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  1. Reiki

    What is up everyone. I wonder if anyone has done reiki or any type of similar spiritual healing arts. I think I like reiki but I don't like the organizations that teach it. It's a natural gift that everyone has and I don't feel it's right to charge money for it. (Donations are fine but $60 for a reiki session is pretty scammy.) Moreover Usui didn't charge money for it but accepted donations. His memorial shrine even says "everyone can access reiki because it comes from yourself." Toshihiro Eguchi, one of the members of his school, agreed with this philosophy. Randolf Shipon wrote a book called Reiki Psychology in which he shows how to teach yourself how to use your own healing ability. It's widely available and cheap online. But the essential part is in this video: This isn't the "traditional" method but it works. I think the main problem with reiki is that groups of people want to brand it as this super secret art that only their lineage is doing correctly. I don't think it was intended to be that way and people take it as superstitious mumbo jumbo (and expensive at that). The other thing I question is the positivity. It seems like reiki focuses only on the positive which doesn't seem as balanced as something like Taoist qigong. Images of zoned out hippies droning about all loving everyone comes to mind (nothing against love or hippies). There's just something that kind of irks me about focusing only on positivity and love. It feels a little fake. I told my therapist about it and she said it's not out of balance because there will always be darkness in the world. Take the good with the bad. Like everything else, I'm probably overthinking this. Thoughts?