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  1. Yes, I know man. But western Europe is hell too, trust me. The thing is we use our local languages so it doesn't go so global. But the situation is bad. For example, our birth rates are extremely low (and if they are not lower is because foreign women in Europe have many children), women don't even have children. Divorce rates are high, and male inceldom/singleness even more so. Hypergamy is crazy here, but i know it is terrible in USA too. But as buddhists say, life is suffering, much more if u r a man!
  2. Not much, it will be just an unimportant indicator, but it will be better than nothing. Are you afraid of the results maybe?
  3. Let's do the poll well. We can ask something like, do you currently have a gf/wife/lover? I think everybody can participate under 40, not just people from USA. I am from Europe... It will be funny. Do u agree with the question? (Sugar babies and prostitutes obviously don't count as lovers...)
  4. Maybe we should do a poll for forum members below 35 or 40. It can be anonymous, just to know how many have a gf/wife. Thus we would know who is right.
  5. How old are they? We are talking about young people, let's say under 35, not older people from a previous pre internet generation
  6. I do agree with your quote. I recommend you the 2 videos I shared. He explains very well these things. You don't need to like Jordan Peterson as a whole, that is pointless. But what he says in the video is true, and that is all that matters. What he says is that the majority of modern women are only interested in a minority of popular guys, while the majority of men have to live lonely. In the west this is true. You just need to keep ur eyes open to realize this. Of course there are exceptions, but this is the general rule
  7. Honestly i couldn't care less about him haha. It is not that i like him in general. I am just trying to explain the sexual behaviour of modern women, and why it is causing inceldom, that is all. I used a video of Peterson as i could have used someone else. The real thing is this 80/20 rule and hypergamy, which i believe is true and can have negative social consequences
  8. And what is the problem? In hookup sites you can also see the real behaviour of people, as in real life. But Peterson also talks about what he sees in campus. Denying reality is not very intelligent
  9. This statistic is what Jordan Peterson (an university professor) says it is happening. I remember in the video he quotes several studies, like one from a hookup site that analyzed how women choose their dates in the site.
  10. Men are not that picky, that is pretty obvious. This is not a personal problem, it is a social and political problem with serious implications
  11. In the first video above Jordan Peterson says a very big truth, with deep sociological and political implications: today the majority of women are only interested in a minority of men, he says 85% of women are only interested in the 15% of men, the most physically attractive. This is the big truth of the XXIst century, a truth denied by the media. I am sure this will cause big problems in the next years, and it is already causing a lot of suffering.