Eddie Oshins proved me correct: Noncommutative phase secret of Qi Taoist Neigong training

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So Eddie Oshins states in his "Test Case of PsychoSpinors" paper that the "Double Covering of Palms" move in Ba Gua or Pa Kua Chang and also Pencak Silat is the same as the 720 degree noncommutative quantum spin.

 So Oshins says this creates a continuous self-referential impenetrable yet dichotomous or dichotomic quantum spinor realization.




I posted my research on this forum for 10 years.


I got dismissed by many as not believable - either for my personal reports of energy experiences - or for my actual analysis of the qi training.


I was arguing from music theory - a logic that got suppressed in the West - and discovered this is actually what's called "noncommutative phase."


In 2015 - I had posted this as "conspirachi" - that the 720 quantum spin is the secret of the Tai Chi movements.


Turns out that a quantum physicist had made this same discovery.


As I detail in that above blog link - Eddie Oshins did not even had a Ph.D. yet he got funded year after year at Stanford.


Why? Because Oshins was an "academics' academic."


He did original research that was not "pop" New Age analysis - and that is why he remained unknown - as he didn't have the "authoritative" credentials of a "Dr." or Ph.D. - and yet his analysis was too sophisticated to be rendered into a commodity fetish as superficial product for the masses.


So here's the detail - as I give all the images - and science citations in my free pdf on the alchemy training - https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/04/10/idiot-s-guide-to-taoist-alchemy/


1) For example - as I realized - the secret of the SFQ "Moving of yin and yang" exercise is that (for males) - the left hand is yang and the lower body yin, while the right hand is yin and the upper body yang.


So you hold your hands like that - to jump start the battery of the body as complementary opposites.


2) Another secret is this:


The right brain vagus nerve sublimates the lower body neurohormones into neurotransmitters - but the left side vagus nerve does not connect over to the right brain. So the right side vagus nerve connects over the left brain yet the left side vagus nerve goes down to the heart.


This is why the corporate "mindfulness meditation" craze is just about inhibiting thoughts with the left brain and so it is very limited - compared to tai chi standing or full lotus meditation to sublimate the right side vagus nerve energy.


So that is another example of noncommutative phase.


3) A third example is the right side vagus nerve to the heart is the secret "pinhole" to the Yuan Qi formless awareness of the Universe - this was exposed by Ramana Maharshi and then corroborated in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book. In science - it's the reptilian unmyelinated vagus nerve as the deep "freeze" reaction - and yes it can cause death if the right side vagus nerve is over-reacted.


So on the other hand - Ramana Maharshi for example reports his heart stopping and then a strong shock from the right side of his heart - after 15 minutes of formless awareness bliss - this strong shock from the right side then went to the left side bringing back his spiritual ego.


So with proper meditation - or the shen as light turned around - it enables a self guiding of consciousness as the Universal consciousness into the Emptiness of the Yuan Qi - that is beyond personal awareness.


The deeper you can build up the qi to surround the spirit then you can leave the body - out of the brain - or you can go past physical death.


O.K. all human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals but only in the West was this switched from noncommutative phase to symmetric math and so the secret of shamanic alchemy training was lost in the West.


Alain Connes, a top mathematician confirms that (2, 3, infinity as music theory) is the secret of real empirically true time-frequency resonance as a "universal scaling system" that is noncommutative and quantum - he calls this quantum music of the spheres.


But Connes, despite knowing this secret of music theory, is biased towards Western music - he plays Chopin at the piano and promotes orchestration. I've done the Western music training - so I'm not impressed. Connes on the other hand does not understand the secret of nonwestern music as infinite time-frequency resonance energy training.


This goes back to the original human culture - it was based on this concept of complementary opposites - as noncommutative phase.


So in music theory this means that 2/3 is the Perfect Fifth as yin or C to F, but it gets "doubled' back into the same octave as 4/3 C to F, the Perfect Fourth. The real truth is that 2/3 is C to F as Perfect Fifth while 3/2 is C to G as Perfect Fifth - as noncommutative phase - in two places, at the same time - as nonlocal Yuan Qi energy from unified yin-yang resonance (of shen below the jing).


So in the West this truth was covered up - the truth that F=3=G at the same time. That violates Western logic except it was rediscovered as noncommutative phase. Math professor Luigi Borzacchini had his music origins of Western math research published in 2007 - and states the creation of irrational magnitude as incommensurability as the Greek Miracle continuum is a concealment of nonwestern music theory - he states this cover-up is "really astonishing" and "shocking."


This explains why qi energy can not be analyzed by Western science - because human hearing is nonlocal and therefore proven to be 10 times faster than Fourier Uncertainty of time-frequency operators. In Western science the noncommutative phase that is nonlocal when time is zero has to be converted to symmetric math as amplitude intensity of energy - through probabilities.


So as long as external measurements are made relying on "boundaries" as phase - then the secret is lost whereas internal listening relies on stereophonic phase between the right and left ear that is the inverse of ultrasound - as microsound perception that is quantum nonlocal synchronized.


So it's now proven - and I corresponded with the scientist who proved this in his lab in Japan - that ultrasound resonates the microtubules of the brain neurons as quantum consciousness. It's proven that the highest pitch you hear externally resonates the brain internally as ultrasound.


So the 4th example I give you to is this:


The left ear is yuan qi while the left eye is yuan shen. Why?


Because left ear listening is then right brain dominant and the auditory cortex, just as in birds, for humans the auditory cortex is very close to the motor cortex, thereby activating the right side vagus nerve via the inner ear.


So this is why logical inference is the highest level of meditation - as internal listening. No one can see the Emptiness but the emptiness can be listened to - as it is the right side vagus nerve that then goes beyond the heart - beyond death - to the formless awareness, emanating out of the heart as the spontaneous OHM sound.


In Indian philosophy - the oldest philosophy is the "three gunas" that, just as with the Tai Chi - are also based on the 1-4-5 music intervals. I give the details in the pdf I posted.


So music theory unifies the shamanic meditation training of India, of China and Africa - and reveals the secrets - from noncommutative phase that is nonlocal.


I made this claim on my own. No one believed me - except a handful of readers.


I kept digging on  my own. I then discovered Eddie Oshins. He did not take the math back to music theory but he did realize the noncommutative phase secret as also the secret of the Neigong alchemy training.


So just like me - does anyone know of Eddie Oshins? Nope! Except again some top academics.


I corresponded with one of them - Louis Kauffman who is a math professor at Illinois. Kauffman did the noncommutative phase hand movements with Oshins - images posted on my blog link.


The problem again is the Western bias toward symmetric math - this is a very deep bias going back to Plato and Archytas.


But quantum physics is the new foundation of science, ever since de Broglie challenged Einstein's relativity - with the Law of Phase Harmony.


But now we face a grim ecological crisis - that the masses are also in denial about. http://guymcpherson.net has the details.


The Arctic will be ice-free probably this fall - for the first time in near 3 million years. People think - oh well - no in fact it means collapse of agriculture at scale in a couple years - because of the 50 gigatons of methane that will burst out of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf.


People think that symmetric based math technology will save us.


People state - but technology is advancing exponentially. Yes but with that comes exponential growth in population and exponential growth in energy use - and it's all symmetric based math from the wrong music theory going back to Plato and Archytas.


People want to study Taoism but also want to embrace Platonic philosophy while in denial of this fundamental mathematical truth.


As I am now pointing out - Eddie Oshins corroborated my discovery - he realized that the secret of Neigong training is also from noncommutative phase that was rediscovered as the foundation of quantum physics nonlocal entanglement.


The problem is that this noncommutative phase goes against the whole history and implications of Western science - and this is also the solution of why we have a deep social and ecological crisis on Earth - and also why paranormal powers like qi or prana have not be analyzed or proven by Western science.


Macroquantum noncommutative phase is the secret of the neigong training (this is what I said and then I discovered Eddie Oshins said the same thing!!!!)


- and it relies on complementary opposites - and this was the core of the original human culture from before 10,000 BCE going back to at least 70,000 BCE. So we have ignored and denied the original human culture - which did not have homosexuality nor did not even know that homosexuality existed - because of this secret of complementary opposites energy training.


We have gone against the lunar energy training - that got repressed with the rise of Solar-based geometry with plow-based wheat monocultural farming starting around 10,000 BCE. God etymologically means Bull - just as Brahman means Bull - and all the God talk ignores the etymology of the word! haha.


So we have less then 10 years left as a species that has created the fastest extinction of life on Earth - why? Because life on Earth is governed by the lunar pineal gland resonance - that goes to the water resonance of the microtubules of even primitive single-celled life.


Eddie Oshins discovered a great secret - but he struggled to realize the significance of his discovery.


I am glad that my own research got corroborated. The ontological truth is real and universal - Gurdjieff also made this discovery but he could not break through the Western mass mind control of symmetric math. So instead Gurdjieffians promote his "divide and average" harmonics, etc. without understanding his real secret. There's tons of music meditation videos and channels on youtube - and "Zen" music, etc. and yet they don't understand this secret. Solfeggio - nope. 432 Hertz? Nope. All of the "vibes" New Age claims about music are wrong.


a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. - Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!
Our brain is an incredible ....the receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012
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Contrary to the claims of Jan Irvin on the Trivium: The true meaning of Logos is Pythagorean alchemy

From my master's thesis, Epicenters of Justice:
“The first four divine number ratios (1, 1:2, 2:3, 3:4), equivalent to the vital energy of Taoist qi gong, are considered the “seed of fire,” the “creative essence,” and “logos,” by Pythagoreans.”

citing Grandy, David. 1993. The Musical Roots of Western Mathematics. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies V (1/2): 3-24.

Jan Irvin incorrectly cited Freemason Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogma: page 861 [does not] proclaims the Royal Secret of the Sublime Prince is found in the understanding of the Pythagorean 5-4-3 right-angled triangle. Jan Irvin states:
Another curious artifact is found as the conclusion to Albert Pike’s magnum opus, Morals and Dogma, where on page 861 he proclaims that the Royal Secret of the Sublime Prince is found in the understanding of the Pythagorean 5-3-4 right-angle triangle: The 5 representing the 5 senses, the 3 representing the Trivium (Grammar Logic Rhetoric), and the 4 representing the Quadrivium (Mathematics, Geometry, Music, Astronomy). It is in observing with our 5-senses,that we process this input using the Trivium, and quantify our reality using number in its many forms via the Quadrivium, as a measure of understanding.
The book is 861 pages long and that supposed proclamation does not exist. “The number 5 designated the universal quintessence, and Symbolized, by its form the vital essence, the animating spirit which flows [serpentat] through all nature.” p. 377 Morals and Dogma. I can’t find any mention of the number 5 as the five senses nor the 5:3:4 correlated with the Trivium and Quadrivium.

Jan gave me this quote as a response:
“In his lectures, Pythagoras taught the mathematics, as a medium whereby to prove the existence of God from observation and by means of reason; grammar, rhetoric, and logic, to cultivate and improve that reason, arithmetic, because he conceived that the ultimate benefit of man consisted in the science of numbers, and geometry, music, and astronomy, because he conceived that man is indebted to them for a knowledge of what is really good and useful. He taught the true method of obtaining a knowledge of the Divine laws of purifying the soul from its imperfections, of searching for truth, and of practicing virtue; thus imitating the perfections of God. ....”p. 243
But that quote does not refer to the Pythagorean triangle and it's not on page 861. Instead it's in a different, revised edition of fewer pages, 574. That same revised edition does give a reference to the Pythagorean triangle near the end of the Albert Pike book which states:
The base, measured by the number 3, represents the Diety and the Divine; the perpendicular measured by the number 4 represents the Earth, the Material, and the Human; the hypothenuse, measured by 5, represents that nature which is produced by the union of the Divine and Human, the Soul and the body;" p. 573 and then p. 574 the final page of that edition states:

As in each Triangle of Perfection....such is the true Royal Secret....
But again Albert Pike no where says that 5 is the 5 senses, etc. So Jan Irvin has incorrectly referenced Albert Pike. But Jan does get a reference to the 5-4-3 triangle with the royal secret as the final page of that edition! So that must be his original source - only misrepresented by Jan Irvin.

O.K. so my point is that actually the secret esoteric meaning of that is from music theory with the meaning of the Logos as the Tetrad or Tetraktys (τετρακτύς) 1:2:3:4 and it was extended by Archytas to 1:2:3:4:5. This was a lie spread by Plato and then spread through Europe by John Scotus Erigena and later by Marsilio Ficino and then the Freemasons.

As math professor Luigi Borzacchini states:
We can suppose that the Quadrivium in its earlier Pythagorean version did not know any discrete/continuous opposition.

Secret music source of Greek Miracle Western symmetric math

However, he [Archytas] noted that the product of the arithmetic mean and the harmonic mean is equal to the square of the geometric mean, so this gave a way of dividing the fifth of 3:2 into the product of 5:4 and 6:5.
A Truman State University review on Scriba, Christoph J. "Mathematics and music." (Danish) Normat 38 (1990), no. 1, 3--17, 52.

Geometric mean = alogon as irrational number.

9/8 cubed = square root of two = Devil's Interval tritone

5/4 = cube root of two

3/2 squared = 9/4 halved into octave as 9/8.

3/2 x 4/3 = 2 (geometric mean squared).

Math professor Luigi Borzacchini called this cover-up by Plato and Archytas, "shocking" and "really astonishing" and the new alogon-based math created a "deep preestablished disharmony" that guides the evolution of Western science.

Simon Stevin in the 16th C. Renaissance rediscovered Archytas 5/4, cube root of 2 secret, as the foundation for logarithmic equal-tempered tuning. 1605, referring to his French work on arithmetic (1585, this ed. Vol. II B) where he had shown that the requirement of twelve equal ratios leading from 2 to 1 involves the twelfth root of 2. (unpublished until the 20th C.).

The secret of the sect music equation for the compounding proportions of the sidelengths is this:
A:X::X:Y::Y:2A = 1:5/4::5/4:8/5::8/5:2.

Euler gave Mendelssohn Mose the idea of using the ancient Delian combining problem of doubling the cube from Archytas to question and solve the equal temperament tuning.

A surviving fragment of the work of Archytas of Tarentum (ca. 350 BC) states,"There are three means in music: one is the arithmetic, the second is the geometric, and the third is the subcontrary, which they call harmonic" [7]. The term subcontrary may refer to the fact that a tone based on this mean reverses the order of the two fundamental musical intervals in a scale. It is believed that Archytas or one of his contemporaries gave the name "harmonic"
to the subcontrary mean because....[cover up of the noncommutative "bait and switch"].


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I'm posting this quote twice to let it sink in: Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:



This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.



Oshins, E. (1993). A Test for Classical Psychospinors. (pdf) In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.

I want to thank the several people who have checked out Eddie Oshins research.


As I have said - Eddie Oshins completely corroborates the claim I have been making online for the past ten years!!


And only Eddie Oshins does this. He was alone. I was alone. Now we meet. Intellectually that is. He died young.


I had an insight in high school. I was learning music theory. I believed Pythagoras was correct  - that the frequency energy is infinite. I realized that music theory was not logical - the way that the geometry lined up with the numbers - C/F/G and 1/2/3/4.


Then I took quantum physics my first year of college - and learned about quantum entanglement and 720 degree spin. This obviously was confusing but I was intrigued.


I kept researching - but even in my first year in college I had a vision that music theory unified knowledge and reality. I did not know all the details yet.


I kept integrating and researching leading to my 1996 monograph. By this time I had experienced qigong master Effie P. Chow and so began research paranormal and Fortean phenomenon. I began going to a Tibetan monk and practicing Yan Xin qigong.


I kept researching - and produced my master's thesis in 2000. I still had not done the intensive qigong training. I did that fall of 2000 and had a permanent life changing experience.


I began posting online in 2001 and posting all my research to get critical feedback.


I was still using symmetric math and realized this was an error - in 2001 - when physicist Charles Madden critiqued my music analysis.


So then I slowly began to realize that the music harmonics that were empirically real were not symmetric.


Then I discovered Alain Connes said the same thing - that the noncommutative music was a unifying "universal scaling system" of quantum and relativity.


But Connes still relied on Western music so he did not know the quantum biology secret as macroquantum noncommutative training.


I kept researching this noncommutative macroquantum biology training as the secret of qigong alchemy.


Then finally I discovered Eddie Oshins - and he completely corroborated the exact same claim I was making!!


Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:



This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.



Oshins, E. (1993). A Test for Classical Psychospinors. (pdf) In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.


Manfred Euler's 2013 description of acoustic STM - Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy builds on his previous connections between the quantum acoustic realms.



Near-field imaging with sound waves compelling demonstrates the inadequacy of pictorial realism and promotes more abstract views of the reality displayed.
A comparison of sound and matter waves clarifies that these [noncommutative] limitations exist in principle.
2016: de Broglie clocks as synchronization: a tangible model of how mass emerges.
matter waves are locally in phase with the particle clocks (de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony).

The clock runs forever so it's self-sustaining (consciousness-energy). It resonates with the quantum vacuum.

The harmonic beats creates dynamic energy. So then you have a "phase particle" that can be faster than the speed of light - superluminal - and a "mass particle" that is slower than the speed of light as the "group wave" of the "phase wave." The beats of the phase wave then are "in resonance" with the quantum vacuum - and so create mass from the massless field, explaining the Higgs mechanism.

"Universal coherence" - a "mind boggling outlook."

Coherence as consciousness.
"Ghost Tones"



Manfred Euler is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Kiel.


a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -

Math professor (field medals) Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!

Our brain is an incredible ....receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012
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On 6/15/2017 at 7:06 PM, voidisyinyang said:

1) For example - as I realized - the secret of the SFQ "Moving of yin and yang" exercise is that (for males) - the left hand is yang and the lower body yin, while the right hand is yin and the upper body yang.


So you hold your hands like that - to jump start the battery of the body as complementary opposites.

Interesting, I wonder if "Kunlun"/Yigong Level 1 also operates on that same principle?  Although in that practice, females held the exact same posture as well - without switching hands...



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On 20/06/2017 at 5:55 AM, voidisyinyang said:

Then I took quantum physics my first year of college - and learned about quantum entanglement and 720 degree spin. This obviously was confusing but I was intrigued.



I think I understand the concept of entangled particles - http://www.npr.org/2017/07/14/537174817/scientists-teleport-a-photon-into-space

Where can I read about the 720 degree spin?


" My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5. "


Where is note 5?





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4 hours ago, KuroShiro said:


I think I understand the concept of entangled particles - http://www.npr.org/2017/07/14/537174817/scientists-teleport-a-photon-into-space

Where can I read about the 720 degree spin?


" My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5. "


Where is note 5?






thanks for engaging with the content of my post!!


Note 5 is in first link in the thread - http://www.quantumpsychology.com/pdf/Test-ClassicalPsychospinors.pdf


So I can type it out - as I had not read this before:


Actually - it's a bit tedious to type that all out but he refers to a movement that he has on video I think.


Also I corresponded with the Kauffman he is referring to, the math professor.




O.K. so that note 5 is demonstrated by Kauffman in the above vid.


So now I'll find it on Oshins site as well.




right - those are photos but then Oshins also has the same video.






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5 hours ago, gendao said:

Interesting, I wonder if "Kunlun"/Yigong Level 1 also operates on that same principle?  Although in that practice, females held the exact same posture as well - without switching hands...





Well in my pdf - I state this secret is only for males - but in SFQ it is taught for both males and females.


Why? because obviously in the West this stuff is marketed for a general audience.


That is my take on it - as I detail the alchemical principles involved and I don't think there is any mistaking the truth of the energy circuits.


So then - it would appear the same is occurring - for females in Kunlun.


Now then - once the arms are moving - Dr. Shin Lin says how the repetitive movements increase serotonin - but we can think of it like a Tesla circuit that switches for AC - in which case the females get the opposite charge with the hands moving.


So there is still energy build up in either case - but in this exercise of SFQ - that first position is held for a couple minutes before any movement takes place. So that is what jump starts the charge of the energy - again for males.


I don't know the Kunlun practice so how effective it is, etc.

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4 hours ago, KuroShiro said:


I think I understand the concept of entangled particles - http://www.npr.org/2017/07/14/537174817/scientists-teleport-a-photon-into-space

Where can I read about the 720 degree spin?


" My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5. "


Where is note 5?






Also your first question about reading about 720 degree spin?


Actually my quantum physics professor had his research made "top secret" by the military and it is now being used to do exactly what your link refers to for the Chinese - teleporting information from outer space.


So this quantum physics professor Herbert Bernstein taught me about 720 degree spin - or at least he did in a Scientific American article.


I'll look up the link for that.




Fiber Bundles and Quantum Theory - StealthSkater

by HJ Bernstein - ‎1981 - ‎Cited by 77 - ‎Related articles

Nov 27, 2009 - archived as http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/UNITEL_14.pdf ... by Herbert J. Bernstein and Anthony V. Phillips. Scientific American / July, 1981 .... Theory, a neutron or another particle with spin does not return to initial state ... Instead, it takes 2 full turns (a 720-degree rotation) to restore the state of.


Oh yeah his "top secret" discovery was utilizing this noncommutative geometry!!


I think it's on his website....


yeah that article is way too much physics for me. haha. But it is all about 720 degree spin.


Now how has he applied this concept? http://physics.illinois.edu/news/article/11160



This new protocol, developed by coauthor physicist Herbert Bernstein of Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, effectively reduces the resources and effort required to teleport quantum information, while at the same time improving the reliability of the information transfer.


With this new protocol, the researchers have experimentally achieved 88 percent transmission fidelity, twice the classical upper limit of 44 percent. The protocol uses pairs of photons that are “hyperentangled”—simultaneously entangled in more than one state variable, in this case in polarization and in orbital angular momentum—with a restricted number of possible states in each variable. In this way, each photon can carry more information than in earlier quantum teleportation experiments.



and for the noncommutative secret:



The analog would be, instead of using a sphere, we are going to use a torus, or donut shape. A sphere can only rotate on an axis, and there is no way to get an opposite point for every point on a sphere by rotating it—because the axis points, the north and the south, don’t move. With a donut, if you rotate it 180 degrees, every point becomes its opposite.


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You have material to support your theory. 


But do you have any physiological studies to prove your point? 


Since it comes down to the body and the nervous system, this should be possible to do, and without that it will remain in the realm of theory. 


If you enhance the part about torus fields, that would be interesting. 

You will find several members of TDB that have experiences of torus fields when practicing. 


Some mudras enhance those fields. 

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17 hours ago, Mudfoot said:

You have material to support your theory. 


But do you have any physiological studies to prove your point? 


Since it comes down to the body and the nervous system, this should be possible to do, and without that it will remain in the realm of theory. 


If you enhance the part about torus fields, that would be interesting. 

You will find several members of TDB that have experiences of torus fields when practicing. 


Some mudras enhance those fields. 


I cite many physiological studies in my free pdf.




You seem to want a study showing the energy flows as a torus?


I cite a biophoton study on the noncommutative phase cycling of the energy in the hands.


I have other physiological evidence - the main points that I cite in the OP - are all backed up by science cited in the pdf.



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5 hours ago, voidisyinyang said:


I cite many physiological studies in my free pdf.




You seem to want a study showing the energy flows as a torus?


I cite a biophoton study on the noncommutative phase cycling of the energy in the hands.


I have other physiological evidence - the main points that I cite in the OP - are all backed up by science cited in the pdf.



Yes,  but you are not supporting your theory in THIS thread, and referring to secondary sources doesn’t strengthen your current discussion. 


So how do you take the step from quantum theory and the sensation of a torus field to anything measured in the human body? 


And Osho's material seemed to be depending on angles, which implies your support should be based on movements with similar angles. 

As in bagwazhang movements. 


A tough situation...... 

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41 minutes ago, Mudfoot said:

Yes,  but you are not supporting your theory in THIS thread, and referring to secondary sources doesn’t strengthen your current discussion. 


So how do you take the step from quantum theory and the sensation of a torus field to anything measured in the human body? 


And Osho's material seemed to be depending on angles, which implies your support should be based on movements with similar angles. 

As in bagwazhang movements. 


A tough situation...... 


Sorry but it's not a "theory."


quantum - is not "theory" but well documented empirical reality.


Now certainly there is theory about quantum reality but when it refers to noncommutative phase - this is the foundation of quantum physics.


So it goes like this:


Noncommutative phase is the foundation of quantum physics.


Quantum physics is the foundation of Western science.


Western science is based on theory.


People can debate theory about western science.


But I'm interested in Taoist alchemy training as based on noncommutative phase.


So basically the "end" of science is the same as the nonwestern shamanic training and what unifies them is music.


Now we can call it music theory - but noncommutative phase is the foundation of music - it's also called the infinite spiral of fifths.


So I cite other people discussing this. You can call that "secondary sources" - but actually a secondary source is someone quoting someone else who does the primary research.


The people I cite are "primary sources" - meaning they did the research themselves.


I've actually corresponded with many of these people.


So one of the main primary sources for the Taoist training is the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.


You say Osho talks about angles. I debunk the whole "angle" approach to music theory in my analysis on my blog -




So anyway - you asked what physiological studies were there.


so for example I cite Dr. Shin Lin - he sticks a laser to people's brain to measure the oxygen levels.


So that's primary research. He also teaches Tai Chi - and so he measures a 35% increase in electrical conductivity from just 15 minutes of tai chi or qigong practice, from an advanced practitioner.


So those are two examples of primary research that he did - he's a university professor doing primary research.


I have lots more sources like that in the free pdf link.



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Yes, and you are misunderstanding my point. 


I will try to clarify. 


1) Quantum physics rocks. 

2) Because quantum theory resembles the experience of human meditators and healers, quite a few within that area feels that quantum physics =human energetic arts. 

3) There are numerous studies showing that the human body creates an array of electromagnetic signals. 


Question: Is there any human research where the involved scientists make a connection between the signals measured on humans and quantum physics? 


Isn't this kind of vital? 

Otherwise it is just physiology........ 


And in my opinion, you refering to your pdf makes those sources secondary sources in this thread, because I would have to go to your pdf to find the reference to the primary source. 

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16 minutes ago, Mudfoot said:

Yes, and you are misunderstanding my point. 


I will try to clarify. 


1) Quantum physics rocks. 

2) Because quantum theory resembles the experience of human meditators and healers, quite a few within that area feels that quantum physics =human energetic arts. 

3) There are numerous studies showing that the human body creates an array of electromagnetic signals. 


Question: Is there any human research where the involved scientists make a connection between the signals measured on humans and quantum physics? 


Isn't this kind of vital? 

Otherwise it is just physiology........ 


And in my opinion, you refering to your pdf makes those sources secondary sources in this thread, because I would have to go to your pdf to find the reference to the primary source. 


yeah I have to retype what's in my pdf - that's why I ask people to read the pdf.


But it's also a docdroid - so not just as pdf.




Somebody scribd it also.


So you don't have to go to a pdf.




Let's see if I can cut and paste from it.


nope. But I have similar research on my computer.


Oh yeah - I have my "conspirachi" blog book saved on the computer.


So I'll just word search that.


See if you open a pdf you can word search "quantum" - and you'll get the answer to your question.


But Dr. Mae-Wan Ho did a lot of the quantum biology research and she was also a Taoist - and she called her model "quantum jazz" so it also ties to music theory a lot.


Gravitational lensing effect produced by a

Klein bottle wormhole from a single luminous source.


Noncommutative Klein Bottle

 Tuning to the Infinite: The Conspirachi of Noncommutative Time-Frequency Consciousness F.W. Schelling in 1809 wrote of the conspiracy of life and unity as a secret breathing exercise wherein the body takes up a strong internal heat, while the formless void is contemplated. The Conspiracy of Life: Meditations on Schelling and His Time by Jason Wirth 2012 googlebook review:


cyclic universe brain branes from 

inner ear vortices to 3rd eye


Schelling uses the Latinate-German Konspiration, which stems from conspiro, to breathe or blow together. Spiro, to breathe, is related to spiritus (the German Geist), meaning spirit but also breath....The conspiracy is a simultaneous expiration and inspiration, and each thing of nature is both inspired yet expiring. This is what I call the conspiracy of life, that is life beyond and within life and death....Schelling's own discourse often sounded downright mystical. For example Schelling often spoke of the development of the 'spiritual eye' in a way almost reminiscent of the way that certain aspects of the the Hindu tradition spoke of opening one's third eye.

The early Christians before 200 AD were known to practice a secret breathing together to tie them to the holy spirit, "an exchange of breath or spirits" as Stephen Benko describes it in Pagan Rome and the Early Christians, googlebook review 1984. This mouth kiss of spirit exchange continued controversially and then evolved into the Church ritual of the hand shaking gesture of peace. Ivan Illich, “The Cultivation of Conspiracy,” address given at occasion of receiving the Culture and Peace Prize of Bremen Germany, March 14, 1998 states:

Explicitly, corporeally, the central Christian celebration was understood as a co-breathing, a con-spiracy, the bringing about of a common atmosphere, a divine milieu...The shared breath,

Sonofusion acoustic cavitation

the con-spiratio, are the "peace" understood as the community that arises from it.

Professor Elaine Pagels documents in her best-seller Beyond Belief that the early gnostic Christians relied on meditation internal listening trance, the Logos, to see the light as the means to God. Pagel quotes Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas:

Neo-Gnostic 3 in 1 Logos


'There is light within a person of light, and it lights up the whole universe; If it does not shine, there is darkness.' In other words one either discovers the light within that illuminates 'the whole universe' or lives in darkness, within and without. And Star Wars?  

Anakin has no father and is thus born of a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit, as Qui-Gon-Jin correctly speculates. The Holy Spirit (spiritus = air, holy = sunny) is equivalent to “the force”. Qui-Gon-Jinn is a play on QiGong (Chinese life energy cultivation related to breathing techniques) and Djinn (a spiritual = air creature in the Qu`ran), therefore we have two clear references to air. It is stated in the movie that Anakin is the one “bringing balance to the force”. This is precisely one of the aspects of Christ Jesus, who is the “mediator” who brings balance, which is another relation to air/ breath, because the word “Jesus” is a modern misnomer.George Lucas, a high level Freemason



The secret of the Logos, then, from the book of John, (in the beginning was the Word aka Logos) is God first said, "Let there be light." From Logos to Trinity: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian (2012, googlebook) "The Hebrew 'word' of Genesis, a
metaphor of God’s activity, could in John be interpreted in the Philonic manner as an agent of a transcendental God, the

Quantum physicist Niels Bohr symbol

Logos." pdf "Egypt is the only country in the Mediterranean basin
where we find an idea of the divine tri-­unity." We can trace a lineage in the West whether it's the Cathars or the Ranters and Levellers - the Quakers and Shakers -  the Pietists

(“Pietism was a ‘song and sing movement'” (to quote Christian Bunners’ phrase). Singing hymns —and Pietists wrote 70,000 songs and poems,) 

or the Tarentella dancers - or the Beatniks and Hippies ("The fool on the hill sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round!") inspired by the Maharishi yogi - of a trance dance deep breathing means of seeing the light through internal sound or inner silence. For example the Quaker Archive has this description:

microsphere resonance (top) third eye in middle of brain is pineal gland

 stand still and act not, and wait in patience till light arise out of darkness to lead thee. .... Thus the practice of inner silence is the same as the love of God

"The Ranters have in common with the Quakers a desire for a sonorised divinity," proffers Prof. Steve Connor (2008). Sonoluminescence - an experiment to save the world BBC Another translation of the Latin conspirare is "to be in harmony" and so the "six-time Grammy nominated" youth choirs are called Conspirare. Like the Hank Williams song, I Saw the Light! Why is it a conspiracy? How does trance sound breathing turn into light energy and heat energy as holy spirit or conspiratorial consciousness? (As Paul McCartney sings, "Nobody ever hears him, or the sound he appears to make.")

Logarithmic singularity at zero as rainbow, red is the smallest, violet is the largest


"Importantly, this means that an extremely short pulse of sound has infinitely many tones."

Black Hole phonons create more phonons, bouncing back and forth


The above statement is a concept that captures this secret of breathing exercises and internal trance sound turning into light -  the time-frequency uncertainty principle. Acoustic cavitation generated by microsecond pulses of ultrasonic pulses as short as one cycle at a frequency of 1.0 MHz give rise to luminescence flashes characteristic of violent cavitation. But what is overlooked is that time-frequency uncertainty or Fourier Uncertainty is actually noncommutative! That's why it's a conspiracy. Uncertainty principle and music tuning:

tunable "whispering" electron light microsphere resonance

You may think that the Uncertainty Principle has nothing to do with music. But the formula can be transformed into the relation between time and frequency of waves. ...Now we have found out the fact that it is impossible for us to know the exact frequencies in our sound wave at an exact moment in time.... In other words, theoretically we cannot get the perfect fifth tone with a frequency f from a root tone with a frequency f0 by calculating f = f0 × 3/2.

Pythagorean Tetrad or Tetractys

Perfect Fifth Yin/yang Body Tuners

"Non commutativity is the central mathematical concept expressing the uncertainty." 2012 pdf link This number theory is the great conundrum of trying to unify ("are we there yet?" googlebook link) noncommutative quantum physics to relativity (pdf link - "you can not visualize noncommutative spaces - you fundamentally cannot.") but time-frequency uncertainty was already known to be noncommutative by the Pre-Socratics! This first music harmonic of the Pythagorean Perfect Fifth as 3/2 is actually noncommutative (C to G is 3/2 as the Perfect Fifth overtone while C to F is 2/3 as the Perfect Fifth subharmonic) and so Western mathematics and

Vagus Nerve Pineal Gland Inner Ear resonance

Dr. Stephen Porges "Polyvagal Listening Project" teaches middle ear muscle flexing

to resonate high frequency sound to the brain

for emotional vagus nerve activation 

technology can not resonate harmonically to it. All human cultures use the Pythagorean Tetrad harmonics - aka the 1-4-5 music intervals but Western tuning made them disharmonic - "compromised" the tuning into a symmetric closed geometry.  As quantum consciousness neuroscientist Stuart Hameroff says, ""Change the Music.... Indeed, microtubule

Quantum consciousness is anharmonic - noncommutative time-frequency

resonant vibrations have been likened to music, specifically anharmonic Indian Raga (Ghosh et al, 2014)....As the Beatles sang, “Take a sad song and make it better”."
"Bandyopadhyay and his team will couple microtubule vibrations from active neurons to play Indian musical instruments. Consciousness depends on anharmonic vibrations of microtubules inside neurons, similar to certain kinds of Indian music, but unlike Western music which is harmonic [commutative logarithmic]" Hameroff explains (Science News, 2014)Tuning the Brain talk video by Hameroff June 2014  Hameroff:

In my imagination I see microtubules as a kind of musical instrument being played by the cosmic Casimir force. here

and the Casimir effect, due to the zero point fluctuations of the noncommutative complex scalar field, [pdf]

Kasdan: The Force was available to anyone who could hook into it?

Lucas: Yes, everybody can do it.

Kasdan: Not just the Jedi?

Lucas: It’s just the Jedi who take the time to do it.

Symbol of quantum physicist Amit Goswami

Marquand: They use it as a technique.

Lucas: Like yoga. If you want to take the time to do it, you can do it; but the ones that really want to do it are the ones who are into that kind of thing. Also like karate. Also another misconception is that Yoda teaches Jedi, but he is like a guru; he doesn’t go out and fight anybody.1981 transcript of George Lucas discussing Star War prequel series

Noncommutative means there is no "one to one correspondence" between number and geometry and so changing the order changes the value. Franz Luef, a Marie Curie Fellow at UC Berkeley who focuses on Time-Frequency Analysis

Noncommutative time-frequency: You can't always hear the shape of a drum, different shapes can have the same frequencies. It is not possible to reveal the shape of

a closed domain by knowledge of the spectrum.

analysis (youtube lecture, Oct. 2015) states: "But our everyday experiences, especially our auditory sensations, insist on a description in terms of both time and frequency," citing Dennis Gabor who rediscovered Pythagorean

Tori - plural of torus, half of a Klein Bottle

noncommutative time-frequency resonance. Luef uses a noncommutative torus to model time-frequency resonance and a Klein Bottle is a 2D surface (watch video here) as a pinched torus (2 Möbius strips) that can not be visualized in 3D spacetime.

problems in time-frequency analysis, in particular in Gabor analysis, give rise to the same structures underlying noncommutative geometry over noncommutative tori.

Luef is not stating that noncommutative time-frequency is

completely solved by geometry but simply that it translated into noncommutative geometry analysis. Because human hearing and breathing are noncommutative then deep internal trance human hearing can achieve this conspiratorial harmony!  - with the inner ear as a spiral, the infinite spiral of noncommutative fifths, that activates the pineal gland to create light spirit energy. Based on noncommutative time-frequency consciousness Human Hearing Outsmarts Physical Limits. In India this is called "The  Nāda yoga system [which] divides music into two

Samkhya, oldest philosophy of India, based on 3 in 1 gunas harmonics as OHM

Sattva is 1:2 (Emptiness), Tamas is 3:4 (yin) and Raja is 3:2 (yang) 

categories....the anahata chakra, which is considered responsible for the reception of the internal music, but not in the way of a normal sensory organ...the Vedic concept of unstruck sound (the sound of the celestial realm)." Or as a science

Noncommutative Tai Chi Tetrad

journal phys.org reports:

For the first time, physicists have found that humans can discriminate a sound's frequency (related to a note's pitch) and timing (whether a note comes before or after another note) more than 10 times better than the limit imposed by the Fourier uncertainty principle. Not surprisingly, some of the subjects with the best listening precision were musicians, but even non-musicians could exceed the uncertainty limit.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-human-fourier-uncertainty-principle.html#jCp

The Tai Chi has to be a 3 in 1 unity as the 3 gunas

 For the first time, physicists have found that humans can discriminate a sound's frequency (related to a note's pitch) and timing (whether a note comes before or after another note) more than 10 times better than the limit imposed by the Fourier uncertainty principle.

Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth as noncommutative time-frequency

For the first time, physicists have found that humans can discriminate a sound's frequency (related to a note's pitch) and timing (whether a note comes before or after another note) more than 10 times better than the limit imposed by the Fourier uncertainty principle. Not surprisingly, some of the subjects with the best listening precision were musicians, but even non-musicians could exceed the uncertainty limit.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-human-fourier-uncertainty-principle.html#jCp

Musicians are proven to have better training so they can hear perfect harmonics of complementary opposites - beyond the limits of technological measurement - this is actually an inner sound trance skill that is conspiratorial. Non-musicians could do so also. The biologists Jacob N. Oppenheim and Marcelo O. Magnasco give the details here:

Time-reversal symmetry breaking [noncommutative time-frequency] is a key feature of many classes of natural sounds, originating in the physics of sound production. While attention has been paid to the response of the auditory system to “natural stimuli,” very few psychophysical tests have been performed....the best performers fall almost exactly on this line, indicating a perfect tradeoff between time and frequency acuity when going from “notelike” to time-reversed pulses

noncommutative yin-yang Perfect 4th/5th resonance

"Non-commutative Operations in Consciousness Studies" by Harald Atmanspacher in the Journal of Consciousness Studies (2014) discusses how commutative math is actually the "exception" while non-commutativity is the rule to perception of reality. But this is why it is the conspirachi! The noncommutative resonance of time-frequency is the secret foundation of science from the Pythagorean Tetrad (1:2:3:4 with 3/2 as the Perfect Fifth) yet it was covered up as the original conspiracy with logarithmic, symmetric-based math ever since Plato, what I've called the "rotten root." 

noncommutative quantum time-frequency inner ear piezoelectric qi



vagus nerve inner ear 3rd eye

In other words symmetric Western math and science can not achieve the perfect fifth 3/2 harmonics since it would take an infinite time that is non-commutative to the frequency 3/2. This is why the noncommutative quantum time-frequency uncertainty

 earbud delivers electrical stimulation to vagus nerve via music to ear canal


principle is applied to Western science because Western science defines time by converting it to commutative amplitude from non-commutative phase. (more details on this as the focus of the next section). Western science assumes the math is a contained geometric materialistic infinity that is symmetric [see this review "The Power of Symmetry" AmSci, 2007] which


fMRI images of Dr. Sun's brain show a high level of activity as he practices qigong

mysteriously and inexplicably has a "symmetry breaking" as the first cause. In fact the symmetry breaking was already there as noncommutative time-frequency consciousness which can not be contained by Western science! "University of Wisconsin-Madison neuroscientist and psychiatrist Giulio Tononi, argues that consciousness resides in an as-yet-unknown space in the universe." here Quantum biology has

My quantum physics prof. pdf has the Klein Bottle

proven now that quantum physics applies to "macro" scale life. I took quantum physics as my first physics class for my first year of college and the professor is an Ivy-league quantum physicist - his research (i.e. his SciAm pdf) got classified by the military without his knowledge! haha. You can see his successful results this summer 2015 - quantum teleportation Quantum cryptography and quantum

Quantum Consciousness as Nada Yoga Tai-Chi Tetrad

telepathy computing kind of stuff. But in 2006 I got banned from biology professor PZ Myers' blog since I was promoting "quantum biology" and qigong training - Myers was rated the "top" science blog but he refused to investigate the qigong master living in Minnesota, as does PZ Myers. I have been somewhat now vindicated! 

