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  1. we can just say if we are already vaccinated/wish to be soon, or if we don't want. In my case I don't want to get the vaccine bc I don't believe it is necessary. Also bc it can have negative side effects.
  2. I agree with "moderation, not supression", although it may necessarily mean some repression after all. But without this moderation you can lose your mind. And believe me, I know this well
  3. so you are not enjoying casual sex now?
  4. Side effects and Seokmun Breathing Meditation

    You should try fragrant qi gong. This is the best qi gong for improving health
  5. What is this chinese physical culture in your opinion?
  6. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I am reading a classic of western thought: Spinoza's Ethics
  7. What is said in this essay is probably true. But let state something, insecurity comes mainly from the mind, not from the body. So something more than martial arts is needed to overcome it.
  8. I think this Joe90 is very suspicious. He is a newcomer only talking about Steve Gray, and giving lessons to everybody like he knows a lot. Are you actually Steve??
  9. ok thanks, from now on i will never have sex
  10. did he do that? didn't read it, i think you should paste it here
  11. This is becoming a very interesting thread
  12. It is true, and not to love/be loved as a teenager is devastating. I mean with bf and gfs, not with family
  13. Hey And what is taoism? Do we know what is this philosophy called daoism?
  14. It is important then to focus on improving our emotions and our thoughts