The locked thread by incompetent MOD

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30 minutes ago, Limahong said:

Can you please define trolls and spammers so that I can understand you better?


Posting meaningless crap and one-sentence quotes or messages over and over again. You are a spammer and a troll, and if you don't do it on purpose, you need to see a doctor.




38 minutes ago, cheya said:

Song, what I find amusing is that you appear to think that threatening to leave the board is going to make the mods jump to meet your demands... 


1. I am not alone

2. It is not a threat it is a fact, none of the people who have a proper education will bear with all that shit you allow to happen on this board


The moderation team is here to protect the healthy atmosphere on the board, and not to endlessly discuss reports. In fact, you should have reacted before you started getting reports on this guy, as you are also reading this forum and are active members.

It is not a problem whenever he is getting banned or not in the end, it is an issue of how long it takes to carry off a protective action. If a spammer is free to walk for days and weeks it is already too late to curb the damage he has done to the forum and discussions.


It is not that you are losing on a huge amount of members here, but it is that you are forcing a negative selection, where adequate and smart people leave this place, and the guy who gets screwed with cannabis and drugs, comes into to discuss Pleiadian origins of their true nature.


Because TDB is the perfect place for such people to express themselves.

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53 minutes ago, dawei said:

Please take a nap

excellent suggestion.

I will take one too. 

g'nite all, may we wake up refreshed and mellower.

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Dear everyone, particularly SongShuhang,


The purpose of TheDaoBums is discussions along the way - that is about our various spiritual paths and mostly how we can help each other to progress, share ideas and generally and so on.  The Mod team will take action to safeguard that environment from time to time - when and how it choses in line with a few general rules.  If you are not happy with something you can report it.  If however the Mod team don't take the exact action you would like to see, at the time you would like to see it, that's just tough.  So while the Mod team may post occasionally explaining what action has been taken for the purpose of clarity it is not an invitation for endless debate over whatever is happening.


Don't do it.  It will be locked.  And if you persist you will be banned.


Have a very nice day.

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