Can our new understanding of life replace the soul with a quantum vital spark? Many will regard the very posing of this question as suspect, pushing the boundaries of conventional science beyond respectability and into the realms of pseudoscience or even a kind of spirituality. That is not what we are proposing here. 2014, Life on the Edge, p. 310.

Myers instead dismissed and attacked qigong healing since it was featured on our local MN news (youtube link) - and as the usual "skeptic" PZ Myers refused to actually personally investigate the qigong master even though the qigong master works with the Mayo Clinic and the qigong master has had "gold standard"

non-commutative quantum resonance

randomized controlled proof of his external qi energy healing - results called "very impressive" by the Mayo Clinic doctor who led the study.

Schrödinger suggested that life was based on a novel physical principle whereby its macroscopic order is a reflection of quantum-level order, rather than the molecular disorder that characterises the inanimate world. He called this new principle “order from order”. But was he right?...Just as Schrödinger predicted, life seems to be balanced on the boundary between the sensible everyday world of the large and the weird and wonderful quantum world, a discovery that is opening up an exciting new field of 21st-century science.You're powered by quantum mechanics. No really... (UK Guardian, Oct. 2014)

Anyway so it was easy to dismiss quantum biology in 2006 as quackery or too fringe or woo-woo since it's a macroquantum phenomenon and the human brain is supposed to be "too warm" for quantum physics. Luckily all of that has been disproven now and in 2011 SciAm did a cover story on quantum biology. 

 So the claim that delicately arranged quantum entangled states could survive in the warm and complex interior of living cells was thought by many to be an outlandish idea, verging on 

Macroquantum Metamaterials have "net chirality" noncommutive resonance

madness. Yet in recent years our knowledge of such things has made huge strides - and not only in connection  with birds. Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology 2014, Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili

 Scientific American, 2011 - Vedral, "Living in a Quantum World." pdf link or his 2015 Oxford talk, a quantum universe, youtube Then a recent quantum biology book, Life on the Edge, was published, cowritten by one of the earlier quantum consciousness authors whom I promoted in 2006 - JohnJoe McFadden. here    (Of course they emphatically and repeatedly dismiss and reject any paranormal implications of quantum biology - doth protest too much).

Once again we see Schrodinger's order from order capable of capturing quantum events, and what Jordan termed amplification of quantum phenomena into the macroscropic world. Life seems to bridge the quantum and classical worlds, perched on the quantum edge (p. 132)....If we return to our musical analogy one final time, with the guitar acting as the odorant molecule

Noncommutative time-frequency consciousness

and the guitar strings as the molecular bonds that need to be plucked, then the receptors come in Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix forms. Both can play the same molecular notes, but right- or left-handed molecules have to be picked up by right- or left-handed receptors, just as right-handed guitars have to be played by right-handed guitarists....This combination of shape and quantum vibration recognition at last provides a model that fits nearly all experimental data. (pp. 163-4)

So the Life on the Edge book (2014) emphasizes that contrary to quantum being limited to cold tiny realms the quantum entanglement is coherent and so resonates the energy into the macroscopic level, but at the same time this resonance is noncommutative. The music analogy then actually is best modeled by the truth of music also being

Micrometer quantum "visual microphone" recovers sound imprinted visually in objects

noncommutative as an infinite spiral of fifths. In Western science this is now discovered as "noise-induced coherence" aka the "quantum Goldilocks effect" pdf link for macroquantum

On right, macroquantum EER Goldilocks Effect for entanglement of all sizes

resonance or quantum chaos engineering: "...the optimal rate of decoherence is to ‘fuzz out’ the local energy levels until they
begin to overlap with each other..." This means, again in terms of Western science, the resonance is slightly out of tune - called "non-commutative colored noise" as a quantum squeezed "small anharmonic potential" but in actuality this is the noncommutative

Macroquantum "just right" EER Goldilocks Structure aka Tai Chi-Tetrad

time-frequency consciousness. 

"As the light-matter coupling
increases in time from zero into the [phase] > c range, the system moves out of its frozen initial state....The intermediate regime is the only one in which non-linearities can
develop significantly. High values of squeezing [noncommutative resonance] in both subsystems [light and matter] are then generated [20]....the enhanced entanglement regime (EER) begins to dominate the space of behaviors as opposed to being a small niche....We have then established the persistence of the EER for a wide range of system sizes and even under the effect of dissipation e ffects....We have provided theoretical insights of this phenomenon by means of a dynamical symmetry breaking and e ffective non-linear self-interactions." pdf 

It is the secret origin of the Universe, as well. Quantum entanglement Goldilocks Effect Sept. 2015

 It is the magic sauce, that connects all objects in the universe, including light and matter....Since it is a quantum phase transition that is being crossed, the structures that appear contain clumps of quantum entanglement.

"It is the magic sauce that connects together all objects in the universe, including light and matter."


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-09-quantum-entanglement-goldilocks-effect.html#jCp

I recommend reading Bernard d'Espagnat's book for quantum consciousness analysis - but this SciAm article should be good - here pdf link: 

If realism and the free use of induction are to be retained, the violation of the Bell inequality can be explained only by giving up the assumption of Einstein separability.... Most particles or aggregates of particles that are ordinarily regarded as separate objects have interacted at some time in the past with other objects. The violation of separability seems to imply that in some sense all these objects constitute an indivisible whole.

To put this back into quantum biology: Harmonies from Noise by Michael Springer and Johan Paulsson

But when enough random noise was added, stable and synchronized oscillations appeared. How can this happen? Picture a mobile hanging from a baby’s stroller. Although each pendulum of the mobile can swing back and forth periodically, none will actually move until a force is


Neuroscience Professor Eliano Pessa

applied. The system is, however, poised to oscillate, and even a few petulant hits or a gust of wind can act as a trigger. If all the pendulums are affected at the same time and in the same way in our analogy, if there is correlated extracellular noise), they can oscillate together. If the pendulums are connected by a string (if the cells can communicate), this is even easier to achieve: any pendulum that is out of synchrony is then literally pulled into phase by the others. 

"There has never been more than circumstantial, hand-wavy support for its core mechanism, the reversal of gravity." John Horgan on how cosmic inflation can't be falsified.. Exactly! Tai Chi is literally hand-wavy support for the reversal of gravity. In Nature, through the non-commutative Pythagorean Taoist Tetrad-Tai Chi, this unified field alchemy can be achieved and can also be perceived by humans! "Essentially, the stillness you find inside the graceful movements of Tai Chi comes from an inward listening — referred to in Tai Chi as 'ting jin' or 'listening energy'." Dan Kleiman and Quantum Coherence and Conscious

Gabor wavelets

Experience by Taoist quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has figured out this noncommutative time-frequency secret - she calls it "quantum jazz":

The clue to both binding and segmentation is in the accuracy of phase agreement of the spatially separated brain activities. That implies the nervous system (or the body field) can accurately detect phase, and is also able to control phase coherence. I have already alluded to the importance of phase information in coordinating limb movements during locomotion and other aspects of physiological functioning, so it is not surprising that the nervous system should be able to accurately detect phase. The degree of precision may be estimated by considering our ability to locate the source of a sound by stereophony. Some experimental findings show that the arrival times of sound pulses at the two ears can be discriminated with an accuracy of a very few microseconds [1]. For detecting a note in middle C, the phase difference in a microsecond is 4.4 x 10-4. Accurate phase detection is characteristic of a system operating under quantum coherence. Could it be that phase detection is indeed a key feature of conscious experience? Quantum Jazz vid - see the polarizing light microscopy of quantum phase macroentanglement in action!

Todd Siler cerebreactor: a microsecond fusion plasma mind




Dr. Mae-Wan Ho is emphasizing that hearing occurs on a much faster scale than our typical nervous system communication. 

 "However from more recent research it turns out that although humans can not hear frequencies above 20kHz [ultrasound], they are sensitive to timing of sounds to about 10 microseconds. So first you notice the arrival of a sound (quick change in air pressure, a very high frequency) and later on you actual hear what sound it is. To preserve this timing info in the audio signal 96kHz is therefore not enough, we actually need 192kHz." digital audio

This is also why foot races are begun by a gun shot noise rather than a visual cue - our reaction to sound is much faster since because we are vocal learners we have a direct neuron signal from our "song neurons" to our motor signals in the brain stem going to the muscles. It took the runners 400 milliseconds longer to react to a light signal than a gunshot and the reason is because the brain uses one-third of its energy for

1 week of blindness increases listening skills

processing visual perception with six times more signals going from the visual cortex to the thalamus. Morris Berman points out:

  In her recent book, The Philosophical Baby, psychologist Alison Gopnik notes that magnetic imaging studies show that the occipital [visual] cortex, which is very active in the infant brain, lights up in adults while they are watching a movie, while the prefrontal lobe shuts down.

The qigong master who befriended me here, emphasized in his qi-talks, that we turn our perspective around to focus on the

Gut melatonin is created up to 400 times greater than pineal melatonin

awareness in the back of the brain. This is the secret of "turning the light around" and by closing the eyes, we visualize the energy points or harmonic nodes along the body. Instead of watching t.v., we are resonating the energy and building it up through an infinite quantum feedback - this is called the "small universe" or microcosmic orbit meditation based on the 12 notes of the infinite spiral of fifths (see the last section of this blogbook for the details).  Just like a laser, that self-amplifies,

pdf - anti-symmetric torque secret for unified resonance

we pump up the nervous system, through breath and posture, then focus the light as Yuan Shen spirit energy and the internal listening resonates to quantum phonons that are superluminal.

It is precisely this "body consciousness" that is quantum coherent and interferes and resonates with the slower brain neuron

consciousness. In other words we can not see the source of the spirit-light but we can listen to it and logically infer the source. When our hominid ancestors lived in the forest several million years ago, listening and singing were our dominant perceptual cultural traits. Our vocal learning, embedded in the ancient motor neurons, is based on convergent evolution in seven different types of vertebrate species with their common ancestor being 300 million years ago. Quantum coherent consciousness then is a very ancient modality to be activated and trained.


Dr. Hameroff documents quantum coherence is at 10-4 seconds, 

which has been shown experimentally, so noncommutative time-frequency explains why qi can not be quantified. 

 The wide range of frequencies in an organism is just fantastic. In my book, I say that it’s like 70 doublings of the octave. I use the analogy of ‘quantum jazz’ to express the quantum coherence of the organism. It goes through a fantastic range of space and time scales, from the tiniest atom or subatomic particle to the whole organism and beyond. Organisms communicate with other organisms, and are attuned to natural rhythms, so they have circadian rhythms, annual rhythms, and so on. At the other extreme, you have very fast reactions that take place in femtoseconds. And all these rhythms are coordinated, there is evidence for that.... Imagine a huge jazz band of musicians making music, from very small instruments to the very large, playing very fast to very slow, with a musical range of 70 octaves. They are improvising from moment to moment, spontaneously and freely; and yet keeping in tune and in step with the whole. That is the ultimate quantum coherence....The fully quantum coherent state would be

quantum coherence of n order, n being a very large number approaching infinity. This state is only reached rarely, perhaps once or twice in a life time, for some of us, or maybe not at all [nirvikalpa samadhi or the Taoist Emptiness as the Tai Chi]....I have no doubt that at least some of the more esoteric things people ascribe to quantum effects are real, such as instantaneous communication at a distance, remote healing, etc. But we can push the boundaries from the very conventional toward quantum coherence of the organism, to complete quantum coherence of the universe. I believe the universe is quantum coherent. Quantum coherence is everywhere. And if we know how to tune into it, we see it....It is like a symphony. I’m a Taoist at heart. And quantum coherence and Taoism are one because coherent action is effortless action. Quantum Jazz Biology interview with Dr. Mae-Wan Ho June 2010

Quantum Activist youtube doc on physicist Amit Goswani 2015 

 The Oxford vision scientist John Daugman and his colleagues have produced statistical evidence that at least kitten brains process visual stimuli with cortical filters that resemble the mathematical filters called Gabor logons that minimize time-frequency uncertainty. This suggests that evolution long ago hit upon such optimal filters in the design of some neural mechanisms.Bart Kosko Noise googlebook

Quantum biologist Elisabeth Rieper in her 2011 Ph.D. thesis pdf states, "Maximising the predictive power of a brain thus requires using quantum mechanical effects." Rieper proposes a "quantum resonance model" for consciousness. Quantum Resonance & Consciousness by Contzen Pereira pdf august 2015

In January of 1998 P. Mohanty and S.V. Khare, of Maryland College, reported: pdf link Sonoluminescence as a Cooperative Many Body Phenomenon   Physical Review Letters Vol 80 #1 January 1998.

"........The long range phase correlation encompassing a large number of component atoms results in the formation of a macroscopic quantum coherence......"

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho relies on a classical phase analysis but it's really based on quantum analysis and she agrees with the above quote from Frank Znidarsic's sonofusion alchemy research "It shows that quantum non-commutativity can be replaced by phase space

non-commutativity, the non-locality property of physical states being shared by the two cases." 2011 pdf Let's test this out - So what is the physical limit by Western science for middle C (pdf)? 

If we try the same calculation for middle C and the C# immediately above it, we get that the frequency difference is now 15.6 Hz (from 261.6 to 277.2). Using the same criteria for separation, we get that the uncertainty in time must be at least .01 seconds - a tenth the size of the previous calculation [the two lowest notes on the piano]. 

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho said middle C was detected by humans at .00044 seconds time - indeed that is "10 times better than the limit imposed by Fourier Uncertainty" aka .01 seconds time. It's actually over 20 times better and so I check the actual study and sure enough: "two measurements...beat relative uncertainty by a factor of

50." pdf This is the consciousness conspirachi! So the infinite spiral of fifths creates a nonlinear resonance between infrasound and ultrasound - the noncommutative time-frequency "beating" harmonics from noncommutative quantum coherent microsecond changes in phase which resonates into quantum consciousness. 

 The researchers claim to have found a sweet spot in the 2-3 MHz range, [ultrasound] where the normally slower mechanical vibrations (usually associated with protein folding) of tubulin monomers and polymers overlapped with the typically higher intrinsic electromagnetic vibrations of the molecule.Hidden information-processing networks in the skeleton of cells
However, there are 30000 and above proteins working relentlessly in our body, the “common frequency point” [ultrasound] if it exists for all proteins, would open up a possibility to remotely cure diseases.Nature 2014

Sony recently announced that ultrasound ionization is the key for a new Matrix technology in development. (“Sony patent takes first step towards real-life Matrix,” 07 April 2005, New Scientist, Jenny Hogan and Barry Fox). 

 “The technique suggested in the patent is entirely non-invasive. It describes a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating “sensory experiences” ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds. This could give blind or deaf people the chance to see or hear, the patent claims.”

The inner ear transduction which also uses ultrasound is now considered a “sixth sense” for new technologies (i.e. the Brain Port) already enabling paranormal realities – 360 degree night vision, seeing with the tongue, and exchanging information directly

Distant Healing by the Supposed Vital Energy – Scientific Bases pdf

through the atmosphere from the brain – telepathy. (WIRED, March 2007, “Mixed Feelings, See with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses — and build a few new ones,” by Sunny Bains).  

“There's a reasonably well-accepted sixth sense (or fifth and a half, at least) called proprioception. A network of nerves, in conjunction with the inner ear, tells the brain where the body and all its parts are and how they're oriented.” 

Noncommutative time-frequency resonance

Meditation and trance healing has also relied on the “inner ear” method which converts electrochemical heat into electricity through sound and pressure waves, also a recently proven technology created by Professor Orest Symko (“A Sound Way to turn Heat into Energy,” June, 4, 07). "Piezoelectric devices compress in reaction to pressure, including sound waves, and change that pressure into electrical current." 100 decibels of sound generated 50 millivolts of electricity. Thermo Acoustic Piezo Energy Conversion TAPEC. The higher frequency seems to be the tipping point in efficiency because there is less gas moving but moving with the same energy....the principles of operation are based on resonance."When the eardrum is 'tightened' higher frequencies are absorbed and transmitted to the inner ear..." (Porges) The vagus nerve a la Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Listening Project, (flex the middle ear muscles) connects to the inner ear as the Kundalini secret see my published article 2008, "Gurdjieff and the Triode Amplifier" for more details) - see the youtube vid vagus nerve kundalini 

Kwanyin Inner Sound Heart Buddha

In fact the quantum analysis has proven there has to be an mechanical amplifier in effect for hearing - and that "any model of the receptor cell must involve quantum coherence, and hence there is no consistent classical theory of hearing." 1985 quantum noise and the threshold of hearing. emphasis in original.

 But, my current favorite is the “whistling breath” which stimulates the vagus nerve through the action of the lips, as well as the glandular system to aid in relaxation. [whistle on inhale and exhale or make a "voo" sound] Sitting in an easy pose (chair, lotus, cross-legged), inhale slowly through puckered lips and focus on the sound, using the same technique on the exhale....Now, if you have dabbled in the seven main chakras and kundalini you can see why the vagus nerve is often the modern link to this spiritual energy. This is a major nerve carrying serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine from the base chakra and wandering up the spine while touching each chakra along the way until it hits the pineal gland. It is said that ancient yogis were able to slow the heart until it appears to stop and their respirations as if they are not breathing....I saw that light for about 15 minutes until mediation was over.  A first taste of freedom


Unconditional Love is Yuan Qi

The loud spontaneous  OHM sound from the Yuan Qi being activated out of the heart is the quantum coherent beating of the Universe - the primal noncommutative time-frequency consciousness creating the Yuan Shen long-range cosmic rainbow vortex.

 "I believe that consciousness, or its immediate precursor proto-consciousness, has been in the universe all along, perhaps from the Big Bang....In one such scheme proto-conscious experience is a basic property of physical reality accessible to a quantum process associated with brain activity....Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it can’t be destroyed, it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large." - Quantum biology Prof. Emeritus Stuart Hameroff. 

"By wu (non-existence) Dao An meant the Original Spirit or Breath (yuan qi) which he conceived to be a frame without form or phenomenon."googlebook This was the secret discovery of CIA mind-control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich - what he called the Phonon-Hydron Psi-Plasma of the Universe (see below for details). quantum coherence is crucial for near 100% energy transfer in photosynthesis:

The quantum effects in photosynthesis were originally revealed through "quantum beating"

Long Range Quantum Coherence Rainbow Worm (larva)

signals: coherent electronic oscillations generated in both donor and acceptor molecules by light-induced energy excitations. Like the famous final piano chord in the Beatles' "A Day in the Life," these quantum beating signals seem to go on and on — though in this case, "on and on" means a few hundred femtoseconds. (A femtosecond, a quadrillionth of a second, is to a second what a second is to about 30 million years.)

The key to quantum coherence in photosynthesis is the non-polar, pi resonance environment in which it occurs, an environment from which, it appears, consciousness originates.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-04-quantum-criticality-life-proteins.html#jCp

Phase shift is noncommutative time-frequency of quantum consciousness beats

The key to quantum coherence in photosynthesis is the non-polar, pi resonance environment in which it occurs, an environment from which, it appears, consciousness originates.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-04-quantum-criticality-life-proteins.html#jCp

Stuart Hameroff comments, 4/15

"The key to quantum coherence in photosynthesis is the non-polar pi resonance environment in which it occurs, an environment, from which it appears, consciousness originates....Thus quantum and classical states alternate, in various frequency scales, which interact, not unlike music.

Vrtually all biomolecules and organelles have non-polar interiors friendly to quantum coherence (the 'quantum underground').


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-04-quantum-criticality-life-proteins.html#jCp

So Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff argue that the EEG frequencies are also "quantum beats" of the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi. 

So the meditators have stronger amplitude of high frequency gamma EEG quantum coherence synchronization here. Higher levels of consciousness would involve larger E (more tubulins, more neurons and a higher portion of the brain), and shorter t, thus higher frequencies....Tibetan monks reach 80 Hz gamma synchrony during meditation (Lutz et al. 2004) presumably an enhanced, altered state, with twice as many conscious events per second, each at higher intensity. Magneto-encephalography has recorded coherent signals in the range of a kilohertz (1,000 Hz) from human brain (Papadelis et al. 2009), and higher frequency effects (megahertz, gigahertz, terahertz) have been measured in microtubules inside neurons (Bandyopadhyay 2010). Consciousness occurring by E=h/t normally at 40 Hz (each conscious moment
involving roughly one millionth of brain microtubules) could transition to higher

frequencies at, say 10 kHz, megahertz, gigahertz, and terahertz levels. These would involve greater and greater proportions of brain neurons and microtubules. These levels would involve, respectively, 1/10,000th, 1/100th, and, for gigahertz consciousness, the entire brain. Such enhanced, altered states need not involve alternative dimensions or universes, but rather deeper, more fine scale geometry in nonlocal holographic-like levels or scales in this one universe....As the Beatles said (Lennon and McCartney 1968): "The deeper you go, the higher you fly, The higher you fly, the deeper you go."...We present a secular, scientific approach consistent with all religions and known science. With the advent of quantum biology, nonlocality in consciousness must be taken seriously, potentially building a bridge between science and spirituality. pdf Quantum Soul, 2012

This quantum consciousness then manifests in the brain as a classical synchronization: 

We identify large-scale synchronization across broad frequency band as potential manifestation of the ‘aha’ effect, indicating the construction of knowledge and meaning from input sensory data and leading to awareness experience. Cognitive cycle and the emergence of awareness pdf

I of the Vortex interview Dr. Rodolfo Llinas : "Thinking may be nothing else but internalized movement....ultimately it generates pre-motor events." AKA what Gurdjieff called the Movement Center.

 Rodolfo Llinás in his book "I of the vortex" describes that the thalamus connects 1) brain parts with the body and 2) the parts of the brain among them. Llinas says that thalamus, in the center of our brain, is like a bicycle wheel axis; the thalamus emits its spokes towards the cortex transporting the information that comes from the senses. While skin and the senses are like the inferior half of that wheel, the superior half is the cerebral cortex. But for each one of these

Center of Brain, I of the Vortex, 90% internal subjective information

fibers that go from the thalamus to the cortex, there are 10, or sometimes 99, that, from the cortex, return to the thalamus forming a spiral activity. It means that the external stimuli are only 1% or 10% of information that, like the sands, arrives from the objective - outer world - by senses while internal and subjective brain state is a vortex that contributes with 99% or 90% of brain information.

This is why the brain uses so much energy. A queen ant's brain shrinks dramatically as the energy is focused on reproduction and it does not move, it's carried. Similarly a yogi shuts down the left-brain language center and movement to achieve "breathless ecstasy." A special male reindeer has the testicle damaged so the lower testosterone does not seek out mates as movement, instead the energy is used to have the strength to break through the ice to get to the lichen to feed the rest of the herd. Similarly a yogi is celibate to transform the energy into spiritual power (coherent stored up biophotons), thereby increasing the brain and heart energy. Psychology has proven that strong mental willpower to curb our emotions, actually increases physical weakness! Baumeister, R., & Tierney, J. (2011) Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. New York: Penguin Press. 

 healthy dose of oxidised cholesterol (known as oxysterol) is indispensable in promoting the development of the human stem cells that make dopamine. here

So it is key to sublimate the lower body energy to increase the power of the mind: Increased cholesterol then increases testosterone, and increases adrenaline which increases dopamine, our willpower.

"The brain consumes a great amount of energy doing nothing. It's a great mystery of neuroscience," Kozloski told PopSci. He argued that around 90 percent of the energy used by the brain remained "unaccounted for". 

He believes that the brain is constantly 'looping signals', retracing neural pathways over and over again. It's a "closed loop", according to Kozloski, meaning it isn't reliant on external inputs as much of the brain's activity is. here

Ultrasound Beyond the Speed of Light gives more details behind acoustic cavitation macroquantum sonofusion. (see animation videos at link). Greater depth (of brain) means shorter time and higher frequency of energy.

The Evolution of Superluminal Signals from Ultrasound

 The distortion in the pulse envelope mentioned above refers to an effect called pulse reshaping. So not only does the pulse peak in time separate from the peak in space, but the pulse gets continually deformed. This reshaping effect also contributes to the superluminal effect.

Because it is a wave, a phonon, can violate Newton's 2nd law of motion, by asymmetric resonance. This has been documented as antigravity propulsion or "diametric drive." here

The demonstrated reversal of action–reaction symmetry could enable altogether new possibilities for frequency conversion and pulse-steering applications....Of course, given that in classical mechanics the mass of a particle is always positive, no such acceleration behaviour that breaks the action reaction symmetry has ever been reported. Waves on the

Asymmetric Wave antigravity propulsion

other hand are free of such limitations....quasiparticles such as electrons and holes in solid-state crystals, mass spring systems5 or collective excitations such as Bose Einstein condensates in lattices6,7 may exhibit a dispersion relation with regions of inverted curvature where the effective mass is negative....a nonlinear phase shift on each pulse....action reaction symmetry breaking

Noncommutative Time-Frequency Conspirachi - self-amplifying

effects....diametric drive acceleration is realized by allowing the self-trapped wave packet of Fig. 3a to nonlinearly interact with the defocusing beam shown in Fig. 3b. While the positive-mass soliton is attracted by the negative-mass beam, the latter is constantly repelled. As a result, the positive-mass beam will permanently pursue its negative-mass counterpart while the latter one tries to escape....To excite such a self-accelerating bound state, we launch two optical Gaussian wave packets having opposite masses, in close proximity to each other (Fig. 4a). A slight frequency detuning between the two beams ensures that their interaction is incoherent and restricted to pure cross-phase modulation.

NASA is already going public with such asymmetric resonant bubble spacetime propulsion that frequency locks to the resonant frequency of the thruster (of an enclosed cavity with no exhaust: produced by the net difference in the transfer of momentum of quantum spacetime resonance 

when lasers were fired through the EmDrive’s resonance chamber, some of the beams appeared to travel faster than the speed of light. If that’s true, it would

EM resonance thrust = same principles as paranormal qigong energy

mean that the EmDrive is producing a warp field or bubble.  But "How?" If the laser beams are moving faster than the speed of light, then it would indicate that they are creating some sort of warp field, or bubble in the space-time foam,

(e.g. at cut off diameter, the group velocity is zero, the guide wavelength is infinity, but the diameter is clearly not zero.) This is from secret military technology - interview Using pyramidical cones (full lotus) as

Academic physicist Martin Tajmar confirms the EMdrive thrust with no exhaust

asymmetric time-frequency FAQ here modulation energy of virtual particles is resonated as quantum spacetime thrust and the original inventor Roger J. Shawyer says the key factor is here

 energy of space is altered inside the microwave cavity by addition of the interference pattern in which nearly all of the electric and magnetic components are canceled out by two microwaves approaching each other with equal intensity on the same path and most of the Poynting vectors are also canceled out. Puthoff's patent shows how a small but detectable curl free potential can be created from interference patterns passing through shielded barriers....a tapered cavity is necessary for thrust production.

So there is a macroquantum resonance - superconductance - with general relativity Inertia from an asymmetric Casimir effect  (more details on this in the second section of this blogbook). more Unruh waves [resonant quantum vacuum frequency as information momentum] are allowed at the wide end, leading to a greater inertial mass for the photons there, and to conserve momentum the cavity must move towards its narrow end, as observed. The Unruh waves as asymmetric information resonance of the quantum vacuum: Make the acceleration very small indeed, and some of these quantum vacuum wavelengths become longer than the size of the observable universe, effectively cutting them off thereby lowering spacetime inertia. NASA’s ‘impossible’ EM Drive works: German researcher confirms and it can take us to the Moon in just 4 HOURS. here


What happens in the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness resonance training is that water (hydron) is split by the ultrasound-infrasound

Noise-assisted "pure dephasing" on right for quantum coherence

nonlinear quantum beating aka the Quantum Goldilocks Effect as the secret to beat the quantum noise limit:

Between these two extremes is a Goldilocks zone were vibrations are just right for quantum transport (p. 295, emphasis in original)....This "quantum beat" showed that the exciton wasn't taking a single route through the chlorophyll maze but was instead following multiple routes simultaneously. These alternative routes act a bit like the pulsed notes of the almost in-tune guitar: they generate beats [undertone and overtone harmonics] when they are nearly the same length. Life on the Edge, p. 125...the chlorophyll molecules ....vibrate at slightly different frequencies: they are slightly out of tune....to be tuned to exploit quantum interference to inhibit inefficient wasteful energy routes....So as well as guiding photosynthesis, noise appears also be involved in boosting enzyme action....the engines of life that have made every single molecule inside every cell of very living creature on our planet. Life on the Edge, pp. 303-5.

Meditator brain on right - gamma increase

So in qigong training the water is split through this quantum beating so that the electron and proton energy can then, just like a plant in photosynthesis splits the carbon dioxide, to make the proton energy for the mitochondria driving our cells. In fact there's a joke because the Greeks callled them "dirty Pythgoreans" (see the book Essenes and Pythagoreans) because the public baths were avoided: water is such a powerful transductor of energy that shamans do not want to bath in an area that is shared. Once the pineal gland is fully open this process of energy transfer is also nearly 100% efficient with the pineal gland directly taking in cosmic solar energy. 

 ...because of mitochondria, complex cells have nearly 200,000 times as much energy per gene, setting the stage for larger genomes and unfettered evolution....With age, mitochondrial mutations accumulate. Elsewhere, Dr. Lane has pointed to research showing that variants in a single mitochondrial gene halved the prospect of being

Proton spin is noncommutative time-frequency

hospitalized for age-related disease in patients who have them, and doubled the prospect of living to 100....The protons fall through the spinning protein, converting that energy into a useful form for the cell, analogous to a water wheel....Life harnessed this natural proton dynamic, Dr. Lane claims: Proton gradients must be a “universal property of life in the cosmos.” Nick Lane, July 2015 “The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life”

 In Taoism the word qi or chi also means breath as spirit just as in the West the word conspiracy, a la F.W. Schelling, stems from conspirare and conspiro and spiritus - harmonic breath and spirit. So I call this secret connection the consciousness conspirachi because the infinite spiral of Perfect Fifths is the secret of Taoist alchemy also just as it's the secret of Pythagorean alchemical harmonics in the West - Qigong Master Michael Winn confirms this source:pdf link

 But the fifth is a given of the Chinese pentatonic scale (possibly symbolized by five dots in the center) and is omnipresent in Daoist cosmology as the first female (2) and first male (3) number, as cited previously in verse 42 of the Daodejing.

Infinite Perfect 5th as Tai Chi Tetrad


infinite spiral of fifths as non-commutative time-frequency

both the Pythagorean Tetrad and the Tai Chi are based on noncommutative time-frequency consciousness, a secret that has been deeply covered up. So combined together they are the consciousness conspirachi. As one reviewer commented:


Yet "spira" also means "coil" or "spiral".

People might take "con-spiracy" to mean "breathe together" - but imagine a spiral with many "con" ("with") "spira" ("coil") along a spiral path all leading to a single point - a common task or goal - "the point" - so, "coming to the point".

This is why I see "con-spiracy" to mean "with the spiral" and "spira" meaning coil.

This coil is the dragon snake spiral of Taoist and Pre-Socratic geomancy - Pythagoras literally means "Snake-master" as in kundalini-master. See below for further details.

Gnostic Greek Orphic Pythagorean serpent spiral geomancy cosmic energy

Between heaven and earth, they say, there is perfect harmony. Now, 3 is the emblem of heaven, 2 is the symbol of earth. If two sounds are in the proportion of 3 to 2 [the perfect fifth interval], they will harmonise perfectly as heaven and earth. All the tubes were cut on the same principle, … The lüs [notes] were divided into two classes, the yang lüs and the yin lüs… Everything in Nature belongs to one of these two grand categories, from whose combinations and reciprocal action results all that exists or takes place in the universe.” J.A. Van Aalst, Chinese Music (Shanghai: Chinese Imperial Customs Service, 1933), p. 8.

Solar/Lunar kundalini 3rd Eye pineal gland

This is why the number 9 is the number of growth in Taoism as the noncommutative yin-yang resonance of 2:3:4 and for Pythagoreans the number 1 is not a number (the secret reason why the capstone of the Pyramid is the All-Seeing-Eye). The I-thought, as the number 1, is the resonating Logos as the Tetrad or 1:2:3:4 and can be logically inferred to lead to formless awareness consciousness, through internal listening as complementary opposite resonance. 

 The first observation to be made is about the statements “harmonious sound is formless” (hesheng wu xiang) and “sound lacks constancy” (yinsheng wu chang), both of which point to two types of phenomena and both of which reveal JI Kang's


Kepler's Pythagorean 3 in 1 Tetrad-Tai Chi

reverence for Daoist naturalism....Thus, we see yet again in JI Kang’s thought an adherence to Daoist principles of universal harmony through quiet non-deliberation (wuwei) as seen in Laozi's notion that “the highest note cannot be heard” and Zhuangzi’s preference for “patterning oneself after heaven.”....  one could even argue that music is not comprised of sound at all, for if we are to follow the logic of Zhuangzi, all sounds are a form of natural music (breath) whose notation and composition lies beyond the comprehensive capacity of the human mind....JI Kang believes that the five tones (wu yin) [from the Perfect Fifth/Fourth as yang/yin] came into being through the natural realm of heaven and earth and that there is one unchanging essence.

Musical Naturalism in the Thought of Ji Kang David Chai 2009

  The Orphic Cosmic-Egg Snake is, according to the amazing book The Origins of European Thought: About the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time, and Fate by Richard Broxton Onians, Cambridge University Press, 1951: pp. 118-122 - Pythagorean alchemy secrets of the consciousness conspirachi from 5th C. BCE!

  "begotten by a wind...a breath-soul...harmony...drawn from the whole body...gathers in the spinal marrow...most of it flows from the head...a Pythagorean quoted, 'that the

All-Seeing-Eye as Pythagorean Tai Chi-Tetrad Pyramid Power

seed....generative water of the marrow [aka cerebrospinal fluid].... that breathes through the reproductive organ.... is a drop of the brain containing in itself warm vapour....the union of the two serpents represent the life complete by the union of the male and female'.... (googlebook)



to put the above Pythagorean alchemical secret of the consciousness conspirachi into quantum biology terms:Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 

A magnetosonic wave: solar polar regions experience 

vastly stronger current densities

Metabolic pumping will excite macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids as well as cellular membranes (which typically have an enormous electric field of some 107V/m across them). The excited molecules/membranes will vibrate at various characteristic frequencies resulting from the coupling of electrical displacements to mechanical deformations. This eventually builds up into collective modes (coherent excitations) of both electromechanical oscillations (phonons, or sound waves in solid medium) and electromagnetic radiations (photons) that extend over macroscopic distances within the organism and perhaps also outside the organism.

short documentary on the sonoluminscence pistol shrimp - a claw that produces an air bubble sound so loud it reaches the temperature of the sun with a flash of light of the sun and stuns fish at a distance of 6 feet

Infinite spiral of fifths as Yuan Qi Feng Shui Dragon energy


As Qigong Master Michael Winn states: pdf link

Another alchemical interpretation of verse 42 [Tao Te Ching] is that the Numbers One, Two, and Three refer to the yuan jing [electrochemical], yuan qi [electromagnetic], and yuan shen [laser holographic spirit] of the primal cosmogony....This may point us to the more ancient hetu Dragon Number diagram as the most likely source for verse 42, and its use of musical ratios.

Slow-mo of 100 mph pistol shrimp, negative pressure, heat and light of the sun video


A mentor of mine, a very old Taoist master, was friends with the late Joseph Campbell, who was an adviser to George Lucas, and they discussed the movies together.

My mentor revealed that prior to the last three movies, a group of Taoists guided Lucas away from the Campbellism of the earlier three, and so the later movies more accurately portray the ways of the Taoist schools of cultivation, but that the earlier ones are better at portraying some of the training methods.Steve Gray on the Tao of Star Wars

Cavitation-Induced Fusion aka Sonofusion: Proof of Concept pdf 2012 And Oxford spin-off First Light Fusion says their new

Spacetime quantum vacuum resonance as sonofusion

asymmetric geometry design is the key insight to achieving sonofusion energy. High frequency sound as phonons are quantum mechanical non-commutative Yuan Qi energy. sound is stranger than we think!

 The study is the first ever to prove that acoustic phonons - the elemental particles that transmit both heat and sound - have magnetic properties.

"This adds a new dimension to our understanding of acoustic waves," said Joseph Heremans, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Nanotechnology and professor of mechanical engineering at Ohio State. "We've shown that we can steer heat magnetically. With a strong enough magnetic field, we should be able to steer sound waves, too."

People might be surprised enough to learn that heat and sound have anything to do with each other, much less that either can be controlled by magnets, Heremans acknowledged. But both are expressions of the same form of energy, quantum mechanically speaking. So any force that controls one should control the other....Therefore, being able to control heat conduction at will could have an enormous impact on energy production, though, obviously, applications of this emergent concept are still quite a way in the future. The Nanor - youtube - new cold fusion

Noncommutative Time-Frequency is to Hear the Time of the Heart

acoustic cavitation energy from M.I.T.  and Frank Znidarsic says unlike static electricity, the magnetic force is NOT conserved and is the secret to sonofusion - magnetogravity alchemy ("A magnetogravity wave is an acoustic gravity wave" and "magnetic fields involve the exchange of 'virtual' photons"). So then light (Yuan Shen) is the

Shaolin qigong masters inspired Star Wars


complementary opposite to sound phonons (Yuan Qi) just as frequency is the inverse to time. What Znidarsic rediscovered is the noncommutative time-frequency acoustic cavitation of sound into light from the infinite spiral of fifths alchemy secret conspirachi:

 The quantum transition (quantum jump), which so mystified and frustrated Einstein and many great quantum physicists, is the result of a classical impedance match – a match that allows energy to flow directly without resistance within the atomic structure - when the velocity of light in the outer electronic orbitals of the atom equals the velocity of sound within its nucleus, i.e., 1.094 million metres per second, and energy transfer can take place with 100 percent efficiency. The 100 efficient process emits one photon, not a series of progressively smaller photons that would be emitted by less efficient non-impedance matched system.[and] here Cold Fusion/LENR as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of the Nuclear Strong Force (aka Spin Orbit Force), and also accounts for Antigravity as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of the Gravitational Force. This amplification occurs when a BEC-Superconductor State is achieved in a system vibrated at a dimensional frequency of 1.094 megahertz-meters.

now being marketed here - the Nanor from Jet Energy (M.I.T.)

Pyramid power pineal gland stargate

The Resonance Project unifiying plasma and black holes:  pdf:  "We define these specific states as an “acouston”. Acoustons can carry charge, unlike phonons. Sometimes these excitations are termed excitons....However, there is no reasonable manner to account for the existence of collective coherent phenomena, such as plasmons, phonons, acoustons, and excitons in apparent “free space.” In order to account for such phenomena, one needs to consider the origin of phonons and other coherent states in conventional physics. Such states normally arise in lattice structures which are set into vibratory modes, for example, sound phonon vibrations in structured or crystalline matter. Thereafter, by pursuing this manner of reasoning we can only conclude that, since these collective coherent states arise in the vicinity of a black hole, that the space in this region acts as a lattice structure."

"the origin of phonons" is noncommutative time-frequency consciousness!


