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  1. The perfect diet

    Chee Soo , (A Uk Taoist Master) taught ‘Ch’ang Ming’ , Taoist dietary therapy. He also wrote a book about it ; The Tao Of Long Life : The Art Of Ch’ang Ming..... There’s some information on Wikipedia.'ang_Ming
  2. Lishi

    I’m not sure. There’s quite a lot of his students on YouTube .
  3. Lishi

    Really good news for the Lishi Taoist Arts;
  4. Hello

    Hi , I started of doing Karate for a few years and then I met a teacher who told me I should study an Internal art. I didn't really know what that was but found a school close to where I lived . I have been a student now for a few years and am really enjoying the teaching and the training .looking forward to learning lots from people on this site .