Greatest Daoist masters?

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No not ironic sarcasm. It takes integrity to say oops. 

Its hard to even count so high as the number of spats which could be so easily avoided by just something so minor as that, or simply by agreeing that an opposing argument had its merits recognized. The tendency is to dig in ones heels and upon pain of death never to admit that new data or perspective had weight. 

Ive made errors , and will periodically continue to , not to admit them is a lie if they are shown to me to be so. But it really has to be solidly shown to be factually so. 

Its the nature of scientific enquiry to really establish fact as fact, and it requires the honesty that says oops ya got me there, or, look, I wasnt planning on making a big deal out of this ,it was just a casual assertion.

Its just a mature attitude nice to see.

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