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  1. Anger as Power

    good question
  2. get to know your " abc's " called yang /yin aka POSITIVE /Neg and youll soon be forming words, sentences and paragraphs that will facilitate a better understanding of life. it ALL begins from a single positive invisible source energy without mass or volume and some day it will all end as a negative, cold, stuck round, black 360 perfectly spherical ball made of the hardest material in existence.
  3. when we read a book , each word we read comes from the future . when we walk down the hallway and into the kitchen , the kitchen will be cumming from the future. when we hear a sound , it comes from the future when we smell a fragrance it too comes from the future . when you are working in an office and you are on your way home, your HOUSE or apartment is coming to you from the future even though it was built long ago , its still coming from the future . Everything and everyone comes from the future and there are no exceptions. they come from and go to what we call a vanishing point in the center of the X its also an appearance point . the vanishing point goes away fro us and the appearance point comes towards us . https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/vanishing point vanish = + appear = - the past goes into the center of the X and the future comes from the center of the X white blue green red = pos future vanish / appearance in the center present time both POS and Neg black yellow magenta and cyan = Neg past the vanishing point is in between the two just like present time is between the future and the past .
  4. there are only 3 different subjective locations in space and time we can " go to " everything we see hear fel taste and smell comes FROM the future, passes through present time instantly and finally into the past where is stays forever. This message , for example will be written " NOW" and will come to you in your future from my PAST. Without the future , there can be no past and no past without the future first . Future is + Past is its NEGative. - present time sits between the 2 where we ( humans ) experiences their sensations. we feel positive or negative in present time. Or neither just positive nor just negative , but a balance BETWEEN the duality of polarity . when you read this it will seem like its in present time because the future is instant. ( NO TIME elapses ) but its all , everything and everyone you see comes from the future , through present time and then into the past . when we make plans for the future , the plans we make also come from the future , through present time and then INTO the past . The future emerges OUTWARDS The past absorbs the future INWARDS white is as positive as you can get . Black , its negative half is as negative as you can get white reflects all colors away from it outwards 360 degrees black ABSORBS all colors , including white INWARDS its white future , present time and black past +/- day /night white /black future / past reflect / absorb out / in MALE/Female instant / delay go / stop pos attribute / neg attributes. everything that is positive comes from the future instantly , through PT and finally ends in the past at a dead stop. Male gender is OUT and females are IN , like a Key + and a lock - Both are located in the center of the body . Male genders sit higher up than females. Males are front top and females are both are useless without each other . Males genitals are located " front top " females are "rear bottem " The future , present time and the past are a spectrum of light from white to all colors and finally black . we sit stand and live between them in present time . The future is optimistic+ and the past is pessimistic-. The future has a speed called instant and the past is at a dead stop . Its no wonder so many think there is no future because it happens so fast, they don't perceive any of it until it gets to present time and into its past. The moment we see the future in present time, it too, instantly falls into its past where it can be found from the future .
  5. Does the soul know the difference?

    here's another good video on light Life ( aka the creator of everything and every one.) chooses to know or not know the difference of anything or anyone. Life also chooses to know or not know the similarities or everything and everyone. difference is the + similarities are its Neg and you wont find one without its other half anywhere. They are two poles of the same spectrum like black is to white or yellow is to blue or etc etc etc My answer is both yes and no . Depending on choice. the Torus below has all 8 colors within it and there are no curved lines. Curvature is a subjective illusion the hexagon shape of this torus doesn't change shape. They rotate left right / right left , up and down and down and up in a figure 8 clockwise and counter clockwise direction at the same time https://images.app.goo.gl/SdtmrkocVxK7PNee8 this one has all 60 positive and 60 neg colors of light https://images.app.goo.gl/NDccV3MeuTdxVpAD9
  6. Does the soul know the difference?

    just saw this . lol its not directed at you . Kind of funny
  7. Does the soul know the difference?

    unity = white blue green red yellow magenta cyan and black all in a single direction duality = opposition ( opposites ) white /black blue /yell green /magenta red / cyan positive / neg unity is positive and duality is its neg the different colors between the two are the spectrum of light between white and black
  8. Does the soul know the difference?

