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  1. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    This has happened to me a few times too. When I fix my attention on the root chakra, the third eye begins vibrating. As the third eye is related to visualization, it could be about that. I do not use visualization techniques in my meditations, at least not consciously. Perhaps sometimes I am unintentionally visualizing the root chakra and it activates the third eye. Just a theory.
  2. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Very deep, sir 😏
  3. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    I've gone through the videos recently. I found them to be very useful. I got convinced of the system's effectiveness after trying out the first few exercises. I decided to adopt it as a practice until year end, depending on the rate of progress.
  4. My will is too weak

    My apologies. It rhymes with the topic and brought back lots of memories for me Will is like muscle, it will get stronger if you exercise it. Set your mind on something small, something very inconsequential and accomplish it. Exercise your will. As life progresses, you may find what feeds the fire in you. Then you can set a big goal and perhaps even dedicate your life to it. No hurries, everything happens in its own time.
  5. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Some traditions acknowledge the time of day just before sunrise, we are energetically very vulnerable/sensitive. I would advise keeping calm, taking the point of view of an observer and try to smile (both on the outside and also inner smile) if you can. Also keep in mind that your body has limits. When your body cannot take it any more, you will sleep, possibly making up for some of the lost hours you had in the past few days.
  6. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I am doing the MCO course of Damo. It's very kind of him to put this material online for free. I was kind of stuck in my practice and the material came in at a good point for me to proceed. I've previewed the material and I believe it's top notch. Currently, I'm doing the first 4 exercises, up to the one where the ldt and mdt are connected and qi is thickened. Hopefully I will report back in a few months once I've gone through the whole practice.
  7. Jumping on the Vegan Bandwagon

    Best way is to remove any prohibited items from your home. This way, even if you feel a strong urge, you will end up over-eating something that is allowed in your dietary plan. I stopped buying bread over three years ago, for example. I'll only eat bread at a restaurant or at someone else's home, if I have to. Also, they say it takes about 21 days to break a habit (or form new ones). Stay strong in the beginning, and sugar cravings will dissipate very quickly. I am a man who likes his apple pie. The other day, my fiancee made a surprise and brought some home knowing that I like it very much. I didn't feel like eating it. We almost had a fight about it so I had to compromise and eat some pie. I didn't enjoy it at all and resented my fiancee for putting me on the spot like that. So, as silent thunder mentioned things get difficult socially sometimes, and compromises have to be made. But I suggest remaining steadfast and strong in the beginning. Compromises can wait
  8. Is taoist breathing compatible with 6-pack abs?

    Actually, your six packs are already there under fat and skin tissues. If you want to make them visible to the eye, you will need to lower your body fat ratio to single digit levels. No abs exercise in the world will get you there unless you get your body fat ratio really low. For most people, it is out of reach due to life style. In my experience, core exercises actually help with abdominal and reverse breathing, not hinder it. As a matter of fact, I feel my breathing becomes inefficient when I put on a few kgs of weight and develop a bigger belly. So I would say from experience that when you work towards a 6 pack (doing core exercises and lowering body fat ratio), you will help your breathing become more efficient.
  9. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    I started this thread back in October, before covid19 started spreading around. I want to share a few experiences since then. Unfortunately, I did catch the flu I think 3 times between November and mid - January. This was disappointing as I had made a point of resisting it just prior. I continued my research on how to effectively combat this. In February and early March, when the corona virus began raging the world, I went about my routine life, commuting 3 hours a day on public transportation with no masks, no social distancing etc. (Where I live, the government had taken no precautionary actions yet, we've had over 150,000 "official" cases so far). I've been commuting on public transportation over 10 years, and I did notice people were coughing much more frequently than what I consider normal. The government admitted the virus had entered the country by mid - March and my employer had us work from home since then. I believe there is a high chance I've been exposed to covid19 in the early period, but I never got tested. Even if not, I'm pretty sure I got exposed to some nasty flu variant - everyone was coughing all over each other in very crowded spaces. Since the beginning of February, I stuck to the following regimen and never fell ill. I stopped taking vitamin C on a daily basis. Whenever I felt the beginnings of an attack (sneezing a couple of times, itchy throat and inner ears), I took a much larger dose of vitamin C than I would previously take. Basically, I kept taking 500 mg on a few hour intervals until I felt better and the feeling of a coming cold/flu was gone. Usually this would add up to 2.5 - 3.0 grams per day, for a day or two. Once I felt that I had the upper hand, I would take 1000 mg and then stop taking it fully. I had the beginnings of the attack at least four times, and warded it off easily every time. I currently take a nice multivitamin every other day that has pretty much all the essential vitamins and minerals (it has only 120mg of Vitamin C for example). I don't take anything else. Of course I continue eating well, exercise physically and energetically, and generally take care of myself as usual. I intend to follow this strategy and see if it keeps working the next flu season.
  10. The perfect diet

    Humans differ very little in terms of dna, but we differ immensely in terms of the variety of gut bacteria we carry. We get our first stock of the bacteria from our mother, and then we absorb the rest through the food and drinks we consume. And the variety of bacteria we carry play a big role in determining which foods are good sustenance for us and which are intolerable. Beyond the main guidelines (avoid processed food etc), every person's optimal diet will be unique. One dietician wrote that since we get our first batch of gut bacteria from our mother, and most genetical dispositions are similar in close family members, we should observe our close family members. What do the ones who are having health problems eating? Try avoid those foods. What do those healthy family members eating? Try including those foods in your diet. As others mentioned above, it is a trial and error process. It is not too hard though, if you are observant.
  11. In praise of fasting

    In the past, when I used to attend yoga classes, I would adopt the following routine. Eat at noon, finish work at the office and go attend the yoga class in the afternoon. Skip dinner, meditate before going to bed on an empty stomach, wake up and take a cold shower. The combination of fasting, yoga/meditation and a cold shower gives me a high. Of course I am all for balancing things out, so the next day I would eat both lunch and dinner and go for strength training between the two meals. Sufi masters say you must first subdue the carnal desires of the body before you can make some headway in spirituality and one of the foundational methods they propose is fasting.
  12. Waking up, in the morning

    If you can manage to get out of the bed, take a cold shower. It will wake you up fully, you will feel full of energy, and you will start the day feeling you achieved some accomplishment. It takes a while to get used to, though.
  13. Strange Dream

    I can't recall a specific intent of mine while it happened. It felt like the natural course of things to happen, although what happened is not exactly natural I do simple practices like zhan zhuang, some basic yoga for stretching, some meditations on the chakras - nothing fancy. I do feel unwell due to the virus situation. Having to work from home, suffering huge financial losses, worrying about parents' health etc. Maybe the dream was related to that...
  14. Strange Dream

    I had a strange dream a few days ago. I was on my own, somewhere indoors, a dimly lit and heavy environment. I started turning around my own axis, like those whirling dervishes, but moving very slowly. After a couple of full turns, my body slowly started to raise from the floor, just a few inches. As I kept whirling slowly and floating, I thought to myself "Whoa, so that's what it feels like to float!" It was an exhilirating experience. After a while, I had more control and was able to move like astronauts do in a zero-gravity environment. Turning upside down etc. Then I thought "This is great, but if I wanted to do this again by will, I probably won't be able to." It was clearly something that happened to me, and not something that I made happen. Shortly after that, the dream ended. It felt pretty real. Any similar experiences?
  15. Thank you for sharing this. I now shake as you described for a couple of minutes prior to my ZZ practice. It clearly helps circulation. One time, I shook for a few minutes 2-3 hours before going to bed. I was not able to sleep much that night. I intend to go for 15-20 minute sessions over the next few weekends and see how it goes.