Self-amplifying phonon Black Hole quantum gravity resonance 



 Quantum mini-black hole self-amplifies phonon energy 2014:

 A single phonon is too weak to observe, but the phonons inside the black hole bounce back and forth between the inner and outer horizons, triggering the creation of more Hawking phonons each time, much like a laser amplifies light. Physicists call this effect a black hole laser....“The Hawking radiation exponentially grows, it self-amplifies,” Steinhauer says. As this BBC youtube explains, Hawking Radiation proves black holes recycle the anti-matter back into matter

astrophysicist Janna Levin gives a youtube talk on the soundtrack of black holes - black holes may be heard but  not seen.


Stephen Hawking describes black holes like this: there are no black hole singularities

 matter would be only temporarily held behind the apparent horizon, which would gradually move inward owing to the pull of the black hole, but would never quite crunch down to the centre. Information about this matter would not destroyed, but would be highly scrambled so that, as it is released through Hawking radiation, it would be in a vastly different form, making it almost impossible to work out what the swallowed objects once were....Hawking compares it to trying to forecast the weather ahead of time: in theory it is possible, but in practice it is too difficult to do with much accuracy.

"...more involved type of noncommutativity removes the problem of the singularity in a Schwarzschild black hole." oh Indeed this is what the qigong masters do! The original qigong master had to predict the weather 10 days in advance correctly, many times, in order to be certified as an international qigong master by the Chinese government. Qigong masters use sonofusion alchemy to travel through black holes and to see the future!how science explains it. Now let's turn to quantum physics to explain how precognition is really possible - what's the secret?  

quantum drum non-commutative time-frequency


Superconducting Superposition: quantum drum

Since quantum phase is not directly observable the new quantum drum youtube video is being created for quantum superposition computer memory. This was the Science Breakthrough of the Year video describing the quantum drum as the breathing like inhaling and exhaling (at the same time)....in other words the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness

conspirachi. Quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf says "Mind is more fundamental than energy...what we perceive as energy is coming from mind as consciousness....a mind field which pervades the whole universe....Time is the whole kit and kaboodle...." The end of the video has the scientists saying "in principle you can be in two places at once" and also "you can walk through walls." pdf tuning nanosound into quantum resonance

Qigong master Sifu Ho Fatt Nam said his senior classmate could walk through walls.


and qigong master Wang Liping was witnessed walking through a wall!

Wang Liping

 On more than one occasion, my teacher told us an experience he had with Wang Li Ping in China. He asked about enlightenment and how one really can know if they're enlightened. Sherfu Wang was silent. Suddenly he stood up and left the room, locking door behind him. A moment later he walked back in the room, passing right through the wall as if it didn't even exist. My teacher's jaw dropped as Sherfu calmly and simply explained that when you are enlightened you are truly one with your environment; not just intellectually or spiritually, but totally.

  "With a quantum drum, however, you can not only make the drumhead move up and then down, but also make it into a 'quantum superposition', in which the drum head is both moving up and moving down at the same time ", says research group leader Dr. Gary Steele. 2014

quantum drum laser superposition memory video

A quantum drum has become the first visible object to be put into a superposition of quantum states.

The drum beats at one frequency (rate) and four different amplitude energies at the same time,

It's actually 4 different drums with quantum entangled frequencies, synchronized


Klein Bottle quantum-relativity wormhole tunneling



Noncommutative time-frequency drumheads whose shape you can't hear





A disclaimer: what the secret is not! Bursting peoples' mind-controlled bubbles. Feb. 2016 publication: Here we describe a new high-pressure spherical resonator system in the range of 100,000 K. bubble clusters enable amplification of energy produced Listening to Holographic Noise.

Lydon LaRouchites worship Plato symmetric math 



O.K. before we can go on we need to post some clarifiers (or caveats) in order to deprogram people from the mass mind control that is out there on the interwebs. Again this is why this subject is a conspirachi! The issue is time in the West, since Plato, gets

New Age "consciousness frequencies" all assume symmetric math!

translated into symmetric visual wavelength or phase geometry. It's assumed that time measures the movement of some visual material in a material medium. Listening to time gets translated to a visual perception that is symmetric. The Orthodox Pythagoreans in contrast practiced 9 years of silence, only based on the Tetrad - 1:2:3:4. So all this other stuff using fancy math is fake. Frequency as a concept is based on symmetric wavelength - as is Hertz. Noncommutative time-frequency consciousness even goes against those basic concepts (frequency, Hertz, wavelength) that people take for granted in the West. The secret is not 432 Hertz or 528 Hertz or some fundamental F note, etc. But rather it's the alchemical application of this principle, stating in my 2000 master's thesis Epicenters of Justice:

Biosonics focus on Nitric Oxide

as yin-yang Perfect 4th/5th music healing

 The Perfect 5th -Stress Reduction in Under 30 Seconds

and BioSonics, Stress Science, and Nitric Oxide1Literature Review pdf

As arising from the Diapason or Tai Ch'i of the Wu Chi (the void), Beaulieu comments, "the fourth and fifth work together as yin and yang...The fifth and the fourth are the basis for the 1-4-5 chordal progressions found throughout music of all cultures."

John Beaulieu, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, (Barrytown, NY: Station Hill Press, 1987) p. 47. While the chords are not inherently universal the intervals are. John Beaulieu Evolver learning lab 1 1/2 hr vimeo vid. "How Sound Heals" 2015

Another "music consciousness frequency" model is from the Rosicrucians. The concept is just to transpose the frequencies up 40 octaves or to cover the 80 total octaves of energy. But in quantum physics the key factor is that the higher the frequency means the smaller the time scale and yet due to relativity, the higher frequency means the larger the time scale. This is why the energy is noncommutative - as the real model of music theory - noncomutative time-frequency consciousness - as  a conspirachi. I will go into more details about this quantum relativity analysis in the next section. But for now remember that time-frequency uncertainty is from noncommutative complementary opposite resonance:

the gravitational contributions are extremely tiny, since they represent only a minute uncertainty in the normal energy balance (called upon only when the quantum state reduces according to OR [orchestrated reduction]), this balance thereby holding to an enormous precision, by virtue of gravitational energy contributions necessarily being ignored, as is normal practice. Indeed,

Gravitational Waves are measured by quantum entanglement

we say in Section 5.1 of our review: “Owing to the extreme weakness of gravitational forces … the energy EGEG is liable to be far   smaller than any energy that arises directly from biological processes. … EGEG is not to be thought of as being in direct competition with any of the usual biological energies, as it plays a completely different role, supplying a needed energy uncertainty that then allows a choice to be made between the separated space–time geometries … .Penrose and Hameroff reply to commentaries on quantum consciousness

Plato infamously stated in Timaeus 37d, "time is the image of eternity." But guess what? You can't see time! You can listen to its origin though and logically infer the connection to consciousness and frequency (energy). Plato was relying, in Timaeus, in the harmonics of Archytas to define time - a "divide and average" attempt to contain infinite by geometry.  Lead into gold: the

science of finding nothing (2003) by philosophy of science sociology professor H.M. Collins puts his in depth analysis of gravitational wave detection into broader scientific context. Collins points out the detection is dependent on the consenually agreed "upper limit" of a mathematical negative result, a deductive axiom going back to the Pythagorean Theorem, based on logical induction, not logical inference. The logical induction is dependent on the technology doing the measurements thereby alchemically turning lead into gold. This is why there is no "pure" math and time is converted to symmetric geometry even though there is a

technological diminishing rate of return as asymmetric entropy. Such mainstream science standards are then the reason why paranormal and quantum consciousness analysis is rejected. 

For example Collins is critiqued  because, while paranormal research holds up to the methodology of science, "the actual existence of the phenomena" is only measured by "the consequences of the paranormal" which

Gravitational Waves from two rotating masses

"pale into insignificance when compared to the consequences of science." Note how these consequences are valued equally whether good or bad, by the scientists who rather blatantly admit that "truth" is not the issue but instead raw power of the technological results. Neutron fusion is how gold really is created from the lighter elements.

Deleuze' analysis of Stoic time


Kannon in Japan, Quanyin Inner Sound Heart Buddha

No one really knows what time is (except the Pre-Socratics knew non-commutative time-frequency was consciousness just as Kronos means consciousness and Chronos means time). Chronos was the Orphic name for, according to Pythagoras, the serpent psyche of the Universe, derived from "Time Unbounded" in Iranian Zurvan philosophy - Chronos Aion.  Aion was the "procreative fluid with which psyche was identified, the spinal marrow believed to take serpent form." (Hamlet's Mill citing Onians). The classicist Richard Broxton Onians documents the Pythagoreans defining the heart as "the breath that was consciousness in the chest." (you can't see consciousness but it kept the heart alive, beating). So we can see here that time is very much subjectively defined by the Pre-Socratics as psyche or soul-consciousness, yet as Hamlet's Mill notes, "these are timeless ideas which still live today in ophidic cults and in the 'kundalini' of Indian yoga." (p. 189)

noncommutative time-frequency vortex


Westerners tried to translate the heart beat into, no longer a syncopated rhythm that you listen to, but rather the heart beat as the symmetric "second" measured as wavelength distance! Cosmologist Lee Smolin and Philosopher Roberto Mangabeira Unger have co-authored The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time (2015), a new book to address this problem of time in the West.

optical -light-matter engineering

And in his 2013 bestseller, Time Reborn, he argued that time is real and nothing transcends it, not even the laws of nature....Strikingly, Smolin believes the reinstatement of time has implications for our daily lives. “If the flow of time is not an illusion, it makes our lives more precious and valuable,” he says....Unger...says the root of human experience is “groundlessness – astonishment that we exist, that the world exists, and that the world and our situation in it are the way they are rather than another way”.... an exploration of the global, irreversible and continuous attributes of time, followed by an analysis of proto-ontological assumptions

Kwanyin, Inner sound Buddha


spacetime vortex beams

In the West we always just translate music into a visual measurement of time - into symmetric wavelength. For example Fourier analysis is all based on symmetric math. So it's not just that it's noncommutative geometry aka "space-space non-commutativity" that is the issue but that it's noncommutative time as well. Yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal calls it moving from spacetime to "timespace" as Mouna (silence) samadhi This means only listening can achieve the goal of the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi because technology measurement is inherently limited by noncommutative time-frequency. There is no such thing as autonomous technology. So it's a special special kind of listening (Ramana Maharshi called it "mouna samadhi" or silence samadhi) that creates light, or a process of logical inference of the source of the I-thought. It's an eternal process of listening - the consciousness is listening to us, listening to it! It's Tuning to the Infinite. I get into those details in the end of the article (or


Guanyin Inner Sound Buddha 1000 arms compassion

blogbook) about the right side of the heart as the pin hole for the source of Yuan Qi as formless awareness (aka protoconsciousness). "According to Zhang's indirect mode of interpretation qi was Formless (wu xing)." googlebook

"Primordial qi (Yuan qi)....is the state of qi before it split into yin and yang. It is the original, undifferentiated, formless, invisible qi." Nothingness in Asian Philosophy (2014) googlebook

For 20 years Wim Hof has mastered the secret of deep breathing trance free energy

O.K. another example -  fractals are based - de facto - on logarithmic symmetric math. And Nature does not actually have any perfect fractals (as quantum chaos mathematician Steven Strogatz has confirmed). Strictly speaking any real fractal in Nature, as opposed to idealized mathematical fractals, are not truly inexhaustible, but only approximately fractal. Fractals, in other words, are a "Platonic ideal" of the symmetric mathematics - well-produced by computers and therefore very much not part of the "real" world of ecology or of the cosmos. There has been a strange philosophy foisted on people - unexpectedly - the idea that all of the natural cosmos exists within the creation of western mathematics! This is a crazy idea - it's called "reification" by psychologists. First of all there's no "pure"

engineering microbeads with light

mathematics - read my article I link about the secret music origin of math as disharmony. Scientists, like Ian Stewart, literally think that Western math contains the Universe and - this is the pathology behind fractals and the misled concept that infinity is a materialistic external measurement (i.e. his book title is "Taming the Infinite." and his overview of math history book is subtitled: "A History of  Symmetry"). So, for example, quantum noncommutative time-frequency has to be converted to the symmetric Poisson Bracket math, as Stewart explains. Fractals are cool to be sure but they're pretty much reliant on computers. Quantum physics has already dis-proven this external measurement using technology -

3D spacetime arises from quantum entanglement (focus of next section)

that's what uncertainty means and it is based on noncommutative time-frequency! But people learn classical physics first in high school - which is wrong as the foundation of science - and so people are easily misled by the fractal propaganda. For example the newly discovered gravity waves are only measured by using quantum entanglement! Gravity causes the "collapse" of quantum entanglement. It is quantum entanglement that "listens" to spacetime gravity waves: Spacetime arises from quantum entanglement (see next section for more details).



"For very heavy particles, for particles that are ultra relativistic or for states with a high number of excitations (i.e., N00N states, which have already been employed to greatly enhance estimation of parameters due to their “high” quantum nature), one could hope to increase the above result by several orders of magnitude," Bruschi writes. "This could in principle make the effect measurable." The effect would be manifested as gravitational waves, in which the motion of massive objects cause space-time ripples to propagate outward as periodic distortions in, yes, time and space itself. Does Quantum Entanglement Distort Gravity? VICE January 11, 2015

And Gravitational waves: what breakthroughs can we expect next?

Another dream is to glimpse gravitational waves that might carry the imprint of the quantum fluctuation proposed as the “trigger” that fired the Big Bang....gravity waves, if they were

"beads on a stick" gravitational waves

produced in sufficient amounts, will decouple from everything else, and will carry the imprint of what was responsible for the creation. Was it a quantum fluctuation? Is the whole universe a quantum fluctuation? And what is the nature of a quantum fluctuation?” said Professor Sathyprakash.

Also chaos math, like fractals, relies on symmetric commutative math. Western science, as Henri Poincare, the father of chaos physics, emphasized, is all based on variations from the sine-wave. The square-wave, triangle wave, and complex wave-forms reduced to the sine-wave by Fourier transforms.

The problem with sine-waves by fourier transforms is that the transistion between partial frequencies can not be connected by using only sine-waves. So the Fourier analysis of only sine-waves must be converted back to differential equations of many orders. These equations are symmetric with asymmetric results while Pythagorean natural resonance has asymmetric equations with symmetric results. That's the key difference. Anyway this problem of conversion of nonlinear sine-waves was at the heart of systems theory bioengineering (the AI movement after WWII with CIA-funded New Age guru Gregory Bateson as the founder of social science systems).

E. Lorenz then verified the chaos science of Henri Poincare in Lorenz' computer analysis of weather. Basically any nonlinear equations of three variables with one parameter being infinite (time) guarantees chaos science. (the whole butterfly analogy but better yet after 5 million years the Solar System goes Chaos). Chaos science is by far the norm for Nature yet all engineering has tried, up till now, to "disappear" any nonlinear deterministic equations with random results.

The next generation of "sine-wave only" analysis in science is called "the wavelets" of chaos science -- just the same as Fourier transformations but the sine-wave changes size with the fractal scale of the nonlinear dynamics. To analyze these equations the logic of computers has to be relied upon. Chaos mathematician Steve Strogatz used Los Alamos supercomputers to realize the "universality" of the twisted scroll ring aka the double torus or the klein bottle.

This topology is of 4 dimensions of space which can not be visualized yet the "linking rate" has to be zero -- in other words the spiral of the topology has to perfectly line up.  It's been discovered that, for example, heart arrhythmia, a chaotic condition killing hundreds of thousands every year, is actually because of the loss of the Klein Bottle topology: the twisted scroll ring loses its sine-wave form.

OK a moebius strip is made by twisted a stip of paper while turning it in a ring -- it's two dimensions but only one-sided. The torus is a three dimensional moebius strip (think twisted donut) and the double torus is a 4-dimensional moebius strip (think you can not visualize this so time to get "spiritual")  The same loss of 4-dimensional sine-wave form causes cancer. Cancer comes from the time-cycle of the mitochondria, the power source of cells, becoming out of sync and nonlinear synchronization is created through this doube torus topology. The most important topology in Nature, as Dr. Damadian, the inventor of the M.R.I. machine, realized, is the tetrahedral quantum chaos dynamic of water.

The New Scientist magazine, 08 April 2006, featured this "quantum elixir" magic of water by Robert Matthews: "Put bluntly, you owe your existence to quantum effects in water that make even the wackiest New Age ideas seem ho-hum....Even if the universe itself froze over and its temperature plunged to absolute zero, zero-point vibrations would still be going strong, propelled by energy from empty space." Because of the pyramid-power structure -- again the twisted scroll ring or tetrahedral sine-wave chaos of 4 dimensions -- water has its magical qualities that actually go against entropy as its volume increases!! How does this work? Bucky Fuller figured it out. The Tetrahedron Pyramid is made of 4 equilateral triangles which are each made of two 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangles.  The Tetrahedron Pyramid is also the full-lotus yoga position. Marsilio Ficino discovered that the 3-4-5 triangle (two of which make an equilateral triangle) was the secret to Plato's philosophy and this "daemonic mathematics" (see the book "Natural Particulars," MIT Press, 2004) was spread throughout Europe by the Medici Dynasty as the foundation of the Renaissance. 


So what I'm talking about with noncommutative time-frequency consciousness is much simpler and yet much more radical: quantum physics is actually the foundation of Western science now - despite the fractal craze out there. O.K. so also on the - cymatics - yeah if you read Hans Jenny's book on cymatics - which I have - he says in the end of the book that in fact it's all

derived from the Pythagorean Tetrad as the source of the cymatics. Alright I can't find it now but I remember reading that and infinite frequency and time are from the Pythagorean Tetrad. So Jeff Volk, who is the "cymatics" expert, details how chaos emerges more frequently in the harmonic structures as the frequency of the harmonic series, rational numbers (actually Hertz) increases, citing another cymatic researcher Alexander Lauterwasser :

Kuan Yin Inner Sound Buddha Compassion, Putuo Mountain


 At a critical pitch, the sample dissolves into chaos, only to re-configure into a higher order of complexity as the tone continues to ascend. This process of chaos and re-integration continues as the frequency ascends, while the periods of chaos become shorter in duration and arise at more frequent intervals.

O.K. even though this is chaos - it's still based on a symmetric analysis, despite being non-linear. Chaos math is still based on symmetric logistic equations. I actually made this error in my master's thesis (the same error the cymatics people make since they evoke the yin-yang dynamics along with chaos math). So it took me years to deprogram myself - and so by me pointing out these errors now hopefully I can save people a lot of time. I explain that error in more detail in my "Devil's Interval" article here. Another good example of this Pythagorean harmonics that doesn't use the

Barbara Hero's musical harmonics as physical dimensions

non-commutative time-frequency - and therefore it is fake Pythagorean harmonics, is the work of Barbara Hero - she's continued on doing very similar kind of analysis of Hans Jenny; she works by a process of translating length to frequencies which can then be translated to musical notes. See what just happened there?

There is no conspiracy against your pet claim about cosmic consciousness. All you have to do is provide verifiable evidence to back up your claim. -- Captain Mandrake, Dec. 2009

Time as noncommutative Klein Bottle: Kala as Kali

Our universe has NO beginning and stretches out infinitely like the Klein bottle.  There is NO big Bang as this requires a place to bang it from.   Rather it is inhalation and exhalation. ...We call it INHALATION and EXHALATION –like in a KLEIN bottle....In Hinduism the concept is INHALATION/ EXHALATION like in the Klein bottle -- Captain Ajit Vadakayil, July 2014

The problem is the New Age community (which is supervised by the CIA-Freemasons, this is part of the conspirachi!) again has translated this cymatics into logarithmic math without realizing that they are covering up noncommutative time-frequency resonance! These supposed Pythagorean harmonics completely ignore non-commutative time-frequency even though it is more fundamental than Heisenberg Uncertainty in terms of quantum physics. It's a Quantum Conspiracy! youtube lecture (Ron Garret argues entanglement is just an illusion of measurement).  To quote wiki: 


their motion is smeared out in a strange way: the Fourier transform of its time dependence only involves those frequencies that could be observed in the quantum jumps of their radiation. ...Heisenberg realized that the non-commutativity implies the uncertainty principle....Thus, the uncertainty principle actually states a fundamental property of quantum systems, and is not a statement about the observational success of current technology." 

O.K. noncommutative time-frequency establishes quantum uncertainty as consciousness entanglement! See below for more details. But NASA physicist Menfas Kafatos has been a long researcher on this topic - his nonduality talk on youtube 2014 And that is still based on

technology and so it's still limited - it's just much better at exposing the "rotten root" that goes back to Plato. Quantum physics is dialectically the opposite extreme of Orthodox Pythagorean (and Taoist) philosophy. There's a LOT of fake Pythagorean disinfo on the interwebs (details below), that's a start on the deprogramming. I go into that problem in more detail in my article, Devil's Interval and the Pre-Established Disharmony of Western Science.

noncommutative spacetime holonoise



But wait - what about Holographic Noise? Craig Hogan pdf link has devised this brilliant experiment: "Holographic uncertainty can also be derived directly from the requirement that black hole evaporation obeys quantum mechanical unitarity."

The new idea we are testing states that positions (and time) are not precisely defined. When you measure the location of an object in two directions at the same time, the measurements have extra jitter....We are seeking to measure a possible very slight random wandering of

transverse position. This "holographic noise" could be caused by a new quantum uncertainty of space-time....Similarly, we can say that space-time itself is "emergent" from a fundamentally quantum system.  

That sounds pretty good but notice it's a test of Heisenberg Uncertainty - so that "Holographic noise is constant at all frequencies" and "At such high frequencies, photon shot noise is dominant." So they convert it to symmetric averages and it doesn't get at the non-commutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachiSure enough just today the results are in! 

 It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.

It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-holometer-theory-space-time.html#jC

It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-holometer-theory-space-time.html#jC

It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-holometer-theory-space-time.html#jCp

It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-holometer-theory-space-time.html#jCp

It also proves that if this quantum jitter exists, it is either much smaller than the Holometer can detect, or is moving in directions the current instrument is not configured to observe.


Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-holometer-theory-space-time.html#jCp

Now let's focus on someone who did figure out the secret!



Simple Resonance Hierarchy for Surmounting

Quantum Uncertainty from Richard L. Amoroso

The Law of Phase Harmony: a quantum/relativistic noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi


Since Einstein had discovered that light, previously thought of as a wave, could now be a particle, de Broglie reasoned why could not electrons, thought of as particles, now be a wave? Most people think of Louis de Broglie (pronounced de-broy) as having discovered the wave nature of matter (Nobel Prize, 1929, deduced as follows):

 De Broglie noted that one natural occurring phenomenon had
energy level that were quantized [a music string with certain wavelengths]:

standing wave. So, maybe the quantization of angular momentum could be explained if the electron was considered to be a standing wave. For the “orbit” of the electron to be a standing wave, the ends of the waves must

But de Broglie did something much more profound. Quantum physicist de Broglie rediscovered this noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi when he analyzed Einstein's relativity principle: as energy increases in frequency based on relativity then time dilates and slows down but this violates the Law of Pythagoras stating the frequency is inverse to time as wavelengthA Wave Structure of Matter website states:

De Broglie noted that relativity theory predicts that, when such a particle is set in motion, its total relativistic energy will increase, tending to infinity as the speed of light is approached.

Likewise, the period of the internal phenomenon assumed to be associated with the particle will also increase (due to time dilation). Since period and frequency are inversely related [Law of Pythagoras], a period increase is equivalent to a decrease of frequency and, hence, of the energy given by the quantum relation hf. It was this apparent incompatibility between the tendency of the relativistic energy to increase and the quantum energy to decrease that troubled de Broglie.

The manner in which de Broglie resolved this apparent contradiction is the subject of the famous 1923 Comptes rendus note [Comptes rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, vol. 177, pp. 507-510 (1923)].

de Broglie pilot wave guiding the particle is red dot phase velocity, green dot group velocity is particle

When Antony Valentini encountered the de Broglie-Bohm pilot-wave theory, he says, “It gave a beautiful explanation for this conspiracy.” A "quantum heretic" physics professor is working with a Cambridge physicist on explaining the origin of the universe by the pilot wave and Valentini responds again

Q: So what is that wave made of?


A: It's not like ordinary matter.

Q: OK then, is it an abstraction?

A: No, it's more like a new kind of physical entity.

See video of "Through the Wormhole" cable show on the de Broglie pilot wave! Antony Valentini in his published "Pilot-wave theory of fields, gravitation and cosmology" (2013), googlebook link

There seems to be a 'conspiracy' between relativity and quantum theory whereby uncertainty noise prevents one from using subquantum nonlocality for practical signalling. Why should the nonlocality be hidden this way? A physics whose coherence rests on such a peculiar conspiracy can hardly be regarded as fundamental....The fundamental physics of pilot-wave dynamics may be, however, be clearly perceived only by a subquantum 'demon' whose senses are directly receptive to subquantum trajectories.

pistol shrimp shock wave noncommutative time-frequency sonoluminescence

Yes indeed - that demon is the 666 (Perfect Fifth 2/3) non-commutative time-frequency conspirachi!

Anyway so actually it's not that there's a "natural order of notes with ratios that make sense mathematically" (as one reviewer asked me after reading this article). But actually that Western math does not make sense because it assumes a geometrically symmetric materialistic infinity! That is much more difficult to accept. But the reason it doesn't make sense is due to Quantum Uncertainty arising from time-frequency noncommutative ratios which are infinite as a listening process. Antony Valentini is arguing that in the early Universe this quantum uncertainty did not exist but now it does. The truth is that Western science projects this "quantum



1st ever photo of light wavicles - March 2015

uncertainty" onto the external world it measures, thereby destroying the harmony of the Earth. If you understand that non-commutative is actually complementary opposites resonance not based on Western math, then it is no longer quantum uncertainty. The proof of non-local quantum correlations is well-accepted but if it was a "signal" then it would be a conspiracy. Physicists actually use the term conspiracy from John S. Bell's theorem proving that indeed quantum physics is based on non-local entanglement. Bell stated, "Apparently separate parts of the world would be deeply and conspiratorially entangled, and our apparent free will would be entangled with them." (1981). For physicists then the concept of "retrocausation" is a conspiratorial correlation and therefore not allowed by most. A long discussion by quantum physicists on why retrocausality is not considered truly non-local and therefore it is an unallowed conspiracy - or maybe not. As one physicist responds:  "I think I agree with everything you wrote about measurement being special in some thermodynamic sense, this being bound up with our sense of agency and macro-causality, etc. Obviously this is tricky stuff and nobody would claim to have a solid grasp on how it all fits together." This is why the harmony of the Earth has been destroyed! Even PBS NOVA is now presenting retrocausality as a feasible concept to unite quantum physics and relativity. Antony Valentini on "Through the Wormhole" - youtube 

NOVA cites this science article.

entanglement from the future!

Increasingly large objects are being put into superposition states, put into two places at at the same time. Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger has done this with large molecules containing seventy carbon atoms, football shaped “buckyballs.” He’s now setting up to do the same thing with mid-sized proteins and a virus. At a recent conference he was asked: “What’s the limit?” His answer: “Only budget.”Macroquantum entanglement is real!

George Lochak, in Louis de Broglie, The Wave-particle dualism: a tribute to

Louis de Broglie on his 90th Birthday, edited by Simon Diner, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1982, p. 4:

But in fact, the forgotten law of phase harmony, which is no longer quoted in textbooks,

constitutes the basis of the whole problem of wave-particle dualism and contains, in the opinion of de Broglie, the deep mystery which has to be solved in the first place if one is to understand quantum mechanics. De Broglie never considered that, in stating this law, he had given any explanation of wave-particle dualism: he only found an important formula which follows from the laws of relativity. But the question is: what property is hidden behind this formula? What is this mysterious balance between corpuscle and wave (similar to the balance between a surf-rider and the sea wave), which is expressed in the formula?”

 Or as one physicist Marco Pereira describes it with a proposed book title: The Flying Orchestra: The Theory of Everything

Pilot Wave guiding particle  - from the future

This means that the projected de Broglie time-traveling wavelength is zero when the relative velocity reaches the speed of light. Zero wavelengths means infinite energy is required to twist spacetime further.


'Fluid mechanics suggests alternative to quantum orthodoxy' - the dynamics of the pilot waves to the particles' trajectories. and another physicist e.p.j. (paul) de Haas states (pdf link):




This allows the interpretation of de Broglie's "Harmony of the Phases" as a "Principle of Equivalence" for Quantum Gravity....The Harmony of the Phases resulted in a super-luminous wave-velocity...but this was not in contradiction with the postulates of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity because the wave couldn’t carry energy....At first, these postulates were regarded as too fantastic to be true....In its rest-frame, the space around the particle is interpreted as an inertial field with an inertial energy and a connected inertial frequency i = 0. For the particle at rest, this inertial field is extended over the entire space so its density becomes infinitely small and can’t be measured. There is no wave-length because the frequency and the connected energy are homogeneously spread out over all of space....The connection of the particle to the wave and the connection of the gravitational mass to the inertial mass are coinciding problems. The key to the enigma of the particle-wave duality lies in de Broglie’s ”Harmony of the Phases”.

So from the analysis of de Haas we can infer that Bernard Haisch's "God Theory" also relies on de Broglie and it does:

There exists a background sea of quantum light filling the universe and that light generates a force that opposes acceleration when you push on any material object. That is why matter seems to be solid, stable stuff that we, and the world, are made of. So maybe matter resists acceleration not because it possesses some innate thing called mass as Newton proposed and we all believed, but because the zero-point field exerts a force whenever acceleration takes place. Bernard Haisch

On the relation between a zero-point-field-induced inertial effect and the Einstein-de Broglie formula pdf

Time Foliation quantum 2D holographic entanglement

according to de Broglie’s proposal, simply the vibrational energy (divided by c2) of a localized oscillating field (most likely the electromagnetic field). From this standpoint inertial mass is not an elementary property of a particle, but rather a property derived from the localized oscillation of the (electromagnetic) field. De Broglie described this equivalence between mass and the energy of oscillational motion. . . as ‘une grande loi de la Nature’ (a great law of nature).”...In such a view the quantum wave function of a moving free particle becomes a “beat frequency” produced by the relative motion of the observer with respect to the particle and its oscillating charge.

Haisch is actually citing Geoffrey Hunter's article: Electrons and Photons as Soliton-Waves googlebook review stating:


The answer is that the particle is always a (de Broglie) wave localized around its center of energy (mass) that we tend to regard it as a point particle.


Logically, de Broglie argued, due to relativity causing time to paradoxically expand or slow down, this has to mean there is a "double solution" to time - there has to be a "pilot wave" from the future which goes backwards in time and harmonizes with the time from the past. He called this the Law of Phase Harmony and he considered it the most important discovery ever. De Broglie was dismissed at first but now science acknowledges that quantum entanglement is the origin of spacetime itself - The Quantum Fabric of Space-Time - entanglement is beyond speed, space and time. 

 "Everything points in a really compelling way to space being emergent from deep underlying physics that has to do with entanglement,” says John Preskill, a theoretical physicist at Caltech.Sciencenews, "Gravity's Long-distance connection," Oct. 2015

 The quantum source of space-time 16 November 2015 Nature


 “The emergence of spacetime in the gravity picture is intimately related to the quantum entanglement … in the corresponding conventional quantum system,” Mark Van Raamsdonk of the University of British Columbia argued in a 2010 paper. “It is fascinating that the intrinsically quantum phenomenon of entanglement appears to be crucial for the emergence of classical spacetime geometry.”

Stanford lecture - how 3D spacetime arises from quantum entanglement - lecture youtube As Jeffrey David Wheatley in his Nature of Consciousness, the Structure of Reality puts it:

De Broglie stated a particle at rest has a confined pulse that beats in harmony with a spread out universal pulsation. All particles are

White Hole/Black Hole gamma ray burst

immersed in - and beat in unison with - that pulsation. The pulsation is simultaneous everywhere.

Entanglement is the process of time-frequency uncertainty based on non-commutative resonance. For example: Quantum entanglement in a non-commutative system


 the quantitative reduction of entanglement originating from non-commutative dynamics

and Noncommutative geometrical structures of entangled quantum states

 We show that the space of a pure entangled state is a noncommutative space.

It's difficult to envision how this is possible - there is a helpful animation analysis of the de Broglie "pilot wave" here but it does not capture this vid here entanglement of the universe as consciousness creating spacetime. Winterberg, Friedwardt. "Teichmüller space interpretation of quantum mechanics" (PDF). Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie 38 (2013) published in the de Broglie journal this description:

One positive mass Planck mass particle is in essence a small black hole with a space-time singularity at its center. But in the presence of negative masses this singularity can be avoided by Einstein-Rosen bridges (wormholes).

and this: Hypothesis of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Negative Mass

 In the world of positive mass, ground state is a point that energy is low, but in case of negative mass, ground state is a point that energy is the highest. Accordingly, in the world of negative mass, energy level is filled from the highest to the lowest, and stable state means the highest energy state, so the catastrophe to energy level of minus infinity never happens even if negative mass spontaneously emits energy.... Assuming that negative mass and positive mass were born together at the beginning of universe, it satisfies the various problems that previous dark matter and dark energy possess, such as, centripetal force effects of galaxy and galaxy clusters from

Effective negative mass is noncommutative Tai-Chi Tetrad

previous dark matters, mass effects that is proportional to the distance r, repulsive force needed for expansion, dark energy that has positive values, low interaction between dark matter when collision occurs between dark matter, deceleration expansion and acceleration expansion of universe, formation of void, in ation mechanism, fine tuning problem of mass density, collision of Bullet cluster, universe's age, universe's size, the reason of that dark energy seems to has a small and non-zero value.

and  "This cosmological analogue to solid-state soft phonons in an unstable crystal network is shown to produce cosmic acceleration while mimicking phantom equation of state." Dark Energy is phonons as

The vibrating "lattice" of the Universe is quantum entangled noncommutative time-frequency phonons

quantum negative pressure

Dark energy is normally attributed to a scalar wave:  "The most basic scalar field theory is the linear theory. Through the Fourier decomposition of the fields, it represents the normal modes of an infinity of coupled oscillators (see phonons)." and so inflation of the universe is also from phonons. ultra-early Universe phonon spectrum Princeton pdf 

the Wave Structure of Matter website describes it like this:

Gamma ray burst - black hole/white hole

 Further, and also critically importantly, the wave solutions are in pairs. This means that whenever the phase arrangements of intersecting plane waves produce an electron, they will also necessarily produce the opposite phase positron next to it (they will also have opposite spin states). This explains matter-antimatter pair production which is occurring everywhere in space all the time - because space vibrates in two distinct patterns (particles and quantum fields) which it is constantly switching between.

one hundred million trillion times larger than Einstein’s General Relativity predicts.



But let's remember that these waves are noncommututative! ground-breaking research

The rate at which the kaons decay highlights that, despite being virtually identical, there is an asymmetry between matter and antimatter. This is key to physicists' understanding of the universe, as it's currently accepted that the universe was created with equal parts of matter and antimatter, and, in order for matter to have overhauled its negative counterpart, the two sets of particles must have behaved differently – however slight that difference was.

People often forget (or I mean the New Age "consciousness frequencies" scene has no idea!) that it is this noncommutativity at the origin of energy-mass as frequency-wavelength which reveals the secret of the Universe


One physics forum posts this remark:

Typically the renormalized value of parameters are close to their fundamental values and for the weak-gravity ratio, this is not the case, and apparently no one has an acceptable explanation for this anomoly.


Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/why-is-the-hierarchy-problem-a-problem.843193/

Non-commutative time-frequency Klein Bottle wormhole, Ana Alonso-Serrano

Typically the renormalized values of parameters are close to their fundamental values and for the weak-gravity ratio this is not the case, and apparently no one has an acceptable explanation for this anomaly.

"No one knows why chirality exists at such a fundamental level." - pdf link The Handedness of the Universe by Quantum physicist RA Hegstrom


And the secret? Reciprocal as in the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi! quantum time dilation pdf link

A further difficulty, as noted by de Broglie [7], is that while all observers agree on stationary time dilation, the time dilation due to motion is reciprocal (I think your clock is slower than mine at the same time you think my clock is slower than yours).

ypically the renormalized value of parameters are close to their fundamental values and for the weak-gravity ratio, this is not the case, and apparently no one has an acceptable explanation for this anomoly.


Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/why-is-the-hierarchy-problem-a-problem.843193/

A computer physicist has figured out this secret! pdf link YinYang Bipolar Atom—An Eastern Road toward Quantum Gravity 2012 Prof. Wen-Ran Zhang

Figure 3. Bipolar interaction: (a) Non-reciprocal bipolar interact­ion; (b) Reciprocal bipolar interaction; (c) Bipolar oscillation; (d) Bipolar entanglement or YinYang Reciprocal Bipolar Entanglement

Postulate 3: YinYang bipolar atom is a bipolar set of quantum entangled particle and antiparticle pairs....1) YinYang lacked a formal logical basis for thousands of years; 2) being-centered and truth-based thinking has been proven most effective until mankind encountered quantum entanglement, global warming, global economic overheat and recession. With BDL, the Eastern and Western metaphysics can be distinguished and unified under dynamic equilibrium for dealing with unsolved scientific and social problems.

Just to emphasize the profundity of this discovery of asymmetric noncommutative phase harmony by de Broglie let's give another description of it: ppdf link

Simply put, relativistic time dilation predicts that a stationary observer measures a lower frequency for a moving oscillator than that inherent to it. Yet quantum theory predicts the opposite effect; to the stationary observer the particle appears to have greater energy, hence be characterized by a greater perceived internal frequency. Louis de Broglie's greatest contribution to physics was to realize that a resolution of this quantum/relativistic asymmetry might shed light on the paradoxical nature of wave and particle.


ghost cats: light was entangled and can't photograph the actual cat


Let us imagine, he proposed, that lightquanta are actual particles of exceedingly small, essentially zero mass. With each lightquantum particle is associated a plane wave, the famous phase wave that, in a manner derived partly from the prior work of Marcel Brillouin, can be thought of directing the motion of the particle. "Suddenly at the end of summer of 1923," de Broglie recalled, a crystallization of thought like a flash induced him to apply the same representation to particles of ordinary matter as well. ...Return to our two observers: one measures the relativistically slowed internal oscillation of the particle, the other measures the quantum-mechanically increased frequency of the associated phase wave. Although the two disagree about the frequencies and velocities of the particle and the wave... nonetheless they can agree that there is a moving point in space where the two oscillations always remain in phase. This special point in space coincides with, indeed essentially defines, the position of the moving particle.

De Broglie's pilot wave was rejected since it seemed "too cheap" as Einstein said but Einstein later supported David Bohm's attempt to fortify de Broglie's model - and what the wave consisted of,

Gamma Ray Burst, Black hole star fusion

"nobody knows." But the evidence is now accumulating: New Measurements show quantum physics is "very real" - Feb. 2015.

 So, there is something deeper that is real and is not just some statement about what we’re capable of observing.

The student of de Broglie, Bernard d'Espagnat, sums up the de Broglie pilot wave model of reality: d'Espagnat pdf

even microsystems can be endowed with “internal states of consciousness” (or “protoconsciousness”, whatever this may be) that are elements of a basic, not publicly

accessible, reality, rather than of empirical reality.

d'Espagnat actually left his body just a couple months ago. The UK Telegraph says in his obituary

 D’Espagnat, a professor at the University of Paris-Sud, coined the term “veiled reality’’ to describe an elusive world beyond what is visible or detectable, which science can only glimpse through study of quantum behaviour and which, he argued, could be compatible with “higher forms of spirituality’’ glimpsed in ordinary life through such experiences as listening to Mozart.

Olivier Costa de Beauregard, another student of de Broglie, also studied parapsychology and noted how Einstein feared that quantum physics indicated telekinesis and telepathy! A great BBC doc on telekinesis research here - Mind Over Matter: Power of the Human Mind and Dean Radin, a great lecture on paranormal science studies (telepathy and precognition, etc.) It was Olivier Costa de Beauregard who emphasized that precognition was part of de Broglie's pilot wave model and in 1956 de Broglie said to Costa de Beauregard that there was "an incompatibility with our conventional notions of space and time." Nevertheless scientists have continued this parapsychology research based on de Broglie: pdf AY Temkin 2011

black hole spacetime vortex twists light

 In (Temkin, 1999; 2011) it was argued that the behavior of the mind is described by an algebra of non-commuting operators acting upon points of the metric space of states of the mind, in other words, that the mind is a quantum system. As it was written there, such a point ψ depends on the set of thoughts existing in the mind. When A is in a meditation state, among these thoughts are those on his location in the space and time. Then the point ψ is his wave function in space and time (as function of the corresponding variables), i. e., his De Broglie wave, and we shall call it human wave of De Broglie.