    white ( clear ) no density no mass no shape no nutin. ( yang ) clockwise ) blue the least of all density next to white green slightly more red more ---------------------------------center yell more magenta cyan the most before black black = total 360 degree sphere of solid density .( yin ) counter clockwise ) These are colors of light . NOT PAINT. 0 the creator 1= no density white or clear if you prefer 2 3 4 center 5 6 7 8 black
  9. Does the soul know the difference?

    the why ? good question. It has an infinite list of answers. why are pos colors pos and neg colors neg ? you mean why that ? why are there are males and females. +/- same way there is day and night vertical and horizontal up and down good and bad you make a list and assign pos or neg to each of the two legs on the list up is + down is Neg - good + bad - male + female - etc etc etc The criteria is POS comes first , then its negs after , from its positive
  10. Does the soul know the difference?

    there are 60 Pos colors ( yang )and 60 more neg colors ( yin ) ALL colors come from white and go to black . white reflects all colors and white and black black absorbs all colors including black and white. white blue green red are the pos basic primary colors black yellow magenta cyan are the neg primary colors IF you continue to combine the 8 primary colors in different ways, youll get different Pos and Neg colors. blue green red make white ( and the 3 neg primary colors. ) yellow magenta and cyan make black ( and the 3 pos primary colors ) 120 total colors or 60 pos and 60 neg Orange brown gray silver pink etc etc etc are all from different combinations of primary Pos and Neg colors. all numbers come from the number 1 all colors from white all negatives come from positive energy ( clear ) All positive energy is source energy and comes from the creator ( you and me ) we are the creator The 1. We are not positive energy . WE MAKE positive energy.
  11. Does the soul know the difference?

    when we love someone or something we want it close when we hate or fear someone or something we want it far pos/neg love/hate ( fear if you want to use fear) close/far emotions also abide to the yang/yin of everything and every one when we hate somebody we love to see them suffer when we love somebody we hate to see them suffer when we love somebody we love to see them happy when we hate somebody we hate to see them happy im using love/hate but the use of like and dislike can also be used. Even emotions abide by the TORUS X The 5th is as hgh as it gets , 6 7 8 9 10 etc are still contained in the 5th . In the 5th almost anything is possible and if you go higher, youlll be in the 1st where everythng is possible and there is total freedom of choice. There is nothing higher than total freedom of choice which is the 1st dimension. its 1 5 3 4 2 we can "say " there are higher dimensions but wed only be fooling ourselves. there is always a larger large or a higher high and there is always a smaller small or lower low. but there is nothing more flat than flat and nothing more spherical than 360 degrees. ( square or triangle ) there is also nothing more white than white nor blacker than black . Only the color densities between them both . If you want to have a 7th dimensions, great !! but its still in the 5th where almost anything is possible . its supper simple once you see the basic logic of the hologram . Its not a computer program , its a god made all natural holographic realm designed to seem other than what it is . Its very convincing . There is only a single spiritual being for everything and everyone and his name is GOD. He lives through you and me and everyone else all at the same time while being convinced that he is not alone , not everything and not everyone. BUT............ not so in the 5th . Its the GOD dimension of " knowing " In stead of being human on a spinning 360 degree globe looking up at a god we cant see hear smell taste and feel , try flipping it ALL over and see humanity from above AS GOD looking down on a stationary flat surface . GOD, runs the show, all shows everywhere and everytime for everything and everyone but simple convinces itself otherwise. when you speak to anyone online or in person , its from the same spiritual being having both sides of the conversation while not knowing it has any part of the conversations of either . In the 5th , god is aware of itself as the SOLE being for everything and everyone . In the 4th , god has no idea . The 3rd is both , 2 is totally unaware and 1 is totally aware . Its a color spectrum from white at the top 1 and 2 at the bottom black. .
  12. Does the soul know the difference?

