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  1. What now?

    It is very common to gain an energy blockage in first days of practicing some random stuff found over internet or even incorrect teachings given online by some teachers or in books. Those cases range from mild to severe, but most people don't realize that any internal practice carries risks and dangers that multiply progressively when you just do it on a whim on your own from random book or page on the internet.
  2. Are there evil master?

    I will ignore you too, you add nothing valuable to the post, and this is clearly a troll jerking competition you are doing right now
  3. Are there evil master?

    Where did you get this bs from?
  4. Are there evil master?

    Never did I quote you, nor do I have any interest quoting anything you ever said. Nor do I have any interest engaging into any discussions with you. You can be 100% I don't read any of your posts as I don't believe they are worthy a second of my time.
  5. Are there evil master?

    If you had a powerful body with 100k more energy and base temperature of tens thousands degrees you would be able to swim in magma
  6. Are there evil master?

    There is no duality in hot and cold, your perception of temperature is flawed, all it is, is the speed of movement of molecules. if you slow them down you can freeze space, if there is a lot of energy, movement gets faster, hence you feel heat. But human sensations are based off human body temperature. Faster than inside body is warm or hot, slower is chill or cold. That said it is quite possible to live on the surface of sun, if your body is not fixed on 36.6 degree
  7. Is speed reading possible?

    Yep, and as any other skill it takes years of dedicated training. When I started training I was like 11 year old, started from around 300-400 words per minute, and got to 4000 words per minute. You read faster as you are able to see and comprehend multiple rows of text at the same time. It has certain drawbacks. Speedreading is done with goal in mind, it is for browsing through books to find certain information, if you don't have a goal in mind for reading, it won't work. Much of the technique is based on filtering the non valuable information and "water" out, and capture the most critical content. You cannot speedread a physics or chemistry textbook. If you find a good novel or good story to read chances are you will want to extend the pleasure, not to rush it. It's like speed eating, some people can eat a huge meal in 15 seconds, but what is the point? You would still prefer to eat it slowly and chew your food well. For me sometimes, its hard to tell if I have read the book, or actually went to the cinema.
  8. Are there evil master?

    Human is an animal. Edit. I do believe we have a potential to evolve from being an animal, like a caterpillar into butterfly, into some different species, mb without any physical body, or with different fundamentals. But that is something I have not seen or experienced personally.
  9. Are there evil master?

    Ego.. could be defined as evil at certain extent. But if someone eats you alive and its a wild beast is it evil? Probably not, thats just laws of nature, thats how the world works. Most "evil people" I have seen were sad beings with broken energy fields and possessed by larvaes from the lower world, they just had no control over their actions in life and were obsessed with harming and torturing other living things, because larvae's would feed on those toxic energies of pain, suffering, and fear. Lack of control over oneself might be evil? But then pretty much everyone has evil inside them despite how much you believe you are nice guys all around.
  10. Are there evil master?

    Its very common with sexual addictions and money corruptions. People believe they are saint, well reserved, without flaws. Just because they never truly had any real sexual energy boiling inside or because they simply don't interact with large rivers of money. When someone works for 1000$ a month his whole life to barely be able to cover basic expenses, and suddenly gets an offer to become a famous, significant figure in the society and get 5-10-20$ millions dollars, just for supporting and voicing for a certain "political views" or closing eyes "on certain crimes", quite a majority would take that offer. Even if they spend criticizing such people day and night. But its all there for a reason and is all a very good test and hot ironing of the spirit. If spirit gets trapped in insignificant sensations its hard to reach a higher mountain and have a bigger view on the world itself.
  11. Are there evil master?

    Evil is very subjective. Is it evil when you eat chicken? Did you ask chicken what she/he thinks of you eating its body? What if someone eats you? Is it evil? Do you think with are completely different beings while having such body structure as animals, bones, blood, kidneys, heart and so on. In the conditional reality of your mind made by societial delusions, probably every single high level master will be an embodiment of Evil, as they break laws of the universe and bend the world to their will. Is car evil when it rides somewhere, and kills insects under its wheel?
  12. Posting meaningless crap and one-sentence quotes or messages over and over again. You are a spammer and a troll, and if you don't do it on purpose, you need to see a doctor. 1. I am not alone 2. It is not a threat it is a fact, none of the people who have a proper education will bear with all that shit you allow to happen on this board The moderation team is here to protect the healthy atmosphere on the board, and not to endlessly discuss reports. In fact, you should have reacted before you started getting reports on this guy, as you are also reading this forum and are active members. It is not a problem whenever he is getting banned or not in the end, it is an issue of how long it takes to carry off a protective action. If a spammer is free to walk for days and weeks it is already too late to curb the damage he has done to the forum and discussions. It is not that you are losing on a huge amount of members here, but it is that you are forcing a negative selection, where adequate and smart people leave this place, and the guy who gets screwed with cannabis and drugs, comes into to discuss Pleiadian origins of their true nature. Because TDB is the perfect place for such people to express themselves.
  13. What is the purpose of spamming shit on the forum?
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    You are a moderator right now, so please, open your eyes. The thread must be attracting it.