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Dear Dao Bums,

I would like to share some insights about different systems of healing and my own experiences using these.

I will go over four systems of healing I've learnt and practiced:
1) Spring Forest Qigong (Chunyi Lin)
2) Talismanic healing (Zhongxian Wu)
3) Islamic healing / sufi healing,
4) "Energy and Chakra healing" (International Academy of Consciousness, IAC)

1) Spring Forest Qigong (Chunyi Lin)
I really like the systematic, yet simple method of healing in Spring Forest Qigong.

The system is something like this:
1) Preparation
1.1) Prepare the patient
1.2) Prepare yourself
1.3) Detect blockages

2) Healing
2.1) You strengthen the dan tien (open hand)
2.2) You open and circulate the small universe
2.3) You strengthen the dan tien
2.4) You open the blockages (using sword finger mudra)
2.5) You remove the excess/old energy (using an open hand)
2.6) You give healing energy to the places you've unblocked and removed old energy from (using your palm)

3) Closing
3.1) You strengthen the dan tien
3.2) You open and circulate the small universe
3.3) You strengthen the dan tien

Mudras are used during the healing for different purposes. This is because mudras generate a certain energy field. This specific energy field is better for different things.

Furthermore, you also empower or energize food and water for healing. This could be for yourself or for the patient.

I've learnt just one talisman from Chunyi Lin. This talisman is drawn using a specific mudra. Again, it's because the talisman and mudra generate a certain energy.

Lastly, Chunyi Lin is very big on massage, cupping and tapping. These are all physical techniques, everyone can use and understand them immediately.

2) Zhongxian Wu
The healing I've learnt from Zhongxian Wu is very focused on using your body, breath and visualisation.

This is done through posture, breath and visualisation.

Posture is your own physical body, as well as the hand mudra you use.

Breath is using specific breathing methods, especially mantras are the most important.

Visualisation you use your mind to visualise the talismans which connect you to the qi field you need for your healing.

The healing I've learnt from him so far is mostly focused on the specific place that's hurt. You use the talismans (one for each of the five elements) with their mantra and mudra to energize the 3 dan tien and/or the 5 organ systems, or the specific place on the body that's in need of healing.

Furthermore you give mantras to the patients or exercises accompanied by mantras that they can use every day.

Healing water is also used.

3) Islamic / sufi healing
Each surah/verse of the Qu'ran has a specific energy. White, blue, black, yellow, golden, green etc.

These different colors of energy are good for specific purposes. Some can remove black magic and evil spirits, make a protective circle around yourself and/or your family or your home. Some can energize objects. Some can make people respect you more. Some can give you more charisma, some can improve your aura etc.

Some can heal physical diseases, some can help with psychological and emotional issues, and some can help improve relationships etc.

You can heal the body, energy, mind or "life". Life understood as money, career, relationships, attract good luck, have more charisma etc.

You usually have a system as you do the healing, e.g:

1) Salawaat (this is a way of connecting to either the Prophet Muhammad and/or Sufi Masters)
2) Qur'an (with the help of the prophet or saints you use the particular energy from the Qur'an you need)
3) Du'a (you use a prayer for the healing, or you make your personal prayer)
4) Salawaat (you close with salawaat again)

You can then blow on the persons, blow on your hands and touch the persons, blow on water and make them drink it or sprinkle it around the house, energize objects, or blow on your finger and make a circle around yourself or your house.

4) IAC energy and chakra healing
There are 3 fundamental energy techniques taught in the IAC, all with the goal of eventually allowing one to have an out of body experience.

The techniques are:
1) Absorbing energy 
2) Exteriorising energy
3) Circulating energy (called the VELO)

For healing, you would firstly absorb a lot of good energy (e.g. from nature, trees, a river etc).

Then you would exteriorize energy into the patient (usually using your hands).

Geo-energy (from the ground, rocks and stones) they use for the root chakra.

Water energy they use for the second chakra.

Energy from plants and trees are good for relaxing the mind, as well as the heart chakra.

Air energy and fire energy can also be used.

The best self healing would be to head to a place that has the energy one needs (e.g. ocean, forest, river, mountains) and absorb as much energy as possible. Then you would VELO for a prolonged time, to circulate the energy as well as clear blockages. 


I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with each system.

1) Chunyi Lin
I strongly feel that a very particular qi comes to help when using SFQ to heal.

It could be Chunyi Lin's qi, or a "commonly shared" spiritual container of healing energy shared by all SFQ practitioners.

Especially I feel my middle dan tien extremely empowered when doing SFQ healing.

I've also experienced a strong increase in my energetic perception when doing SFQ healing (especially during the healing).

Lastly, the patients I've healed have felt heat, tingling, emotional release, insights about their problem and its cause and especially the taking out of the old/excess energy they feel very strongly.

2) Zhongxian Wu
The talisman healing is very strong. I personally feel very, very powerful qi in my system when using the posture, mantra, mudra and talisman. When using it for healing, the patients have felt heat, tingling, electricity, insights about their problem, visions, vibrations and many other positive things.

