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  1. Women want men for 2 reasons mainly: their tool if it is good or they wallet if it is big
  2. Oh god, Europe, or at least southern Europe is pure hell. Hypergamy at its max, specially among the local women. Foreigners living here are a little different. Our latinas can open their legs more easily lol. It is not uncommon for men here to have sex only with foreigners, despite they being a minority. Local women are extremely picky and demanding. Incels are right about how important looks are for dating, also in Europe. Don't think euro women are different, no fucking way!
  3. Wow, very good work and presentation of something which is too politically incorrect: Sexual racism against asian men, it is really disgusting. It is very difficult to accept. Female hypergamy is something very dangerous for peaceful civilisation.
  4. Unfortunately racism is still a real thing. There are studies showing that asian males are not succesful with white women, while asian women are succesful with white men. The conclusion to this is quite clear.
  5. I choose the values and the ideas that i have. Besides, today a man doesn't choose to live or not with a woman. Don't delude yourself.
  6. Yes, i have had some depressions when younger because of that. I have also been a pua, so nobody can say i haven't tried. I did day game in the middle of the streets of Barcelona! Hahaha. Also at night. Now i identify as an incel bc i can't have free sex with women, but i don't want to fully embrace the mgtow movement. It is probably the best option in this feminazi world, but i strongly believe a man should live with a woman and form a family. A society which doesn't promote this, as ours, is a degeneracy which can not last for long
  7. This blog explain very interesting things, like hypergamy or sexual false conscience. A very good sociological approach to our modern crazy times.
  8. Recommended blog:
  9. Yes, correct, the thing is they are interested only in a minority of men for this. The average man is not enough it seems, they want only the super hot.
  10. Haha good story, but the goal is not to get numbers man!! The goal is TO GET LAID hehehe