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  1. The Ultimate Tao.

    The ultimate Tao, in a nutshell, is the total sum of all potentiality. It reaches back eternally before the arrival of matter. It contains space, in which now contains the cosmos, and this cosmos is pregnant with life. And indeed each life is pregnant with death. A thing can only die once it has been borne, therefor a thing is eternal until it is borne. The sounds of the earth are but a click of the tongue and gods?, mere fanciful characteristics. For the Tao to fully know what it is, it must realize all potentiality which, of course, is eternal throughout and beyond space. This endless search to " know what it is", is the direction of the Tao. The ache to" know" is at the heart of all of this, and this ache is what is felt in the hearts of all true seekers. It is the driving force of life and an essential prerequisite to union with the all, Enlightenment. As any first year psychology student knows, the human mind tends to move, immediately, towards whatever is held in focus, as is in sync with the Tao, therefor an easy way for one to see where they are heading in life is to sincerely discern what is truly ones focus. If the Tao, in its entirety, lost focus on unfolding, spherically, as it does, where would that leave life? The above is purely a nice mind stretch, nothing more, nothing less. Sweet dreams. Wolf
  2. Taoist N.L.P.

    No, never read a novel. Never heard of Warren Murphy either. What is it that you see?
  3. The Taoist Mystic

    No, no, no. Grunts are words. Pity is imagination and souls are yet to be seen. Levity is the point above.
  4. This is a quick practice, out of many, that is practical, can be done on a roller coaster if need be. and works every time and instantly. Think of something that agitates you. see how that effects you on all levels. Now imagine the sound of a snowflake hitting the ocean. More than likely a smile will appear powered by a willfully produced sense of peace. Its quick but can be held with a little practice. The only point and motive to this little article is that it may help some. Regards to all. Sifu Wolf
  5. Another Skinbag

    Eyup Jing. Another Tao wu Shin Monk. See you at training. And welcome to tao bums. Sifu wolf
  6. The illusion of time.

    Hey Zbob. That was a nice absolute yin yang in a nutshell. Do you like coffee? Regards wolf
  7. The Taoist Mystic

    Hello Mythmaker. The nutrients are in the contents not the package. No problem. No structure. please dont take offence, it leads to hazardous guessing, and people are watching. Theres no point to be made. Just a sincere question. Goodness, Does anyone else want to jump in on this one. Control has already given way to four letter words and judgment. As all can see. Bye.
  8. The illusion of time.

    Hello shon. Sorry for the lack of clarity with the pole thing. It was just a long winded way of saying that everything that has happened in ones life, ( seemingly good or bad), is purely, without exception, what got one here today. If one jot of that life were changed, etc, etc. You know. lol ! Take care. Wolf
  9. The illusion of time.

    Hey Zbob. Please , THANK YOU. A sharp, deep mind free of paragraphs. The nutrition is in the contents and not in the wrapping. The Tao contains matter and therefor physics. It also contains spirit and therefor mysticism. It contains change and therefor alchemy. If something "IS" it is in the tao. Even illusion, therefor belief and religion. If a thing "isnt" that is in the tao also. Unless there is a brick wall out there deep in space containing the cosmos, it dosnt end. One science will not cover all. On a microcosmic parallel, we need dermatologists for part of our being but also brain surgeons, dentists, etc. None of them are wrong in comparison to the other. A hand is functional because its fingers remain apart to function as one. So too, the tao and its sciences. What thinketh thou Zbob? Regards. Wolf
  10. The Taoist Mystic

    Hello Zen. Wow. Tao wu shin monks are surely coming out of the woodwork these days. I see by your posts that you are still in robe. Fantastic. Tasmania hey? The temple is now taking students from France, England and for some odd reason Iceland, so its changed quite a lot since your ordination. Isnt it strange how people think mystic monks are religious priests? Ignorance and rudeness is epidemic. Take care Zen. Talk soon. Regards. Wolf.
  11. The Taoist Mystic

    Hello cat. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Your passion is obviously for the content and not the package. A true seeker. Kind regards. Wolf.
  12. The Taoist Mystic

    Hello myth maker. You obviously read the one you wrote about, and responded with I dont. I wish. I can. I have to say. I present. I want. Such expectations. If " no paragraphs" rattle your cage what are you going to do in a real dilemma? The Tao Bums are not about grammar. A humble thanks to the rest of the readers who get the point. Wolf. Darin. The editing was for a forgotten signature. lol
  13. The illusion of time.

    Hello Shon. Nothing is to long or short, always as a thing should be. In that, is what deserves faith in the tao. Your story is one of the human condition. It makes perfect sense. YES. They spit. But we spit back and laugh with the el pacas, not at them. They may get offended. lol See the life behind you as a tall rigid pole that, which without, you could not sit firmly high and here. Take care Shon Your friend Wolf
  14. The illusion of time.

    Hello Zbob. Anything either side of now has to be memory or assumption and both can only be thought of Now. A zillion books wont get you out of now. Out there is one tao. Itself, unmoving yet its contents cannot stop. There were once two young monks arguing over the movement of a flag on a pole. One monk argued that the flag was moving. The other argued that the wind was moving. The old master crept up behind and gave them both a good whack and said " you are both wrong. It is your minds that are moving. Wolf