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  1. TCM herbs suppliers in EU

    Hello everyone, Like the title suggest, are there any good TCM herbs suppliers in EU that sells online? I need some single herbs Thanks
  2. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    This would be fine enough in size but the resolution is very poor
  3. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    Thanks for your suggestion but I was looking for a high res picture (like was asked in the op)
  4. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    Sorry for resuming this old post but I'm also searching for an high resolution Xiuzhen tu chart and the links above doesnt work anymore. Anyone has working links? Thanks
  5. Taoist classics (free download)

    Please anyone with these file can upload them again? Thanks
  6. Refining ZZ alignments

    Hello everyone! I'll make the story short and say that right now I can't have a good Zhan Zhuang teacher. I'd like to know what are the best detailed sources for good body alignments (video or books)? Right now I'm reading through Mark Choen's inside Zhan zhuang, is there anything better than this? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to buy a Neijing Tu chart (maybe in color), to put on the wall of my study. Can anyone tell me where i can buy good quality ones online?
  8. Body mechanics

    Thanks dwai
  9. Body mechanics

    But doesn't "yong yi ling qi" ?
  10. Body mechanics

    Thanks dwai, can u elaborate more your statement?
  11. Body mechanics

    Thank you VERY much Gerard! A lot of good info there! Do you also have link to videos where are showed very good rooting and high speed leg movments at the same time? Or does one contradict the other? Is my impression that with rooting exercises legs feel heavy, so how can one move with fast legs while being rooted? Thanks again
  12. Body mechanics

    Hello everyone, can someone suggest in depth books or vids with in depth study of body mechanics in martial movments and qigong? Thanks
  13. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    My impressions for this session: A very well balanced set of meditations, body feels filled up with a lot of energy especially in the last two meditations.. Quite fast for my usual peace.. I've left MSW3 and 1 to 6 reps cause bell was ringing.. also I've exceeded the max time to complete 3 reps of Wind Through Treetops In the last two meditations I've not redone the breath sequence between the repetitions, don't know if this is ok Thanks bubbles and Aurélien!
  14. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    pitisukha, Italy
  15. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    MSW+breath control sequence = 10min ?