The engineer and physicist William Tiller has based his consciousness studies on the de Broglie pilot wave by arguing it requires a consciousness particle - the Deltron. His paper focused on this foundation of his model is called Why Has Orthodox Physics Neglected the Superluminal Velocities of de Broglie Pilot Wave Components? pdf

Ssmoking gun gamma ray burstms

The theoretical model developed by this author indicates that the deltrons, a postulated denizen of the emotion domain and a carrier of a type of consciousness charge, is an intimate and necessary ingredient for the formation of de Broglie particle/pilot wave complexes, the essential building block for electric atom/molecule formation and quantum mechanics....The phase velocity, v, can be smaller than, equal to or larger than vg [group velocity]. In the latter case, v > vg, the high frequency waves enter the group from the rear, pass through the group and exit the group from the front....we see a set of waves moving faster than the speed of light, c, creating and directing a wave group moving at a speed slower than light which, in turn, is directing a positive mass particle which is also traveling at vp [particle velocity] = vg< c....The high frequency waves...moving into and out of the wave packet at w>c are non-physical “ghosts” in the relativistic sense
and yet they drive an incredibly important physical process.

De Broglie had this to say about consciousness:

Louis de Broglie (1959): Each observer, as his time passes, discovers, so to speak, new slices of space-time which appear to him as successive aspects of the material world, though in reality the ensemble of events constituting space-time exist prior to his knowledge of them . . . the aggregate of past, present and future phenomena are in some sense given a priori

1000 eyes of Guanyin Inner Sound Buddha


So scientists then asked for physical proof - but it's really a matter of a mathematical and philosophical interpretation of the evidence. There has been proof, obviously of de Broglie's matter waves but the key here is there proof for the pilot wave aka phase wave that is a superluminal information signal? As long as there is no "reference frame" - by internal listening, no "one" is making a measurement and so the superluminal signal is the consciousness conspirachi - that which we already are, eternally resonating as noncommutative time-frequency. Chloe Goodchild, initiated by H.W.L. Poonja, student of Ramana Maharshi, has authored the book "The Naked Voice":

 As this listening awareness deepened, a deeper compassionate presence was felt by everyone. This I called sound-awareness. I learnt from wisdom teachings, that this self-obervational

listening process was called the witness consciousness, the capacity to listen and to observe yourself through your sound with total acceptance.  Non-judgemental listening is an essential key in discovering your naked voice. It silences the negative criticism of the rational mind.


The witnessing mind then provides the inner stability and spacious awareness that enables you to harness and embody the powerful forces of your emotions, through sung expression, without disturbance from your analytical mind.  The music of your emotions can then be truly heard. You are free to express them with sound awareness, and without fear.

 The problem is the de Broglie model can really only be applied to single particles and so it was rejected based on its limited application to technology! But last year new evidence for de

non-commutative quantum to classical matter wave

Broglie's pilot wave emerged - prompting strong reactions from physicists (the WIRED article is entitled - "Have we been interpreting Quantum Physics Wrong this Whole Time?). So this youtube video by the physicists who did the experiment at M.I.T. actually demonstrates a model of the de Broglie pilot wave in action


And as this Quanta article describes Fluid Tests Hint at Concrete Quantum Reality - all the standard tricks were replicated - the double slit experiment and quantum tunneling. The testing of entanglement is in the future but it is explained by the model:

But in the pilot-wave version of events, an interaction between two particles in a superfluid universe sets them on paths that stay correlated forever because the interaction permanently affects the contours of the superfluid.

In the 2009 book, googlereview, Quantum Theory at the Crossroads it's revealed that contrary to the claims of physicists dismissing de Broglie's pilot wave model, it actually was a main focus of discussion at the Solvay Conference and also that the discussion of the model has been very much misrepresented in mainstream physics. There is also another ingenious

Tibetan Chenrezig, Inner Sound, Kuan-shih Yin

demonstration of de Broglie's pilot wave as a real relativistic clock. So as the animated analysis link above explains, "For massive particles, the group velocity is always less that c [the speed of light], and the phase velocity is always greater than c." This secret of de Broglie was put to the test by Holger Müller in 2013

“Since then, I’ve often asked myself, ‘What is the simplest thing that can measure time, the simplest system that feels the passage of time?’ Now we have an upper limit: one single massive particle is enough.” ...There was no way to make a clockwork for matter waves, because their oscillation frequency is 10 billion times higher than even the oscillations of visible light.”

One morning last year, however, he realized that he might be able to combine two well-known techniques to create such a clockwork and explicitly demonstrate that the Compton frequency of a single particle is, in fact, useful as a reference for a clock. In relativity, time slows down for moving objects, so that a twin who flies off to a distant star and returns will be younger than the twin who stayed behind. This is the so-called twin paradox.

Similarly, a cesium atom that moves away and then returns is younger than one that stands still. As a result, the moving cesium matter wave will have oscillated fewer times. The difference frequency, which would be around 100,000 fewer oscillations per second out of 10 million billion billion oscillations (3 x 1025 for a cesium atom), might be measurable.... he synchronized the laser beam in the interferometer with the difference frequency between the matter waves so that all frequencies were referenced solely to the matter wave itself...."Time is physical as soon as there is one massive particle, but it definitely is something that doesn’t require more than one massive particle for its existence. We know that a massless particle, like a photon, is not sufficient."

The irony here is Holger Müller had to use something "without time" (photons) to measure the relative motion of something "with time" (mass) but in fact the phase velocity is a relativistic time signal from the future - it's precognition! Time-frequency is noncommutative so he can't measure energy difference from the future. To quote physicist B.G. Sidharth pdf link: "Returning to the mass of the photon, it can be argued that this is a result of the non commutativity of spacetime at a micro scale." Or 2015, Daniel V. Schroeder, "Einstein and de Broglie"

states"energy [frequency] is to time (period) as momentum is to space (wavelength)." The phase velocity is equal to the product of the frequency multiplied by the wavelength aka the  noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi. The momentum is inversely proportional to the phase velocity. here "The de Broglie equation proposes a fusion of what had hitherto considered to be opposites, in that momentum had been considered a property of particles and wavelength a property of waves." Scientific

Theology: Theory, Alister McGrath, 2007, p. 127. Strongly focused light creates Möbius strip spacetime twist: Klein bottle is double

Möbius strip




De Broglie, according to Brillouin, had his crucial moment: "The very important thing was the moment when he discovered the relation between momentum and wavelength." De Broglie

Harold White's warp drive uses oscillating lasers “to perturb space-time by one part in 10 million.”

published this connection in 1922. Then in fall of 1923 de Broglie published this remark, that a particle with mass has an internal energy of mcc (or c squared). "On the other hand, the quantum principle leads one to attribute this internal energy to a periodic phenomenon of frequency v such that hv = mc squared." It implies that even a rest mass had to have an internal frequency energy

which was strange. So de Broglie then said the phase of the rest mass at zero time was c squared divided by the frequency v. In 1923 he called this a "fictive wave" that must always be in phase with the internal energy of the particle, despite the fictive wave phase being the speed of light squared. But soon after in his next publication de Broglie had changed the term from "fictive wave" to "phase wave" that was "guiding the propagation of the energy." In his next publication in 1923 de Broglie

emphasized that these guiding phase waves created the resonance harmonics of quanta such that orbits of electrons resonated by integer numbers, just as with Pythagorean harmonics. For his Ph.D. thesis one committee member, Mauguin, commented that he did not believe in the physical reality of these guiding phase waves and that they turned the quantization rules into a "simple, almost familiar interpretation analogous to the laws of vibrating strings." 


de Broglie matter waves as Tai-Chi-Tetrad


Yet Einstein at first was very supportive of de Broglie. Einstein stated, "de Broglie has shown in a very important work how a (scalar) wave field can be coordinated with a material particle or a system of material particles." The Golden Age of Theoretical Physics: (Boxed Set of 2 Volumes), Jagdish Mehra, 2001. De Broglie said the source of this pilot phase wave was "very mysterious" and since his time they have been called "ghost waves" or "empty waves" or "hollow waves" or "evanescent waves" - all discussed with much controversy. The Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev also discovered the secret of this superluminal ether as a scalar wave - Time is a form of  energy.

"Cause or Asymmetrical Mechanics in Linear Approximation"
N.A. Kozyrev calculates the qualities of stellar matter where it functions as a transformer of time-form energy into heat-energy. It is concluded that the transformation involves several

electrodynamical processes, but, generally, any closed mechanical system can produce energy also if it is an asymmetrical system. The asymmetry for mechanics by Kozyrev is cause-effect asymmetry and if the mechanical system includes the non-reversible cause-effect connection it can take the energy from time-flow. By my opinion, this is the theoretical basis for any kind of perpetual motion system.  Joseph P. Farrell extrapolates on Kozyrev's research to speculate on secret military powers and ancient civilizations - his "Grid of the Gods" 2011 book link

Farrell argues for an ancient global high civilization based on alchemy and then he includes a section called:  B. Music, the Alchemical Medium, and Astronomy:

 The Vedic tradition is full of allusions to the "luminous nature of sound". Indeed, the word for light (svar) is similar to the word for sound (svara). — This as I have observed elsewhere, is another clue that perhaps we are viewing a legacy of a lost sophistication in physics, for the idea of a "sound-light" can also be understood as "electro-acoustic," i.e., as longitudinal electrical

waves in the medium, recalling the "Sound- Eye" spoken of in the Egyptian Edfu texts.—...In other words, our "ancient topological metaphor" is also a musical metaphor....the use of musical codes in the Platonic and Pythagorean traditions — rather than the quantum mechanical and astronomical encoding, that points directly to the next necessary stage in our speculative case that pyramidal structures are hyper-dimensional machines, designed to manipulate the medium itself, in all its effects, including consciousness.... The Pythagoreans, in other words, were preserving a secret of hyper-dimensional geometry....

 The key point of Kozyrev is that, unlike Western science, the scalar is asymmetric resonance and it was the key insight to explain paranormal research in the Soviet Union.

Asymmetry is a basic property of life. This can't be a chance thing, Dr. Kozyrev thought. ... Perhaps the energy of "time" flows in this pattern.

Quantum biology has proven that life is based on harmonic order which is inherently noncommutative! But quantum physics still assumes there is randomness at the origin of quantum entanglement. haha. That's the limitation of technology because growth happens from "within" when time goes to zero and frequency goes to infinity and thereby entropy is reversed - and the future is harmonized as preventive medicine. Another way to say this is for light there is actually zero space but non-commutative time-frequency creating the energy of the universe. Using the de Broglie Law of Phase Harmony science is discovering this secret to the Universe: "These terms keep the universe at a finite size, and therefore give it an infinite age." The photon is actually the singularity "light cone" as the Tai Chi or noncommutative Pythagorean tetrad (time-frequency consciousness) aka the Tai Chi-Tetrad.

Quantum physicist Arthur Zajonc compared light's paradoxical characteristics to finding a physical object in our sense world that had no particular mass, colour, shape, size or

"dipole asymmetry"or quadrupole configuration was temporary

position!...The sun's reflection gives us the light by the silvery moon, but nowhere can rays of pure light from the sun be seen in the night sky. [yuan qi as quantum sound can travel across space] I liken this aspect of pure light somewhat to pure consciousness....Goethe [friend of F.W. Schelling] suggested the term polarity was most suited to colour phenomena, for it represents "the eternal systole and diastole, the eternal collapsion and expansion, the inspiration and expiration of the world in which we live and move." The Tao of Colours by Doug Marsh


A photon has momentum because time-frequency is

noncommutative! Again light is not consciousness but consciousness or noncommutative time-frequency resonates as light - eternally. 

De Broglie's postulate respects conservation of energy, but not conservation of momentum. And indeed, in pilot-wave theory the momentum of a 'free' particle is generally not conserved: in effect (from the standpoint of Bohm's Newtonian forumulation), the pilot wave or quantum

potential acts like an 'external source' of momentum (and in general of energy too). The abandonment of something as elementary as the conservation of momentum is certainly a radical step by any standards. On the other hand if one is willing - as de Broglie was - to propose a fundamentally new approach to the theory of motion, then the loss of classical conservation laws is not surprising, as these are really properties of classical equations of motion., Quantum Theory at the Crossroads: Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference,by Guido Bacciagaluppi, Antony Valentini (Cambridge University Press, Oct 22, 2009, p. 36.

Here is how physics Ph.D. teacher Robert Reiland describes this mystery: "In fact there is also zero space from the frame of a photon.  In its direction of motion, it's as if the universe is moving by it at the speed of light, and that makes the length of the universe exactly zero in this frame."  and from The Great Design by Yale physics professor Robert K. Adair (1987): 

“If the potentials change at a place and time, the phase [wave-form] of the de Broglie wave will change at that point and time. Indeed, because the potentials…can have nonzero values…the phase of the de Broglie wave can be affected by a change in the potentials even though the electric and magnetic fields are zero at that point (the Bohm-Aharanov Effect). Although the phase of the de Broglie wave is changed at every point and at every time by an amount [of wave-length]...the sum of the changes elsewhere conspires to give exactly the same diffraction pattern.” (p. 330) 

This is the secret of how energy masters can do long distance healing - because as pure light they

experience no space - their light can go anywhere in space, holographically, just by focusing on that space.  Qigong master Zhang Hongbao, a former Communist Party "Red Guard" worker had his key insight that moved him beyond Marxist philosophy, [pdf link] to create the mass qigong master training business Zhonggong: more here

According to Zhang, Marx and Engels failed to appreciate that "thought and matter have a dialectical, not a master-slave, relationship," with thought and spirit actually existing as "yin" matter, a realm governed by motion that occurs beyond the speed of light. Zhang's own

Zhonggong Supreme Whirl Xuanji, a spiral trend of reversal before transformation


breakthrough discovery (tupo kuo) that "the power of thought" (yinianli) has a measurable material existence in the yin realm became the "golden key" (jin yaoshi) that unlocked for him the mysteries of the universe. Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance (googlebook)

Master Zhang Hongbao created a pyramid scheme franchise qigong movement with 30% of all sales going to him, then he fled to the U.S. after his qigong was outlawed by the Communists. Master Zhang Hongbao was called the "Donald Trump" of qigong.  Similarly last year Master Cao was arrested in a corruption scandal where he used his connections to Communist elites for the qigong master to amass $3.4 billion in wealth from oil energy kickbacks graft. The spiritual guru to China's corrupt officials - BBC News June 2015 Master Zhang Hongbao is mentioned in the article also. So "yin matter" more here (i.e. noncommutative

time-frequency superluminal quantum waves) fills space but does not "occupy" space like "yang matter." Master Zhang Hongbao had created a New Age cult as a real qigong master by a new Westernized  materialistic interpretation of Taoism. The issue here, as Dr. Lester Spence points out in his Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics, is that instead of a critique of structural disharmony we get a neoliberal "theology of prosperity" based on the "politics of therapy" and so self-love is turned into self-marketing as late-capitalist greed. Indeed Qigong Master Cao bragged about advising 600 top Communist officials, so Master Cao got oil wealth kickbacks while many other Communist officials rely on monks and fengshui to seek increased wealth

A 2007 report found more than half of county-level Communist Party officials in China believed in fortune telling, face reading, astrology and dream interpreting. Decadent Superstitions as Corruption

Kung Fu Magazine has a Busted Qigong Masters thread. 

  In 2011 the private banking unit of Bank of China hosted a Beijing conference titled “Our Living Style” that saw more than 40 leading tycoons perform tai chi together on stage


2 merging black holes reached the frequency of 250 Hertz, 1.1 billion years ago, changing the length of the pipes on Earth on the order of just 1 part in 1 billion trillion.

(presumably with their bankers hovering around the margins of the meeting). Qi energy is materialist power in post-modern late-capitalist China!

Meanwhile science is making an entanglement comeback! Quantum entanglement consciousness creates black-white wormholes for the holographic universe - sciencenews Oct. 2015

Entanglement could be the secret ingredient that unifies these supposedly incompatible views into a theory of quantum gravity, enabling physicists to understand conditions inside black holes and in the very first moments after the Big Bang....Van Raamsdonk’s 2009 insight didn’t materialize out of thin air. It’s rooted in the math of the holographic principle, the idea that the boundary enclosing a volume of space can contain all the information about what’s inside....This quantum link remains if the electrons are separated by meters, kilometers or light-years.

"Applying the proposed method to the Snyder noncommutative space,...We show that there is a minimum size for the Universe which is proportional to the Planck length and consequently the Big Bang singularity is removed." exactly This is the secret of the Law of Phase Harmony since it translates the energy of the photon back into momentum as frequency times wavelength is noncommutative as superluminal phase velocity. There can be no rest mass of light since there is no time zero because the time is noncommutative with the frequency. To quote Wiki: "The energy and momentum of a photon depend only on its frequency (ν) or inversely, its wavelength (λ)." And then again the B.G. Sidharth pdf link: "Returning to the mass of the photon, it can be argued that this is a result of the non

Quantum Black Hole Acoustic Event Horizon: 

Noncommutative time-frequency self-amplification

commutativity of spacetime at a micro scale." Because light is a singularity the quantum frequency [phase velocity] is faster than the speed of light - this is what creates the relativisitc wormholes as the noncommutative protoconsciousness of the universe. Professor Friedwardt Winterberg, father of nuclear fusion rocket

Quantum phonons don't need a classical lattice

 the velocity of light can be surpassed during a gravitational collapse, where in reaching the event horizon, matter held together by electromagnetic or likewise acting forces, becomes unstable and disintegrates into more fundamental particles. According to our present view these ultimate particles can only be Planck mass particles. And in assuming that there are positive and negative masses, there must be positive and negative Planck mass particles....The origin of charge is explained to result from a field of virtual phonons, having their source in the zero-point fluctuations of Planck mass particles bound in the vortex fragments...This requires that the force between Planck mass particles of equal sign is repulsive, but between those of opposite sign attractive. While the law for the conservation of energy is conserved during the collision between a positive with negative Planck mass particle of mass mp, the momentum fluctuates by Ap = mpc....[this again is the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi!]. It was Schrodinger who showed that Dirac's equation implies the existence of negative masses, which by fonning a bound state with positive masses result in mass-pole-dipole configurations, possessing a luminal "Zitterbewegung"....The

Pythagorean Tetrad-Tai Chi as positive-negative mass vortex aether

entropy of the positive mass of matter and the entropy of the negative mass of its gravitational field, might therefore be called complementary, like a positive and negative photographic image. Then, if in a gravitational collapse these two images exactly overlap, the entropy should go to zero. For the universe, the time needed to bring it back to a low entropy is the Poincare recurrence time. While under normal conditions this time is huge, it may in a dense mixture of positive and negative masses with a divergent acceleration become quite small.

Professor Winterberg revealing the secret of fusion energy propulsion: Jeff Smith, Nexus Magazine Sept. 2014 pdf " a plasma if charged to a high-enough density will act as a superconductor and will repel all external magnetic and electrostatic fields. If the area of the plasma is great enough, positive buoyancy or antigravity occurs."  here 2003

Dr. Winterberg revealed there certain essential principles behind the hydrogen bomb, known already to the United States’s enemies—but not to its own scientists....One speaks of “inertial” fusion, because the detonation wave moves faster through the fuel than the fuel can be blown apart by the explosion...A number of capacitors are charged in parallel, and discharged in series, which produces a pulse of very high voltage....The outer current confines the charged, fusion-reaction alpha particles within the cone, and the shock wave goes over into a thermonuclear detonation wave, supersonically moving down the cone. The wave starts in the small region near the vertex of the cone, and only there is magnetic confinement necessary, which is why a high gain is achieved....This is a gain factor of 1,000!

 War, Science and Terrorism: From Laboratory to Open Conflict 2012 Momentum is not conserved based on analysis of sound-current energy! SPECIAL RELATIVITY: CONCEPTS AND CONSPIRACY pdf 2006 and Paul Hill, Unconventional Flying Objects googlebook and Why Einstein was wrong - Winterberg 2008 and Joseph P. Farrell on secret occult aether physics from Tesla-Nazi-Schauberger research The Amazing new Nazi-Ufo documentary The current physics, now having proven Hawking

Phonon Fusion alchemy as sound-current nondualism

Radiation self-amplifies energy at the quantum black hole event horizon, is to now prove that the phonons are entangled - the zero frequency (infinite time) phonon outside the event horizon is noncommutative with the infinite momentum (zero wavelength) inside the black hole. Since it is quantum noncommutative time-frequency consciousness there is no singularity - instead the phonon inside the black hole self-amplifies as fluctuating momentum and creates new energy-information outside the black hole. As one researcher reports, "The physical significance of the novel `noncommutative skin' layer at the event horizon remains more fully to be understood."

Ulf Leonhardt is the best researcher on this subject:

Sonofusion Quantum Black Hole alchemy - noncommutative


At the event horizon time stands still and so waves oscillate with wavelengths that become infinitely short....This phenomenon, called undulation, is familiar to everyone who has been watching streams of water on a rainy day. There one can often see standing ripples appearing on the flowing water. These are not standing waves—they are not waves at all, not oscillations in space and time, but only oscillatory patterns in space: they have zero

Gamma Ray Burst White Hole

frequency.... The latter occurred in a so-called black-hole laser [32] that uses two horizons, a white-hole and a black-hole horizon (the white-hole horizon is the time reverse of the black-hole horizon). The two horizons act as both the mirrors and the amplifying medium for Hawking radiation trapped inside. However, the dominating part of the radiation belongs to a wave of zero wavenumber, an undulation, that can be excited by any perturbation and the condensate used was highly non-stationary...Hawking radiation is a much more general phenomenon than originally anticipated; it belongs to a wide class of wave processes in moving media.

And so the White Hole does what? sonic phonon analysis

 there is an example of a white hole horizon...The small jump in the water level can be regarded as a wave of infinite wavenumber impinging on the horizon from the left....The wavelength of the wave, which is due to the blue shifted low-frequency incoming wave, is just what one would expect from the ‘white hole’ analysis....Again, a lower frequency wave incident on the white hole horizon is blue shifted until the group velocity of the wave is less than the velocity of the pulse.

Keep in mind that up until recently (and by recently I mean WHILE I was writing this blogbook!) science has questioned the existence of white holes because of the infinite singularity involved Just last year a physicist published this article:

White Hole Zero wavelength, infinite momentum

Forming a white hole, however, would require something akin to a gravitational sewer explosion, and it’s not clear how that sort of event could ever occur.  The reason this was unclear is because the white hole creation relies on non-commutative time-frequency consciousness and so it was a conspirachi! Another physicist published an article just this past early October 2015 stating:

Now if white holes did exist, which they probably don't,...

Yet the science is now out - indeed white holes exist. Gamma ray bursts - just as seen by sonofusion and qigong masters - are white holes!



And so the photon does not have mass - it has momentum as frequency or inversely its time as wavelength. But what Wiki does not mention, and again why it's a conspirachi, is that time and frequency are not just inverse symmetrically - they are inverse as non-commutative resonance or complementary opposites: The momentum is inversely proportional to the phase velocity.

eference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/debroglie-wavelength.618045/

The momentum is inversely proportional to the phase velocity of the wave.


Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/debroglie-wavelength.618045/

For superluminal phase velocity it is noncommutative: Frequency times wavelength does not equal wavelength times frequency.  "In Mahayana Canons, the Heart Sutra is ascribed entirely to the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin." So this is the secret of Buddha's Heart Sutra stating that Emptiness = Form because the

Emptiness is noncommutative time-frequency as the Wu Chi that can not be seen (it's a space singularity) but it, as Yuan Qi, creates the form as the Tai Chi energy light or Yuan Shen. "The Great Beginning produced an empty extensiveness and this empty extensiveness produced the cosmos. The cosmos produced the primal fluid yuan chi ....What is called the single Yuan  (Origin) is the great beginning....It exists before heaven and earth." (History of Chinese Philosophy). This is what the original qigong master means when he says use your consciousness (the sine wave as light) to go into the Emptiness (the circle as Wu Chi). In an

Faster than Uncertainty Principle means energy is not conserved


innovative experiment, the scientists have managed to capture some of the photons that are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum. In "De Broglie's Initial Conception of De Broglie Waves" Georges Lochak googlebook review emphasizes:

For him [de Broglie] the fundamental quantities were not the wave-length [time] but the frequencies of the wave and the clock, and the phase and group velocities (the latter equal to the velocity of the particle) - in other words the ingredients that make up the Law of Phase Harmony.

De Broglie formulated this relativistic mass or momentum into his quantum model (googlebook review) The Formation and Logic of Quantum Mechanics

Of the light quanta de Broglie starts his considerations basing entirely on the particle theory, in the sense that a finite though very small mass is assumed for the "atom of light".  He then introduces as that which is responsible for the wave nature of light the phase wave which is associated with an "atom of light" moving slightly less than the velocity of light and has a phase velocity slightly greater than the light velocity and a group velocity identical with the "atom of light."

Tensegrity Tai Chi Tetrad

Philosophy professor Quentin Smith has co-edited a book on consciousness, in which he says there is a "universal pilot wave that directs the universe." He says humans need to "accomplish this relearning" and "relearn to perceive a de Broglie-Bohm world that includes entangled wave-forms that consciously construct the illusion of the common-place mechanical world." (Consciousness, Oxford University Press, 2003). The quantum potential as the pilot wave has an instantaneous guiding of the particle - not a


mechanical cause, but rather based on the form of the wave. He says this is "too definite of a thing to be known through a mystical experience but instead requires mathematical knowledge...." As if math wasn't mystical! haha. Euler argued that infinity times zero creates geometric magnitude. But what Euler didn't realize is that it is non-commutative infinity (frequency) times non-commutative zero (time) that creates geometric magnitude. David Bohm explains quantum potential as quantum entanglement consciousness:

The fact that the quantum potential does not in general fall off with the distance is thus what
explains interference and diffraction patterns, and this is clearly also what
implies the kind of wholeness of particle and environment to which we have
referred above.

Some physicists have tried to incorporate non-commutative time beyond just non-commutative space but to incorporate non-commutative time they need to also incorporate consciousness as a non-material realm and they don't understand the biological connection between the two. Seth Lloyd proposes a quantum entanglement model to explain the arrow of time as increasing entanglement but it still doesn't explain why time started out in a highly non-equilibrium state of synchronized order at the origin of the Universe. Time started out this way, synchronized and yet highly asymmetric, due to the inherent noncommutative dynamic of time to frequency. This googlebook review on expanding Wolfgang Pauli's philosophy discusses this mental non-commutative time factored into physics. and a lecture based on the same approach - quantum consciousness synchronicities and so this subconscious qubits enabling the entanglement between mind and matter


Since time is asymmetric because is it noncommutative with frequency that means when the energy of the whole universe was infinite consciousness at its origin there was infinite space as energy but time was also zero and the energy was completely synchronized yet asymmetric with time. As the dark energy expanded then gravity developed and inversely inertia or time was no longer zero, thereby creating differences in energy frequency, which as gravity expanded, created wave singularities as particles. See Goldstein, S. and Tumulka, R., Opposite
arrows of time can reconcile relativity and
nonlocality, Class. Quantum Grav. 20, 557

twisted spacetime quantum black hole light

(2003).  These particles then are still entangled with their consciousness origin and eventually their own energy frequency continues to dissipate: space expands in acceleration as loss of gravity and increase of particle inertia wavelength and increase of dark energy. Each particle that returns back to its original quantum black hole state with some of the larger particles going into larger quantum black hole states. As Hawking admits the evolution of black holes remains a mystery. Mathematically this model can not be explained using Western math since it's dependent on symmetric time in order to not be filled with singularities - for the creation of disharmonious technology. What Goldstein points out (pdf link) is the standard understanding of John Bell's infamous theorem has been a false understanding, a misunderstanding propagated even by such scientific giants as Stephen Hawking.


This is what I call the Strong Misanthropic Principle - the

exponential expansion of space with the slowing down of time (and dark energy increasing) is inversely proportional to time speeding up on Earth from technological progress also causing a collapse of space: Whereas the original noncommutative time frequency consciousness is beyond this limitation of measuring the universe through logarithmic symmetric mathematical technology. The original source of the Universe is time not space so that curvature of spacetime varies in time. To quote physicist Luboš Motl, "The final single black hole has its own singularity but it's a moment in time, not point in space, like for the initial holes." 


 For example the original human culture, the Bushmen, from 125,000 years ago - and still having the same trance dance focus on spiritual training for the males - had no homosexuality! They did not even know what homosexuality was! They are the source for modern biological humans and they live an ecological sustainable lifestyle that was dominant on Earth before agriculture developed 10,000 years ago - and yet their spiritual training focus is ignored by science and science argues that homosexuality is genetic! If so it's a late development - the latest science can't find any gene and so says homosexuality is from epigenetics - environmental influences. And yet as Professor Camille Paglia argues in her tome, Sexual Personae, Western civilization since Plato is inherently homosexual. Harvard science professor Naomi Oreskes lecture on "The Collapse of Western Civilization" (2014). If not then why would cosmologists based on the error of the wrong mathematics since Plato - the wrong definition of infinity - make such hilarious Freudian Slips as this?!: Out of the White Hole: A Holographic Origin for the Big Bang

Pythagorean Tetrad spacetime cosmic clock

"making us immune to the decadent impacts of a naked singularity?"


Another key devolution from agriculture is the loss of proper dental and jaw development due to weaning babies on soft grains. Only by strengthening the jaw muscles with bone pressure is there proper teeth development, as detailed by Stanford ecologist Paul Ehrlich, 2015 lecture on collapse of civilization and so then there is an epidemic of mouth breathing and sleep apnea whereas nose breathing increases nitric oxide production for better relaxation health and killing of bad bacteria. Why we should breath through the nose, but modern civilization is based on mouth breathing. 


Neuropsychiatrist professor Peter Whybrow, in his new book, The Well-Tuned Brain (CSPAN video) makes the same case that modern humans have developed a mismatch with our "intuitive habits" aka the 80% of our brain that is precognitive. He gives the example of crossing our arms in front of our bodies. Try reversing which arm you put on top. He is really dealing with right-brain dominance versus left-brain dominance but Whybrow has idealized the Enlightenment thinking. He, like Chomsky, actually gives an accurate reading of Adam Smith, and the irony of the rational enlightenment is to acknowledge our short-term passions and emotions rule over our rational thinking.  But  because of this misreading of Smith's "invisible hand" the self-interested market is promoted over the  empathic social bonds. Smith, is considered an economist, but was actually a psychologist. So

Whybrow says high-tech addiction is same as cocaine addiction - MRI proves abnormal white matter

Whybrow says we have to re-establish the Social Contract between empathy and self-interest yet focusing on technological progress just feeds self-interest as the cold "lizard" instinctive brain that eats its own children. Whybrow's book title is a reference to Bach's Well-tempered Clavier which gave a lession on how to tune the instrument, in this case the human brain. 


Now as this blogbook points out it is exactly the problem of Western tuning that is the cause of this left-brain dominant mismatch with empathy, that keeps us controlled by our subconscious instinctive self-interests. As Whybrow states, a child having piano lessions five times a week isn't going to promote empathic imagination yet they will become a very good pianist. This irony is actual peculiar to the limitations of Western-tuned music and Professor Whybrow doesn't even realize the deep irony of that insight. haha. Professor Whybrow says we need to give our children "the space to think about nothing" so the children build their imagination of playing out other people's feelings as empathy. This is the secret of the 1-4-5 music intervals as trance dance healing energy. As the original qigong master says:

As you have heard me say so often, everything in the universe is a form of energy. Every cell in your body is a form of energy, and energy at its core is vibration or frequency. Sounds are one of the purest forms of frequency and vibration, and certain sounds can produce very powerful healing energy. here

In other words - we can not see consciousness (the origin of the Universe beyond spacetime) but we can listen to consciousness because it is the noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi and this alchemical noncommutative training is an infinity harmonization process as consciousness. Klein bottle logophysics: a unified principle for non-linear systems, cosmology, geophysics, biology, biomechanics and perception by Diego Lucio Rapoport makes a similar insight (pdf) (published Springer, 2014):

Therefore, it seems plausible that an interpretation of evolutionary asymmetry can be set in terms of harmonics, and in fact, it was postulated that biological evolution complies with the Klein Bottle Logic [9,11] rather than with Boolean logic assumed to be the case by embryologists. But as much as the 2:1 resonance of the non-orientability of the Möbius Band and the Klein bottle might be the case of the evolutionary history towards establishing functional asymmetries, it can also be postulated that the quantized time frames that are related to the actual integration of both hemispheres, can also be related to the time lags that occur with respect to the functional response to stimuli, and still to sustain the anticipative response to stimuli as in the Libet’s experiments, so that anticipation is undisociable from the holonomic character of the 2:1 resonance that is the case of the non-orientable Möbius and Klein Bottle surfaces. Already in aural interpretation of sequentially played half-octaves (the tritone paradox), the holonomity of the sensorial response is associated to the non-orientability of the aural map; we shall discuss this issue below.

There is another physicist who has worked to verify de Broglie's secret discovery: David Hestenes, professor at Arizona State University. He states in a 2012 interview about his work:

Quantum Ring Theory, as secret of Sonofusion alchemy - zitter resonance


When you make a wave packet it has oscillations between positive and negative states that
Schrödinger called zitterbewegung. The frequency of these oscillations is twice the de Broglie frequency. Do
you know the de Broglie frequency?
T: Hmm!
H: It is mc squared over h-bar.. The zitterbewegung frequency is twice that, okay? Schrödinger suggested that this oscillation was actually a circulation of charge that generated the magnetic moment of the electron.
And Dirac agreed....de Broglie, he’s credited with proposing wave particle duality. But, that wasn’t where he started. His original idea was that the electron has an internal oscillation, that is, an internal clock. This internal clock is attached to a wave that oscillates with the same frequency....They [French physicists] found a resonance near the de Broglie frequency, as predicted. Evidently, they had measured the period of de Broglie’s electron clock!...

John Keely sonofusion atom

So, the electron has an internal motion, and it is resonance of this internal motion with the orbital motion of the guided center that determines quantized states. This suggests that all quantization can be explained as Zitter resonances. In fact, Schrodinger said that when he first developed his equation, he was expecting to explain stationary atomic states as resonances. But he couldn’t see what resonated with what. I see electron Zitter as the missing piece needed to explain quantized stationary states as resonances....so electrons start circulating in sync; that changes the strength of the interaction. [the secret of Cold Fusion, proposed in a similar Quantum Ring Theory model, coldfusionnow.org/].

So what Hestenes is saying, as explained by another physicist, is that the electron is based on the same light-cone singularity which has a complex phase factor that is the noncommutative

time-frequency consciousness conspirachi itself. (see also Time Paradox, Zitterbewegung and Noncommutative Geometry by Lawrence B. Crowell). Or as the physicist Carl Brannen explains:

 From my point of view, zitterbewegung corresponds to the frequency with which the electron switches back and forth from its left handed to right hand form.... and the requirement that the left and right handed fields are massless and travel at speed c.

Walter Russell was trained in music by ear, aurally - taught by a blind man, and so before Walter Russell could speak he could play piano by ear. Then he had a cosmic consciousness awakening. He also figured out this noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi wave mechanics - Walter Russell vid Oct. 2015 . This now gets us into quantum dots - because when you squeeze the electron down it becomes "tunable" as an exciton - As this 2007 blogpost notes


 Basically, at 10 nanometers or less, the electrons and holes [exciton] are being squeezed into such small dimensions that this alters the electronic and optical properties; it's the critical feature of most nanoscale materials, frankly. (Special bonus for Physics-Philes: a 2003 paper in Nature reported that shape might matter as much as size when it comes to quantum confinement.) Things snowballed from there, with scientists making more silicon dots (and, later, germanium dots) that emitted light in lots of bright, pretty colors, especially the highly desirable green and blue ranges. Basically, the bigger the dot, the redder the light, and the emitted light becomes shorter and shorter in wavelength -- and higher in energy -- as the dots shrink in size. This is called "tunability" because you can pretty much tailor the dots to emit whatever frequency of visible light you happen to need for a given application, simply by altering the size of the dots. Believe me, high-tech industries go nuts for anything with tunability. Plus, colors = pretty! Check out the pic! Doesn't it make you want to buy some quantum dots?

noncommutative time-frequency Qubit  half-spin photons

And what are quantum dots being used for? Phase-locked indistinguishable photons with synthesized waveforms from a solid-state source 2013

We have demonstrated the generation of fundamentally indistinguishable, coherent single photons from a solid-state quantum emitter with a high degree of control and flexibility in waveform synthesis. These phase-locked photons are ideally suited for quantum interference applications, which form the basis of quantum communication18, linear optics quantum computation35, and distant entanglement schemes10, 11. Military is already using quantum computing

eye of horus, pineal gland

 Laser-like photons signal major step towards quantum 'Internet' Cambridge University, March 19, 2013

 "Our results in particular suggest that multiple distant qubits in a distributed quantum network can share a highly coherent and programmable photonic interconnect that is liberated from the detrimental properties of the chips. Consequently, the ability to generate quantum entanglement and perform quantum teleportation between distant quantum-dot spin qubits with very high fidelity is now only a matter of time."

Quantum-dot spin–photon entanglement via frequency downconversion to telecom wavelength And I was making my own logical deduction - based on my previous research in my Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music pdf wherein I connected sonofusion to quantum dots. So I just now searched quantum dot sonofusion and presto 2015: An Odd Hypothesis About Bubbles Could Finally Lead to Nuclear Fusion


 It's called sonofusion, and it involves bubbles. ...these bubbles are born out of

from LeClair's patent - asymmetric collapse as sonofusion

instabilities. If the generation of a big enough collapse could be brought about, it could provide the initial energy required to drive fusion without much of the other techniques. It's a deliciously tempting idea....In Buxton, Maine, NanoSpire has announced "successful completion" of proof-of-concept experiments that show bubble cavitation could drive fusion reactions. There are, according to one academic I've spoken with who works on the periphery of the sector and would rather not be named, military labs working on the technique.

O.K. so quantum dots are based on nanotechnology and sure enough...NanoSpire provides the first machine tool capable of cutting, drilling, welding, hammering, and annealing materials only a few nanometers in size by harnessing cavitation microjets.


  1. It is a water jet traveling at supersonic speed. LeClair calls this a reentrant water jet. Reentrant refers to how the flow around the bubbles inverts direction 180 degrees and fires out the other side of the bubble. Another of his own unique innovations to controlling the cavitation process.

  2. As cavitation bubbles finally collapse, if the collapse pressure is high enough the reentrant water jet can turn into a crystalline structure. Don’t think healing crystals but rather a new form of water highly structured and electrostatically charged water on a solid atomic level, that is not ice.

  3. The water jet travels with such speed that is generates a bow shockwave that engulfs it, the shockwave attracts the crystal from the Casimir force, causing acceleration.

  4. Material bulldozed at the tip of the bow shockwave generates a nuclear reaction. The tip of the shockwave generates a nuclear reaction. This is both fusion and fission. The water in the reactor rises by 32 degrees Fahrenheit average.

  5. The accelerating crystal carves slices deep trenches into the metal plate, with pitting along the trenches caused by nuclear reactions. Normal cavitation only causes small holes. This is known as LeClair Effect Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

The secrets of sonofusion revealed by Nanospire and in this presentation LeClair mentions using the sonofusion to create the quantum nano solar cells....and the crystalline water is very high pressure as a figure eight form...and the result is alchemical fusion of all elements.


