taking cold showers and began energy practice. Still, I've been getting sick a few times each year due to what I believe the conditions I listed above. I used to accept it as an unavoidable fact of life. This season I willed myself not to get sick. I take 500mg vitamin C when I feel my defenses are weakened. I'm constantly exposed to the bug as there are many sick people on the train and in the office. Sometimes I visualize a shield of energy protecting my body when I'm on the train and people are sneezing and coughing. At other times, when I feel I have a slight fever, I hit the gym, break a sweat and do some weights to shake off the illness. Sometimes when I feel I'm on the verge of getting ill, I just literally shake down my body and focus my attention to warding off the illness. I'm happy to report I have fought it off so far. I think September and October are the hardest times due to change of season. Feel free to discuss. Any advice is appreciated
  7. multi vitamins

    I second this.
  8. How to heal dust allergy ?

    Actually it's not honey. It's pollen collected by bees from flowers. Bees harden the soft bulk of pollen using their hind legs. They then take the stuff to their nest. Bee cultivators collect a percentage of this material using a filter at the nest. It is nutritionally potent as pollen is the masculine seed of the flower - packed with proteins and vitamins. It looks like this. Regular consumption for a few weeks helps me breathe from the nose better at night. I do not live in the U.S. and I know the geographical area where my pollen comes from - so you could call it locally sourced I guess. I cannot say whether honey helps allergies. I found that it helps healing wounds faster when applied topically. Especially those nasty tongue wounds when you bite your tongue by accident... I also like to spread honey over a nice tender cut of meat before I cook it - makes the meat kind of caramelized and delicious
  9. Neanderthal Diet/Human Protein Max

    I once saw one of those on a documentary. A large and deadly scorpion entered the mouse's home (a hole in the ground) at night. After a while, the mouse emerged from the hole and howled victoriously - no trace of the scorpion. It was hilarious
  10. How to heal dust allergy ?

    Every night, when I go to bed, my nose gets clogged and I end up sleeping with the mouth open so I can breathe. I strongly suspect this is due to dust allergy - household dust, mites etc. I have a history with it - I even had mild asthma back when I was a kid and was treated for it. A few months ago I bought some bee - pollen upon good advice. I mixed a spoonful of it into my yoghurt every day. Within two weeks, I was able to breathe through the nose again at night (after many many years). I ran out of my bee - pollen supply and quickly I developed the same problem again. So I'm pretty sure it helps this kind of allergy.
  11. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Thank you for your reply @Desmonddf Very interesting story with the animals. It's been a few weeks since I had the first experience. Since then, I tried it again maybe 10 - 15 times, but I did not get the same intense sense of warmth and hotness. I believe in not forcing these things, so I do not try too hard to get a specific result. Didn't get any love from animals yet, no noticable bites from bugs either How do you determine if Qi is refined or not? If I'm doing the practice described above (perineum to LDT to solar plexus), what should be the pathway or method to refine the Qi? MCO? The 8 extraordinary meridians? Answers beget questions...
  12. I agree with most of the above. However, the feeling of fullness is also related to the volume of food you put into your stomach. For example, if you eat a huge amount of salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes etc), you will feel full but you will get a small amount of calories since most of the stuff you ate is basically water and fiber. As you mentioned, going heavy on simple carbs may easily screw with your health. Protein is also not appropriate for gaining weight. Our bodies are accustomed to breaking down sugar and fat for energy, protein is sometimes used for producing energy but as a last resort kind of way. Also too much protein will risk screwing your kidneys which is a big no-no. So, if you want to put on some healthy weight the only sensible solution is increasing your fat consumption. As we've been discussing, fat is very calorie - dense. So you are able to get a large quantity of calories with a relatively small volume of food. The feeling of fullness comes with a lag when we eat fat, because it is digested slowly as we've been discussing. So if one eats a high - calorie fatty meal before the feeling of fullness hits, one will be able to put on weight. At least IME, sorry for the long post.
  13. Apologies in advance for the derailment Lucky you for having a fast metabolism. Still, increasing your intake of fat should solve the problem. Fat is very calorie - dense. So go ahead and dip your bread in virgin olive oil, spread butter over your bread, have some hard cheese, generously add cream to your potatoes and have 'em mashed. Eventually you are bound to tip the balance and start gaining weight - ending your struggles. What is important is not getting used to it and become overweight, IMO
  14. IME, the most efficient way to gain weight without screwing up your body balance is consuming a lot of healthy fats. Simple carbs usually fill your tummy up for a short time, but get broken down quickly and spike your blood sugar level causing a lot of long term problems such as insulin resistance etc. Fats on the other hand, are metabolized slowly and provide a less volatile source of energy. So you should go for all kinds of nuts and seeds. If you consume animal products, go for fatty fish like salmon and red meat like lamb and also chicken. Remember to avoid frying things. You can reduce the amount of bread you at and spread some real butter on your bread. Similarly, eat less rice and cook it with butter. If you eat dairy that is.
  15. The Shaolin monk types look very muscular and they seem to do a lot of resistance training - on the videos at least. (Most noticably extreme forms of horse stance and ZZ). Would that indicate that they do not build internal power? Just curious...