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  1. when the colors are fixed and elevated up off the floor. They will lock into place and you wont have the ability to move them any longer. In other words , You wont be able to move your head so have a different POV of them . The pattern colors and your head are FIXED in unison. You CAN however, move one of your eyeballs and loo around the pattern while the other holds it in place with your head. The image will have great detail and clarity . The solidity of the floor stays on the floor . It will seem holographic as you move your hand and arm THROUGH the colors and pattern. At first the pattern may return to the floor level but as you practice, you'll gain the ability to keep it fixed in place , even when passing your hand and arm through it all the way to the floor level .
  2. absolute simplicity will vanish into nothingness . Without complexity , simplicity will vanish instantly . Complexity is used to hold or slow simplicity in place to prevent it from vanishment into nothingness. Thanks for the comment. !!! In order to Live now we must live in the past to the same degree In order to live well we must live unwell to the same degree we must also balance ethics with being unethical in some way to the same degrees. We DON'T HAVE A CHOICE in the matter . Not on average. Both must exist to the same degree on average. Like flipping a coin in the air . It will always land on both sides equally on average. Every Positive and negative pole abides to this law of average. day /night east/west up/down air/land hot /cold male/female bio/geo truth/lie reality /illusions etc etc etc etc. everything has a set of poles. Nothing can exist with this set of poles. When you know all your poles like we know the alphabet, life will become incredible simple . Complexity will still exist but life will become incredibly simple to understand and extremely complicated to misunderstand. good luck donald duck .
  3. the objective is to discover the flatness of the hologram and the solidity in the background. to be familiar with it . Then, when you see the world " around you " 360 degrees , you'll have a better understanding of how its constructed in REAL time . OBJECTIVE is the positive to its negative half called subjective OBJECTIVES are what we all see publicly together in unison. Trees, cars, ships, plants etc etc. Its outside our minds and body's SUBJECTIVE'S are what we see privately separately individually. Its inside our minds and bodies. Objectives are " outside " Subjective's are " inside " we can ONLY see the " 3 POSITIVE sides " with objectivity. we MUST use and can ONLY use SUBJECTIVITY to "fill in " the 3 Negative sides . ITS ALL FLAT folks . ITS ALL a holographic projection that we are putting in place from the 1st dimension instantly . Its ends up as SOLIDITY in the 2nd dimension. AS soon as we look away with our 5 senses , it INSTANTLY vanish's from existence. AS soon as we look again , it appears again INSTANTLY. Example. Imagine a rabbit in your ( holographic minds ) . Makes a pink bunny with floppy ears. Now make the bunny hop . Our minds are HOLOGRAPHIC. As soon as we take out attention off the mind and return to OBJECTIVE sight, the bunny instantly vanishes. Put your attention on the bunny again and it appears again INSTANTLY. we are doing the same / difference with OBJECTIVES around us . Its being put there instantly and vanished instantly every moment of every day . Use the tile floor exercise and get some of your own reality on it . 1 2 3 4 its not easy at first , keep at it . For some it will be impossible . Its the nature of our BIO/GEO construct. We are all BIO/GEO . Everything is . There is a HUGE BIO source that is the other half to its NEG geo form. all GEO's came from and comes from a single BIO source. The BIO source is located in the center of the GEO " sphere " BIO is the positive half to NEG Geo . ALL negatives come from their respective positive source. up/down left/right Dem/ rep lib/conserve right/wrong peace/war truth/lie reality /illusions hot/cold fast/slow fire/water self/others out/in north /south east/west male/female soft/hard everything as a set of two . Make sure you get them all correct Positive , then neg . Neg's cant exist without a positive host because the comes from the positive host. Positive hosts cant exist without its neg pole. A positive host without a NEG to slow it down or stop it , will happen instantly and cant be perceived by our human 5 senses. Sight smell touch taste and hear. All positives move towards its neg. Negs never originate . Pos always originates. Negs ONLY receive the origination.
  4. try the floor patterns and get the pattern to lift up off the floor and lock into place. When you uncross your eyes, it will resume back to its duality state. You'll have no doubts of what you've done once you do it correctly . With a little practice, you can lock it into place 25% but never more than 50%. The left and right sides of our bodies are at 50% to each other with our spines in the center. Males and females are at 50% to each other with genders in the center at left and right . In order to have symmetry there must also be asymmetry at 50% Hence males and females with males slightly more and females slightly less.
  5. can you simplify this a little more. ? Thanks
  6. its normal vision . / Like most of us . The oceans horizon is perfectly flat and horizontal from left to right If we stand at 90 degrees and look towards it . It will always be at 50% between the sky and land . NO MATTER how high up or low down we view it from . 1 " high or 100 miles up . The hologram is designed with spacial and locational dimensions. 6 sides total with an inside and an OUTside. There are no other possibilities. we can only view the positive sides. NEVER its negative sides. without the negative sides , ITS ALL FLAT. WE use our subjective mind to fill in the negative half and we use our OBJECTIVE eyesight to see the positive half. everything is divided into two halves. A positive HALF and its Negative half . YANG means POS. YIN means NEG. ( NEGRO means black ) Peace ! Harmony , unity . Love
  7. who's making the Crop Forms that are not human ? Its ok if you don't know . *WE* are not supposed to know, but we can know if we chooses to know. SOme are human made but very few . If we use the white to black color spectrum with white at NO density and black as solid matter . AS well as WHITE as instant speed and black as a dead stop, it will reveal many things we d like to know but have trouble knowing. White is total freedom to know everything black is the inability to know anything polar opposites total freedom of choice is at white no freedom to chooses is at black the colors between them are different degrees of freedoms and liabilities. EVERYTHING we see smell taste etc etc is an illusion of densities from no density at white to the hardest solid density as black . But no matter what the density may be , its still just an illusion that is derived from a single positive source. Everything is perfectly flat and there are no exceptions. DEPTH and curvature is an illusion of flat and straight. Colors are spectrum's of densities.
  8. happy idiot ? hehehe thanks for the comments !!
  9. I never said you'd see " your 3 dimensional awareness of space " or anything even close to that statement . Did I ? Return to the first post Follow the steps closely first 1 then 2 then 3 and so on . Don't try to make it more complicated . re read everything again . Don't leave anything out. Don't add anything to it . 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 etc etc
  10. well that explains everything then . Truly amazing wisdom.. hehe you went from " interesting " to " wow " to " neat " If that ain't proof , I don't know what is ....... Thanks for the comment . !!!
  11. hehe How'd you know bro ?
  12. the video is not in real time. its a VIDEO . From the past . Use your eyes in real time with a pattern in real time. You don't need a video or goggles . We are separating density from colors and colors from density. The video doesn't work for the density aspect of separation.
  13. we cant see pure 100 % positive energy , we cant see space where the pure positive energy is located energy is located. We can only see the matter that comes from energy , Same way black comes from white. we CAN't see smell taste hear or feel pure positive ( YANG ) energy . we CAN see hear smell taste hear negative matter . ALL matter is a NEG and it all comes from PURE positive energy . energy and matter are polar opposites like yang and yin or white and black So ha ya, your bad bro : ) WHO is making the crop formations ? Peace !!
  14. try the tile floors ...... next time you see one . Once its locked into pace with eyes crossed , you can keep it locked in with one eye and use the other eye to look all over it you don't need anything but a pattern as shown
  15. so ah ,..... who actually CREATES all these formations in the crops ? do you have ANY idea at all ?