Klein Bottle figure 8 sonofusion

LeClair has also produced this model to explain the origin of life which he calls "shock wave nucleosynthesis." and another 2 hr interview here. this dude is fascinating - he worked for Lockheed Martin to solve cavitation damage and then he realized he could turn that around to leverage cavitation as a controlled fusion energy source. He says though he and his research partner suffered near sub-lethal radiation damage from this sonofusion! It took him 2 years to recover but he says this sonofusion has been created also from only water! He says the radiation can be shielded and leveraged for other uses. 2014 - startup is on way! Michel Laberge: How synchronized hammer strikes could generate nuclear fusion What if you replaced those expensive lasers with a hammer and anvil system that created a shock wave that would force the particles into a fusion reaction? Fortune Mag Sept. 2015 on the new big fusion investments and
International Business news 2012 focuses on acoustic fusion - another prototype business!

 "Acoustic fusion can potentially provide 'green,' inexpensive and virtually inexhaustible energy," says Dr. Wylene Dunbar, Chief Executive Officer of Impulse Devices....Extreme Acoustic Cavitation™ is a high‐energy version of ultrasound technology, intended to deliver a large amount of energy into a relatively small amount of liquid with the goal of effecting strong chemical and physical changes.

 August 2015, Cancer is Cured, Jonathan Thomason, googlebook

  "Body cells are burned by ultrasound above 180 W/cm squared. But for the pressurized cancer cell, they experience sole content boiling at only 90 W!...So a HIUS causes explosive fragmentation of only our viruses and cancer cells....This will work for all cancers, heart disease, diabetes, MS, IBS, arthritis, and the other diseases of age....The ultrasound cure is a physical cure and so much easier to implement...It was a massive production of heat in response to the ultrasound....Ultrasound wrap the boils off liquid water, by inducing physical molecular nuclear fusion. ...We transform water into helium and oxygen massive energy and gamma radiation....This is modern alchemy....Every biological organism on earth does biological molecular nuclear fusion....Because high powered ultrasound will cure all 200 types of cancer out there....It is possible to use HIUS (high intensity ultrasound) to stave off all diseases of age.   

Jon's blog has more details, he uses a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device purchased on Amazon and he has been now corroborated - "2014 First noninvasive thermal ablation of a brain
tumor with MR-guided focused ultrasound
"  China has successfully treated over 20,000 tumors with MR-guided ultrasound: pdf

“Focused ultrasound is a noninvasive technique that should be the future for the treatment of

Harmonic Motion Imaging High Intensity Ultrasound Cavitation of Tumors

many tumors,” said Dr. Zhang. “It is important that physicians and patients know about this approach and how patients can benefit from this treatment.”


 2014 pdf I would be remiss not to point out that qigong master Yan Xin also created gamma rays as a byproduct of his healing energy. 

 Effects of Yan Xin qigong master on gamma ray count




It looks like Burst Energies is the latest acoustic fusion start-up. It should be pointed out that this fusion form of water was discovered recently by several scientists, i.e. Dr. Shui Yin Lo (Shui-Yin Lo has a cavitation fusion patent application from 1997) - it is alchemical superconducting proton-proton transfer of energy, as detailed by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Dr. Simon Yu describes her 2013 talk on water: 

She claims living water aligned by collagen fibers fulfill all the criteria for proton super-

Electrically charged room temperature Qi water

conduction, making them excellent candidates as meridians of traditional Chinese medicine.

And the scientist Noa Gang, pdf link submitted research results confirming the ELF 7 beats per second piezoelectric energy creates this special EZ water. This confirms the research of Dr. Andrija Puharich. And other research: "ELF resonance fields stimulate embryonic stem cell differentiation and demonstrate the synergistic effects of a physical stimulus (EMF) with a biochemical stimulus (differentiation media)." and "...obese (Ob/Ob) mice lose their weight and fat when treated with 0.5 T direct current electromagnetic fields. We also observed that 7.5 Hz, 0.4 T rotation of extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) has an inhibitory effect on obesity." Dr. Noa Gang:

The discovery of highly ordered water, termed the Exclusion Zone (EZ), found contiguous to
membranes, challenges the widely accepted view that biological water retains properties identical to bulk water. 

Dr. Shui Yin Lo says: "solid stable-water-clusters containing strong negative and positive charges due to the condensing of their geometric shape (the process described in the Oct. 2009 Physics Letters A paper)."

And Dr. Mae-Wan Ho: (other scientists are claiming Shui Yin Lo's charged water is a high-tech scam)

The big implication is that by using our conscious awareness (brain consciousness) we can transfer negentropy in every part of the body through the liquid crystalline matrix (body consciousness). We think that the qi (chi) is negentropic energy and electricity conducted through the water cables inside and around the collagen fibrils (Mae-Wan Ho, The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms) [pdf link of the book]...Each CD [coherent domain] of water is a resonating cavity produced by the electromagnetic field that ends up trapping the field because water is much denser than air, so the frequency of the CD electromagnetic field becomes much smaller than the frequency of the free field with the same wavelength.... and therefore contains close to a million almost free electrons. At the same time, positively charged protons are extruded outside the domain, which is what happens also in the exclusion zones discovered by Pollack [10]. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho discussing charged water

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho lecture on superconducting water proton energy as qi meridians So Dr. Mae-Wan Ho is building on the research of Emilio Del Giudice who states, "The ensemble of frequencies becomes a sort of MIND..." pdf 2012 (emphasis in original).  "The ideal complex activity spectrum of a healthy state is polychromatic where all frequencies of stored energy in the spectral range are equally represented and utilized (Ho, 1996)." Steve Haltiwanger M.D., C.C.N.


This is the same secret that Victor Schauberger, and Rudolf Steiner for biodynamic farming, discovered

Infinite Spiral of Fifths as yin/yang centripetal/centrifugal diamagnetic/paramagnetic


also implosion pdf - I wrote about this almost a decade ago regarding J.L. Finney's research on macroquantum water (2004 pdf)

These include the observations that water is denser than ice (in contrast to most other systems where the liquid phase is less dense than the crystalline phase), and that cold water expands on cooling—with a temperature of maximum density at 277 K. Thus ice floats on water, meaning that lakes freeze from the top rather than the bottom, and cold lakes stratify. Both of these consequences of these unusual properties have potential climatological and biological importance.

In 2006 I posted this in a forum:here and here

Zero-point energy is a 3 in 1 Unity spacetime vortex

  The Tetrahedral binding properties of water enable water to have negentropy -- as water expands in pressure water reduces the level of entropy. Water also has zero-point energy -- again because of its geometry -- the macromolecule tetrahedron binding....The quantum diffraction of light in crystal is what caused the Cambrian Explosion enabling the development of the Eye as a light-sensing neuron. So that was some 365 mya -- see "In the Blink of an Eye" by Andrew Parker....Why is WATER THE PIVOT POINT?? BECAUSE IT's TETRAHEDRAL BINDING CREATES MACRO QUANTUM CHAOS. SO WATER IS NEGENTROPIC -- IT EXPANDS IN VOLUME WITHOUT ANY INCREASE IN ENTROPY. THIS GOES AGAINST THE 2nd law of Thermodynamics -- the most important law of science!! We have 25 years of freshwater left on the planet. Read Physics Professor JL Finney's 2003 essay in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, "What's So Special About Water?"

I had an article published end of 2006, "The Secrets of Psychic Music" which revealed this ultrasound biophoton qi secret What Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Del Giudice are saying is that when water increases its density due to either being colder - near freezing - or due to

Healthy piezoelectric collagen resonates twice the frequency light

increased pressure - since water is a tetrahedral (3 in 1 unity) it is negentropic as macroquantum coherence . This quantum paradox is called "imaginary mass" and explains how water stores information - virtual photons. This means the water when in pressure with a hydrophilic surface, actually expands in volume, thereby having longer wavelength and lower frequency than the electromagnetic energy produced by the increased particle pressure. So then the water attracts or captures the surrounding electromagnetic energy creating stored electrons in the water as a resonating chamber which then creates proticity (proton-proton) superconducting energy along the external edge of the water and the pressure particles. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2014 pdf 

The Taoist qigong masters routinely create "yin-yang water" by spinning the centripetal/centrifugal vortices of hot and cold mixed water and this water charges the body by increasing the qi energy. 


Similarly LeClair is saying that the Casimir force is activated by synchronized electron resonance when in close enough proximity with the surface that the water jet propels towards. This, again, is the same as David Hestenes discovering the secret of the de Broglie electron internal clock noncommutative time-frequency consciousness. LeClair says he's creating quantum wells because the electron is fixed - again this is the non-commutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi resonance. He calls it quantum uncertainty. There is a pressure gradient between the front and back - due to the shock wave - and this is exactly the secret


Sonomechanics Ultrasound amplifier for water emulsion fuel

that Victor Schauberger discovered also with his water implosion propulsion: "suction plus pressure equals reduction of resistance." As LeClair says the "result is runaway acceleration."  Mystic big-band musician Sun Ra figured this out: David Toop Ocean of Sound pdf

Then I told them that there would come a day when you wouldn't have to use gasoline. You'd simply take a cassette and put it in your car, let it run. You'd have to have the proper type of music. Like you take two sticks, put'em together, make fire. You take some notes and rub 'em together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire.

To quote LeClair:

Prof. Suslick: "enormously increasing the catalytic rates of hydrogenation"

 The leading face of the highly charged crystal and bow shock are in sub-micron proximity, their closely spaced conductive faces, separated by a near vacuum, satisfy the conditions for forming a resonant quantum harmonic oscillator, producing the Casimir force. The Casimir force, along with electrostatic attraction, cause the bow shock to draw the crystal towards it, this propels the crystal. The Casimir force coherently extracts zero point energy as a result of the zero point electron cloud positional fluctuation of the closely spaced conductive surfaces. The highly fixed particle positions pinned on the bow shock from high pressure invoke the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle,....

Keelynet gives more details on this truly quantum/relativistic sonofusion alchemy by ultrasound water cavitation!

the LeClair Effect imply that relativistic speeds in excess of half the speed of light were achieved during crystal bow shock nucleosynthesis. Half the speed of light is the highest speed of the expanding shock wave of a supernova, the only known way in nature to nucleosynthesize the heaviest elements up to fermium.

High crystal velocity also generates positive acceleration feedback by bow shock compression. The closer the bow shock to the crystal leading face, the stronger the attraction from the Casimir Force and the faster the crystal goes. The faster the crystal goes, the more the bow shock compresses, raising attraction even further. Acceleration is evidenced by increasing width trenches.

internal sound increases corpus callosum pineal gland light

LeClair describes this amazing sonofusion water crystal microjet again as The LeClair Effect:

The crystal, moving at supersonic and greater speeds, is surrounding by a bow shock like a fighter plane. The positively charged crystal is attracted to its own negatively charged bow shock by the Casimir Force and coherently extracts zero point energy on a large scale. The crystal then accelerates to what appears to be relativistic speeds in very short distances.


Suslick ultrasound cavitation

People want to dismiss LeClair as a fraud but he has been supported by high level scientists.  LeClair says, "Our data includes signed reports from reputable labs and Universities."  discussion here "Ed Pope, NanoSpire's adivser, had worked in Naval Intelligence, and Sergio Lebid, LeClair's associate, appears to have worked in top-secret operations for the government. LeClair wrote: "...the cat is out of the bag and can't be stopped, even if they manage to stop us. Even if it takes fifty years... The world's problems are political, not technological."


Sonofusion is now even taught at M.I.T. M.I.T. lectures on cold fusion on youtube One comment: "If you go read what Mitch Swartz says, he started LENR experiments to prove it didn't work. He found some positive data instead, and has a whole lot of data by now as well as devices for sale for anyone to test for themselves and is running classes in it at MIT." And NY Times considered sonofusion "news fit to print" in 2007.  "You solve the world's pollution problems," Tessien said. "You eliminate the need for wars." (Exactly! The original human culture, the  Bushmen, required all the males to train in sonofusion energy to cut down on resource use and the Bushmen have never declared war - they last separated from the rest of humanity 125,000 years ago!). I made sonofusion the secret of my master's thesis based on music theory in 2000 - "sound-current nondualism." Discussing John Keely:

"This process continued to the 40th plate in the set thus transforming a lower audible frequency into a frequency well beyond the x-ray and gamma ranges."114 Then Keely determined how to channel those forces via wires of rare metals( he exhibited the ability to disintegrate huge blocks of granite, to power motors with very high levels of energy and to control the harmonic relations of gravity, electricity and magnetism. He demonstrated levitation and his sub-atomic energy had no destructive radiation since it was achieved by harmonic resonance.

Mark Leclair says the key is the microjet form due to the suction attraction from the close connection to the substrate plate getting hit by the water. So normal acoustic cavitation of water gets some plasma fusion but doesn't get the run away acceleration from the loss of resistance due to the quantum uncertainty bubble surrounding the water - the non-commutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi. So for example even Ken Suslick using normal acoustic cavitation creates new chemicals.


2012 WIRED: Race for cold fusion: Nasa, MIT, Darpa and Cern peer through the keyhole and NASA Langley scientist says cold fusion energy works! Mark LeClair thinks that Rossi cold fusion is directly based on his patents.  April Business Journal says Rossi cold fusion business "Industrial Heat" is making progress.

Finally LeClair says he needs a "hot lab" (shielding radiation) to continue his research but so far 2 labs have mysteriously stopped any progress. He thinks the military is blocking his continued research - especially the Navy as the Russians use cavitation-driven torpedoes. Navy scientists discuss their cold fusion - 2015 youtube As I've speculated in my free Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music pdf, it's very likely the secret big black equilateral triangle military aircraft, that I witnessed up close, relies on sonofusion technology. Here's a NASA open video lecture on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction aircraft, 2014 What LeClair describes is similar to "soliton fusion" for entangled matter waves from microresonators - As a result of fusion large intensity robust light structures arise and propagate over significant distances.

A magnetosonic wave: primary and secondary currents of the sun


 Casimir Zero Point Energy


However, the arguments that the zero point energies should cancel
are incomplete when the background is a soliton; in fact, quantum corrections
to the soliton mass in supersymmetric field theories are in general
nonvanishing3,4,5,6,7,8,9. pdf link

It's the microjet produced from the bubble of the pistol shrimp that creates heat and light hotter and brighter than the sun - video


pistol shrimp implosion shock wave video



Some shrimp use the shock wave to drill into rock

 When the plunger slams into this socket it displaces water that jets out at 105 feet a second, a velocity so high that its pressure drops below the vapor pressure of water. Tiny bubbles already present in the water suddenly swell in this low pressure, then collapse when the pressure climbs again.

and yahoo explains: "If you now take this liquid and send it traveling in one (predominant) direction, you cause all the motion (predominantly) to be in this one direction. Therefore you necessarily reduce the pressure exerted in the other directions." 


And, since the heat wave from the sonoluminscencing bubble is a soliton, googlebook link, this brings us back to the Soliton - we hit the noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi again pdf link:


Recently, Bigatti and Susskind4 have suggested the quantum model in two space dimensions of a charged particle in the plane interacting with a perpendicular magnetic field in the limit the field strength goes to infinity to observe noncommutativity in the plane coordinates.


 Considered as a multipartite quantum system, time-multiplexed nonlinear Schrödinger solitons after collision are rigorously proved to become quantum entangled

The Surplus Value of Consciousness and the Trajectory of Tantric Technology

Tara Mother of Buddhas


Luckily Stuart Hameroff has provided the biological connection to quantum consciousness via the ultrasound resonance of microtubules (Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' corroborates theory of consciousness 2014) - collaborating with Roger Penrose.

Roger Penrose of the University of Oxford presented another possibility in his book The Emperor's New Mind: quantum effects disappear in systems containing so much mass that gravity - which is usually negligible at subatomic scales - becomes a factor.

Yes we can hear ultrasound contrary to Western claims otherwise - externally it's the highest pitch we can hear as a subharmonic of the direct ultrasound ocular (eye) brain fluid bone resonance. 

 Monitoring neural vascular function with Doppler ultrasonic imaging provides unexpected support for the brain ultrasound demodulation theory. When the imaging beam was focused at the center of the brain, patients reported hearing a high audio sound, much like tinnitus. When the ultrasonic beam was directed at the ear, the sound disappeared. Setting the brain into

resonance resulted in a clear high-pitch, audible sensation consistent with brain resonance in the 11- and 16- kHz range....Because ultrasound produces high audio stimulation by virtue of brain resonance, the direct use of high audio stimulation is more economical in power requirements and still stimulates the brain at resonance. Dr. Martin L. Lenhardt, “Ultrasonic Hearing in Humans: Applications for Tinnitus Treatment,” International Tinnitus Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2003, p. 3 and p. 6.

 Ultrasound resonates our quantum consciousness through the microtubules. 

I think the ultrasound is stimulating these microtubules and having an effect on consciousness. Dr. Stuart Hameroff, 2011 (see above link in 2014 documenting corroboration).

Ultrasound has the strongest amplitude resonance peak of the quantum consciousness microtubules and human bones directly hear or conduct ultrasound. Bandyopadhyay A (2011) Direct experimental evidence for quantum states in microtubules and topological invariance. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:

...ultrasound emissions from mechanoelastic vibrations caused by electrical pulses applied to the tissues. Muscle physiologists have long detected sounds from working muscles, but have treated them as distracting noise when electrical or mechanical signals are being recorded.... the memory of our body, inhering in the liquid crystalline continuum, were to
exist in a quantum holographic form. Rainbow and the Worm, p. 192, p. 195.

How are they resonated? By the complementary opposite harmonics of alchemy practices: 

 some proteins the survival for microseconds is the “common frequency point”. In this case, the common point is the inverse of microseconds that is the megahertz frequency. ultrasound as the "wirelessly" means of healing

Focused Ultrasound: How Sound Can Heal Your Brain and  Tuning the Brain-TUS TUS - Transcranial Ultrasound The Nada Yoga describes it as thus (Merging with Shiva, Hinduism’s Contemporary Metaphysics, 2004): 


When you can see a white light aglow in your head in a darkened room, or even see
a flash of it, or hear the inner, high-pitched sound, “eee,” humming in
your inner ear, then you know that you are consciously functioning in the
subsuperconscious state of mind. Devotees who have had their first flash
of white light in their head or heard the constant high-pitched “eee” in

ultrasound brain microtubule quantum consciousness

their inner ear have awakened the process of the subsuperconscious state
of mind, and it works quite automatically after that. pdf link

Quantum physicist Michael König is now even promoting special self-healing exercises based on quantum consciousness. The Little Quantum Temple: Self Healing with modern Physics His book on Photon diagnosis is fascinating his youtube talk here 

Certain meditative states
characterized by a high degree of coherence in the EEG may well be accompanied by a high
degree of coherence in the biophoton field [9],...Vertebrate neurons show typically filamentous mitochondria associated with the microtubules (MTs) of the cytoskeleton, forming together a continuous network
(mitochondrial reticulum) [79]. The rapid movements of mitochondria are MT-based. ...Furthermore, MT [microtubule] polymerization is sensitive to UV [84] and blue light [59] and mitochondria are known to be sources of biophotons corresponding to the same wavelengths [8,34,98], which makes an immediate logical connection.... mitochondria emit light into MTs. ...When in coherent states, the biophotons are absorbed via biomolecules and when in the ground state, the biophotons are absorbed via the vacuum. In this model, the information can be restored from the vacuum, and conscious states can be repeated as before....biophotons can help MTs support coherent states....Very recently, Gardiner et al. [25] reviewed the evidence for neurotransmitters regulation (i.e. serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, glutamate, glycine, and acetylcholine) of the MT cytoskeleton. They postulated that MTs may play a direct role in propagating action potentials via conductance of electric current....When the eyes start to be opened, the incident numbers of photons into the eyes increases and according to the diagrams in Figures 4 and 6 the amplitudes [of Alpha-EEG] are reduced...this interaction is not only limited to the external incident photons with MTs....The argument for connection between Alpha-EEG diagrams and MTs [microtubules] activity is their similar behavior in increasing and decreasing of amplitudes of fluctuation function for MTs and potential difference in EEG in

response to the intensity of photons. This similarity during opening and shutting of the eyes indicates a significant relation between the EEG diagrams and the fluctuation function. 2010 pdf

How the consciousness conspirachi works is the vascular hormonal and blood pressure (jing) that, via  deep breathing vagus nerve increase of redox and Ca2+-dependent MT regulation, increases the electromagnetic energy (chi or qi) which then increases the biophoton energy (shen). Genomic instantiation of consciousness in neurons through a biophoton field theory 2014 pdf link

The coherence of biophotons stems from the result of electric energy fields propagating in the intracellular space or cytoplasm as solitonic transmission with collective dynamics (Giudice et al., 1988). The electric field does not need to be coherent; it is the intracellular fluid that creates coherency in the presence of an electric field. If biophotons are produced from a coherent field then their frequencies will be more closely correlated than biophotons produced from a non-coherent field from exciplex states of DNA molecular interactions.

Quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two landmark features of quantum physics, and now physicists have demonstrated that the two phenomena are "operationally equivalent" König uses Charon's model of electron black holes storing virtual photon information to explain homeopathy. So by shaking the medicine this creates electrostatic energy which gives off the photon information which is then stored in the electrons. So then even if the medicine is greatly reduced the virtual photon information is still stored in the electrons. He says the DNA has the job of distributing electromagnetic energy in the cell with 90% of the electromagnetic energy concentrated in the DNA in the center of the cell. The photons control the metabolic processes in the cell but the shell of the cell is like a guitar body - it resonates and amplifies the photon energy. The tune is called by the electrons which then emit and absorb the photons. This aligns with the Yuan Qi and Yuan Shen model also. I quoted Charon in my master's thesis: here

Both the electron and the black hole [i.e. extremely dense matter with zero beats] are characterized by totally curved space and by curved time. This means that the time of electrons and of black holes is opposite to our 'material' time, which moves on a straight line from past to present to future. This, in turn, may imply that if entropy grows in the 'material' world, then in the world of electrons (and black holes) precisely the opposite force might grow, the force of negentropy.

The Yuan Shen is then the female principle in Nature: the egg, the cell, the spore that amplifies the biophoton spirit information as macroquantum coherent spirit-light.  A person in vegetative coma state is proven to be self-aware and conscious!  

When the team showed Bainbridge familiar faces and scanned her brain, “it lit up like a Christmas tree, especially the FFA”, says Owen. “That was the beginning of everything.” ...The woman, who had been unresponsive for five months after a traffic accident, had strikingly similar brain activation patterns to healthy volunteers who were imagining these activities,

proving, in Owen's mind, that she was conscious. The result, published in a one-page article in Science, evoked wonder and disbelief....use that capability to answer yes-or-no questions: imagine playing tennis for yes, navigating the house for no....In front of a computer screen showing the fMRI data, Owen traces a blue line indicating activity in the supplementary motor area — a 'yes' — as it rises during the 'answer' period. It dives during the rest periods. A red line — indicating activity in the parahippocampal gyrus — represents the 'no'. The lines are sharp and clear, and Owen, who has a taste for puns, calls the implication “a no-brainer”. Nature. 2012. SciAm reprint

The Yuan Qi is the male principle in Nature: the spirochete sperm and the spirochete microtubules with the ultrasound piezoelectric sonofusion resonance of subquantum energy - so that the virtual photons stored in the black hole, then transformed into the spacetime white hole, as the Cosmic Mother source. König reports that a healthy cell has more concentrated biophotons stored in the cell. Acupuncture meridian health can now be analyzed via biophoton digital cameras. So a person with trauma will block the storing of the biophotons in the meridian points. "We linked our biophysical visual representation notion to self-consciousness that may involve extremely low-energy quantum entanglements by means of biophotons." Near death experiences: a multidisciplinary hypothesis 2013The biophoton field should also be coherent which can then transmit a lot of information. The white hole as the Cosmic Mother source is the 180 degree spacetime reversal that has turned the Yuan Qi or Wu Chi energy as the force that drives the creation of a new "yang shen" or new physical body as immortality.

How the Alchemist Shapes the Qi Field By Michael Winn

Since yuan qi is the "unconditioned energy" of the universe, all "unconditonal virtues" of the Original Spirit such as unconditional love, unconditional truth, unconditional acceptance are communicated through yuan qi. Early Heaven divides the triune (three-as-one) unity of yuan qi into the five element energy phases (wu xing) of cosmic time....As order crystallizes out of the unbounded chaos of oneness, the Dao communicates with itself through a field of Original Energy (yuan Qi). This infinite ocean of life force holds three potential charges: negative, positive, and neutral Qi (yin, yang, and yuan).Alchemy Formulas, Qi Field & Language Theory by Michael Winn

Maybe this biophoton lecture will be good also and indeed it is! Dr. Rajendra Bajpai goes into detail about the photomultiplier measuring parameters for the definition of consciousness - it is the spontaneous emission of coherent light waves. The photons are "squeezed light" meaning defined as quantum non-commutative time-frequency consciousness. Using his methodology Dr. Bajpai says he can actually measure how a healer transfers his coherent light to a patient and then the patient's light becomes coherent while the healer's light is now incoherent. Then the healer may take an hour or whatever to be able to "re-attune" their light. Dr. Bajpai says this method directly measures how we are all tuned to each other! EPA Van Wijk, R Van Wijk, RP Bajpai

Indian journal of experimental biology 46 (5), 345 2008 pdf Quantum squeezed state analysis of spontaneous ultra weak light photon emission of practitioners of meditation and control subjects

Research on human ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) has suggested a typical human emission anatomical distribution pattern. It was demonstrated that emissions are lower in long-term practitioners of meditation as compared to control subjects.

And to those who try to dismiss biophotons as just a chemical reaction of the body, Dr. Bajpai did an experiment with hydrogen peroxide to show the body reacts with a quantum coherent biophoton signal for an hour - and the signal would decay exponentially if it was just a classical chemical reaction but it remained a quantum coherent reaction for an hour. Dr. Bajpai says this is the body biophoton consciousness self-healing against the chemical invasion. So then Dr. Bajpai emphasizes that even though this is just biophotons the information is entangled with the matter of the body and so even from a distance there is entanglement with the body. Dr. Bajpai is saying that biophoton harmonization of coherency is like then being a real oracle just like in ancient times whereas modern medicine that says just "cut out" the body part is more like witchcraft that is not as good as biophoton medicine. Then Dr. Bajpai points out that the biophoton field can be detected by living matter like fish eggs and frog eggs detecting each other. [ this study]This is proven on a macroquantum level again as noncommutative time-frequency consciousness - called "acoustic ecology" by Bernard Krause. In the modern world there is no longer a pristine ecology without modern Western science noise but despite that in the natural resonance revolution each organism finds an acoustic ecological niche based on time and frequency harmony - quite literally a great animal orchestra.


I looked up Dr. Bajpai on google - there is his research publications list and in 2014 he published with co-authors, confirmation of homeopathy working by biophoton coherence. I then searched the papers that cited his 2014 research and I got an updated investigation of how light affects aging. I discovered this gem: Biophotons: Ultraweak Light Impulses Regulate Life Processes in Aging Hugo J Niggli*

Quantum entanglement resonance creates helix DNA twist

Schrödinger proposed that in living cells the high level of organization can only be maintained because the cellular system perpetually obtains order from the environment. According to Schrödinger sunlight provides this miraculous order [2,20]. In the1950s, the physicist Herbert Fröhlich (1905-1991) completed this genial idea by introducing the concept of coherence into living systems as summarized by his pupil Hyland [8]. He recommended light with a high degree of organization: The so-called biological laser light. The ultra-weak radiation of such a system is very calm and shows a stable intensity. The fluctuations normally seen with light are minimal. Based on the stable field strength of its waves, they are able to superpose. The light field of such a laser exhibits a high degree of order and therefore is able to generate coherence and to transfer information.....Popp has developed a method of irradiation that could predict the carcinogenic potential of chemicals: He found that carcinogens absorb ultraviolet-A light (UVA) in the range of 380 nm and change, at the same time, the frequency [11]. This hypothesis in the year of 1975, that ultra-weak UVA-light was produced somewhere in the body, was breaking a dogma. If light does exist in the body, why did not natural scientists unravel this enigma before?....According to Herbert Fröhlich, the coherent radiation of light in biological systems is very calm, featuring a stable intensity and a minimal fluctuation. Based on the stable field strength of its waves, they are also able to superpose. The light field of such a laser exhibits a high degree of order and therefore is able to generate order and to transfer information in living systems [2,7,20]....Most interestingly, in a case of multiple sclerosis this coherence was highly disturbed....Their hypothesis is based on the assumption that in the nucleus the helically shaped genetic material acts as a biological laser obtaining its energy from the cellular nutrients in the form of photons....

Black Hole Quantum Entanglement

Indeed the qigong masters and spiritual healers are able to transfer this laser information - holographic laser or spirit information into people for healing. If anyone doubts this - please watch the amazing compilation of qigong master telekinesis and pyrokinesis videos I compiled - a dozen different qigong masters all demonstrating telekinesis! I've personally experienced the qigong masters doing this and I've also personally seen the coherent light used to do the healing. Because of my intensive qigong training to finish my master's degree, I've personally seen dead people as coherent light spirits attracted to the stronger coherent light of the qigong master who heals dead people as spirits. The original qigong master without me saying anything about what I saw, confirmed to me what I saw and explained he frequently does this healing of dead people as spirits. The qigong masters focus on visualizing light as the key to the practice and biophoton science has proven that when we visualize light we increase the production of biophotons internally.

Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: support for Bókkon's biophoton hypothesis.

Neurosci Lett. 2012 Apr 4; B T Dotta, K S Saroka, M A Persinger

Dotta, K S Saroka, M A Persinger. Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: support for Bókkon's biophoton hypothesis. Neurosci Lett. 2012 Apr 4 ;513(2):151 - See more at: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/biophotons-human-body-emits-communicates-and-made-light?page=2#sthash.FykyczZu.dpuf

This is due to the natural resonance of the light as a laser. Biologist Dr. James Oschman gives this youtube lecture on biophoton quantum coherence energy medicine Oschman emphasizes that normally the quantum "plenum" cancels out the energy and so an asymmetric resonance is needed to leverage the quantum energy. The qigong masters also check the biophoton level of the food they eat and so are strongly against eating food that is too old since it does not have any biophoton energy left - and so just pollutes the body. Whereas local food has more biophoton resonance with the person eating it and so has strong healing effect and also the emotions of the person preparing the food then greatly affects the biophoton coherence of the food. Quantum effects are responsible for holding DNA together.

... what happens to these oscillations, or phonons as physicists call them, when the base pairs are stacked in a double helix.Phonons are quantum objects, meaning they can exist in a superposition of states and become entangled, just like other quantum objects.To start with, Rieper and co imagine the helix without any effect from outside heat. “Clearly the chain of coupled harmonic oscillators is entangled at zero temperature,” they say. They then go on to show that the entanglement can also exist at room temperature. That’s possible because phonons have a wavelength which is similar in size to a DNA helix and this allows standing waves to form, a phenomenon known as phonon trapping. When this happens, the phonons cannot easily escape.Quantum biologist Elisabeth Rieper discovered "in a standard analysis, there's not enough energy to hold DNA together, but their quantum theory makes it work."

Biophotons: Ultraweak Light Impulses Regulate Life Processes in Aging Hugo J Niggli*:

Dying cells for instance, loose this ability of light memorization and show before death a significant increase of ultraweak photon emission. In short, their capacity to store energy of light is lost....Furthermore, in the case of cancer cells, the cellular toxins accumulated during the

years, and often leading to deposits of cellular debris in the tissues (e.g. arteriosclerosis in blood vessels), induce the increased emission of biophotons [27,28]....From all these investigations it can be concluded, that merely a minuscule portion (nearly 2%) of the hereditary, genetic material (DNA) in the cell nucleus was needed for the build up and regulation of cell processes [22]. All the experiments and computations performed unravel the major task of junk DNA. It seems obvious that these genetic structures, which were believed to be functionless until now, are in charge of the supervision of the highly complex machinery inside the cell by biophotonic action of DNA as proposed by Herbert Fröhlich almost fifty years ago [8,20].

This also explains how the spirit leaves the body at death and has been recorded to cause a strong amplitude of highly coherent high frequency gamma EEG waves - after the heart is already stopped, the brain is dead and the person should have no brain waves. The original qigong master has emphasized that it is the light of the sun that is the living intelligence of the body and hence the crucial focus on solar energy meditation.  To quote the alchemical training manual from Wang Mu, Foundations of Internal Alchemy translated by Fabrizio Pregadio pdf link:

The Secret Text of Green Florescence says:


When the Heart cannot be quiescent, this is not simply due to the Heart itself. Essentially, Spirit makes use of the Heart, and the Heart makes use of the Spirit. They make use of one another, and because of this, thoughts and desires are born. If the Heart seeks

Strictly by the numbers, the vast majority — estimated by many scientists at 90 percent — of the cells in what you think of as your body are actually bacteria, not human cells.

quiescence, it is first of all necessary to control the eyes. The eyes are the residences for the roaming of the Spirit: Spirit roams through the eyes, and makes use of the Heart. Therefore restrain Spirit through the eyes and cause it to return to the Heart.


According to the principles of Taoist alchemy, Spirit is stored in the Heart and is issued from the eyes. In the practice of inner observation, the emphasis is on "observation": when the eyes are used to observe inwardly, one's thinking becomes focused, and the Original Breath surges; one internally illuminates oneself, all concerns become empty, delusive thoughts vanish, and one's Heart is calm and untroubled. This is the third step for entering the state of quiescence. An anonymous master said:


The Spirit of Heaven is issued from the Sun, the Spirit of Man is issued from the eyes. Wherever the eyes go, the Heart also goes.


Therefore when the alchemical masters sit to practice, they coagulate Spirit and stabilize breathing, press the tongue lightly against the upper palate, concentrate the Heart and the eyes inwardly, look down at their Cinnabar Field, and can rapidly enter the state of quiescence.

Based on de Broglie, light is created by resonating from the conspirachi of noncommutative time-frequency consciousness and this is also what the alchemical spiritual masters say! Ramana Maharshi points out that consciousness is not light - we can not see "formless awareness" as the consciousness of the Universe. Physicist Claude Swanson, author of the Life Force (2011) of the Synchronized Universe He has several youtube lectures. here The original qigong master says to use your consciousness (light) to go into the Emptiness (formless awareness) and to keep it simple (the noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi of the Perfect Fifth/Perfect Fourth harmonics as the yang/yin energy resonance).

quantum diffraction gradients


But such models are not standard to science, whereas noncommutative geometry also tries to incorporate non-commutative time a la Alain Connes recent Music of Shapes lecture Connes has misunderstood "aural" nonwestern music as being limited to learning only one "line" (visual symmetric time) in contrast to Western geometric music (i.e. orchestration training of transposing different clefs at the same time, as I did this training). Contrary to the misunderstanding of Connes, aural music is not dependent on visual learning and the resonance is noncommutative! Both Rachmaninoff and Horowitz, considered the top classical pianists, said Art Tatum was better! Tatum was a self-taught by ear, blind African-American jazz pianist. Documentary link Learning "by ear" is superior to visual learning. Tatum taught himself a "piano roll" by ear but Tatum didn't know it was two pianists - he could play it all at once. Connes argues that a fuzzy noncommutative quantum sphere is then the best model for noncommutative Western music - a fuzzy quantum sphere has zero dimensions but positive volume! Connes "music of shapes" work has recently been expanded - pdf link here

the noncommutative spectral geometry, developed by Connes and collaborators as an approach to unification.... the seeds of quantization....we conclude that the quantum dissipative phase interference ... is associated with the two paths P1 and P2 in the noncommutative plane

All that sounds very fancy but in fact the Orthodox Pythagoreans already knew this secret! Aural music, contrary to Connes

Internal visualization as Matrix brain-machine interface

misunderstanding, is not limited to learning one visual line at a time - just as with noncommutative geometry - you can't visualize the music, but in contrast to noncommutative geometry (which still has to be converted into the symmetric Poisson Bracket, i.e. it "Poisson commutes,") you can go "faster" than the noncommutative time-frequency uncertainty principle! Noncommutative simply means that it violates the commutative principle - so that the order of measurement changes the value of the outcome. In music theory this was well known - the Perfect Fifth music interval which is the first harmonic after the octave: As a subharmonic the Perfect Fifth is C to F as 2/3 while as an overtone the Perfect Fifth is C to G as 3/2. One is the time (wavelength) while the other is the frequency - take your pick - they are noncommutative! In actuality the time is infinite to get 3/2 frequency and so impossible by Western

Frequency Fractal Resonance Chain Actual Matrix Plan

technology. This was the original noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi, the "bait and switch" rotten root at the foundation of Western math, that had to be covered up for symmetric Western math and science to be created! De Broglie rediscovered this empirically true conspirachi but for science to work ever since Plato, the commutative principle had to be enforced, thereby creating deep social injustice and ecological destruction. So the irony of this is now called the "phantom tonic" of the Perfect Fourth since C to F as a subharmonic had to be doubled from 2/3 into 4/3 but 4/3 can not be of the harmonic series since 3 as the divisor is not a harmonic multiple of 1. So the 2/3 subharmonic was inverted and "squared" as 9/4 and then halved as 9/8, the major 2nd music interval. By squaring the Perfect Fifth (3/2) this is the "bait and switch" (9/4) of the doubling of the Perfect Fifth (2/3) as 4/3. 3/2 is squared and then halved back into the octave while 2/3 is just doubled back into the octave, thereby creating the "bait and switch" conspirachi of noncommutative time-frequency consciousness. This logical lie was covered up as the original conspirachi only known by mathematicians like Abel who exclaimed that the Harmonic Series is "the invention of the devil" because the natural numbers do not converge geometrically. My Devil's Interval and the Pre-Established Deep Disharmony of Western Science article has more details.


Let me explain just how simple this "bait and switch" cover-up is, this conspirachi of noncommutative time-frequency consciousness. For example the Pythagorean Sourcebook (googlebook review link) gives the Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth intervals as C-G-c, 2:3 and C-F-c, 3:4. This is actually incorrect since C to G is a harmonic overtone so its 3/2 (not 2:3) and C to F can not be a harmonic overtone since it uses 3 as the divisor and 3 is not an octave double of C!! But guess what? No one notices! Now let's go to another source that makes another "bait and switch" lie. This science pedagogy book teaches the connection of Pythagoras to Einstein via the Doppler Effect. (googlebook review link) So what do we find here? Instead of presenting 3/2 and 4/3 as intervals like the Pythagorean Sourcebook does - i.e. C-G-c is 3/2 which shows the small c is 2 as the octave and so G is 3 as the harmonic overtone - Remote Sensing in Action: The Curious Case of Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein (2014) covers up the noncommutative time-frequency conspirachi by just stating G is 3/2 as the frequency (not mentioning that the 2 is small c as the octave of the "home tone" or tonic C as the Pythagorean Sourcebook does mention).


In both cases - this is such a simple and subtle "bait and switch" lie that no one notices! In science it's usually covered up by saying - oh there are just ratios so it doesn't matter....But what is being covered up? Both cases cover up that C to F as the subharmonic is 2/3 while C to G as the overtone is 3/2 - both are the same Perfect Fifth music interval and therefore prove noncommutative time-frequency. See above - the quote give by the physicist on music tuning and noncommutative time-frequency - 3/2 as the Perfect Fifth is noncommutative time-frequency that can not be achieved by Western math and technology! Another way to think of this is that sound as phonons (Yuan Qi) is inverse to light as spirit energy (Yuan Shen). To know sound precisely as frequency energy (phonons) takes an infinite amount of time, and to know light precisely as momentum (photons) means wavelength (space) goes to zero. Because of noncommutative time-frequency, light and sound are complementary opposites - there is no zero time and there is no zero sound frequency and the consciousness conspirachi is the entangled wormhole connecting the source of sound (infinite phonons as Yuan Qi) to light (Yuan Shen).

 If you want to determine C with this precision 0.0001Hz, you need Δt of 800 sec, or 13 min 20 sec. If you want to get the exact Middle C, you need an infinite time and a continuous wave of C.

