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  1. Anybody ever start a group before?

    If you are in the US I suggest At least in my area (Austin) there are lots of active groups. It should reach many 'non-religious' people. Generally people are less certification biased. Even if you don't want to host your group there, it would be place to ask others who run meditation groups for advice.
  2. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    Transmission is a way for two beings (people) to interact on a spiritual level. The one way implication of the word 'transmission' is because this is most commonly done in a teacher/guru to student/acolyte situation. The usually vast difference in spiritual development usually makes this a one-sided affect. The usual purpose is to temporarily 'adjust' the student closer to what they would be after more spiritual development. This both facilitates accelerated learning and a provides experience/familiarity of the end goal of the practice. The effect typically only lasts a day or two. As this is an very unequal power situation, the student should trust his teacher before allowing transmission.
  3. What is spirituality

    Spirituality is the relation of self to non-self. A spiritual person is a person that explores or seeks to understand the relation of self to non-self. By implication also explores the issue of what is self anyway.
  4. Logical paradox

    " only try to realize the truth ... , there is no spoon" (or cat)
  5. Some things help with this: 1. Your personality is not the same as your identity. There are some warnings about disassociating with your identity, I do not see that as problematic. Disassociating with 'self' (personality, inner nature) can be problematic. The key here is to accept that which you are and release that which you merely think of as yourself. 2. Get to know your inner self, what is your nature, what are you attuned to, there is no need to 'seek' the things one is attuned to 3. Presence, allow your inner being to fill your body, there are meditations for this, just be The combination of 2 + 3 will lead to action happening spontaneously when circumstance aligns in a way that resonates with your personality. Action does NOT spring from from motivation nor the decision to act.
  6. This topic is NOT about what the title suggests. It is not about critiquing. It seems to be about some hurt feelings caused by someone disagreeing with the authors views followed by some promotion presumably about their tradition.
  7. Reality vs. Unreality

    The only Truth is that there is only one Truth ...
  8. Reality vs. Unreality

    "Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...there is no spoon." Or chair.... Or you.
  9. Reality vs. Unreality

    When a world (dreaming or awake) disappears, it is really hard to know if it is gone or you are merely failing to perceive it. Perhaps it is YOU that no longer exists.
  10. Most people are generally unaware.
  11. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    I disagree simultaneously to varying degrees. Even if you can somehow reframe that into binary, agreeing/disagreeing is only one example of thought (for may brain anyway). It is entirely possible you are a computer simulation.
  12. Divine intervention

    Its not some (external) God that needs to wake up. YOU are the divinity that needs to wake up.
  13. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    The process of becoming (realizing you are) enlightened however is whole lots of no fun.
  14. Very different, though both at (chi) energy constructs in the body. Dantiens are energy storage centers where a reserve of energy can be stored for later use (and quick access). Chakras are spots along the kundalini channel (goes along spine for the ones in the body) where energy of specific types (frequencies) leave the channel. The specific chakras correspond to physical organs in the body (mind, throat, heart, etc). Dantians do not overlap chakras.
  15. Methods of Inner Silence

    I used the watch-your-thoughts method. Basically you try to notice when a thought (includes mind chatter) arises (most commonly during meditation to start, then all the time). The more often the better. At first there is no waiting for thoughts (or chatter), in fact there are so many you can't respond to them all. No matter, just notice that a thought has occurred. Do nothing else about it, do not try to stop the thought or worry about thoughts you missed. If at the beginning you are having trouble doing nothing about noticing a thought, simply label it "thought". At some point you will notice the thought that does the labeling. Nothing more to it other than practice. At first thoughts will occur in lower density (hard to notice for a few weeks perhaps). Then eventually the thought will become sparse enough that there are gaps between them. You are pretty much there when you notice something odd only to realize its mental chatter. Yes I know this seems like it would stop all thinking, it does not. It only stops the mental chatter. It took me about 2 years to reach inner silence as my default state. Now I lack mental chatter >95% of the time. [advanced] once you get to inner silence as a default, you will probably notice other kinds of chatter (emotional, physical, psychological). The same method works for them. Eventually you reach inner stillness.