    There are higher dimensions than 5 but they are are "within" the 5th 1 2 and 3 are spacial dimensions of H, W and L ( a cube or a sphere 360 degrees around ) 4 and 5 are location dimensions 4 is the inside of the 360 cube /sphere 5 is the outside of the 360 cube / sphere Time is not a dimension . Its a location in space and its negative. Space is its positive host . Like black is to white. White is the host of black . You cant get any more outside than outside and you cant get more in than the inside. Its 6 spacial sides of 360 degrees with an inside and out . If you can find a 6th or more , pleas share it with us . There is no outside of outside. You're either inside or outside. 1 is the ONLY unified dimension and all the rest are duality and sets of duality aka 1 and 2 0= the creator 1 x 1 = 1 or a single side 1x2 =2 or dual sides 1x2x3 = 6 or 3 sets of 1 and 2 1x2x3x4 = 24 or 12 sets of 1 and 2 1x2x3x4x5 = 120 or 60 sets of 1 and 2 x 6 =720 x 7 = 5040 x 8 = 40320 x 9 = 362880 x 10 = 3628800 all end in zero from the 5th and on into infinity . The 6th and higher is still " outside " and located "within" the 5th . If you go higher than 5 , you will return to the 1st in a figure 8 motion . There are only 0-9 . If you use 10 11 12 13 etc , they all start over again at 1 when you reach 10 after the number 9 its 1st dimension top instant fast 5th Dimension pretty fast 3 center between instant and stopped 50% speed and average 4th dimension pretty slow 2nd dimension dead stop bottom. dimensions are used to describe many different aspects , not just locations, speed or colors. Colors for example are described at white clouds 1 blue skys 5 heaven green plants 3 earth red lava 4 hell black solidity 2 blue green and red are primary colors white emits all colors and reflects them outwards black absorbs all colors inwards. The bible refers to " heaven and earth " but that's not the whole " picture " Its not even a true set of poles. In reality its heaven and hell with earth between the two in the center. heaven and hell are the two arms of the creator ( the head of the creator is between them ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- both black and white contain all possible colors . white emits blue green red which makes yellow magenta and cyan when combined. yellow magenta and cyan make black and they all start at white. Black comes from white . when you combine all the different combinations of color densities, yu get other colors like orange and pink there are only 60 positive and 60 negative colors total . Any higher becomes to difficult to distinguish the similar differences between them . No matter who tells you there are a billion color tones, we cant ell them apart after 120 . ( the 5th dimension ) 1 is total freedom of choice and 2 is no freedom to choose at all . 5, 4 and 3 are between 1 and 2 5 is a very pleasurable "place" Heaven and almost anything is possible 4 is crap. Hell, and almost everything is impossible 3 is the middle ground of 50/50 % 1 is too fast to be of any use. everything possible 2 is too slow to be of any use. nothing possible 1 is like winning a game every time. No fun . 2 is like losing a game every time ALSO no fun . 3 is where we win some and lose some. 5 is where we win almost every time 4 is where we lose almost every time. also you cant get white-er than white nor black-er than black Just like 1 and 2 you cant get flatter than flat or more spherical than 360 degrees. Not possible the 1st dimension is flat the 2nd is 360 sphere. in this context everything we see hear taste smell and feel has 5 dimensions and 120 sides and there are no exceptions. when people say the 9th , 10 , 12 etc etc dimension s, its still the 5th ( OUTSIDE )
  13. Does the soul know the difference?

