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  1. Can you share some links? and what is IMA @Gerard ?
  2. can you perhaps explain something about these internal forces and nameless techniques? just to have a general idea about Alexander teachings
  3. Internal forces and nameless techniques, sounds cool. I guess it can help with zhan zhuang then
  4. Can you explain more? Some time ago i thought about getting Alexander technique classes
  5. I am surprised that you say that correcting the neck and jaw can fix pelvis issues. This reminds me somehow of Alexander technique. Is it possible to do this at home via exercises? What are the nerves usually involved in this kind of problems? Also I see you say stretching is more important that strengthening. I have some pain in left adductor and left piriformis, i guess i should stretch them more
  6. Thanks for your response. People who have anterior pelvic tilt sometimes have other problems in the pelvis too, like lateral pelvic tilt, hip pain or a rotated pelvis. What do you think is the most important for fixing this? Do you think it is more important to stretch the tight muscles or to strengthen the core? Your experience as a doctor can help us a lot
  7. oh yes, incel nerd guy with anterior pelvic tilt. Hell in earth
  8. I have edited the original post with some good links, you may want to check them ;). They are quite helpful To maintain healthy and flexible hips is crucial
  9. Does anyone else suffer from this? It is a common problem today due to the fact that we sit a lot. This can cause problems in the lower back region. I have only discovered I have this problem recently, although now I know I have had it for years, and maybe it is causing my tinnitus. I have done some research and fortunately there are good resources on the internet about how to fix this. What they say is you should stretch your hip flexors and adductors, together with your lumbar spine, while strengthening the core, the abs and the glutes. Right now I am focusing on exercises to balance my hips again. Let's see if I can improve at my 35 years old. Edit: Here you have some good links about how to fix this:
  10. A massage experience

    Now i am training my shoulders. The experience of yesterday told me something about them
  11. Yesterday I went to a chinese masseusse here in Spain. Of course she was a low class person, no university, she couldn't speak in spanish very well, much less in english, but she gave me the best massage ever. Much better than a physiotherapist who gave me a massage one year ago, with university training, diplomas and all that bullshit. This great chinese woman gave me a massage focusing a lot on my rotator cuff/shoulder blade area. She pressed hard with her elbows there. My pain was terrible but she didn't even stop, although I was even screaming! I think that people passing nearby could hear me in the street. Chinese massages are good and hard, much better than those with university training. But I am surprised this area hurt me so much. Now I realized that after almost 3 years of non stop internal training I have never adressed this area well. And I am not sure how to do it with exercises. Maybe with Zhan Zhuang or strengthening my shoulders. And I am sure she was clever and knows the human body well. Because when I told her that I have some knots in my neck and between shoulder blades, she told me that she can't press hard on these areas, and that these knots are caused by my problems in the rotator cuff/shoulder blade area. I am not sure 100% that this is the case, but she is probably right. So again, I am very surprised and happy to know that a simple low class chinese woman with no formal training is much better that many of our university trained physios. Pd: i tried to tell her i suffer tinnitus, just to know if she thinks is due to my shoulder blades. But she didn't understand me, she thought i was saying that i don't hear very well. So she replied "i don't hear very well in my left ear neither" lol.
  12. Upper back/lower neck problems

    Thks all for ur suggestion. My tinnitus is due probably to my neck. I will do @Earl Grey neck and shoulder exercises in the next days and see if this helps. I have read in a tinnitus forum a person who fixed his tinnitus by doing neck and shoulder strenghtening exercises very similar to those posted in his program. I will try to do them everyday
  13. Upper back/lower neck problems

    If i could stretch or exercise the area between my shoulder blades and my neck i think i could fix that
  14. Upper back/lower neck problems

    Maybe a have a little bit of kyphosis. I have never seen a doctor for this. I saw a physioterapist who gave a massage one year and a half ago and he said my back was quite good. Maybe i should see a chriropractic
  15. Upper back/lower neck problems

    Edit: the problem is in my upper back and lower neck