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  1. Master....what master ?

    Clearly you have little concept of what a real master is about. Sure there are lots of people only acting as masters as there are lots of people only acting like they are Taoist. There is no need to beat on fakers, they are everywhere. Before you get to thinking I am defending my master, a few things to know. I have never had a master nor even a spiritual teacher.
  2. Truth Of Casual Sex

    Everyone knows how dangerous casual S&M is, ack!!
  3. Truth Of Casual Sex

    Ok This sounds more like pathological sex than casual sex. Lacking self control is pretty much the same as compulsion, seldom a positive or healthy experience, no matter what one is doing. It is entirely possible to enjoy casual sex in the same manner and with the same 'soul' impact as eating an ice cream cone or riding a roller coaster. Depends on the price you are paying. Seems like you expect it to be expensive every time. It doesn't have to be that way. Now we get to the (your) real issues. 1) Apparently you value being virtuous over everything else. In that case, most things you might do are off limits as they are of the physical world not of pure spirit. Approaching this topic sorely from the frame of lust is most likely to end in a negative outcome overall. Lust doesn't even require sex, only the wanting of it. 2) You see sex as only valid for forging a 'true bond'. As long as you can only approach it from that view, then yes, it always has a negative outcome when done for that purpose. The premise of using sex to forge a 'true bond' necessarily leads to a non-virtuous outcome. How is it that a physical act is supposed to elevate your spirit? ------------------ I would suggest living your whole life first and foremost FROM your inner divine (spirit, soul). Allow all your actions to to flow from there. Then everything will enhance your 'virtue' including sex.
  4. Same here Windows 7 Firefox Quantum 72.0.1
  5. There is also no separate 'real'. Thus 'it' all is Maya.
  6. New Member in Austin, TX

  7. New Member in Austin, TX

    Welcome, also from Austin
  8. doubtfully: love, integrity, numbers, infinity, common sense, self respect, knowing
  9. Anybody ever start a group before?

    If you are in the US I suggest At least in my area (Austin) there are lots of active groups. It should reach many 'non-religious' people. Generally people are less certification biased. Even if you don't want to host your group there, it would be place to ask others who run meditation groups for advice.
  10. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    Transmission is a way for two beings (people) to interact on a spiritual level. The one way implication of the word 'transmission' is because this is most commonly done in a teacher/guru to student/acolyte situation. The usually vast difference in spiritual development usually makes this a one-sided affect. The usual purpose is to temporarily 'adjust' the student closer to what they would be after more spiritual development. This both facilitates accelerated learning and a provides experience/familiarity of the end goal of the practice. The effect typically only lasts a day or two. As this is an very unequal power situation, the student should trust his teacher before allowing transmission.
  11. What is spirituality

    Spirituality is the relation of self to non-self. A spiritual person is a person that explores or seeks to understand the relation of self to non-self. By implication also explores the issue of what is self anyway.
  12. Logical paradox

    " only try to realize the truth ... , there is no spoon" (or cat)
  13. Some things help with this: 1. Your personality is not the same as your identity. There are some warnings about disassociating with your identity, I do not see that as problematic. Disassociating with 'self' (personality, inner nature) can be problematic. The key here is to accept that which you are and release that which you merely think of as yourself. 2. Get to know your inner self, what is your nature, what are you attuned to, there is no need to 'seek' the things one is attuned to 3. Presence, allow your inner being to fill your body, there are meditations for this, just be The combination of 2 + 3 will lead to action happening spontaneously when circumstance aligns in a way that resonates with your personality. Action does NOT spring from from motivation nor the decision to act.
  14. This topic is NOT about what the title suggests. It is not about critiquing. It seems to be about some hurt feelings caused by someone disagreeing with the authors views followed by some promotion presumably about their tradition.
  15. Reality vs. Unreality

    The only Truth is that there is only one Truth ...