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  1. The internet (as was the phone network, now the same thing) transfers stuff via electricity and light both of which are energy. Much of magick is energy based. As such the internet serves well as a conduit for magick. Although it is very good at connecting to the intended recipient of your spells, in general it is limited in how much 'power' can be sent through it. If you want to do more serious magick remotely, use the internet a a locator and send the main spell another way. I have encountered all sorts (dark, light, other) doing magick and energy things over the internet. Note that forums are an very common focus and vector for such activities. If you are serious about learning magick, master local stuff before worrying about remote applications.
  2. If its a good teacher, there is no such thing as 'too advanced' for you. If its a bad teacher, its always a waste of time and possibly damaging. Seems more likely what you are expressing is that you don't feel like your teacher is benefiting you. This might be true or it might be you just can't see the progress. It can be hard to tell in these situations which it is. My suggestions: -talk to other students to see if they had this problem at first and how did they over come it. -switch/add another teacher that you feel more comfortable with. In time it should become clear if you want to go back to the first teacher.
  3. Perhaps what was written is correct WITHIN the 'Hindu' tradition (which clearly is limited in scope). In a more general sense, one can go beyond consciousness/awareness though of course without any 'experience' of it. 'Too far' beyond that one simply ceases to exist or be (and cannot return to consciousness or awareness). [very advanced] through OBE techniques, one can travel to regions of reality that lack support for awareness and consciousness. When doing so there is of course a risk of ceasing and not returning. As suggested, without consciousness or awareness, there is no experience and no memory of the journey. However, one can be altered by (changed) the excursion. One way to cheat a bit is to send sensory awareness 'ahead' separate from consciousness. This allows exploration of some regions where consciousness is not supported.
  4. "You can't polish a turd"

    To be sure a certain percentage (majority?) of those that try to 'polish' others come from a perspective of presuming they know better (inflated ego). One possible viable motivation to educating others is that they will start acting a a way you find more favorable. Example: pull the door all the way closed until it latches so the dog doesn't get out so much. [advanced] It is entirely possible to be instrumental in others learning something you don't know better, can't do, or sometimes even know what they need to 'learn'. The distinction is that you are not trying to 'teach' them anything. One approach is to provide lessons such that they can educate themselves. Another approach is to symbolically see where they are and where they need to be and then nudge them in various ways until they move closer to where they need to be.
  5. "You can't polish a turd"

    Off topic but ... Here is a video of actual polished turds Mythbusters Polishing a Turd [\url]
  6. Absolutely possible to not fear something yet still have a strong preference about it. Fear is an emotional response and all emotions are independent of any situation (even if they are in response to it). Separate from emotions, you can have concern, desire, preference, or addiction to something as they are not emotions. So yes, you can desire or want for life without fear of losing it.
  7. What Is Nothing?

    definitely not the same thing the 'void' as you describe it is "pregnant with possibility" (Eastern philosophy use of the term 'void'), I usually refer to this as 'potential'. 'Possibility' is a property or perhaps a feature disqualifying it as 'Nothing'. ---------------------------------------------------- Note that the term 'void' in western circles is more often used to describe a place where you can't perceive anything. This does not mean it lacks (actualized) things, only that you can't perceive them. ----------------------------------------------------------- [advanced] a warning for you OBE travelers: there is a lot of reality still in this "pregnant with possibility" state. Be cautious as 'you' can not go there as you are actualized and no longer just potential. As such, if you mange to go there, you would cease to be.
  8. What Is Nothing?

    Nothing is without properties, features, or attributes of any kind.
  9. At least 18 Try a web search, there is plenty of information on this. Here is one result to get you started:
  10. I learned energy (and other spiritual things) without a teacher. Complimentary to (medical) Qigong, I suggest learning about meridians used in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. There is plenty of free written material and videos on this too. I also suggest learning to make a Chi Ball as big as possible. There are plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how to do this. As you already have some awareness of energy on your hands, it should be easy to get started. The videos only cover tiny balls. It is fairly easy to work up to softball size. Experienced practitioners can make one basketball size. Prodigies can make one larger than their arm span. After learning to make a chi ball the size of a tennis ball, practice removing one hand and holding the ball. When you can reliably do that, replace the removed hand with objects all kinds, learn to distinguish them by feel. Doing this with other body parts and moving your hand along parallel to the surface will allow you to find meridians and determine where they are blocked (beginning steps in medical intuition). Also spread your hands on either side of your aura (palms towards body) and build the aura in the same way you did a chi ball. This is great for overall health and energy defense.
  11. What is spirituality

    'Spiritual' is the relation of self to not-self. 'Spirituality' is the awareness of or pursuit of the/your Spiritual.
  12. I would suggest in addition to 'observing' thoughts, to label each one "thought". Labeling creates some additional distance between you and that which is labeled (thoughts in this case). This method worked for me. Can't say if that's enough of an edge for you as my thoughts were not so overwhelming.
  13. For me the foundation is knowing who I am. In the beginning, as you start to get to know who you really are and a bit of awareness; one starts to notice when they are 'doing' something that is not in alignment with who they are. It can feel forced, uncomfortable, annoying, or just cause you to tune out while doing it. Obviously, one then tries to avoid doing that again. It can be hard if you have responsibilities or other people are involved. As you start to fill your life (only) with activities that align/resonate with yourself, you then can (with more awareness) start to notice when you trying to make that happen. This is a doing versus non-doing (allowing) thing. You can't be fully expressing your inner nature if you are taking action based on what your brain, ego, or emotions are telling you. Though they feel like they are from inside you, they are not your inner nature. They are your tools. This part can be worked on with practices of "being present" or "in the now". What you are trying for while working on this is have your actions come from a natural (automatic) response to your environment, not from a choice. Overall, try to relax and allow yourself to take action rather than allow you or someone else tell you what to do. If you are prone to guilt or shame, this is going to be very hard. Something to be aware of is that most people confuse what they do with who they are. What matters is where the inspiration to act comes from. Doing and results are somewhat dependent on the environment you are in, as such they are not your inner nature. Another issue for some is accepting that they are a spirit being, not a physical being. Its way harder to express your inner spirit if you don't allow yourself to feel it. This practice can still work for a pure physical being though the results are less pronounced. If you are a physical only being, your inner nature is your personality and those aspects that make you not like anyone else.
  14. Spiritual truth has to do with the things not made of matter and energy and the stuff that extends beyond the material universe. ALL of the above is material truth. Its ALL Earth bound and doesn't even cover the full extent of material reality.