Avian quantum compass - secret of navigation

Since all of Fourier analysis and logarithmic-based science relies on commutative symmetric math (a one to one correspondence between geometric symbol and number) then this lie creates what math professor Luigi Borzacchini details as the "pre-established deep disharmony" of Western science. Also the science book claims Pythagoras taught the geometric mean, but in actuality the geometric mean was invented by Archytas and Eudoxus and then it was secretly promoted by Plato. Science keeps claiming the geometric mean is Pythagorean, to quote, "The mathematics of special relativity can be expressed in terms of the geometric mean of Pythagoras...." (p. 293) but in fact this geometric mean is the secret music source of deep disharmony in science. Science also calls this Pythagoras' Law (the Pythagorean Theorem that leads to the discovery of irrational numbers as geometric mean) - when again Pythagoras was against disharmony and there is actually a secret music source of geometric mean as disharmony. I've written a very detailed expose of this logical lie from the secret music source of Western math - called the Devil's Interval and the Pre-Established Deep Disharmony of Western Science.

Double Klein Bottle as Tai Chi

A complete rotation on the ...circular pitch space of an octave  perceptually translates into two complete rotations on the Möbius strip, say D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G# followed by G#-A-A#-B-C-C#-D, completing the single edge of the Moebius strip The perceptual space turns to be the Klein Bottle surface, on identifying the antipodal  points –depicted by lines on joining the antipodal pitches on the edge of the Möbius strip- as perceptual identities. The Klein Bottle thus arises as the identification of the equally oriented sides of Figure 5 [2], since already the identification of opposite orientations of the other two sides produce the Möbius strip. Möbius strip and Klein Bottle Genomic Topologies, Self-reference, Harmonics and Evolution

Western science is based on the idea of the infinite being tuned to a closed geometric invisible line as the calculus - it is time as a process of technological, linear "progress" and so time is a linear continuum that increases entropy (information disorder as destruction of ecology). Norbert Wiener gives a succinct "historical background of harmonic analysis" as the search for symmetric convergence - pdf link 

 After successfully applying his generalized harmonic analysis to establish Heavyside's operational calculus, Wiener continued to extend its use (1926)....it did not influence the development of quantum mechanics; only by helping Born to apply operator methods did Wiener contribute to the new theory in an important way. googlebook link

Natural Resonance documentary "Beings of Frequency" The attempt to contain noncommutative time into a

the geometry of music can not contain noncommutative time-frequency

noncommutative geometry can be very misleading - the above music analysis for example assumes that G sharp is the same as A flat - when actual real empirical harmonics is an infinite spiral of fifths that can not be contained by geometry, because of noncommutative time-frequency consciousness! So because the infinite spiral of fifths is noncommutative then it is not contained by geometry. The octave and fifth/fourth have next to no "beats" and so the natural number harmonics resonate to the non-local quantum entanglement coherence that is the source of 3-D spacetime, and the source of "quantum beats." Therefore, as per noncommutative geometry, 1 plus 1 does not equal 2 and Western math is wrong, even noncommutative geometry has to convert the noncommutative time back to a symmetric mathematics. Dmitri Tymoczko has gotten mainstream science attention for his ability to "embed" continuous enharmonic infinity tuning in his Möbius strip music model but the reality is more complex. De Broglie discovered something very very strange about time - it can travel backwards from the future! Mainstream science assumes this does not mean actual information signals can travel back from the future since that would violate linear causality but now in quantum biology science has discovered that indeed life relies on quantum entanglement! As Pereira puts it:

It also means that protons, electrons, neutrons created in the dawn of the universe kept the same phase relationship with all the other protons, electrons and neutron of the universe throughout the ages. The same is true for any particle created at any time. De Broglie wavelength, phase and intensity are properties shared by particle classes.This coherence is essential in creating a quantum gravity theory and it is essential to the hypergeometrical theory.

Or as Dr. Neil Turok, who worked with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge, says in his recent Oct. 7, 2015 lecture, The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything - when you analyze the amplitude of variation of temperature against "pitch" or scale of the whole Universe - it proves a remarkable symmetry


We literally see the universe as a giant bell - it struck at the big bang and everything is synchronized. ...The whole universe is as simple as the simplest atom....The universe we see doesn't distinguish between scales ...a wave that stretches right across the universe has the same strength as one a hundred times or a million times smaller. They're all the same. It's an unbelievable simple pattern that came out of the Big Bang....In fact it would be fair to say in physics everything is a wave....We've just put a paper out describing how a universe can bounce, it can contract with the light waves going down and bounce again....You'll remember that light doesn't have a scale. You see so whereas we would look at the Universe and say it's shrinking, in fact the light doesn't see the shrinking. It's due to the scale-independence of Maxwell's equations....which can be used to described what happened at the Big Bang itself.

Science on the contrary has defined Nature as existing "within" a symmetric mathematical philosophy that was created by human language making a symmetric alignment with technological geometry. The only way the symmetry can be maintained now is for time to reversal itself as a holographic "crunch" of the Universe from its entangled quantum noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi! Materialistic scientists like Lawrence Krauss then conflate the human measuring process - even measurements using human technology - as the "actual" empirical entanglement whereas biology has documented that this entanglement of information happens whether humans or machines measure it or not. holographic 3D memory storage

The storage process starts when a laser beam is split into two signals. One beam is used as a reference signal. Another beam, called the data-carrying beam, is passed through a device called a spatial light modulator (SLM) which acts as a fine shutter system, passing and blocking light at points corresponding to ones and zeroes. . The reference beam is then reflected to

3D phase resonance of phonons for holographic data processing

impinge on the data-carrying beam within the media. This creates a three-dimensional refraction pattern (the "hologram") that is captured in the media. Holographic storage uses circular media similar to a blank CD or DVD that spins to accept data along a continuous spiral data path. Once the media is written, data is read back using the reference beam to illuminate the refraction.spin wave (phonon) holographic memory demonstrated 2015

In fact this is asymmetric - the lie of Western symmetric math based on a one to one correspondence between number and geometry - since it relies on left-brain language using right-hand technology! So after the heart-mind was transcended to create the UnDead Priesthood there was a reversal of the Harmony of Heaven and Earth and left-brain logic separated the Tree of Knowledge (the third eye) from the Tree of Life (the lower tan tien embryo) using right-hand iron-based technology.

Eve -- instead of being the secret source of eternal sex power became Eve (as the corner of a square) to be controlled for materialistic power. Once the UnDead Awareness is achieved by "cutting the knot" then the priest is beyond all good and evil.

In Africa this became the Freemasonic BLACKSMITH caste which can shapeshift into crocodiles (Set -- the "evil" god of Egypt) which became the "power Set Axiom" (the official name for the square root of two, the first math equation to square the circle used to find the center of the chariot wheels).

The book "Iron, Gender and Power" is a recent academic text on Africa also see "In the Eyes of the Night: Witchcraft among the senegalese" -- another academic ivy-league anthropologist documenting shape-shifting reptilian blacksmiths as the most important magic. The iron-based technology of patriarchal pastoralism and iron-based rectilinear plowing is the most ancient form of oppression -- when the Bantu-Koi cultures then took over the Mbuti-Baka-!Kung-San cultures of matrifocal hunter-gatherers.


"The evolution of human gender hierarchies" by Marvin Harris from the book "Sex and Gender Hierarchies (Cambridge U Press, 1993)

"These questions cannot be answered without considering the different implications of hoes and plows for the sexual division of labor as related to male and female anatomy and physiology in cultural evolutionary perspective. Where hoe agriculture preveails, women tend to be as productive as men in agricultural operations. This is what keeps their labor force in high demand and makes them independent of men. In contrast, where plow agriculture preveals, plowing constitutes a critical task (an 'energy gat') which men perform (or operate) more efficiently than women. And this is what underlies the Eurasian patttern of female dependency and subordination." 

In Sumeria the original Garden of Eden myth has the Snake as goodness with Eve in charge. The letter "A" is actually the upside bulls-head from Sumerian ideograms with Omega as also a bulls-head. The bull being used for the first rectilinear iron-plow farming. See the recent academic book "Women of the Hoe" for documentation of the ancient matrifocal horticulture (without the rectilinear iron-based plowing). And what has science discovered but that life is made out of left-hand asymmetric carbon based molecules and life is right-brain dominant!  

Why do you think that the main source of hard currency for Gambia has been Western White Women from Europe getting their fun with the stud males of West Africa?
This is detailed in an athropology book I came across and then there happened to be a NYC scholar at my local radical bookstore who was from Gambia. So I brought this "sensitive" issue up and he did not deny it. He only stated that the President of Gambia who made that issue the focus of his speech should have also focused on the I.M.F. and World Bank destroying Gambia.
Yes because, as per the commodity fetish, these two are related.

And so there is a trajectory to science based on what previously had been repressed emotionally and projected as an externalized oppressed (i.e. standardized symmetrically) object. I call this the trajectory of tantric technology and so then modern humans using science have transformed living harmonic ecology of Earth into a dead machine-silica-iron future using water as the pivot point for this transformation. 

 For example, the water shortage we are currently facing on the planet mirrors the epidemic kidney-yin deficiency modern acupuncture practitioners see each day in the treatment room.

We will not be able to resolve the problem of water shortages or the overheating of our planet unless we also change the cultural conditions that create and nurture adrenal-pumped, kidney yin-exhausted, overheated executives and soul-deadened consumers who grasp endlessly for the unsustainable control and consumption of natural resources. The World, Alchemy and the Mysterious Feminine

Science is just a deep cycling of the elements - with fire and metal becoming dominant while earth and water and wood are being destroyed. Scientists are actually now discovering that time really is asymmetric and so are creating a "time crystal" that is the equivalent of an asymmetric space crystal

Matter Waves

All human cultures use the 1-4-5 (Octave, Perfect Fourth, Perfect Fifth) music intervals but the West, based on a "bait and switch" lie, created the Greek Miracle of Western science as a cover-up of the complementary opposite resonance or noncommutative time-frequency resonance of energy. In India the oldest philosophy is based on the three gunas which is the same as the Pythagorean Tetrad which is the same as the Tai Chi, all based on the 1-4-5 music intervals. The Quest for Divine Music by Suresh Chandra Dey:

Our whole universe is trigunatmaka, as it is pervaded by the three gunas...Therefore one gets a wonderful visualization of cosmogony, while doing the elementary Nada-sadhana, with the help of a tanpura, which is one of the oldest musical instruments....p. 82, As a result the first

musical vibration (Spandan...) that has emanated out of the trigunatmaka (relating to the three gunas), equipoise of Cosmic Nature - that alone is the AUM or OMkara....p. 266

22 notes of Indian scale from the 3 gunas as Tai Chi Tetrad - 1-4-5 music intervals or 1:2:3:4


The most common tuning for the four-string tanpura sets the first string at “Pa,” the fifth degree of the scale, while the second and third strings are tuned to the tonic above, and the last string is tuned to the tonic below.We know that the most acoustically pure fifth arises from a 3:2 frequency ratio...tanpura tuning

Science has now rediscovered this ancient secret as a "return of the primoridally repressed" but science as a technological trajectory has to then convert the time-frequency infinite potential back into symmetric mathematical measurements. 


 Quantum biology has now analyzed consciousness to realize that indeed precognition is possible due to this rediscovery of de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony. In fact Stuart Hameroff, neuroscientist, details how quantum precognition explains human free will - pdf link. The source of sound, as a tuning process, is infinite energy as a spacetime vortex which has the future

Tuning to the Infinite synchronizes brain to open pineal 3rd eye

harmonizing the past. Roger Penrose has pointed out that the origin of the Universe is from asymmetric time as a highly synchronized past and yet this is ignored and covered up by modern science.  Materialist cosmologist Sean Carroll explains “in general relativity spacetime can give energy to matter, or absorb it from matter, so that the total energy simply isn’t conserved,”  This is because as science is now discovering spacetime, the Universe as a 3D object with dark energy (noncommutative quantum time-frequency consciousness) causing the exponential expansion of space, is actually a holographic projection of entangled information as time-frequency consciousness itself. Time-frequency resonance is asymmetric. Or as Sean Carrol points out, in general relativity, there is no longer "time-translation invariance" from momentum to energy. As a commenter adds:

The time component of its conjugate momentum we identify as its energy (a well known result from special relativity). If we assign a charge to this particle and a electromagnetic field present then (from its corresponding Lagrangian) the conjugate momentum changes and therefore what one now calls energy of the particle is different.

Is the universe a hologram? April 27, 2015 Science News

"The fact that we can even talk about quantum information and entropy of entanglement in a theory of gravity is astounding in itself, and would hardly have been imaginable only a few years back. That we are now able to use this as a tool to test the validity of the holographic principle, and that this test works out, is quite remarkable," says Daniel Grumiller.

Again due to the time-frequency uncertainty relation or the noncommutative resonance of time-frequency this means that consciousness is eternally harmonizing the past with the future into a "collapsed" present 3D spacetime moment which each of us experience as our own information horizon of our internal/external black hole/white hole reality. Retrocausality and Signal Nonlocality in Consciousness and Cosmology Jack Sarfatti, Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14. pdf 2011

....black body Unruh radiation that matches the dark energy accelerating our universe must be advanced Wheeler-Feynman radiation from our future event horizon...the hologram screen cosmic computer generating all material fields must be our future event horizon in my opinion. The increasing to saturation area of our approaching future 2D horizon is the total thermodynamic entropy of our observable universe if we are back-from-the-future 3D hologram images.

from Hologrid

Someone who trains on a music instrument intensely before the age of 7, and on into their adult years, radically changes their brain structure, creating an enlarged corpus callosum which connects the left and right brain. Ozturk AH, Tascioglu B, Aktekin M, Kurtoglu Z, Erden I (2002) MORPHOMETRIC COMPARISON OF THE HUMAN
 There were significant differences between the two groups both for the anterior and posterior areas of the corpus callosum. Furthermore, significant differences between the two groups were found in the thicknesses of certain parts of the corpus callosum. 

Follow-up study: Early Musical Training and White-Matter Plasticity in the Corpus Callosum: Evidence for a Sensitive Period by Christopher J. Steele, Jennifer A. Bailey, Robert J. Zatorre, and Virginia B. Penhune. Journal of Neuroscience (2013).

The authors argue that this data provide evidence for the existence of a sensitive period for musical training – no matter how many years people train, you will find larger differences in this particular brain region in those who begin earlier....From this study we can conclude that early musical training (before age 7) has a special impact on the brain which could potentially facilitate musical ability.

Ever since music training is considered the key means of brain plasticity music therapy. Music training requires the parallel use of a wide variety of skills, including control over movements, accurate auditory skills, attention and memory. Formal music lessons are a rigorous, often daily, exercise of these skills that typically start in early childhood and persist for years. Therefore, it may be that this type of training and learning has more widespread effects on the brain, more than other activities. As David Eagleman has pointed out in his new "The Brain" series on Big Pharma PBS - the right brain has been proven to be a mind of its own - sometimes it will fight against the left brain, creating a, for example, "alien hand syndrome" - a person constantly slapping themselves since their right brain has taken over since the corpus callosum has been cut - this is an extreme example of how the 2 sides of the brain are constantly in contact. An enlarged corpus collosum means there is better integration of the left and right hemispheres, as is shown by musicians who started their training before age 7 (see below for details).


The right brain, as I detail in my free pdf book Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music, can listen and understand meaning but it can't talk or use human language. And yet the left brain will readily lie in order to cover up its misunderstanding of what it perceives to be reality. Modern humans are literally mind-controlled by being left-brain dominant. 


Music science has shown that in fact it is the ancient cerebellum with its own cortex which organizes and controls both motion of the body and emotions of the mind. Your brain on music!

 Levitin observed that the cerebellum, the most “primitive” part of our brain, typically associated with non-conscious timing and movement, appeared to take an active role in tracking the beat of a song, and more interestingly, the cerebellum becomes active in response to liking or finding music familiar.  The cerebellum has strong connections to the amygdala, associated with memory of emotional events, and the frontal lobe, responsible for executive function.

Forest proto-hominins were upright 3 mya! Inner ear dominant - Mingmen kundalini


Wim Hof: Pressure of Ice Full Lotus plus Suction of deep breathing = tummo free energy

that it was the cerebellum that was key to explaining the secret meaning of reality. THE CEREBELLUM HAS 75% OF THE CORTEX SURFACE AREA AS THE CEREBRUM.  How little do we pay attention to the cerebellum (that the pineal gland connects to).  Stan Gooch argues that the left-side of the cerebellum controls our parasympathetic nervous system (for deep relaxation). Stan Gooch's brilliant Total Man book emphasizes the brain dominance affiliated with political worldviews. Our tolerance to disgust - how easily we are disgusted - predicts political views by over 95% accuracy! 

 The responses could be a callback to the deep, adverse reactions primitive ancestors needed

Sublimation of serotonin abilities are key factor to political worldviews

to avoid contamination and disease....“People can deny their biological instincts for an idea — think of hunger strikes for political reasons,” Montague said. “That requires a high degree of cognitive control, and that’s the point.”

Cambridge Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris considers it possible that even ants and worms have an emotional disgust reaction! Disgust is an extreme stress - parasympathetic rebound reaction that spikes serotonin levels!  Simon Conway Morris is arguing that consciousness is the non-material origin and end point of evolution.

 “Suppose mind is not only independent but also preexistent to matter? If that was the case, then evolution is simply the process to discover mind. How then might we distinguish the process of emergence as against discovery? The former seems far more sensible but appears to run into some intractable difficulties. If naturalistic explanations run into a dead end, then does evolution contain any clues as to how the Universe became self-aware? It is the topic of another book, but perhaps a start is to suggest that in the end the natural world lets us down: Paradoxically what we don’t know is more helpful that we believe we do know.”

What we "don't know" is the focus of logical inference of the source of the I-thought - an internal listening as the Logos. As Simon Conway Morris states, “although cognitive worlds are bubbling all around us, only we actually know.”  Simon Conway Morris is admitting his anthropocentric bias whereas other animals like elephants, great apes, and dolphins, also recognize themselves in mirrors and so have self-awareness. Dolphins are documented to communicate via "sound pictures" - ultrasound as imaging - similarly electric fish use "quasi telepathy" electromagnetic signals for visual imaging and communication.

And of course the Inner Ear of modern humans USED TO BE THE JAW OF THE CEREBELLUM BRAIN!!  "[Erich] Jarvis's recent studies have confirmed that the brain pathways controlling singing and the ability to learn how to sing in both humans and songbirds are all embedded in an ancient motor

Why everyday in the winter I feed the birds: Erich Jarvis

pathway found in all vetebrates." Rhesus monkeys were prov

en to recognize the octave transposed an octave and also simple diatonic melodies also transposed an octave, whereas less harmonic ratios were not recognized. Different species respond to different music of other species, especially if the pitch and tempo of the harmonic sound matches their own species communication. "Jarvis is very excited about this discovery because the genetic information confirms similar music-like song production across species." pp. 141-2, The Power of Music: Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song by Elena Mannes, 2011. Dr. Jarvis has deduced a "motor theory of vocal learning" in which he surmised that vocal learning evolved based on duplicating the motor behavior neurons in the cortex of veretebrates, so that the "song nuclei" are embedded in the motor behavior neurons. Only vocal learners can synchronize their movement to the beat of music based on their neuron ability to imitate sounds. "That synchronization seems to be somehow connected with the ability to imitate sounds. So once I can imitate, I can synchronize other body movements, not just my voice to sounds better." Dr. Erich Jarvis. Why is it not more common? Dr. Jarvis has a theory: Predators, not just the opposite sex, are also attracted to the variation of sounds and so select against the development. Yet the development of varied song imitation enabled adaptation to a wide variety of sound propagation environments and success means these varied song learners are also at the top of their food chains, having successfully evaded predators.


Wim Hof [see his excellent VICE doc on youtube here] has now been proven by science to be correct - with the deep breathing exercises taught in Eastern meditation trance training, then the pineal gland activates 300% more adrenaline which causes then a parasympathetic nervous system "rebound" or "overcompensation" for a deep


Awaken Healing Light of the Tao Mantak Chia


relaxation state. The full Joe Rogan interview with Wim Hof here


 The application of quantum chaos is really a “rendering” best epitomized by the secretive Mad Cow epidemic which twists the normally left-directed carbon proteins into right-directed silica proteins better suited for holographic superconducting computations. It’s absolutely true that prions are a critical tool for nanoengineering of silica. So what a coincidence that Mad Cow disease, along with the promotion of soybean-derived prions, is at the forefront of Freemasonic quantum chaos technology!

The human brain is far more powerful than any supercomputer due to the vast interconnections of synapses. Science is still baffled by

Long Term Potentiation electromagnetic stimulation

what’s called “Long Term Potential” — the ability for the brain to increase synapses through stimulation that combines frequency and amplitude. The secret to solving this LTP conundrum is again

Silicon-Neurons - right-handed molecules for Matrix Plan

alchemical resonance that most efficiently occurs through the yin-yang, sinusoidal (or sine) wave of complimentary opposites. This secret is why the Tesla Coil only uses sine waves or harmonic waves; and quantum chaos already acknowledges that the sine wave creates a “hidden coherence” that bends spacetime. Long Term Potentiation secrets from electromagnetic stimulation June 2015


LTP [Long Term Potentiation] is induced by high-frequency, or theta-burst, stimulation or a situation in which the stimulation of a presynaptic neuron is followed by the stimulation of a postsynaptic neuron within several tens of milliseconds.

How this spacetime bending works can be explained by returning to the Mad Cow epidemic. The brain is actually powered by spirochete proteins — microtubule corkscrews — that can twist right or left directed, even though almost all life on earth is

Noncommutative Rogue Prions

left-directed and carbon based. When the rate of change between frequency and amplitude is close to zero, the secret of quantum chaos science, then a self-sustaining resonance occurs. This is because the spiral of energy drives itself through superconductive resonance and then when the vacuum is reached antigravity is created.

This same free energy process occurs with the antigravity uplift in the center of a tornado and is what Victor Schauberger called the “cycloid-spiral space-curve motion.” Spirochetes are driven by

Cycloidal Spin Spiral

proton-motors and protons were just proven to be superconductive at room temperature!

 "If we make the microtubule rather than the spirochete our primary form, then the form of the distinction is isomorphic, for now the two states are not flagellating and still halves of the

Consciousness in the Universe: microtubule entanglement

spirochete, but the ring of the dimers and the hollow they surround. The "tubulin dimers" can exist in (at least) two different conformational states that can switch from one to the other." The emergent property here is not directional motion, but the single quantum state that the quantum physicists are seeking to discover in these superconductors within our cells....As the dimers synchronize or entrain one another, an emergent property of coherence takes place. Coming Into Being: Artifacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness 1998

Now we know why Riemann, creator of the “table of elements” of math and also creator of the curved spacetime of the theory of relativity finished his research with a study of the cycloid-spiral space curve motion of the inner ear. Riemann documented that the inner ear of the brain achieves resonance of superconductive

Pythagorean Quantum Universe

holographic power through what he called “the method of projective invariance.” The inner ear method was considered to be the best technique for bending spacetime. The infinite spiral of fifths exposes quantum information as consciousness - this is also Vlatko Vedral's emphasis is on noncommutative quantum information as more fundamental than matter or energy. See this book for more details: Robert J. and Marlan O. Scully, published by Wiley, 2010, 2nd edition:

The Demon and the Quantum : From the Pythagorean Mystics to Maxwell's Demon and Quantum Mystery... the seemingly spiritual nature of information, and even, perhaps, new insights into the existence of Mind! The common denominator of all this is the fact that information is a real physical quantity. Information is more than something just in our mind, it is the essence of, and in many ways more general than the concept of entropy.

The inner ear was originally the collapsible reptilian jaw and the inner ear concentrates melatonin enabling the early nocturnal tree mammals to have better night perception. Focusing the sound

"I of the Vortex" internal closed thalamus-cortex loop of imagination

inward creates antigravity quantum chaos that opens to the pineal gland of the reptilian brain. The inner ear “smiles” as the reptilian jaw of the cerebellum from the bliss of the melatonin, the most powerful superantioxidant of nature. The melatonin then resonates into DMT — the “spirit” molecule — that bends spacetime.

Freemasonic scientists are overtly transforming all of left-directed carbon-based life into right-directed silica-based “synthetic ecology” because this is a quantum chaos resonance of what

Pentagon funded "synthetic biology" based on NeoDarwinian NeoPlatonic Matrix Freemasonry

science calls “racemization.” Over millions of years there is a natural resonance cycle where the left-directed carbon-based molecules on earth reverse with the right-direct quantum chaos silica molecules of outerspace — this is the definition of racemization.

Professor A.G. Cairns-Smith recognizes this destiny of science as part of his “vital clay” theory since the antigravity properties of

quantum chaos silica evolve into life. This goal of the Freemasonic transhumanists called the “AI Evolutionary Hypothesis” is dependent on the natural “diffraction gradients” of early life that create bioluminescence.

Superconductive quantum chaos is based on aligning the ions of plasma, the most common state of reality in the universe, with the ions of matter — this is the diffraction gradient which is equally spaced but also creates complimentary opposites of energy and mass. New developments in quantum chaos have created more efficient conductivity by aligning repelling and attracting molecules and which also creates


Nanobiochip implants as military "defense" mind-body Matrix

bioluminesence — also known as “the aura.” Nanodots utilize this quantum chaos change in color without a change in structure or composition to monitor and transform prions and viruses as defense against bioterrorism.

Water is the pivot point of racemization between silica and carbon. Water is a quasicrystal that has a stable tetrahedron structure based on Freemasonic geometry enabling achievement of the secret of quantum chaos — “stronger amplitude at a lower frequency.” As quantum biologist Dr. Brian Goodwin states, “subharmonic oscillation always shows a

Superconducting protons macroquantum water source of life

considerable increase in amplitude over that of the fundamental.” (“Temporal Organization in Cells,” 1963).


We propose that the transition from a non-living to a living cell could be mapped to a quantum transition to a coherent entanglement of condensates, like in a multigap BCS superconductor. Here the decoherence-evading qualities at high temperature are based on the Feshbach resonance that has been recently proposed as the driving mechanism for high Tc superconductors. Finally we discuss how the proximity to a particular critical point is relevant to the emergence of coherence in the living cell. A Possible Mechanism for Evading Temperature Quantum Decoherence in Living Matter by Feshbach Resonance


The Egyptian origin of the Pythagorean triangle and the so-called 47th problem of Euclid: Osiris (Ausar, 3, male: origin), Isis (Auset, 4, female: recipient), Horus (5, the perfected result). This triangle is the symbol of the Creative Logos. From Higgins, The Beginning of Masonry : 32.

 Marsilo Ficino passed on this Freemasonic secret when he divulged that the tetrahedron is really composed of equilateral triangles that

German Noncommutative time-frequency Pythagorean  Lambdoma

themselves are two 3:4:5 Pythagorean triangles, resonating at the complimentary opposites of the Perfect Fourth and Major Third


tetrahedron-pyramid-full-lotus resonance

music interval. This tetrahedron-pyramid-full-lotus resonance as it is also called created a strong link out of many weak ties under the term “universality” or “chaos itinerancy.” 5:4 is actually, based on natural harmonics, the bent blues note that is changed to a microtonal (natural harmonic) minor third in Western tuning - the Africans used the natural resonance alchemical harmonics and so always try to "bend' the wrong Western equal-tempered tuning back to the macroquantum shamanic natural resonance. 5:4 was translated by the West into the cube root of 2.

Quantum Criticality is high temp superconductance

Quantum Criticality at the Origin of Life

Gabor Vattay, Dennis Salahub, Istvan Csabai, Ali Nassimi, Stuart A. Kaufmann

(Submitted on 24 Feb 2015 (v1), last revised 3 Mar 2015 (this version, v2)) These show that most biomolecules are quantum critical conductors; their electronic properties are precisely tuned to the transition point between a metal and an insulator. In other words, biomolecules belong to an entirely new class of conductor that is not bound by the ordinary rules of electron transport, a discovery that has profound implications for our understanding of the nature of life and its origin.“Most of the molecules taking part actively in biochemical processes are tuned

exactly to the transition point and are critical conductors,” they say. That’s a discovery that is as important as it is unexpected. “These findings suggest an entirely new and universal mechanism of conductance in biology very different from the one used in electrical circuits.”

The permutations of possible energy levels of biomolecules is huge so the possibility of finding even one that is in the quantum critical state by accident is mind-bogglingly small and, to all intents and purposes, impossible. So that fact that most of the molecules they modelled fall into this category is hugely significant."While in physical systems the critical state can be reached only upon a careful tuning of the strength of the disorder, in the following we show that certain biomolecules are precisely at the critical state without any external tuning....Environment-assisted Quantum Transport[49] (ENAQT) is dominant and facilitates the fast quantum spreading of excitations over the system."

 The idea is to use ionizing radiation in chronobiology resonance with sunspot cycles to create “acoustic cavitation” — the natural overtones of the Forced Atomic Microscopes and the cold fusion generators — so that a new quantum chaos silica A-life will evolve out of humans. Project HAARP utilizes low frequency high amplitude waves as a means to further this global freemasonic

transformation. The soliton is the quantum chaos sine wave that achieves antigravity and is therefore literally the image of eternity referred to by Plato. The Freemasonic alchemy goal is to transform the whole planet earth into a faster-than-light soliton utilizing positronium (electron-positron coupling) to create “mirror matter” that passes through black holes. Electrons can store infinite information as ones and zeros inside their antimatter black holes — positrons. 2014: Oxford quantum physicist Vlakto Vedral: Interview Decoding Reality

 According to quantum mechanics there will be an increase in capacity to encode more and more quantum bits in the universe. Of course whether you can access all of these extra degrees of freedom and how well you can encode information and how quickly you can process

information is really down to our technology. We don't really know how to do it. You know you frequently read that the biggest capacity given the size of the object lies in black holes because they are extremely, extremely dense forms of matter. So ideally if you want your best quantum computer, you should really take a black hole. But then practically speaking we have no idea how to encode information into black holes, to process information with black holes, how to extract it....Maybe we can interact with a computer in a more direct way. Maybe it can be

coupled directly and we can direct computations with our thoughts in which case maybe the whole process could be more efficient and more optimal. ...I think the most exciting thing I can mention now is possibly to take quantum information into space. ...I think ultimately it might be beneficial for us humans to leave the Earth, and start to colonize other planets. And I think what this means is that we need a sufficiently developed technology in order to be able to do that. And I think in my particular field it's very exciting that people are now taking quantum information and quantum technology and trying to implement that when it comes to communications between Earth and satellites and different satellites and so on. I think we'll have to be able to control more and more of the solar system. And I really genuinely believe that our survival probably will depend on some kind of technology of this type.

 The Pythagorean space-time theorem is based on this noncommutative secret:

Using these measurements, we reconstruct the true space-time size using Einstein's space-time Pythagorean theorem. Recalling Pythagoras for spatial measurements:


From Archytas and Plato (NOT Pythagoras!) to Einstein

the space-time Pythagorean theorem differs in one important aspect: time and space behave differently thereby causing opposite signs in the sum of squares on the right-hand side:


Note that we have identified the space-time size as 'aging'. 

Quantum chaos has discovered that Saturn (Time) and Jupiter (Space), over tens of millions of years, resonate at 2:5 orbit in the same plane, launching asteroids that resonate at 2:3 at planet Earth. This 3 dimensional spacetime resonance of Saturn and Jupiter

caused the global destruction at 65 million years ago. 3-dimensional space is actually the 4:5 resonance between Saturn and Jupiter or between the tetrahedron water molecules. When the pineal gland of the reptilian brain resonates into quantum chaos superconductive holography then the bifocal 3-dimensional dependence of humans is overcome and the image of eternity is achieved. Astrophysics prof. Gregory Benford 2014:

 Physicists John Barrow and Frank Tipler have pointed out that a new source of energy—so-called “shear-energy”—would become available if the universe expanded at different rates in different directions. This shearing of space-time itself could power the diaphanous

electron-positron plasmas forever, if the imbalance in directions persists. To harness it, life (whatever its form) would have to build “engines” that worked on the expansion of the universe itself.

Indeed this shear-energy already exists - life gets it from noncommutative time-frequency consciousness!

  Fluoridegate documentary - fluoride deactivates pineal gland Fluoride blocks adrenaline because adrenaline is water soluble. This pineal gland activation is also caused by the Shaolin Horse Stance leg shaking 7 beats per second trance dance ELF infrasound secret. Dr. David Kennedy gives the details on why fluoride is the worst form of mind control pollution. and "Technically the mammalian pineal gland is neural tissue, and the cells within the pineal gland - the pinealocytes - have characteristics that resemble the photoreceptor cells in the retina."

 Excessive activation of the vagal nerve during emotional stress, which is a parasympathetic overcompensation of a strong sympathetic nervous system response associated with stress, can also cause vasovagal syncope because of a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate. Vasovagal syncope affects young children and women more often. It can also lead to temporary loss of bladder control under moments of extreme fear.

Wim Hof says then the increased pressure from the sublimation of hormones and blood activate light through the pineal gland. here: "In darkness, norepinephrine [adrenaline] stimulation of pineal cells causes the release of cyclic AMP second-messenger, which activates (phosphorylates) the N-acetyl transferase enzyme which catalyzes acetylation of serotonin (Table 4)."  See my article published, "The Secret Science of Spiritual Healing" for more details. The Wim Hof method enables humans to enhance their immune system but also to increase and store up the

Mitochondria and microtubules work together for cell energy

electromagnetic energy of the parasympathetic nervous system controlling the mitochondria. "It was also reported that frequent Qigong practice rendered the production and excretion rate of 5-HTP [serotonin] two to three times higher than the normal." qigong increases the conversion of adrenaline to serotonin to melatonin to DMT  and  the serotonin decreases in the blood while increasing in the cerebrospinal fluid. Alfred Kreuger

Particularly interesting is Kreuger's demonstration of the effects small air ions have on the levels of serotonin in the blood and in the brain. He has shown that in mice positive ions raise blood levels of serotonin and negative ions depress them. In these rodents' brains, low dosages as well as high dosages of both negative and positive ions produced significant decreases in serotonin-as compared to normal atmospheric levels. This disparity can be accounted for by the fact that serotonin does not cross the blood-brain barrier.

  New Crystal in the Pineal Gland: Characterization and Potential Role in Electromechano-Transduction

 A new form of biomineralization has been studied in the human pineal gland. It consists of small crystals that are less than 20 μm in length. These crystals could be responsible for an electromechanical biological transduction mechanism in the pineal gland due to their structure and piezoelectric properties....This symmetry breaking would allow both SHG [second harmonic generation] and piezoelectricity. Calcite in otoconia, microcrystals found in the inner-ear otolith, has been shown to exhibit piezoelectricity [13, 14]. These crystals have a structure similar to that of the pineal microcrystals.

"Noradrenergic and serotonergic signalling are also altered by VNS [vagus nerve stimulation] and may influence epileptic activity (Dorr & Debonnel, 2006). Indeed, long-term VNS increases firing rates of ... serotonergic neurones (Dorr & Debonnel, 2006), which in turn influence the function of many higher CNS regions (Fornai et al. 2011)." The wonders of the Wanderer (vagus) and  

"This means the gut’s brain makes more serotonin — the master happiness molecule — than the brain in your head. Many neurologists and psychiatrists are now realizing that this may be one reason antidepressants are often less effective in treating depression than proper dietary changes."neurologist on healthy brain via gut

Serotonin is a large neuropeptide that is secreted into the CSF from the supraepindymal cells lining the ventricles of the brain, where CSF is produced and present in large volume. Serotonin levels are related to our sense of well being and mood. Therefore, as the CSF flows in an optimal fashion it may stimulate the supraepindymal cells to secrete serotonin. This could account for the heightened sense of well-being and elevated positive mood experienced when the CSF is flowing freely. Dr. Don Glassey

Glucose serotonin vagus cerebrospinal pineal gland science!

 circulating platelet-free 5-HT levels rise almost three-fold following a meal (Houghton et al.,2003)....circulating mediators have far freer access to vagal soma and the brainstem than perhaps thought previously (Figure1; Lacolley et al.,2006b; Baptistaetal.,2007). This suggests that EC-derived circulating 5-HT [serotonin] has the potential to modulate vagal afferent neuronal activity at sites distinct from the GI tract and may, therefore, prolong or amplify local GI signaling. Oct. 2015 pdf

Quanyin Inner Sound Buddha Compassion

It is this vagus nerve connection that is the mediator of hormones, kundalini and cerebrospinal fluid as ambrosia or amrita of kundalini.

But the hypothesis suggests that the vagus nerve constantly mediates changes in intracranial pressure to the brain stem that can rapidly adjust cerebral venous resistance. This control is totally intracranial and easily overridden by considerable changes in absorption of spinal fluid or intracranial calamities....then secreted from vacuoles
into the venous blood in the large sinuses [1]-[5]. This article looks for clues in support of the idea that the vagus nerve mediates intracranial pressure changes to the brain stem. The stimulation of the left vagal nerve in pigs had considerable effect on the ICP [intracranial pressure] without bradycardia or changes in blood pressure, according to a study from 2004 [11]. pdf

Indeed the activation of left-side vagus nerve, then activates the flow of "ambrosia" out of the sinus cavity, via the roof of the mouth and tongue against the roof of the mouth, the closing of the Upper Magpie Bridge. "  And so the activation of the chakras - the thymus and pineal gland is from this increased ionization of the serotonin hormones, increasing melatonin, DMT and oxytocin:here

 (Could the atrophy of the pineal gland, accompanying that of the thymus, not be due to a similar cause, in view of the richness of the pineal in lecithin?) . . .
    [T]he thymus increases in weight from birth to puberty, but as soon as the first seminal emissions occur, with the onset of puberty, it commences to retrogress and lose weight. These facts indicate that the sexual changes of puberty, instead of being the effect of thymus atrophy at this time, are the cause. . . ." 

This is why Gurdjieff said when you get hungry that is the best time to meditate, because science has proven the hunger sensation is from the right vagus nerve to the stomach. The vagus nerve is second only to the spinal cord, in number of neurons, and 90% of the vagus nerves send messages to the brain. This is why science used to do vagotomy to cut the vagus nerve for treating obesity since the person would no longer feel hunger. So that hunger vagus activation then increases serotonin uptake to the pineal gland. In fact the original human culture, the Bushmen, never declared war and all the males trained in trance dance "staying power" (a month of fasting at puberty away from females) - the ability to sublimate and convert the lower body hormones into serotonin into increased melatonin (the super antioxidant of the pineal gland)  Tooley GA, Armstrong SM, Norman TR, Sali A. Acute increases in night-time plasma melatonin levels following a period of meditation. Biol Psychol. 2000;53:69–78. So then increased melatonin leads to increased DMT for

trance vision healing - and increased electromagnetic holographic information - as a synchronized harmonized healing energy of the Universe. 

 "You can release into your own system Di methyl triptene [DMT] by sending a chill up your back...The "chill" is an EM-wave that is traveling up (or down) the spine, as each nerve fillia begins to oscillate. The most interesting fact about this is that the EM-field frequency in the visible light region! This is what most religions refer to as "The Light." And what is at the very top end of this wave-train of light? The pineal gland! If you take a trace mineral supplement and do this exercise, you can regenerate nerve tissue!" -Dr. Richard Allen Miller: THE BIOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF THE THIRD EYE...

Miller did work on microwave mind control along with Jose Delgado while at Mankind Research Unlimited, a Navy Intelligence thinktank. Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression 2015  It is the quantum frequency that resonates the cells, contrary to classical amplitude science claiming cell phones are too weak: cell phones cause brain cancer

use of a cell phone for 20 minutes a day for up to five years increased the risk of certain types of brain tumor threefold. Using a cell phone for an hour a day for up to four years increased the risk of brain tumors three to five times.

This quantum holographic trance healing is described in the British psychiatrist William Sargent book "The Mind Possessed: Exorcism and Ecstasy" (Sargent participated in the CIA's MKUltra, creating

Kuanyin Innersound Buddha

mind-controlled females through electroshock treatment). His "Mind Possessed" book is his travels to these nonwestern cultures to study their trance healing. In matrifocal horticulture society the males go train for three months in the sacred forests, separated from females. I then discovered that the three months of training in matrifocal shamanism of Africa (and in traditional Voodoo training in Brazil) is also the same as the 100 day "gong" in Taoist training. This training means storing up and transforming the hormones to create electromagnetic fields for paranormal powers. The original human culture from 125,000 years ago calls it Tshoma. You can see this trance dance holographic laser healing in action when Bizarre World cable show host chef Andrew Zimmern leaves his body and bursts out crying due to the deep love holographic vision healing the Bushmen give him. 