Something very interesting is the use of different healing tools. He is a strong advocate for having your own personal acupuncture needle you use for everything, own personal calligraphy brush, mirror, lamp/light, sword etc. The idea is that by using it everday both for your own cultivation and for healing, the objects themselves slowly get energized more and more. This makes them more powerful over time. Furthermore! You can also send energy using your feet instead of your hands. Feet are more powerful than hands, therefore their healing energy is stronger. 

3) Islamic / sufi healing
For some reason, I feel this healing is exceptionally strong when it comes to emotions and state of mind. When I've used it on myself or my house, or made others drink blessed water, I've noticed exceptional increase in joy, peace, hope for the future, calm trust in God's plan and the patient gets extremely enthusiastic and energetic.

Furthermore, when doing a lot of salawaat, qur'an, du'a and salawaat, people become more friendly, respectful and attracted to you during your everyday life. 

For depression or other emotional states, this is the strongest I've seen. Especially salawaat.

4) IAC
For me personally, going out into nature every single day for 15-60 minutes to absorb and VELO energies was extremely powerful.

Once when I was starting to catch a cold, just after I had returned from a seminar (where I learnt the VELO), I did the VELO for 15 minutes straight. It cured my cold!

For healing I've done it very little. However, what I experienced was that people could feel the energy going into their body. Furthermore, depending on whether it was geo-energy, phyto-energy or water energy, they could sense how the different energies were different. I.e. phyto-energy felt more peaceful and alive, geo-energy felt more solid, water energy felt more fluid.

I've seen all these kinds of healing work to a very large extent. However, I haven't experienced miracle-healings. By miracle healings, I mean like Jesus healed people, or some of the stories you hear from Chunyi Lin or Zhongxian Wu, about how people recovered from tumors, cancer etc.

In my experience, it simply improves and energizes people, as well as accelerate their healing process.

If someone would take 7 days to recover from a very bad flu, with healing it would take just 1-2 days instead.

So, because of this, even though people feel energy etc. during the healing, they're not "blown away". Because they usually expect "Jesus-like-healing", with someone laying hands on them, and then everything is immediately healed in one go. However, they can usually tell that the healing has a positive effect and improves their energy. 

All use the body, the breath (including mantras) as well as the mind (visualisation) to heal.

Furthermore they use prayer and also healing water.

Almost all use mantras and mudras. Even in islamic healing you make the prayers with your hand open (this is also a mudra).

What I've noticed in many of the healing workshops I've gone to is that healing is more trouble than healing.

This is not to scare people, but simply to make people conscious of it.

People simply send their own personal energy into each other, and thereby just mix energies. If the other person has great and pure energy, this is awesome. But mostly, people have their own issues,which also get transmitted with the healing.

So, when people at a workshop simply mix their energies with each other, the result is not necessarily good. It's just a mess.

Furthermore, with people putting 100% faith in the healer to miraculously cure their issues (which they themselves have caused with bad diet, lifestyle etc), they don't take responsibility for their own life. Therefore the issues (even if truly healed) will simply come back after a number of weeks, months or years (depending on the healing power they got).

In my mind the best is always to educate people to take better care of themselves. Diet, lifestyle, good habits, daily qigong and meditation etc. Then, if they of their own free will continue these things, then healing becomes much more valuable. Because then it simply boosts and empowers these people in their own personal healing journey.

But I'm still making up my mind about healing. For the past 3 years I've been very sceptical about it (like you can see above). However, recently I'm giving it a go again, to see how it goes. And with the patients being very happy with it, I'm rethinking my attitude. Is it good, is it bad, is it more trouble than healing, or is it to be viewed simply as a boost?

I'm experimenting back and forth, and then based on my experiences and observations I'm changing my position :)

Be blessed!

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Posted (edited)

I just realized I forgot to share the healing I've learnt from my sexual qigong teacher!

I'll share in two parts: 1) general introduction, 2) personal experiences

1) General introduction

There are several levels of healing: physical, energetic and spiritual.

The physical is done through massage. This can be an actual massage (which focuses on certain key meridians on the arms, legs and back, and a special deep massage of the abdomen (and the buttocks too)).

However, there is of course also sensual/sexual touching. By touching specific acupoints and meridians, you can help along healing, as well as of course arousal and orgasm.

The licking, kissing and penetration is also very healing when done with "feeling". When you do anything with feeling, it means you're mindfully aware (almost meditating) on the sensations experienced when touching, licking, kissing and penetrating. This infuses your touch with qi. At higher levels, it also infuses your touch with "spirit".

Energetic healing can be done through the eyes, breathing and of course touch (kissing, licking, penetrating, massaging, fingering etc).

Spiritual healing is done through the mind. By combining the physical, energetic and mind together, the healing becomes much more powerful (especially if you have the intention to heal).