    the 1st is instant fast and the 2nd a dead stop . The colors between the spectrum are fast at blue and slow at cyan everything has a spectrum from 1 to 1 and the colors between them . If there were only the 1st everything would happen so fast it could not be experienced and if it happens too slow at the 2nd dimension, nothing could be experienced because its at a dead stop . 1st and 2nd on their own are useless. When you/me/us are in the 5th dimension, we know there's only a single soul ( sole ) for everything and every one. WHEN I say every thing I mean GEO and when I say everyone , its BIO . The 1st dimension is 100 % BIO positive life energy that makes everything move The 2nd is all geo matter at a dead stop , solid and fixed in place without any life . In the beginning of creation , there was only BIO ( life ) energy and it became GEO matter . Its negative half. The human heart is the first organ to form and its shape is like and X shape. After it forms , our head arms and legs emerge from it and begin to surround the heart until the heart is located to the inside center area. Heaven and earth are the same difference. Its BIO heart energy first and then its matter surrounds it as GEO until the bio heart energy is completely surrounded by the GEO . Its OUR father who are in heaven , hollow be they name , thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON earth ans it is IN heaven . Here's the twist. Heaven is actually on the outside and earth is upside down on its inside. WHY? because of duality . Neither is actually in or out or here or there. The ONLY THINGS the exist are what we are seeing feeling smelling etc etc at any given moment of any given day or night . If we don't see hear feel taste smell it , its doenst exist anywhere or anytime. The BIO center of earth , its heart and soul, is the father and earth is the mother. Yang/yin. Self is the positive half of others. There's actually only self. Others is the illusion . The creator is self and the creator is others too. We are Half BIO life energy and half GEO , non life matter . In the 5th dimension, its almost all BIO with just enough GEO to have contrast and slowness. The 4th dimension is everything the 5th is not just like the 1st is everything the 2nd is not. The 3rd is a set in itself with a 50/50 split. If you flip a coin a trillion times it will land on both sides on average an equal amount of times on average. In the 5th dimension, it will almost always land on heads and in the 4th dimension it will almost always land on tails . The 3rd dimension is the average between 5 at the top and 4 at the bottom . the 1st is too fast and the 2nd is too slow. everything that exists has 5 dimensions. even a single particle or speck of dust or a single cell form of life. NONE of the 5 dimensions can exist without the other 4. There is no 6th dimension. The creator is at 0 dimension. The creator transcends everything and everyone. The creator emerges itself into the 5 dimensions and has the ability to know anything or not know anything . The creator can do anything , anytime, anyhow it wants but also has the choice to be the effect of the 5 dimensions and assume no freedom of choice.
  14. Does the soul know the difference?

    the 5th dimension is the unity dimension. Nirvana , heaven and many other names. Its the creators dimension. Its the positive half of the heaven and earth , father and mother , male female yang yin, duality sets and its located in the upper vortex of hollow earth . You can go there via the north pole . Its directly under the north star, Polaris. Its lit by positive glowing energy at its center core. The closer you get to it the more its positive energy is absorbed. The higher you go the closer you get to the 1st dimension of 100% pure positive energy and total freedom of choice. You can know anything in the 5th dimension and you also know you are the creator while you are there as well because you reunify with yourself as the creator of everything and everyone in existence and that ever existed before and will ever exist in the future. Its here on earth where we experience duality and not knowing. Heaven is the knowing unity POSITIVE half of earth , the Neg side of not knowing and duality . The creator uses both and alternates between the two over and over like sun sets and rises every day . Most of us down here on earth don't notice because were not supposed to notice on this side. Its the not notice side too. Keep in mind, Its all holographic . Everything we see hear smell taste feel ALL comes from the future and into the past , in that order and direction every time and never the other way around. Its always appears from the future and disappears into the past. No exceptions. Growing old in time is an illusion that we all abide to . Everything comes from positive unity and into negative duality . The earth dimension is convinced its being grown over time like a plant or other life form getting older every day . Its all a hologram that is there to convince us to believe we are born, grow old and die when all we really ever do is go to sleep and wake up over and over again a little older than the holographic cycle before it . In 5d , we know everything there is to know and its always the truth . Its the white half of the yinyang symbol with a black circle in it. Its almost all positive with very little negative in it . 4d is the black side with white dot. 1d 5d 3d 4d 2d 1 and 2 are poles 5 and 4 are poles 3 is a set of poles in the center 50/50 1 is instant pure positive energy total freedom of choice 2 is a dead stop negative matter and no freedom of choice. 5 is heaven is fast 4 is hell slow 3 is centered. in terms of colors its 1 white 5 blue/ yellow 3 green/ magenta 4 red/cyan 2 black