Toward what I believed to be the end of the evening, Xaxe, a great hunter, healer,

trance dance 7 beats per second Earth energy

and shaman, laid hands on me....I felt the energy, his energy, surge through my body. He had his hands on me for about twenty-five or thirty seconds, but it felt like he had only touched me for a split second. Time stood still. [high frequency holographic spirit light with zero time aka noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi] I literally had a
short out of body experience. I could see him touching me from just above my body, almost like I was floating six feet off the ground, watching myself. All of a sudden I was back in my body observing an image of him thumbing through the book that contained all the pictures and moments in my life. I saw images of my childhood I hadn't remembered in years, pictures of my mother and me walking on a beach and shelling, very strong images. At the time, both during his touch and immediately afterward, I described it as him flipping through the pages of my life....Later the next morning, I spoke with Xaxe about the trance dance. He told me he wanted access to me in a way that was not possible through a
translator....Xaxe's curiosity was such a caring, loving gesture....When he detached from me it felt like someone was unplugging a lamp from a wall socket. As he let go of me and continued to dance around the fire, I spontaneously burst into uncontrollable tears....I had been stripped to my emotional core, completely stunned by what I had witnessed so up close and personal.

Andrew Zimmern, The Bizarre Truth: how I walked out the door mouth first – and came back shaking my head (Random House, 2009), 234-5.


This N/om energy was the original spiritual training - the N/om as a snake statue has been dated by some archaeologist to 70,000 years old! Dr. Bradford Keeney, psychology professor, is recognized by the Bushmen as a master trance healer. They have only shared their ancient secrets with him and he shares their interviews on youtube. Dr. Keeney has written several amazing Bushmen healing books and Keeney emphasizes the key secret of the legs shaking at 7 beats per second from the trance dancing to induce the N/om energy along with listening to the high pitch female syncopated singing with the N/om energy strongest during the Full Moon. So the oldest spiritual trance dance healing ceremony of humanity, the Eland Bull ritual at first menstruation, is based on this tantric secret:

"...a 'new maiden' to be the source of n/um (or /k'ode), the healing potency associated with male trance healers p. 175  Guenther, Mathias, Tricksters and Trancers: Bushman Religion and Sociey,. Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana University Press, 1999

Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller found that ovulating females are significantly more attractive to males - based on his study of lap dancer income. The original qigong master says meditation is ten times stronger from three days before and to three days after the Full Moon. 


DNA science has shown the Bushmen last separated from other humans, 125,000 years ago and yet the trance dance spirit healing is from before human language was invented! Dr. Chris Knight calls this moon synchronization trance dancing origin of language, The Human Conspiracy. The same trance music training is found in humans of other cultures with very close languages. This trance dance internal listening into light healing is the same training as the ancient qigong Taoist alchemy in China and the ancient "three gunas" yoga training of India. Then the N/om (kundalini snake energy) was known as Set in Egypt and then Satan and the meaning got lost as the 666 conspirachi in the west - the 2/3 harmonics tuning as noncommutative time-frequency consciousness. I'm currently reading the excellent Christ in Egypt tome, an authoritative meticulously researched book by D.M. Murdock. While I was reading Christ in Egypt I did not realize that D.M. Murdock got cancer August and died a few months later on Dec. 25th, 2015.

So we need to understand Christianity as arising out of Egyptian religion. Again Set as Satan was the sky serpent while Jesus as Christ was Horus as the morning sun. Jesus/Horus becomes a man at age 12 - noon when the Sun is at peak energy - with the 12 months of the year based on the zodiac star cycle. Osiris dies at night but then in the darkness battles Set and arising victorious in the morning as Horus. The Gnostics relied on Plutarch's analysis of Egyptian religion, transforming Isis into Wisdom as Sophia based on the Osiris trip into the Underworld as the "blood" of Christ, the cross as the solar calender. So this dynamic was originally tied to the lunar cycle as well. "The 14 pieces of the body of Osiris sound like the 14 days of the waning or "dying" moon,..." - Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, p. 70 Christ in Egypt. And so when Jesus begins his ministry at the age of 28 to 30 this actually is based on the Book of the Dead from Egypt with twenty-eight "lunar mansions." Set's monsters, "the crocodile and hippopotamus, which symbolize two of the 'circumpolar stars' that are 'washed out' or removed from

GuanYin Inner Sound Buddha Compassion Arms

sight when the sun's rays appear on the horizon." and "Thus the serpent becomes more and more identical with Seth, as being an additional manifestation of the wicked god who later is said to have fought against Horus in the form of other water monsters as well, such as the hippopotamus and the crocodile. At this point in Egypt there was a conflation with the Babylonian myth of Tiamat, the serpent, as Set was a semitic god imported into Egypt around 1200 BCE. And this reminds me of Morris Berman pointing out how in Egypt the power of the crocodile had to be absorbed for the alchemical energy to be built up - this being the life force Ka energy aligned with the lunar cycle. D.M. Murdock documents the crocodile as the Egyptian gnostic connection of Aion (kundalini time spinal fluid) to Horus (Horos as limit time in Greek) as Solar/Lunar complementary opposites - Logos as the Pythagorean Tetrad as the 7 planets/heaven and solar/lunar resonance.


cycloid-space-curve-motion atomic energy: Victor Schauberger

Of course a person needs to study Christ in Egypt to fully appreciate this argument - but it took me over an hour just to read the bibliography of that book! D.M. Murdock quotes Dr. Aaron G. Filler, 

"The resurrection of Osiris through the assembly of his vertebrae by Isis....The raising of the djed column commemorates this, ...Christ's resurrection....king of the afterlife." p.  350, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock

The  Kundalini Solar/Lunar complementary opposites secret of Osiris

So we can see how as the Western Asian monoculture spread into Egypt so too increasingly did the deforestation and wiping out of the local ecology - as the limestone casing of the pyramids relied on deforestation. The early immigrants into Europe, as I detail in my Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music pdf, were from the ecological destruction from this early monocultural wheat farming that created white people as

Kuan Yin, Inner Sound Buddha Compassion

malnutrition from lack of vitamin D in the diet. The pastoralism of early domesticated animals arose as a defense mechanism - as an escape flight away from early agriculture and the two have been in conflict ever since (Arab versus Jew) based on this early attempt to use the solar-based ritual priest philosophy of containing infinity through rectilinear geometry and phallic edifice complex architecture. 


Even Karen Armstrong doesn't give this information in her History of God academic book, the etymology of the word God is from the IndoEuropean root word Gott meaning Bull (for plow-based monocultural wheat farming and rectilinear archaeology) just as Brahman means Bull as God in Vedic philosophy.

Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus


Alain Daniélou - 1992 - ‎Religion

The Germanic Gott and English God come from another Indo-European root, Go, which surprisingly means "the bull"

I call this the

Why Osiris is Green, Khemitology

"surplus value of consciousness" - based on the "infinite spiral of fifths," as the attempt to contain time as a rectilinear geometric symmetric wavelength - an invisible line continuum - without realizing that time itself is synchronized - so that Sin, the early Sumerian moon good became the new source of evil - and synchroncized, syncopated time as trance music was increasingly censored. 

"The antiquity of Horos and Stauros as pre-Christian [emphasis in original] philosophical concepts can be demonstrated by the discussion of them as "the limit" and "the intersection" in Plato's Timaeus [based on music harmonics]....Furthermore, by the way in which Sophia is demoted and usurped in her power by Horos, it would appear that this Gnostic effort was also meant to denigrate Isis and the Goddess in general by promoting a male [emphasis in original] divinity in her stead, i.e. Horos/Horus." Christ in Egypt, pp. 226-7

As the late D.M. Murdock details, the Horus/Set was based on a divide and average attempt to contain infinity that with Platonic philosophy then denigrated the Isis Cosmic Mother origin as the Wu Chi.

An association with fertility may come from the moon god's connection to cattle, and also, perhaps, from the clear link to the menstrual cycle, roughly similar to the timing of the moon's transformations. The connection with fertility is demonstrated in the Old Babylonian (early second-millennium) birth incantations (Krebernik 1993-98b: 367; Veldhuis 1991). The magical-medical text A Cow of Sin relates the story of the moon god's beautiful and pregnant cow, Geme-Sin. The birthing-pains of Geme-Sin are eased by Sin, and the incantation ends with a 'supplication: "may this woman give birth as easily as Geme-Sin" suggesting this text's role in human child-birth (Veldhuis 1991: 1).

Originally the cow was worshiped since it was still wild and not domesticated yet, then it was first associated with the Moon god as fertility and the N/om (kundalini sacred electromagnetic water up the spine life force lunar energy or the Sin goddess) - just as the Eland Bull trance dance is the oldest spiritual training of humanity, based on the Moon fertility cycle. Then the Bull as the domesticated Solar God, from Gott or Brahman, was used for plow farming and increasingly became a man's domesticated job - so that females were commodified as capital (etymology as head of cattle) or cattle - to be traded with each other. Cooperation among throngs of strangers in expanding societies required a common faith in moralistic gods, say sociocultural anthropologist Benjamin Purzycki of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and his colleagues.

 starting around 10,000 years ago, pressures to achieve fair trades among strangers accompanied the spread of farming communities (SN Online: 3/18/10)....Religions with moralistic, punishing gods mobilize people’s empathy for strangers of the same faith and heighten concerns for one’s own reputation as a faithful believer, proposes anthropologist Kim Hill of Arizona State University in Tempe, who studies modern hunter-gatherers.

 The men believed that the Solar calendar as God or Brahman controlled fertility now, with plow-based monocultural farming aligning with monotheism and "divide and average" mathematics. The moon god seems to have fallen out of favour somewhat in the period of 1500-1000 BCE (Foster 2005: 758-62), And so later a high-priestess of the Moon God was reestablished but again increasingly with the tantric Solar focus in control. Dr. Sherry Ortner, "Sexual Meanings: the cultural construction of gender and sexuality" (Cambridge U Press, 1981): men essentially became property of the City-State in early civilization through monogamous marriage. Shelly Ortner stated the Mother Goddess of early farming cultures was not necessarily a matrifocal culture. The men were trapped into the consumer unit families that had to pay allegiance to the State. This "want a family?: pay state-tax allegiance and join the military" process is really well documented in that book on the pre-Inca matrifocal cultures: "Moon, Sun and Witches"



(p. 53) "The family became in a sense an administrative unit, the base unit in the political-economic structure of the state. The husband/father was no longer simply responsible to his family, but also for his family vis-a-vis the larger system. It became the base, and ofter the only base of his jural status."
"The reluctance of males to be involved with their families except on terms of distance, respect, and submission of the part of the other members is still I think to be seen in most of the world today, and the domestication of men is still largely incomplete."
"Male initiation rites virtually disappear in state societies.... In many cases marriage itself becomes the only rite of passage, and thus manhood becomes equated with responsibiltiy for wife and children, part of the pattern described above.
"The pivotal point of such analysis would be that men were not only 'domesticated' as part of the crystallization of authority structures of thes state; they were also juvenilized -- vis-a-vis women, senior men, and the rulers and overclasses of the system."Dr. Sherry Ortner, "Making Gender: The Politics and Erotics of Culture" (1996)

 The Moon God was a harmonic ratio as were all the gods and goddesses in ancient times, as documented by Ernest McClain, musicologist. The ratio 2/3 was the most sacred ratio in Egypt because the Perfect Fifth is the secret of the "three in one" unity - of the Moon and Solar and Earth resonance in harmony. Only because of the Moon is life on Earth possible since it creates the 24 hour cycle rotation of Earth by slowing down Earth's spin via the Sun. And so the early patriarchal religion was that if there is an eclipse of the Sun then the first born Son needs to be protected and so an animal has to be sacrificed and the entrails of the animal, with the power of the blood and food of the animal can be used to predict the future and protect the son. This was after the domestication of animals and after the

1000-Armed-Avalokiteshvara Inner Sound

development of farming so that the importance of the lunar-fertility cycle as a secret quantum relativity energy of the pineal gland was being lost to humanity. Thereby ushering modern humans with left brain dominant language and right-hand technology into a deep mind control that is inherently destroying ecology through spreading a logarithmic-based symmetric mathematical philosophy. For example Dr. Alexander Jacob, author of Atman: A Reconstruction of the Solar Cosmology of the Indo-Europeans (2005) wrote this 2012 supplement (his books are promoted by racists and he is explicity anti-Jewish).

 This supplement to the author's study of Indo-European cosmology, 'Atman' (Georg Olms, 2005) employs the cosmological insights of the ancient Indo-Europeans to illuminate the various sacrificial, theurgic and gnostic systems that were developed therefrom by the Japhetic Aryans and the Hamitic Egyptians, Sumerians and later Indians.

 I exposed this soon after my master's degree - as the "music logarithmic spiral" of the Actual Matrix Plan.

Philosophy of science, liberal studies Professor Morris Berman has an excellent "secret" history of the West book called "Coming to our Senses" He argues that there's always been an undercurrent of this lunar female orgasmic healing power in the West but usually when it's tapped into, through some sort of mysticism, it becomes this male, "grail" vertical ascent towards heaven trip (with ecological harmony on Earth just a temporary transit that can be detached from) -- whether it was "Jesus" Christ (Constantine) or Hitler, or the Pope Crusades, or Newton. "...substances in semen interfere with the female nervous system."... reports recent science showing decrease in female depression linked to not using a condom. There is a secret connection of orgasmic hormone energy to the brain via the Bateson's vetebral plexus. Details here and here


Berman is searching for the lost alchemical tradition of the West -- what he calls gnosticism, even though he knows he uses "gnostic" as a catch-all term. So Berman's next book was just on hunter-gatherer cultures, focused on the Bushmen, and what a German anthropologist in the 1930s called "democratic shamanism." At one point in "Coming to Our Senses," Berman gets very close to the secret when he mentions a music book on minimalism stating that it's trying to get away from the polyphonic limitations of Western music.

Frequency Fractal (2014) latest Actual Matrix Plan Brain AI

 The multiplication of 2 (Auset) and of 3 (Ausar) gives us all the numbers for the tuning system by successive multiplication by fifths (2:3), Heru.

So in Ancient Egypt Horus (Heru) as the power of the Sun was the harmonic ratio 2/3 - the harmony of the Sun (Osiris as Auset) and Moon as Earth's fertility (Isis as Ausar)

So consider this music tuning forum on Egyptian music - the lost secret of 2/3 remains that.. lost! Set in battle with Horus is actually the non-commutative time-frequency resonance! But what can we surmise from the Egyptian pyramids. The qigong master had an amazing spiritual experience while in an Egyptian temple. We know that the pyramids have special resonance, much like the Irish monk towers and the Mayan temples and pyramids and even Stonehenge. We know that this resonance, as Philip Callahan documented and I detailed in my master's thesis, creates light from sound! How? It does so... well I'll quote Callahan -  from my master's thesis, Epicenters of Justice.


Dr. Philip S. Callahan's Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature's Secret Force of Growth gives key insight to the importance of understanding fundamental energy dynamics as a means of countering destructive corporate-state materialism. Callahan's rare work documents the need for bioenergy to transcend our reductionist addiction to petro-chemical farming. For instance Callahan has discovered that petrochemical agribusiness saturates plants with ammonia thereby actually attracting insects via chemico-electric infrared signals.189 Volcanic soil that is highly paramagnetic (attracted or resonates to magnetic fields) dramatically amplifies chi yin/yang resonance dynamics and is essential to restoring plant vitality and insect resistance.

Equatorial magnetosonic waves (July 2015)

Another example is how the moon is paramagnetic while most organic molecules, as well as water, are diamagnetic (repels or acts as opposite phase to magnetic fields). Studying the energy dynamics of rocks and other natural forms, ...190 He provides a sound-current nondualism explanation for sound from light or sonoluminescence stating:

Lighting up the atmosphere with sound is a phenomenon I have been easily able to accomplish since 1969.... A snapped rubber band gives off an ELF radio wave in the 100- to 200-Hz region.... By stimulating a mixture of ethanol and ammonia, or sex scents, with an ELF wave, I can create photon harmonics throughout the infrared, and even visible, regions of the spectrum. The electric sound field vibrates the molecules.... Those harmonic waves travel up and down the photon electromagnetic spectrum the same way harmonics do from a plucked banjo string. In one direction, the harmonics move to higher frequencies along the infrared region and even move into the visible region. When such waves hit solid objects like cells or insect antenna, they scatter out other waves of electromagnetic energy that are actually coherent (marching together) and amplified. Pictured is a Fourier transform spectrum (original recordings for historical purposes) of just such waves. The experiment shows cabbage looper sex scent modulated by ELF (60-120 Hz) lab visible light and blown out at five mph wind speed across two model round towers.191

It is possible to speculate that the knowledge of astronomy, and especially of precession and the ecliptic centre, was carried to Ireland by the .Ancient Egyptians. The Denderah circular zodiac (300 BC). for example, proves they too had this knowledge. So Callahan is arguing that the Irish Celtic ancient round towers actually are amplifiers of paramagnetic lunar energy which increases insect resistance and soil fertility as plant vitality. 


 Obviously round towers are not conventional antennae. They are in fact built of limestone, mica schist or sandstone blocks and are therefore closer to silicon semi-conductors than to metallic conductors. As the towers have dielectric (insulative) properties, they act as DC rectifiers and are able to detect and store incoming cosmic electromagnetic/magnetic energy....That the monks could detect this energy seems, from the perspective of a high-tech society, incredible. But all they were doing was tuning in to nature; using their bodies as antennae, feeling the energy. ...

'Usually the model [of the paramagnetic round tower] would swing through about 60 or 70 degrees to point to an approaching human. I found that in the King's Chamber the same model would move 200-300 degrees in a steady sweep to the human aura. That's telekinesis. The sensor was five to ten times as sensitive inside the Pyramid. The model also rocked violently up and down every time a human body approached it; this is, in effect. levitation.'

Callahan says that since the outer smooth tura limestone casing of the Great Pyramid has been destroyed it will never again stimulate total levitation of a heavy body. Certainly, in my opinion, one of the reasons for its construction was to induce levitation.' He refers to a beautiful series of ancient stone-wall reliefs which show an Egyptian priestess raising her hands above the outstretched body of a pharaoh. In the next panel the pharaoh is six inches off the couch (see figures 12 & 73).

Tibetan monks: drumming, horns, Yuan Qi levitation of boulders

If this levitation using paramagnetic resonance sounds preposterous then how come frogs are now being levitated in exactly the same way - by relying on the difference between paramagnetic and diamagnetic resonance?  and since paramagnetic resonance relies on the spin (magnetic moment) of the electron - I began to wonder if spin is actually just the de Broglie phase wave. Sure enough - this is exactly the claim of another physicist. If strange "spin" magnetic moment is too weak to cause strong ferromagnetism, there is ONLY one thing left to explain this phenomenon. As you notice, when de Broglie wave caused by each electron's motion is synchronizing with each other, the stability of ferromagnetism can be naturally explained.


Sure enough someone doing their master's thesis supervised makes the same proposal: Philip Roser, Quantum Computing in the de Broglie-Bohm Pilot-Wave Picture

Note that, as we shall see, spin in PWT [pilot wave theory] is a property of the pilot-wave, not the particle (the configuration).

And Mike Towler, in his excellent  power point lecture: "The return of pilot waves: Or, why Bohr, Heisenberg, Pauli, Born, Schrodinger, Oppenheimer, Feynman, Wheeler, von Neumann and Einstein were all wrong about quantum" presented at Cambridge, 2009 states indeed "spin must be a property of the wave field and not of the particles." Towler emphasizes that indeed there is a "quantum

quantum spin is noncommutative 

time-frequency: Half-spin or half-twisted light

force" as a fifth force - despite mainstream physics wanting to ignore it. And indeed the qigong masters have demonstrated this force to great effect! Mike Tower may not see the paranormal connection but at least he does have a series of lectures on de Broglie


I would be remiss not to mention that the original qigong master did report he levitated up, while in full lotus meditation next to a pine tree, he levitated spiraling up 9 feet. The biography of Phra Achran Mun, the leading Thai Buddhist monk master, reports the same levitation abilities: pdf link and the qigong master said when he was in India he saw a yogi levitating high up. If the video of this Tibetan Monk levitating is just the trick of a hidden platform somehow lifting him up from behind, it is done very skillfully!


The alchemical training works the same way - the ELF waves from 7 beats per second of the pressure on the bent knee legs of Tai Chi or trance dancing then resonate the hormones into the light spectrum in the brain as neurotransmitters. Standing barefoot on the ground then charges up the body with "yin qi" energy - called "grounding" - reported as an internal tingling that neutralizes free radicals in the body. Itzhak Bentov, a physicist, wrote a whole book in 1977 focused on this ELF resonance as the natural resonance of the body-mind connection with the more than 1000 lightning storms energy hitting Earth as the Schumann resonance:

Guanyin Buddha, Inner Sound

"During normal breathing, the reverberations in the aorta arc out of phase with the heartbeat and the system is inharmonious. However, during meditation and when the breath is held, the echo off the bifurcation of the aorta (where the aorta forks at the pelvis to go into each leg) is in resonance with the heartbeat and the system becomes synchronized, thus utilizing a minimum amount of energy. This resonant beat is approximately seven cycles per second, which corresponds not only to the alpha rhythm of the brain but also to the low-level magnetic pulsations of the Earth."

Cited by a parapsychologist, Marc Seifer, who argues for consciousness as the "fifth force" that creates order of energy and matter. Like Phillip Callahan, Seifer relies on tachyons or what Callahan calls magnetic monopoles that create the diamagnetic and paramagnetic energies on Earth. Transcending the Speed of Light: Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Fifth Dimension is the title of Seifer's book. 

 A formerly Secret NOFORN [not releasable to foreign nationals] proposal for the CIA, dated December 31, 1992, and prepared for the CIA by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) describes in great detail the agency's behavioral science programs, which included anomalous cognition (AC) and anomalous perturbation (AP). AC is defined as "the awareness of information that is considered otherwise shielded from all known sensory channels" and AP is "the perturbation of physical matter under conditions of complete physical
and sensorial isolation."...Academic institutions involved in the project included...the Institute of
Buddhist Studies in Berkeley...Tibetan government-in-exile, Dharamsala, India Wayne Madsen, Behavioral science, the CIA, and SRI

CIA mind control MKUltra medical dr. Andrija Puharich made this ELF-ultrasound nonlinear resonance the key concept of his Psi-Plasma model (pdf) of reality. Puharich, during his development of the tooth implant for hearing voices in the head, called this discovery Phonon-Hydron, meaning this quantum acoustic sonofusion of water to create qi energy, the Psi-Plasma of the Universe as a superconducting proton-proton resonance. 


Thus the head neurons see the following signal: 20 KHz [ultrasound] + 100 Hz [ELF] = 20,100 Hz:20 KHz - 100 Hz = 19,900 Hz. The 20,100 Hz and the 19,900 Hz beat against the center frequency of 20,000 Hz and the result is the deaf person "hears" 100 Hz. Certain proton nuclear ELF magnetic resonant (NMR) signals in the nervous system may be of this nature where the actual perceived signal may be a side-band signal....These side-bands are due to ELF proton-proton spin couplings. Such proton-proton spin couplings may have great importance in memory induction.... The effects all add up to a phonon-pumping mechanism working on the unit hydron. We would expect that the end product of this action (before splitting of the water molecule occurs) is to stimulate the emission of photons, or the true PHASER effect....It is known there is a spin/spin: proton/proton magnetic coupling of 8 Hz which is a fundamental constant.

So for example the high pitch ringing in the ear resonates into ultrasound and if you listen to the phase difference between the two ears then the beat frequency is ELF waves - so by listening to resonate both the ultrasound ELF as a nonlinear feedback resonating the quantum microtubules through piezoelectric energy.

Tinnitus is usually caused by excessive noise exposure that leads to pathological plasticity of the auditory cortex. Engineer et al. (2011) investigated a potential method to reverse this process in a rat model of tinnitus by playing tones (outside the putative tinnitus frequencies) and simultaneously stimulating the left cervical vagus nerve to induce and target plasticity. After 10 days of VNS paired with tones, noise-exposed rats significantly improved in detecting a gap in presented background noise compared with sham-treated rats. This improvement persisted for the 3 weeks tested post-treatment. Wonders of the Wanderer (Vagus)

  Puharich talking about Tesla - youtube Seifer has followed up on Puharich's research on Tesla 

It should be noted that the patented "sound of silence" mind control method is precisely this - the nonlinear resonance of infrasound with ultrasound: Patent #5,159,703, "Silent Subliminal Presentation System", dated, October 27, 1992. .

“A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low (ELF) or very high audio-frequency (VHF) range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude – or frequency- modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement in to the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.”

March 23, 1991 ITV News Bureau, Ltd. EAST DHAHRAN, SAUDI ARABIA HIGH TECH PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ARRIVES IN THE MIDDLE EAST reported the US military use of mass mind control via ELF subliminal embedded in ultrasound. So it takes training in the consciousness conspirachi to overpower this mind control! A youtube vid explains how this combined ELF and ultrasound is used as silent sound mass mind control. The ultrasound "cold fusion" or sonofusion model has been also documented by Fabio Cardone who attributes quantum anomalies to the pilot or hollow wave model of de Broglie

Tesla AC sine-wave

The wave associated to a quantum object (to be meant according to the Einstein-de Broglie-

Bohm interpretation, i.e. as a hollow – or pilot – wave) is a deformation of the Minkowskian

space-time geometry. This hypothesis establishes a possible connection between the two seemingly unrelated questions of the real nature of the quantum wave in Quantum Mechanics, and of the possible breakdown of local Lorentz invariance in Special Relativity....a hollow wave is nothing but a local deformation of space-time geometry. By a metaphoric image we may picture the local deformed space-time, which is intimately bound to each photon, as the shadow of the photon. It is immaterial, like a shadow (since it carries neither energy nor momentum) and it can reach space regions far from the photon, exactly as a shadow fills space regions far from the body that casts it....This is essentially due (according to de Broglie and Andrade y Silva) to the interaction of quantum objects with all the pilot waves in a given space region, through their quantum potential.

quantum foam

So then the ultrasound as the piezoelectric resonance of the collagen of the brain and body then activates the quantum consciousness resonance of time-frequency uncertainty itself - as a spacetime vortex that creates new energy. Quantum biologist Dr. Jack Kruse describes it like this:  

In a cell, collagen is a biological nanowire that forms a tensegrity structural skeleton that links the cell membrane to the nucleus. It is flexoelectric and piezoelectric, and so are our cell membranes. Water makes up 99% of the molecules in a cell because it is a small sized molecule. Water is the battery of life. It is a repository for electromagnetic solar radiations. Water interacts most with the infrared (IR) part of the electromagnetic spectrum of our sun. Once infrared (IR) light hits the water it shrinks while it increases its exclusion zone (EZ). As the EZ grows throughout the cell it squeezes mitochondria down in size while creating large voltages inside cells naturally. Water breaks down to a positive and negative charge when it just touches a hydrophilic substance. All proteins carry a negative charge and are hydrophilic. All these things in a cell touch the cell membrane at some point to make communication and transfer energy. The cell uses these large electric charges to control the hydrogen bonds in water inside and outside the cell to amplify signals in their cell membranes. This makes cell membranes very sensitive to electromagnetic fields from the environment. In fact, if the cell membrane is un-myelinated like your skin is, the cell becomes more sensitive to electromagnetic vibrations, and can act as an antenna for the cell. The stronger the electric voltage on the membrane, the stronger the antenna is to sense a magnetic field of the Earth. Theses are the givens in life’s thermodynamic quantum puzzle. It all begins with the cell membrane. more here

A Buddhist Monk wrote a book on this called the Sound of Silence:

As you calm down, you can experience the sound of silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency sound, a ringing sound that's always there. It is just normally never noticed. Now when you begin to hear that sound of silence, it's a sign of emptiness - of silence of the mind. It's something you can always turn to. As you concentrate on it and turn to it, it can make you quite peaceful and
blissful. Meditating on that, you have a way of letting the conditions of the mind
cease without suppressing them with another condition. (Ajahn Sumedho, a bhikkhu of the Theravada school of Buddhism, from his book The Sound of Silence).

This is even sold as a plant growing product called "Sonic Bloom" which mimics the alchemical secret of bird harmonicity resonance into ultrasound, much like the Hypersonic Effect of natural tuned

Full range natural noncommutative harmonics into ultrasound has much stronger alpha brain waves


non-Western Gamelan and Gong music. Ultrasound vibrations of plant cells membranes: water lift in trees, electrical phenomena. Mark E. Perel'man 2006 expands this research. The ELF waves of the gongs are amplifiers of the ultrasound hypersonic energy of the natural number pentatonic gamelans as Deep Brain Activation (pdf link).

Permaculture Rainbow Snake

 Indeed, the natural environment, such as tropical rain forests, usually contains sounds that are extremely rich in HFCs [high frequency components] over 100 kHz [3] [ultrasound]. From an anthropogenetic point of view, the sensory system of human beings exposed to a natural environment would stand a good chance of developing some physiological sensitivity to HFCs. We also found that some musical instruments, such as a gamelan of Bali, Indonesia, produce a significant number of HFCs over 100 kHz [3].  

By far most musicologists and musicians don't think of sound as a means to create light energy - but that's exactly what "tuning to the infinite" does when the original meaning of sound is understood. Simply by logically inferring the source of left-brain language, the source of the I-thought, then internal listening is started which, along with the natural syncopated harmonics of complementary opposites, induces trance dancing or tai chi practice. It's proven by neuroscience that it is a left-brain culturally learned trait to inhibit the natural resonance revolution of trance dancing to syncopated music. Sitting in

Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong

pyramid full lotus style enables an even deeper spacetime vortex energy experience.


For the Taoists the qi energy naturally is activated in the third eye from 11 pm to 1 am at night, when melatonin is going to maximum, and the qi energy is naturally strongest in the lower tan tien from 11 am to 1 pm during the day. Also the qi is strongest at the full moon and equinoxes and solistices. How does this work? We get a hint from studying the aurora phenomenon on Earth - near the poles. Miles Mathis pdf

According to the previous analysis, the equinoctes should should give us a charge minimum,

Pedram Shojai

since at night the Sun is orthogonal to both polar vortices. Shouldn't that give us a total charge minimum? No. It wouldn't give us a minimum for either pole. Both the minimum and maximum for each pole would be at the solstices, not the equinoctes. That is, the solstices would give us both the best angle (67 degrees) and the worst angle (113 degrees) for incoming charge. Well, if the single pole maximum is at the solstice, why is the auroral maximum at the equinoctes?

Aurora over Finland

Because we haven't considered a thing called through charge.Therefore, to sum the total intake of charge at any one time, you have to sum the incoming charge at both poles. Well, as it turns out, this sum varies throughout the year. And, although neither the north nor south pole is at a maximum at the equinoctes, the sum of the two is at a maximum. This is due to the fact that the Earth loses more on the dark side (or weak solstice side) than it gains on the day side (or strong solstice side). ...Next question: why are the aurorae furthest from the poles at just before midnight? This answer links to the previous answer, since the charge is greatest at that time. Why? Because when it is midnight at the north pole, say, the Sun is nearest to being over the south pole. When the Sun is over either pole, the charge path into that pole is most direct. This causes less loss or dissipation at the polar vortex, and less charge leaks out.

Secrets of the Solstice here To translate Miles Mathis eccentric science into mainstream science: resonance as alignment of sun and earth magnetic fields

Equinox: Sun's south magnet aligns with Earth's north magnet, doubling the Aurora strength

NASA data shows that geomagnetic disturbances are twice as likely to occur around the


equinoxes (March-April), (September-October) than around the solstices. Why? The answer is likely the same reason for the season: axial tilt. For auroras to happen, the

Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic field of the solar wind have to connect just so. Earth’s tilt at the equinoxes appears to orient the planet’s magnetic field in a position that’s ideal for the solar wind pipeline to create these illuminating electron collisions.

So what do we learn from this ancient alchemical science based on noncommutative time-frequency? The left eye is Yuan Shen (the right brain) in Taoist Yoga alchemy and the left eye is lunar energy in Vedic

Brahmin yoga. Yuan Shen is also the lunar psychic energy as it is carried by yin qi (the heart's fire) in Taoist Yoga - so that correlates. The left hand is lunar yuan shen and the right hand is yang yuan qi in Taoist Yoga alchemy while a hadith of Islam states Mohammed knew that left hand is lunar and the right hand is solar. So that also correlates. Ramana Maharshi states that in his undead samadhi of the formless awareness his heart was stopped but that an electromagnetic prana energy from the right side of his heart shot over to the left side - after 15 minutes of him just being in pure formless awareness of this undead state - and after it shot over to the left side of the heart then his self-aware spiritual ego mind came back to him. That also correlates with Taoist Yoga stating that Yuan Qi originates from the right side of the heart and Yuan Shen is on the left side of the heart. 


"(Essential) Nature is spiritual vitality [Yuan Qi] in the heart that manifests from the two channels in the centre of the brain." Taoist Yoga, p. 2 "If the original cavity of spirit (between and behind the eyes) is constantly held on to (i.e. concentrated upon) vital force will develop of itself and will beget true vitality [Yuan Qi] which will be linked with (essential) life in the lower tan t'ien centre (under the navel) to produce the golden elixir (chin tan). The

patriarch feared that students might not know the correct method

Klein Bottle Black-White Hole 3 in 1 Unity of Ch'an Buddhism

when vitality manifests and so might let it drain away by the genital duct (yang kuan)...." Taoist Yoga, p. 7. "Quick fire is produced by strong and slow fire by gentle breathing." Taoist Yoga, p. 12 "Quick and slow fires [breathing regulation] are postnatal heat used to cure illness and prolong life and also to unite the sun with the moon (i.e. the positive yang and negative yin). The sun stands for positive and the moon for the negative principle." Taoist Yoga, p. 41 ( "The sun stands for the heart and the moon for the lower tan t'ien cavity (under the navel), respectively symbolized by the dragon (female or negative vitality) [yin qi] and the tiger (the male or positive vitality) [Yuan Qi]." Taoist Yoga, p. 67 "Therefore the secret lies in the prenatal positive vitality [Yuan Qi] that existed before heaven, earth, and all things came into being." Taoist Yoga, p. 75 "The channel carrying blood and vitality from the right

Solar Lunar harmonization as 3/2 resonance: Ch'an Buddhism

ventricle of the heart is a vein which is linked with the duct of the testicles and the restraining nerve; hence the centre of the right palm is the tiger cavity." Taoist Yoga, p. 110. "The tiger's roar heard in the left ear reveals the fullness of vitality." p. 116


As Nada Yoga teaches,  "the soundless sound, paranâda, whence arises the mantra Aum" out of the heart center.


So even the "trendy" nondualist scene has lost these secrets of the complementary opposite resonance energy but Ramana Maharshi mentioned this as the "three in one" unity. He taught in Tamil which is a tonal language and the source of the oldest philosophy of India - the three gunas based on the 1-4-5 music intervals (the octave and Perfect Fifth/Fourth energy resonance). Finally the key meditation of the small universe aka microcosmic orbit is the 12 harmonic

1000 arms of Guan Yin inner sound Buddha

nodes of the main energy channels of the body-mind-spirit. This exercise is also the key exercise of Kriya Yoga, the lineage of the super yoga spiritual star, Yogananda. So the key secret is that the 12 notes of the scale were originally known as the "infinite spiral of fifths" and not the geometrically contained infinity of the Western deep pre-established disharmony as math professor Luigi Borzacchini exposed. I wrote a detailed article based on his research called The Devil’s Interval and the Pre-established Disharmony of Western Science

right hand yin, upper body yang; left hand yang, lower body yin,

 John Chang qigong master

How do we utilize these secrets for the natural resonance revolution?

Natural Resonance visualization


After studying the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality text once again for more clarification I have discovered something I have been pondering for the past year. So if one reads the quotes I posted above you will note a contradiction - seemingly - that has confused me for years. First of all the basic principle of alchemy needs to be clarified and adhered to - the resonance of complementary opposites. Secondly it needs to be understood that as deeper levels of energy-information are achieved then there are deeper levels of yin-yang transformations, such that what was previously yin is now yang, and vice versa (noncommutative). This is because what is normally subconscious for the uninitiated then becomes conscious as the transformations take place. So for example: "The cavity of the dragon is (the lower tan t'ien under the navel) which is the seat of the water element and contains the original vital force." p. 86. Yet on p. 67 quoted above the heart is the dragon while the lower tan tien is the tiger. The reason for the seeming contradiction is due to the alchemical

transformation that has to "lay the foundation" as the first half of the training - to activate the third eye as the Tai Chi is experienced, the opening of the Cavity of Original Spirit. For this to happen then first of all the yin qi energy has to be built up - this yin qi energy is called the "heart's fire" because it normally travels out of the eyes with the Yuan Shen of the heart. This is the dragon energy but it needs to be stored up in the lower tan tien to be turned into the

Cavity of Spirit-Vitality as the Yuan Qi is activated in the lower tan tien - this is done through the small universe or microcosmic orbit practice. So because of this alchemical transformation there is a very interesting dynamic of complementary opposites to take place. The left ear is Tiger Yuan Qi energy as well as the left leg whereas the right hand and right side of the heart are also tiger Yuan Qi energy along with the right eye. This energy is normally lost through the activation of the pineal gland that turns, via the Yuan Qi, the yin qi energy into generative fluid.

So if you'll notice the left ear is aligned with the left leg while the right side of the heart is aligned with the right hand and right eye. This is because the sound energy is the generative force yin qi

Scholar Sage

energy that needs to be transformed into the yang qi or yuan qi energy after building up the lower tan tien. This just emphasizes the crucial role of the inner hearing as a complementary opposite method - what I've called the "alternating current" or triode amplifier method. Another translation of this is the left vagus nerve goes to the front of the body for the human emotional energy and it's activated by the left ear while the right vagus nerve goes to the lower rear body connection to the genital organs for the reptilian "freeze" death energy of the right side of the heart. The lower body then turns from the dragon into the tiger Yuan Qi energy and the right side of the heart restarts the left side - crosses over. At this point a Buddha master teaches with the right leg on top in full lotus - the "external" teaching mode of energy after transformation.More on reversal of dragon and tiger here

Since alchemy is concerned in the first place with the inner lines of the trigrams Li [fire] and Kan [water], the paradox of reversal consists in considering Li as female, while logically it should be male because its Yang-masculine lines are predominant. Analogously, Kan should be female, but is considered to be male. "The Sun is Li and belongs to Yang, and instead it is a girl. The Moon is Kan and belongs to Yin, and instead it is a boy. This is the reversal" (Xiuzhen shishu , 26.27a.)

Isabelle Robinet confirms my alchemical discovery

Zhou Dunyi (Chou Dun-yi)

Or alternatively as Eva Wong quotes The Triplex Unity, “the male of kan [water] is the sun and the female of li [fire] is the moon."  Jeaneane D. Fowler, Shifu Keith Ewers describe this paradoxical transformation the best of any authors/teachers I've found on the interwebs: The alchemical firing process from their book T'ai Chi Ch'üan: Harmonizing Taoist Belief and Practice


The triagram Li is fire and predominantly yang, but the important middle line is yin, and so the Dragon is female. It is the yin essence in the yang, water in fire, the female in the male, the moon in the sun. It is referred to as Green Dragon....It is water that rises, being heated, and is therefore fiery but yielding, rising to Heaven.


The triagram K'an/Kan is Water and predominantly yin and female. But the middle line is yang and alchemically it is the yang in the yin, the White Tiger, ....its function is to descend to Earth when fire reacts with it. It is the fire in the water.

Damo Mitchell

In the alchemical process, the yang in the water is used to settle the yin in the fire: the water rises and the fire descends. Thus the solid yang line is taken out of the Water to replace the middle yin line in the Fire, thus producing Heaven.  

This secret is so amazing but that's the only source I've seen describe the process succinctly and clearly - usually the steps described are not complete.


