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  1. Evidnece for the super natural

    You are probably incapable of learning anything if it took you over 11 years and you are still in search. Life ain't that long.
  2. Evidnece for the super natural

    Nobody can embarrass himself as you do on forums.
  3. Blue aura people

    These are not auras (as I said before auras don't exist), its called Kirlian photography and It has been debunked many many years ago. The picture will dramatically depend onto how hard you press your finger, and how much moisture is on it. It seems like you cannot use google and you cannot read. Yet, you seek enlightenment, insane.
  4. Lishi

    Sound authentic enough
  5. Evidnece for the super natural

    It is clear he has wasted a decade with no results if he keeps going on the internet asking for evidence of something supernatural.
  6. Evidnece for the super natural

    There is in circles of people with superpowers. you seem to be bad about reading emotions, cause I don't have any
  7. Evidnece for the super natural

    I am sorry to bring this up but you won't be up alive in 100 years, so how is it going to be fine with you.
  8. Evidnece for the super natural

    You are literally asking to be spoonfed in this thread. Evidence of some math theory took 300 years and 400 pages of work by some genius to develop, now you might spend your whole life learning and studying maths and reading that "explanation" and you will never grasp it. There are probably not so many people who can truly understand it even after the "evidence" was provided. Yet you come on forums and ask for evidence for something quite as complex as supernatural abilities? Does it make any sense?
  9. Evidnece for the super natural

    we are not talking about the human race, we are talking about YOU how long it will take you to learn the actual knowledge of physics and maths?
  10. Evidnece for the super natural

    I am not blindly believing anything, I have developed siddhi myself, and while there are powers I don't have, people in tradition whom I can trust have got many of those, it depends by hierarchy and to meet someone with high skill and ability, you might need to train first its like you don't meet university professors or top science minds while you are sitting in kindergarten
  11. Evidnece for the super natural

    so what if it would take 10 years to find evidence, would you go for it? you sound like someone who does not want to spend any effort and looks for ready answers
  12. Blue aura people

    you are colour auras and indigo kids is a new age made-up scam, it has no ground what so ever, nor does any of it exist in the real world.
  13. Inequality

    So it's like body-positive movement when people realize unfairness and inequality that is out there, but instead of actually working on themselves, they deny the reality and protest for their rights to change nothing and feel good about it.
  14. Blue aura people

    Aura Color is a myth. There is no evidence and no actual practitioners that ever confirmed this. Aura "colours" Don't exist, nor do they affect anything, you are chasing illusions.
  15. Evidnece for the super natural

    Why would anyone bother searching evidence for supernatural, like how is this beneficial to you?