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  1. TCM herbs suppliers in EU

    Hello everyone, Like the title suggest, are there any good TCM herbs suppliers in EU that sells online? I need some single herbs Thanks
  2. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    This would be fine enough in size but the resolution is very poor
  3. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    Thanks for your suggestion but I was looking for a high res picture (like was asked in the op)
  4. Diagram of Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen Tu)

    Sorry for resuming this old post but I'm also searching for an high resolution Xiuzhen tu chart and the links above doesnt work anymore. Anyone has working links? Thanks
  5. Taoist classics (free download)

    Please anyone with these file can upload them again? Thanks
  6. Refining ZZ alignments

    Hello everyone! I'll make the story short and say that right now I can't have a good Zhan Zhuang teacher. I'd like to know what are the best detailed sources for good body alignments (video or books)? Right now I'm reading through Mark Choen's inside Zhan zhuang, is there anything better than this? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to buy a Neijing Tu chart (maybe in color), to put on the wall of my study. Can anyone tell me where i can buy good quality ones online?
  8. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    What are those meditations (sitted, standing)? I was taught a sitting meditation in a private lesson...
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Being far from bums for a long time... I'm curious, has DVD 6 ever been released? Also if I remember correctly, there was talk of a probable FPCK book? Has it ever been published?
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello everyone, After a long period of tribulations with his illness, my father is finally going to leave his physical body. At present it his under sedation because the pain, caused by the cancer growth, was unbearable. I'd like to ask to sifu Terry and to everyone who wants to answer (I don't know if this question was asked before): Is it safe to practice FP in the same room where he is sleeping? Can practicing FP in this way help him in passing away? I ask this because when he was conscious he talked about some evil visions he had when he was next to death at some point during the long cancer progress
  11. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Kshanti, I feel near to you because I started practicing 3 years ago but never experienced any spectacular effects as other describe. I've also learned from Sifu the long sitted form (50 30 10) not present on the dvd's, via skype. I'm currently practicing daily at least 40 minutes. Usually doing standing+sitting meds Exemples are: - Long standing + long sitting - Moonbeam + MSW1 - Wind through treetops + MSW2 - 18 reps Bending the bow + long sitting - 7reps 1st med DVD7 - Sometimes I do the basics, Monk gazing 10', Bending the bow 10', Holding peach 10', Holding pearl 10' I'm not experiencing any more bliss or other than more usual abiding meditation. I don't even feel any difference between doing using the breath sequence or not. Also for me increasing practicing time usually lead to tension and getting distracted, so I keep my practice time more or less the same. So my only suggestion to you, Kshanti, is don't obsess over results and special effects, one can enjoy the practice by resting in the present moment whatever is happening (blue lights or not) Looking for future events and results can actually block them, and also makes the practice boring and not worth. Maybe I'me bottom of the class, so please Sifu if you have some suggestion for me too Actually any suggestion from more talented classmates are well appreciated!
  12. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Welcome to the forum! Congratulations too!!
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Sifu Terry and all FP practitioners! I've a memory of sometime ago of reading here on the forum of upcoming new DVDs (FP n.6, and TTP?) and maybe an FP book, if I remember well... Are these any news about these?
  14. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    So, if i'm not misunderstanding, your view is of a progression? Something like: "It's not possible to awaken to ones true nature now, one has to reach a certain limit after wich one becomes enlightened"
  15. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Can you elaborate more on this please?