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  1. John Chang - Jesus

    Ethics are a must for any practitioner out there, but 10 commandments? Is an oversimplified thing, there were originally 50+ of them. You can find more if you study any old religions that were before Christianity. As for whenever Jesus even existed as a human being it is a question. As history tends to be rewritten and myths are created even right now about recent past with the internet, cameras and all kind of information stuff. Can't even imagine people who believe in stories of 2000+ years old. You cant even trust things said 80 years ago.
  2. Qi and Viruses

    So viruses are non-living lifeforms, they only activate once they reach certain conditions, i.e. appear inside the host / a living body and they use the living body cells to reproduce and mutate, and go through evolution. Science knows of thousands of viruses, but supposedly there could be millions of different viruses out there. Quite a lot of those viruses can easily kill a human or an animal and there is nothing that can be done in most cases despite all the technological advancement of the human civilization. Did anyone conduct any research on the nature of the virus? I am not talking about Covid-19 here, I am talking in a much broader spectrum of the issue. Can Qi affect viruses? How would that work? Any examples or sound theories?
  3. How do you know you are 100% happy, and not 100% lying to yourself. Ageing, sickness, disease, pain, weakness, loss of relatives.
  4. Jing going still? Help

    As I practice qigong and meditation everyday last weeks, I have noticed that I am not that horny or easily aroused anymore. It is like I got into some parallel universe and have no more afflictions or attachments, or even base desires. Needless to say I do not have internal dialogue as a consequence of latest qigong practice. I have entered some deep state absorption during several hours of Zhan Zhuang practice, and I wonder if those changes are non-reversible now. Who had similar issues, how did you deal with this tribulation? Also, it does feel like matrix, when you lose interest in things that were of a big value...
  5. Anyone use online dating apps?

    Quarantine is a good time to use dating apps. As you essentially skip the part of cafe, cinema, and restaurant, and invite girl straight to your house to drink some tea and talk. As for best ways to pick up a girl, I found out that it is best to call / talk on voice, within 1-2 days from first message, and invite for a meeting within a week. Otherwise it is just a lost or meaningless contact.
  6. Daoist way to leave porn addiction?

    Sometimes I do watch porn, but I do not have any addiction to it. All in balance and I think if you try so hard to fight an addiction by not doing something, you are actually creating and fuelling an addiction. Fighting evil = generates more evil. It can go to extremes quite literally. So people who do fasting and avoid all food, have tremendous cravings to food. That normal people who just eat in moderation simply dont face those issues. In many cases I could watch porn but I just don't have desire or interest in it, when I could go watch some lectures on biochemistry and physics, that are more interesting. And in addition to this, relations with living girl are much more interesting and fullfilling than relations with an image on screen.
  7. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    Starting Qigong practice, would like to have personal area.
  8. Beginner Qigong practice

    I am also new to Qigong and I have been advised by senior members to study from Damo Mitchell. I have started learning his online course now, and it is very good, indeed.
  9. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    bye bye BSmaster
  10. Hello

    Understood. I am not an expert here, I am a beginner in qigong arts and was recommended Damo Mitchell's course to start with. If it is a dangerous practice, then, by all means, everyone including those on welcome threads, should be advised and warned about it.
  11. Hello

    Does anyone disagree with this statement or thinks its wrong? Do you think you should banish people for different views and practices to your own? Or we should all follow the universal law and basis of equality and equanimity? Enforced by strict but fair admin policy?
  12. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    Judging book by the cover, I read 3-4 posts and if I see arrogance, insults, ego and lack of virtue, I am not reading more of this! Be more gentle on people, not everyone can go through hundreds of your posts consisting of endless insults, same goes for several other members here.
  13. Hello

    So because someone is tired on dead end arguments, you must all group up, gang upon a newcomer like myself, @chino Beat him up in his welcome thread and scare to death with threats?
  14. Hello

    So treating people like shit because of skin color is bad. But treating people like garbage for mentioning some name or for mentioning some school is fine? That is what you want to say? @Cleansox I do think when @sean talked about racism and fascism on the forum, and how we should not allow it, he did not only mean skin and nationality, but a more wide meaning. I believe this place should be accomodating to various people, with various views, practices and beliefs. As long as they dont break the rules. Trolls, spammers, and evil people should be banned or punished - by fact, not by prejudice.
  15. Hello

    I think presuming guilty before proven guilty is straight wrong. This is no different than racism.. You are racist to anyone who follows John Chang? Why project negativity on everyone who comes and mentions this name? As wise man say, deal with issues when they arrive.. John Chang might have influenced millions people but not everyone becomes malicious or breaks the rules of the forum. Being mean and evil to everyone who mentions him in the first post, is racist nonetheless.