Certain types of foreplay, positions and orgasms can help heal different things too.

There are reflexological zones on the penis as well as in the vagina. Furthermore, there are different points inside different places in the vagina (different from the western model of clitoris, G spot, uterus etc). There are many more different points.

Using these mindfully and purposefully during the act is also very healing.

I think sexual qigong is probably the most enjoyable and fun type of qigong, cultivation and healing one can do ;)

2) My personal experiences:
I've managed to self-heal many things using sexual qigong. Tiredness, fatigue, bad moods, about to catch a cold, low energy levels and stress.

What I've noticed (which I found quite surprising) is that when you start to experience "feeling" during your lovemaking, it can be more powerful than you think.

I have been very surprised during sexual encounters with girls who were not at all sexual, and who complained about their lack of sexual desire, ability to "let go", ability to experience orgasm etc.

first experience
One girl had been in a more than 10 year relationship (her ex), without EVER getting orgasms. Only by herself with a vibrator could she reach climax.

Using mindful touching and licking, in our 3rd encounter she started orgasming. She was blown away it was even possible, because now it had been about 16 years of only being able to orgasm with a vibrator. She had conditioned herself psychologically that she could only let go in that particular situation: alone at home with her vibrator.

After that, she could orgasm in 5-10 minutes of foreplay, touching and licking.

I don't know if she noticed it, but I noticed that after that "break-through" her personality started changing. She become more friendly and relaxed, more patient and loving with her family members as well as at work. Over about 2-3 months, she was a completely different person!

That's when I realized the importance of a normal, healthy, sexual life. Due to her culture and family being very repressive, she had simply never developed a normal psychology around sex. 

No wonder Freud, Jung and Reich talked so much about the importance of sexuality!

second experience
Another experience is with a girl who didn't lose her virginity until the late 20s, once again due to repressive family, culture and religion. She knew about orgasms and had experienced a few with her first boyfriend and a rebound. However, after a few months, she remarked "I thought I knew about orgasms... But now I realize I didn't! There are so many different types and variations, and they can last much longer!". This was also simply by being together for a few months, and using the power of feeling.

third experience
At this point, I felt good about the techniques I had learnt and practiced, but still felt like it was mostly down to the "psychology" of the girl. If she is repressed or not, if she has regular orgasms on her own or not, and of course if she's able to let go.

However, I had one encounter with a younger girl (early twenties) who was a strict Christian. She had had a boyfriend and also spend the night with a couple of other people from her town, but nothing out of the ordinary. She said that foreplay was very important to her, as well as being in a long term relationship with someone who was also a Christian. This was in order to let go, feel safe, and relax enough to get off.

She orgasmed in about 2 minutes on our first encounter, with me only using mindful touching. We we're both in shock! She "died" for about 2-5 minutes where I just held her lovingly. After, I myself was wondering what happened. Why was it so fast, easy and powerful? I don't know if she was naturally orgasmic and had just given me "the talk" to make me put forward more effort, if she was really into me, if she really needed it, if my feeling had gone to a higher level, or maybe a combination. But she was very happy and harmonious after, compared to before where she was a tiny bit manipulating.

Fourth experience
I was with a very sensual and sexual women a few years older than me. She was tanned, had a few tatoos and big fake boobs. I don't know why, but I expected her to be very hard to satisfy. I thought that with all the things she had done to make herself more attractive, she probably had some psychological issues or something (please forgive me, I know that was a very prejudiced position!).

However, she orgasmed 3 times in about 20 minutes on our first encounter! After, she couldn't stop talking to me happily for several hours, offering to cook me food etc. Maybe I was a bad judge of character at that point, but she actually seemed like a very stand-up, normal, loving, feminine woman! I thought with all the tatoos etc. she would be hardcore, a bit bitchy, continue to play hard-to-get etc. However, she completely let her guard down and we just enjoyed our time together.

I feel like I have only learnt very few basics of lovemaking so far, but I just wanted to share a few stories about how lovemaking can be healing on all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and even spiritual.

I know I'm very happy for what I've learnt, even though I didn't enjoy the proces of going through the initial training. I'm learning and practicing on my own now, but looking for a new teacher I'm more on wave-length with (compared to the old one).

There's nothing more beautiful than holding a woman that's completely sexually satisfied in your arms. The shine and light coming from their eyes, the warmth and satisfaction from their bodies, and the love, tenderness and surrender from their hearts.

Be blessed!

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Hi , NuralShamal Can you share something which might work on opening the heart chakra. Something from sufism or sfq. I have had a lot of emotional trauma and heart breaks, plus magic issues. I can't feel any love or emotion. It's like it's all up to my brain . Making decisions with logic instead of heart. Recently I have been listening to a subliminal which is related to the heart and realized that my heart wasn't working like before. Like when a person loses some materialistic thing he can compare the before and after. Like before I had this thing and now I don't. But with emotional stuff , people forget , how they were before and how they are now.

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