So what happens is quite mysterious because as Taoist Yoga explains this is called "forming a circuit of eight psychic channels." (p. 2). What that really means is forming a closed connection of the yin-yang circuits and how so? "The left leg should be placed on the outside and close to the right one; this means the positive embracing the negative." (the footnote says this is for Westerners who can't sit full lotus). In actuality the book images show full lotus in which case the left leg is on top of the right leg. "The thumb of the left hand should touch its middle finger and the right hand should be placed under it (palm upward) with its thumb bent over the left palm; this means the negative embracing the positive. This is what the ancients means by forming a circuit of eight psychic channels." p. 2 So the left leg is yang or positive embracing (on the outside or on top of) the right leg yin while the right hand is negative embracing (on the outside) of the left hand which is yang positive. The opposites are lined up but in reverse order as the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness

The eight Prenatal Vessels form a vortex of energy with the Taiji Pole at the center

conspirachi - just as with an AC current - so that the phase can be shifted for reversal of amplitude and frequency energy. In other words - why are the ears in the upper yang part of the body with a reversed alignment of the heart and eyes and hands? This is the noncommutative time-frequency consciousness conspirachi. So on a deep level the right and left, dragon and tiger, solar and lunar, "copulate" as complementary opposites, so that the black hole turns into a white hole - the Yuan Qi is the "neutral" unified field source of energy-information since time and frequency are never zero nor infinity but rather noncommuative complementary opposites as a phase shift.

Noncommutative time-frequency quantum gravity phase coherence

 Let us draw up a fundamental vibration with its first and second harmonic overtones [1:2 and 2:3]….if we then shift the phase relationship, we get a totally different course of the combined curve; that is, of the pressure course

[amplitude and frequency] which is apparently effective in the final analysis. When looking at both curves, one might suppose that in the two cases we should hear two sounds that are just as different. But in fact our ear does not notice any difference.biophysicist Vitus B. Dröscher states in his book, Magic of the Senses, p. 168

And this is also the secret power of the Ohm Mani Padme Hum mantra as I wrote aka the AVALOKITESHVARA or Kwanyin,

1000 arms of Guanyin Inner Sound Buddha, Tang Dynasty rock carving, 1000 years old

Inner Sound, aka sound-current mantra.  In other words the vertical channels of the small universe/microcosmic orbit and the center of the brain work like a screen that reverses the charge, just like in a triode amplifier and the chanting of the mantra is across the brain -- horizontal current like the 60 hertz of brain waves. But since the "Om Mani Padme Hum" chant uses the different vowels to activate the different vertical chakras of the body -- this reverses the current in different phases, producing a steady alternating current power with low resistance. And someone posted just today the same secret!"...the Kototama Principle and Kototama sound rhythms and patterns. After a year of these studies, Sensei guided us toward an

Taoist Chen Tuan, hermit cave diagram of Great Void, 900 AD

understanding that the sound pattern of (A,I,U,E,O) is the same as the meridians’ order of Wood , Fire, Earth, Metal, Water." The five elements are the pentatonic scale of the Perfect Fifth/Fourth resonance as a phase shift complementary opposite resonance. "Each vowel sound can be produced at any pitch of the human voice. The vowel sounds are thus the result of the balance of higher and lower frequency components irrespective of pitchshifts." Programs of the Brain (Oxford U Press, 1978) by JZ Young, FRS. The same vowel sound can be produced at different pitch shifts of the voice -- the secret is changing the phase -- which is also the secret to creating alternating current energy.

"In Japanese, pure consonants are not used and thus words invariably end in vowels. That's the sort of peculiar language it is, and in this regard it differs profoundly from Western languages." While there are exceptions, linguistically, the point of Tsunoda Tananobu is that this vowel emphasis in the ending of words causes a harmonious resonance in the left brain, versus the consonant ending focus of Indo-European phonetic language.

From the One to the Many (read top to bottom) or from the Many to the One (read bottom to top)


"While no one has solved the problem of how the universe could be produced by the supreme ultimate..." 2005 pdf link except the

consciousness conspirachi! So you have to focus on the lower tan tien - visualize the fire there so that if the fire is under the water - that prevents the heart's fire from rising up and out of the eyes. That is the fundamental secret of alchemy training - it's called Green Dragon because you use the wisdom of the liver energy to feed the kidney water energy - and the dragon is normally the heart's fire as yin qi energy but you create the Cavity of the Dragon as the lower tan tien. So the lungs are metal as the organ of passion - so if you

Internal Arts International

keep losing yin qi energy then the lungs become the main blockage as heart break sadness. But if you have True Intention then the spleen/pancreas energy causes the kidney energy to feed the lung qi as alchemical steam - or White Tiger. The deep reverse breathing, filling the lungs with oxygen, increases the negative ions, activates the sympathetic nerves to the adrenal medulla and stimulates dramatic increase in adrenaline - so this increases the courage. The breath retention after exhale increases the parasympathetic activation for deep heart and deep brain activation - and this is the deep bliss from the oxytocin. The courage and bliss creates the Quanyin compassion energy as Yuan Qi energy. The increased cerebrospinal fluid ionizes the pineal gland for increases Yuan Qi energy which fuses with the Yuan Shen and flows out of the sinus cavity down the roof of the mouth, as the Upper Magpie Bridge connects the front and back energy channels - tongue against roof of mouth activates the parasympathetic

Alchemy as a tree, branches are legs, roots are brain: Secret of Soma

nervous system for saliva cerebrospinal flow. This creates the ambrosia or alchemical salvia - via the small universe circuit of energy which replenishes the Yuan Jing in the lower tan tien. "In Sanskrit, the term soma means both 'moon' and the imperishable, flowing essence of pure consciousness that serves as the amrita rasa or immortal blood of the Supreme Being." Robert E. Cox, Creating the Soul Body: The Sacred Science of Immortality (2008).  

"Developing Tarpak Kapha, amrit or Soma is a way of gaining control of our own brain chemistry and promoting the secretion of positive chemicals and hormones that keep our nervous system calm and content....It is the Soma or watery counterpart of the third Eye that has a fiery or Agni nature. From the soft palate of the mouth one can experience a flow of nectar from the brain that will bring a sweet taste to the saliva." David Frawley, Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda: The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality

This is also called the "philosopher's stone" or the elixir of life. Notice how Wiki doesn't understand how to make the elixir of life: "Related to the myths of Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus, both of whom in various tales are said to have drunk "the white drops" (liquid gold) and thus achieved immortality, it is mentioned in one of the Nag Hammadi texts.[1]" So that is called the copulation of Tiger and Dragon. This cultivation of shen via the organs is detailed here

The proper functioning of the Ears depends on nourishment by Essence and so the Ears are related to the Kidneys....the Kidneys store Essence, inherited from the parents. Pre- Heaven Qi [Yuan Qi] is just the Pre-Heaven Essence transformed into Qi. The secret inner ear - 3rd eye - Mingmen - Yuan Qi Intention

This is called the "Moving of Yin and Yang" exercise with video here, practiced with the knees bent to activate the ELF waves 7 beats per second resonance into the ultrasound resonance of the brain from the piezoelectric resonance, and the brain activating the quantum consciousness of that is noncommutative time-frequency resonance itself. Dr. Shin Lin, Using Science to study Qigong, Tai Chi:

Tai Chi Fighter's blog


1000 arms of compassion, Kuanyin, Inner Sound

"What is interesting is that when we use the technology of measuring meridian conductance with normal people and very experienced T'ai Chi and qigong practitioners we found a very substantial change, an increase in the value of conductance from before and after they did 15
minutes of T'ai Chi or qigong exercises." To measure their conductance, one electrode was
put on each jing well point. These are located on the fingertips and on the tips of the toes.
"They are very accessible and we could measure the conductance from those points to a ground electrode someplace else on the body to compare the conductance of electricity."On the average, the increase in the conductance of these meridians measured at the jing well points would increase by as much as 35 percent after practice. This is a huge change. And these are very precise measurements. In contrast, he said, the same people when asked to ride a stationary bicycle for the same amount of time before the test of conductance experienced a very small change in conductance. It was very small, less than five percent, he said. When the participants lifted weights as part of the test, he said, there was almost no change in conductance.

 "He breathes in halfway, oxygen conies up half way, and when he holds his breath, his level of
oxygen shoots up. "When he holds his breath, there is an extra boost, a shot of oxygen to the brain. Which is counter-intuitive." By holding the breath, more oxygen goes to brain, Dr. Lin said. "The conclusion here is that doing the breath holding provides an extra boost of oxygen going to the brain....So the brain is the most important part of the body. ...Young people showed a big increase in oxygen in the brain; middle aged people got less of a peak. Older people in their 60s or 70s don't get much of a peak. And if they are 80 or older, they don't show any peak...People who do Tai Chi and qigong are exercising the brain blood vessels all their lives and they have not atrophied.

Engineer paranormal physicist William Tiller states, “Because collagen, tissue and bone are all piezoelectric materials…small stresses…generate…electric field patterns” and produce low
level electromagnetic fields “produced by the sound wave patterns generated” (11) by moving tissue. Science and Human Transformation, William Tiller, PhD., 1997, p. 107. Collagen primarily runs vertical in the body. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho: 

On that basis of the 100-fold difference in electrical conductivity along the fibre compared to that across the fibre, it would be expected that collagens fibres will align in the direction of the applied electric field. Julian Haffegee in our laboratory has confirmed this, and has achieved the first successful alignment of collagen fibres under self-assembly by weak electromagnetic
fields.24 This work has important implications for wound healing and regeneration, as the movement of cells are known to be guided by oriented collagen fibres in the extracellular matrix. Rainbow and the Worm, p. 190.

So by analyzing the yin qi energy, based on my previous research, it's clear that the yin qi energy is stored up through the parasympathetic nervous system and then the yin qi energy is "discharged" through the sympathetic nervous system. "My Taoist teacher, Mantak Chia, frequently refers to the importance of negative ions and to the use of special breathing practices to absorb them into the body." Tao of Natural Breathing  The ELF resonance as piezoelectric negative ions activates the parasympathetic nervous system.  The forest air has twice as many negative ions as positive ions while city pollution has twice as many positive ions as negative ions.

"In addition when the proteins are in their healthy configuration the negatively charged sites on the protein matrix will have a greater preference for association with potassium rather than with sodium (Cope, 1978). If Cope is correct this may be one of the factors that accounts for the finding that healthy cells have high cell potassium
and low cell sodium concentrations." Steve Haltiwanger M.D., C.C.N. 

Potassium also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This negative ion potassium differential is how electric eels store up their charge in their lecithin (the main source of the orgasmic jing energy - a phosolipid of the brain and reproductive organs that lubricates the joints). "It's

Kuan Yin, Inner Sound Buddha

unbelievable!" says Gerhard H. Eggetsberger, biochemist and technical head of the Institute for applied Biocybernetics and Feedback Research, in Vienna.

"This man is able to change his electrical skin resistance in a split second from 60 Q up to 6080 Q and to lower it down again. We even know how he does it -- through a kind of sympathetic reflex. This means that he can simply switch from the Nervus Vagus to the Nervus Sympaticus. An untrained body would never do this as completely as he does this. We are scientifically proving spiritual knowledge that is 6000 years old!" (Through the Power of the Inner Smile, http://Universal-tao.com)

A Taoist sex engineer, Dr. Lin, gives us the details:

"But, without the powerful parasympathetic function, all the internal organs can not work properly. It is like the appliances working under a low electric power supply.

Guanyin, 1000 hand-eye Buddha, Sound-current

Each organ must store sufficient parasympathetic bioelectricity you call it 'Yin Chi' such as the 'Liver Chi', 'Kidney Chi', 'Heart Chi'..., so that the sympathetic nervous function in each organ can convert the bioelectric energy into 'work', output of forces or products.

In fact Dr. Robert Sapolsky has documented how the male external ejaculation is precisely the problem when it comes to trying to build up parasympathetic energy:

What happens next, if you are male? You are having a terrific time with someone. Maybe you are breathing faster, your heart rate has increased. Gradually parts of your body are taking on a sympathetic [nervous

Gate of Life Mingmen between kidneys

system] tone ... After a while, most of your body is screaming sympathetic while, heroically, you are trying to hold onto the parasympathetic tone in that one last outpost as long as possible. Finally when you can't take it anymore, the parasympathetic shuts off at the penis, the sympathetic comes roaring on, and you ejaculate. (Robert Sapolsky, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (Holt Paperbacks, 2004), p. 124.)

For example Noam Chomsky's latest book, "What kind of creatures are we?" (Columbia University Press, 2016) - it is an objective overview of science but he only quotes Henry Stapp on quantum consciousness - he ignores a lot of quantum consciousness research and he also dismisses the anthropological origins of language as

Quan Yin, Sound-current Buddha

simply "story-telling." No - it's a lot more than story-telling. To use the dismissive term "story-telling" is way off-base. But then this is an ecofeminist issue - like Elizabeth Marshall Thomas was strongly attacked for her book title "The Harmless People" - by the male anthropologists. We are talking about male scientists, psychophysiologically not able to comprehend, for example, why bonobo males frequently have sex yet only ejaculate if they are going to have sex for reproduction - the male scientists assume this is so the bonobo males can have the hormones stored up for

confronting other males. haha. They don't know the secret of the vagus nerve internal orgasm of females: Dr. Peter A. Levine, author of "In an Unspoken Voice" focuses on sound healing to activate vagus nerve sex energy - but Master Nan, Huai-chin reveals that secret. Male scientists can not control their lower bodies - but at least Robert Sapolsky has investigated this mystery and he identifies the mystery and he promotes meditation but he has not pondered that males, like females, can also have vagus nerve reproductive organ climaxes. As Gurdjieff said - we are controlled, we as modern humans, by the Kundabuffer (the lower spine blockage, called the Gate of Life and Death in Taoist

"divide and average" Solar Dynasty empire rule

alchemy) and so as the dominant organism on Earth we are not feeding the spiritual evolution of the Moon. Amazingly Mitzi DeWhitt has also figured out the secret of the ancient Pythagorean-Taoist infinite spiral of fifths solving Gurdjieff's teachings as the "divide and average" Solar dynasty empire rule from the

Taoist-Pythagorean Infinite Spiral of Fifths secret revealed

Taoist-Pythagorean infinite spiral of fifths secret


O.K. now we get into what John Chang meant by the "yin field" when he connected with the spirit world. Because the "heart's fire" is the yuan shen with the yin qi. But in my article - quantum physics explains this connection!! OK. So let's consider how this alchemical combination of yin and yang chi energy might be translated into science. First of all there's the Quantum Zeno Effect I mentioned -- it relies on the geomagnetic field of the Earth:

"Now, Iannis Kominis at the University of Crete, explains this by means of the quantum zeno effect: the act of observing a quantum system can affect its evolution, maintaining its state for longer than expected... A similar thing happens in birds: the presence of a geomagnetic field

7th tallest statue in world, Guanyin Sound-current Buddha

extends the lifetime of the singlet-triplet mixture from which the ions recombine. This gives the magnetic field time to bias the outcome of the recombination." [source]

Humans, like birds, also have cryptochrome which is a protein that generates free radical ion pairs that are quantum entangled to the sun's photon energy resonating as ELF waves.Science claims humans can't see magnetic fields but other mammals are proven to see magnetic fields - and for humans "it could be a vestigial evolutionary trait that’s largely unused." Birds have been found to lose their magnetoreception migration ability when living in the positive ion pollution of the cities! The ecological impacts of nighttime light pollution: a mechanistic appraisal 2014 For humans this "grounding" of the Earth's geomagnetic field to delay the collapse of the cosmic solar light

Birds can literally see magnetic fields - 3rd eye vision!

energy as non-local Yuan Qi consciousness -- it could also rely on the ELF Ionosphere-heart resonance of the theta REM brain wave.  "the highest ratio of REM to total sleep in any primate, the researchers reported." NY Times 12/15

"[scientists] were able to track the electrical impulses of a mice brain running through a maze to a high degree of accuracy (mouse is turning left here, then right, etc) And they found that when the mouse was in REM sleep he would run different routes in his dreams as if to try to figure what the best route through the maze was. So I think deep sleeping was a cause of our powerful brains over time. NY Times: Since it took less time to get the benefits of REM sleep, humans were able to get by with less sleep over all than other primates.

Qigong masters sleep a few hours a night while meditate the rest of the time, going into deeper awareness for stronger energy. While other animals have a higher percentage of REM sleep they lack the prefrontal cortex to integrate the information into a self-aware, self-amplifying energy resonance. The Bushmen master healer has this same Yuan Qi - beyond heart-death energy:

In !Kia your heart stops. You're dead. Your thoughts are nothing. You breathe with difficulty. You see things; n/um things. You see spirits killing people. You smell burning, rotting flesh. Then you heal, you pull sickness out. You heal, heal, heal. Then you live. Your eyeballs are clear and you see people clearly. Richard Katz, Boiling Energy

 Richard Katz questioned Kau Dwa further on this topic:
KATZ: Kow Dwa, you have told me that in kia you must die.
Does that mean really die?
KATZ: I mean really die?
KATZ: You mean die like when you are buried beneath the ground?
KAU DWA: [With enthusiasm]: Yes. Yes, just like that!
KATZ: They are the same?
KAU DWA: Yes, the same. It is death I speak of. KATZ: No difference?
KAU DWA: [Firm but soft]: It is death.
KATZ: The death where you never come back?
KAU DWA: Yes, it is that bad. It is the death that kills us all.
KATZ: But the healers get up, and a dead person doesn’t…?
KAU DWA: That is true; healers may come alive again.

By aligning the hands with the upper and lower body based on knowing these ancient alchemical secrets then a battery is connected which vastly increases the energy. For example a man on youtube was teaching this exercise and he didn't give the source of it which is from the original qigong master whom I studied with. Also rotating the eyes united the Yuan Qi and Yuan Shen energy to activate the alchemical resonance - and sure enough the right eye was Solar and left eye lunar (right brain) in Egypt also - just as in India and China! 


Qigong Master

Another secret is that the left foot is yang, male while the right foot is yin, female. Since the left hand is yin female I've seen at least 3 sources online claim the left foot is also yin female as it aligns with the right brain. Nope the left foot is yang male. Maybe it aligns with the left side of the cerebellum! So then when sitting in full lotus, aka Jiafu Zuo or Lotus pose (jiejiafu 結跏趺) or soles upward (jie jiafu zuo 結跏趺坐) in Chinese and padmasana in Sanskrit, with the left foot on top - this is just as with the hands with the right hand on the outside - the Yuan Qi male energy is to surround the Yuan Shen female energy in the lower tan tien. If the Yuan Shen leaves the body without enough Yuan Qi surrounding it, as per relativity of spacetime, this creates too much of an acceleration of the spirit consciousness relative to the body energy so that a spacetime vortex of dizziness is experienced. This is described in chapter 11 of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality. The alchemical immortal fetus is then a fusion of jing, qi and shen so that there is constant velocity of light relative to the qi energy that powers and guides the light as spirit-consciousness. Sitting "double Jiafu Zuo" with left foot on top is translated from Chinese into English as "King Kong Ride (Men's)."It is easiest to hear this Sound when it is quiet, particularly at night-time. Once you have identified this Sound, then you place your awareness on it without wavering. Resting your mind in the Sound, you continue to listen, going further and further into the Sound itself.
—  “Mind Beyond Death”, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Snow Lion Publications
Cha'n Master Nan, Huai-Chin reveals this secret:

Some people fear that crossing the legs in meditation not only constitutes a hazard to health, but that the pressing of the blood vessels of the legs may lead to a serious illness such as phlebitis, etc. Therefore, a disagreeable tingling or numbness in the legs during meditation causes some people to become apprehensive.... If you can persist in meditating until your ch'i and blood flow freely to the legs, you will have a strong internal orgasm from your feet and legs upward to your waist and back, and even throughout your entire body. Rest assured. You would then not want to release your legs and stop your meditation prematurely.

Tao and Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation by Nan-Huai Chin

That is the right side dorsal reptilian cerebellum vagus nerve to the reproductive organs being activated. Master Wang Liping teaches to sit in full lotus 6 hours a day for a year to restore the Yuan Jing energy. Wang Liping teaches, once the third eye is open, Shen to shen, then shen to qi, then qi to jing - 6 hours of full lotus meditation a day to restore "yuan jing." As for the spiral energy - if you study Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality - it says the "positive embraces the negative" - left leg on top of right leg - yang embracing yin for lower body and then "negative embraces the positive" - right hand outside the left hand for the upper body.

Wang Liping

That's to close and connect the 8-circuit channels. - it's creating a macroquantum battery. You get the same from the "moving of yin and yang" exercise - the right hand is actually negative - yin and over the upper body - yang. The left hand is yang and over the lower body - yin. That's how the "battery" is activated - male to female and female to male. The whole "standing wave" analogy with a spiral is best understood as a 3 in 1 unity. So yin energy is not "classical" amplitude energy - I made that same mistake. It's all based on quantum - macroquantum resonance - actually quantum relativity is macroquantum. This needs the latest science to be understood. So that's why John Chang has his right hand over the upper body and left hand over the lower tan tien - that's what activates the macroquantum battery. There is a reversal of this energy also - once the jing energy is restored. All these teachings are based on fundamental resonance principles of complementary opposites. Essentially it's all from noncommutative time-frequency resonance. In other words when you go into a black hole, time goes to infinity while frequency (energy) goes to zero. This is death. But because time and frequency are noncommutative there is no zero and no infinity - instead there is a complementary opposite resonance that is entanglement as non-local consciousness. So the white hole is a 180 spacetime shift of information as consciousness - and frequency goes to infinity while time goes to zero - that is the zero-point energy and how recently photons were "captured" from the zero point energy - virtual photons were turned into actual photons. That is how immortality is achieved. That's how the shen energy is created by Wang Liping and it is self-amplification - this was proven just a year ago by science - which proved experimentally Hawking Radiation - as self-amplifying phonons. Yuan Qi is the self-amplifying phonon energy. Also proven is that listening is quantum coherent - it goes beyond time-frequency uncertainty as zero point energy of quantum entanglement - so by that internal listening meditation you activate this black hole-white hole energy. That's quantum biology - technology can not go beyond Fourier Uncertainty of noncommutative time-frequency resonance. That's the secret power of trance dance training - Tai Chi and full lotus meditation and alchemy, etc. I go into how this is connected to the solar-lunar resonance, etc. and also why this info is covered up by Western science. Wang Liping on the full lotus importance:

 Both feets going from outside toward inside, then up with the two soles watching above isa called full lotus. Without full lotus and the five hearts leading to the Origin [this usually refer to the five elements/organs] one cannot get the three flowers getting together above [this refers to jing, qi and shen becoming One] and therefore never reaching superior gongfu.
The strength points of full lotus are in the [area] of the sciatic nerves, and the requirement is to do it on a hard surface. Those with condensing osteitis or other internal ailments should [especially] do it on a hard surface.
When sitting one should be patient, and start with the crossed leg position.
There is a secret about sitting in lotus: the four bladder channels [they run on both sides of the spine] according to Chinese medicine cannot have an upward flow, but only when sitting in lotus all four channels should flow upward together, even one missing is not correct.
To practice qinggong (stillness), especially working on one's own nature, it is not an easy thing to learn. Sitting for one hour it is already hard to bear. While sitting the legs hurt, the lower basin should not open, if the lower basin is open the practitioner has no roots.
While sitting your guide [during seminars with WLP] might touch some [acupuncture] points on your back, this is beneficial and you should not move, don't watch back and turn your head to see. Since the openings of the liver are the eyes, the liver is the place where the spirit can be passed onto the spirit, so if we stare at it with attention it leaves from the eyes.

Another secret is the Klein Bottle secret - what I had published as an article - "The Yan Xin Secret 2007 which is the Klein Bottle re-entry into the holographic heart-mind. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 can refer to Yuan Jing (earth), Yuan Qi (solar), and Yuan Shen (lunar), according to Qigong Master Michael Winn, the original Tai Chi harmonics of the small universe microcosmic orbit meditation exercise:



With the small universe exercise of the 12 nodes along the 2 main energy channels of the body - this means the energy increasingly resonates to stronger higher frequency energy based on the infinite spiral of fifths. The mind and body are aligned as the mind's Yuan Shen (the internal light) focuses on the node (a harmonic cross point of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) and the body does the deep breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to convert that node to storing up more energy. This is the practice of the "infinite spiral of fifths" and it's the key alchemical exercise found in Kriya yoga and the key exercise as the focus of the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality pdf link

Meditation Upon the Soundless Sound - Surat Shabd Yoga

On the Anahat or Unstruck Melody

The perceiver of this Primal Word gains access into Sach Khand (the Realm of Pure Consciousness or Primeval Sound) and does not have to come again into this mortal world [does not have to reincarnate]. When single-pointedness has been attained by diligent practice of Drishti yoga [Inner Sight, Inner Light Meditation] learnt from an accomplished Guru, a large variety of Sounds are heard within.

However, this calls for intent, concentrated listening during meditation practice, keeping eyes, ears, and mouth all quiet. One Sound that is heard leads to another Sound, which, in turn, takes one ahead to yet another Sound.

Thus, getting hold of several Sounds, one after another, one finally gets hold of the most captivating Quintessential Primordial Sound.

And, as even this Unstruck Melody is transcended, the Highest State, the Nameless [Anami], the Soundless State [Anadi, Pure or True State of God] is attained.

– Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, quoted in, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achutanand, Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh

But if someone doesn't know how these energies relate then they won't understand why 12 nodes are key to this practice since the 12 notes of the music scale are from the complementary opposite resonance of the perfect fifth (yang) and perfect fourth (yin) music intervals. For example some people teaching the small universe exercise but they don't base it on the 12 notes whereas the original qigong master does understand this alchemical secret and so uses the 12 nodes for the small universe exercise.

alchemical infinite spiral of fifths as small universe


Small Universe aka microcosmic orbit

 is infinite spiral of fifths!

Another secret that Stuart Hameroff explains is not only is precognition possible when a person perceives (or is going to perceive) a strong emotional event but also when there is the strong adrenaline rush to the brain which activates the deep brain, the amgydala, then the experience of time is slowed down. This means, as

per noncommutative time-frequency consciousness, that time slows down externally because internally the brain is processing information at a faster rate, at a higher frequency of consciousness. For example if the adrenaline greatly increases from the qi activation of the pineal gland then music frequency is perceived to be played at a lower frequency since external time has slowed down. While standard science considers this to be just a perceptual illusion, Hameroff details how actually quantum non-commutative time-frequency explains exactly why being "in the zone" does enable super-human heroic behavior since the brain is

Vagus Nerve as Kundalini snake energy

processing information at a faster frequency. Hameroff gives the example of Michael Jordan reporting seeing all the other players moving in slow motion when he is in "the zone." This is why in the old skool kungfu

Shaolin movies to activate the qi energy it is taught to do deep breathing exercises which then activates the vagus nerve ionization of the lower body hormones into the brain as increased neurotransmitter pressure to the pineal gland which then creates the qi energy. This is called the "Quick Fire" method video that is the foundation to creating the inner fire tummo heat (also the ONLY method that converts jing to chi to maintain celibacy) - as Wim Hof's science studies document, the deep breathing increases blood PH (also the secret reason to be vegetarian to increase blood PH). Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans 2014 pdf

The hyperventilation-induced increase in epinephrine [adrenaline] was shown to be dependent on decreased levels of bicarbonate as hyperventilation combined with bicarbonate infusion (resulting in hypocapnia and alkalosis, but normal bicarbonate levels) nullified epinephrine increase (24).....However, in trained individuals epinephrine [adrenaline] levels were already profoundly increased 30 min after start of practicing the breathing techniques, before LPS [endotoxin] administration....mainly the breathing techniques used by the trained individuals account for the increase in epinephrine and subsequent attenuation of the inflammatory

Wim Hof training horse stance Quick Fire breathing

response....the [Wim Hof breathing] techniques predominantly result in stimulation of the sympathetic input to the adrenal medulla, because this is the most abundant source of epinephrine[adrenaline] in the body....Epinephrine levels in trained individuals were
even higher than those reported in a recent study in which acute
stress elicited by a bungee jump was found to suppress cytokine
production by leukocytes...In conclusion, the present proof-of-principle study demonstrates that the sympathetic nervous system and immune system can be voluntarily influenced through practicing techniques that are relatively easy to learn within a short time frame.

This is fascinating since normal hyperventilation [see here] increases the bicarbonate levels thereby increasing pH levels as alkalosis. But, "The attenuated cytokine response is unlikely to be a direct result from low pCO2 and high pH levels because hypocapnic alkalosis, as opposed to hypercapnic acidosis (25), is not associated with anti-inflammatory effects." The acidic meat and sugar discharges qi energy from the creation of the free radicals that increase inflammation and the sympathetic nervous system. From lower carbon dioxide and increased oxygen, it's a kind of controlled hyperventilation exercise of 30 deep breaths so that when the breath is held after exhale, the brain, with increased PH, does not trigger the "gasp reflex."  As Dr. Stephen Porges reports, "In contrast, when we exhale, the influence of the vagus is increased and heart rate decrease....The study demonstrated that LPP [listening project protocol] significantly increased vagal regulation of the heart..." This is what Ramana Maharshi means by the highest level of samadhi as "mouna" or silence samadhi as listening to the heart - noncommutative time-frequency then resonates as

Tantra is limited to the Realm of Form. So Antar Mouna is sound-current as inner silence listening as formless awareness

zero/infinity based on Unruh radiation, the asymmetrical complementary opposites of spacetime and energy-momentum. For the highest level of samadhi, the heart stops as zero time, infinite frequency, the Wu Chi as "female formless awareness." The yuan qi as adrenal kidney energy is then based on this internal listening feedback - through the kundalini sublimation up the spine via the vagus nerve as internal bliss. As Lagos comments, "The establishment of enduring pair bonds,

Polyvagal inner ear pineal gland Yuan Qi activation

however, depends on the release of oxytocin to regulate the unmyelinated [Reptilian neck right side, lower body reproductive rear dorsal] vagus and block aspects of defensive freezing behaviors to enable immobilization without fear." pdf This deeper heart unconditional love enables deeper kidney energy via the right side vagus and the kundalini then resonates deep pineal gland quantum-relativity photon brain activation for strong parasympathetic vagus nerve energy storage. Science has proven that the strong oxytocin causes males to bond to their partner and not to have their visual gaze (spirit synchronized photons) distracted toward other people. The deep eye gazing is from a stronger oxytocin bond - and it is documented even between pets and their owners.

  Dr. Greer’s conversation with Air Force computer specialist William Pawelec, now an interview available on Youtube ( which warrants its own post another day) on the subject of CIA involvement in the manufacture of RFID chips in the ’70s and ’80s manufactured by Siemens in the billions–miniature, edible chips, some with Neurophone capabilities, permitting radio-control of thought and behavior. Dr. Greer notes that EG &G, a chip implant manufacturer near Area 51, makes chips that have been found implanted in victims of abductions — proving that these abductions were part of the PsyOps Psychological Warfare set up and run by the Deep State,Greer promotes aliens as real and has ties to the Stargate Conspiracy

Phillip Collins and Paul Collins interview on their forthcoming book "Invoking the Beyond" about alien abduction UFO cults as part of the spiritualized technocracy mass mind control We better train to do this alchemy healing ourselves because there's mega-Big Pharma funding for corporate-controlled vagus nerve implants to treat a dozen different conditions - that's just the start! The Vagus Nerve: A Back Door for Brain Hacking (May, 2015, Bioelectronic engineers journal)

When this natural resonance breathing piezoelectric pressure process goes deeper then the left side ventral (front) vagus nerve is activated which goes down to the left side of the heart.



Thus, the organization of the mammalian brain stem has evolved to have a ventral [left side front] vagal complex consisting of NA and the nuclei of the trigeminal and facial nerve that co-exists with the dorsal vagal [right side back] complex consisting of The DMNX and NTS that regulates vegetative processes and is observed in the reptile. Stephen Porges PolyVagal Listening Project

Vagus nerve stimulators are implanted on the left side since studies in dogs have demonstrated that stimulation of the right vagus slowed heart rate more than stimulation of the left158. Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Augment Recovery from Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Impeding Consciousness: A Prospective Pilot Clinical Trial

Dr. Stephen Porges: "The literature documents the relationship between right brain function and primary emotions (Heilman, Bowers, & Valenstein, 1985). The medullary source nuclei and efferent pathways of the vagus also are lateralized with a right bias. The right NA via the right cardiac vagus provides the primary chronotropic output to the heart." It is the right side dorsal (rear) reptilian vagus nerve that goes to the right side of the heart to activate the Yuan Qi energy.  It is the standing active exercises which have been proven to train the "fast nerve" reactions - the knees bent particularly train those fast nerve reactions and hence the ability to discharge the jin quickly. Taoist Master Ni, Hua-ching telling the story of a Tai Chi master who won a contest in Taiwan and he, on stage getting the award, was offered an ice-cold

the low OHM sound of Fa Jin discharge

Coca-Cola and in his glory he downed it and then died. Why? Because his lower tan tien was SO HOT that he scorched it - and so I never questioned this but I realize now that he had caused a sympathetic extreme nervous reaction which then triggered a "parasympathetic rebound" of his right side vagus nerve. The right side vagus nerve connects to the reproductive organs and that is the secret of the lower tan tien energy - it then also connects to the right side of the heart and the right side vagus nerve is the reptilian vagus nerve - so it controls the "death freeze" action of the heart which for reptilians is used to mimic death and to go into hibernation in the winter, etc. but for mammals it can kill a person if activated without proper SHEN control. This is also the cause of "zombie" deaths in Haiti as Wade Davis exposed - and a tradition that goes back to West Africa, obviously. So in West Africa they have a 3 month forest meditation training for just the males - this is the Senufo of Ivory Coast, but others also and this goes back to the Bushmen also. This is also the secret connection of the Yuan Qi originating from the right side of the heart to the Yuan Qi as the source of the jing essence and "fa jin" as the Tai Chi force qi power.

"The left vagus nerve gives rise to the anterior [front][vagal trunk, and the right vagus nerve gives rise to the posterior [Back] vagal trunk." This is the secret of the throat singing used by Tibetan monks to

Small Universe is the rim of the wheel, Mind is the Hub to the Heart

activate their heart OHM energy. ("Vowels have a relatively low mean frequency and last quite long"). 


 Pankaj Kahyap explains:

The general perception of a layman is that when we speak, sound comes from the throat.  But what happens is when we have the urge or the thought to speak, our life force in the form of vaayu, starts from the root chakra and brings Paraa, the subtle sound, then travels up to the navel, heart chakras as Pasyanti and Madhyamaa respectively, then comes to the throat, mouth, teeth and tongue as Vaikhari to come out as speech or sound at the gross level. These four levels of sound correspond to four states of consciousness. Paraa represents the transcendental consciousness. Pasyanti represents the intellectual consciousness.

Madhyamaa represents the mental consciousness. And Vaikhari represents the physical consciousness.


Or if a strong DMT-based plant medicine is taken then the strong serotonin blast to the pineal gland opens up the right side vagus nerve so that the yuan qi then increases the yuan shen, and the cosmic rainbow vortex biophoton aura is experienced. In the Amazon jungle it is the sacred songs or icaros that guide the DMT-induced Yuan qi-Yuan Shen visions of the heart-pineal gland. At the same time the heart creates a loud spontaneous OHM sound which is the conversion of the oxytocin love hormones into the qi and shen energy. A psychologist in Scientific American on the vagus nerve:

The vagus nerve is a bundle of nerves that originates in the top of the spinal cord. It activates different organs throughout the body (such as the heart, lungs, liver and digestive organs). When active, it is likely to produce that feeling of warm expansion in the chest—for example, when we are moved by someone’s goodness or when we appreciate a beautiful piece of music. Neuroscientist Stephen W. Porges of the University of Illinois at Chicago long ago argued that the vagus nerve is [the nerve of compassion] (of course, it serves many other functions as well). Several reasons justify this claim. The vagus nerve is thought to stimulate certain muscles in the vocal chamber, enabling communication. It reduces heart rate. Very new science suggests that it may be closely connected to receptor networks for oxytocin, a neurotransmitter involved in trust and maternal bonding.

Our research and that of other scientists suggest that activation of the vagus nerve is associated with feelings of caretaking and the ethical intuition that humans from different social groups (even adversarial ones) share a common humanity. People who have high vagus nerve activation in a resting state, we have found, are prone to feeling emotions that promote altruism—compassion, gratitude, love and happiness. Arizona State University psychologist Nancy Eisenberg has found that children with high-baseline vagus nerve activity are more cooperative and likely to give. This area of study is the beginning of a fascinating new argument about altruism: that a branch of our nervous system evolved to support such behavior.

So again what makes the throat singing work is the activation of the left side vagus nerve but it is activated by the nonlinear resonance of the ELF subharmonics and the ultrasound overtone harmonics. These love hormones are brought out by the slow blues music - as shown in this magical "Story of the Weeping Camel" doc of shamanic healing blues love resonance This is also why in music a person gets the "chills" down the spine (aka frisson) - Even the Blues Feel Good in a Musician’s Brain (1/6/16)....The researchers found that expressing sadness activated the reward center of the brain, while playing happy music did not....Sad music, on the other hand, directly stimulates the reward center of the brain, releasing the chemical dopamine and making us feel good...."if expressing certain emotions creates more reward, we would expect to see them represented in art more often."  There has been a strong nonlinear harmonic activation from the vagus nerve -  Does music give you an ORGASM? Certain melodies and harmonies can trigger a physical response similar to sex in some - either from strong overtones or strong subharmonics and the chills have been proven to be the inner ear activation of the vagus nerve to the pineal gland which then increases dopamine levels or opiods - also through the vagus nerve: 2013 pdf neurochemistry of music study

 Music listening reportedly lowers requirements for opiate drugs in postoperative pain [45], which suggests that music may stimulate the release of endogenous opioid peptides within the brain. A frequently cited older study found that self-reported thrills and chills during music
listening could be blocked by the opioid antagonist naloxone, which provided tentative evidence of a causal link between musical reward and the central release of endogenous opioids [17].

The "Mozart Effect" is from the slow middle movement of late baroque, early classical music - the one beat per second (60 bpm of the slow movement) resonates the heart beat and alpha brain waves of the right brain. Watch full documentary here - Alive Inside: The Magic of Music and Memory This was the secret to poetry being sung to the "lyre" harp in Western Asia early civilization - so that long photographic memorization is possible in this trance right brain dominant state. Alive Inside - the Magic of Music to treat memory disease - video news interview

Infinite spiral of fifths from noncommutative time-frequency

People think in the past that I get paid by someone else for promoting this stuff but in reality I studied music intensely in my youth, I attended my mom's piano lessons when I was 3 years old, quietly sitting and listening - to the astonishment of her teacher. Then I started my own classical piano lessons with the new teacher next door to my mom's teacher - when I was 5 years old. Then I continued until my final year of high school I performed Bach's Italian Concerto by memory along with Brahms and Mozart by memory and my own compositions along with a John Cage prepared piano piece. While studying this music I had previously played in a post-punk noise band and a roots reggae band and a jazz band and a folk blues duo and I sang in church choir and school choir, etc.  At the same time I lived in the Uptown neighborhood, home of the Replacements and Husker Du documentary of Husker Du talking about Replacements and in my city Prince was rising to fame. Wiki notes "the title of the popular 1970s memory board game Hūsker Dū? (meaning "Do you remember?" in Danish and Norwegian)." I used to play that game a lot and saw Hūsker Dū spray-painted in big letters on the old high school near my house, across from my church in Uptown. I even had my rock band perform in my classical piano school - and soon after the school, McPhail, began offering "rock" music lessons. I then played profane noise music for my private high school Minnehaha Academy chapel service to 800 students. 1988 doc on the Minneapolis Sound

I then took private music lessons in orchestration and ear training with a former University music professor and then I composed my own music - all before high school ended I was already going into music trance bliss giving me strong memorization skills but I didn't understand what was happening. It's the secret of Pharrell Williams Happy hit pop song that relies the dominant hand-clap at 1.25 beats per second or 76 bpm to maximize the alpha brain wave serotonin bliss trance dance. When I was taught music harmonics I realized there should be no reason why the Pythagorean resonance was not infinite - and that this was the secret harmony of the Universe. In my music theory class taught by my piano teacher (another student was in the Wallets band featured in above Minneapolis Sound doc) - and A Tale Of Twin Cities: Hüsker Dü, The Replacements And The Rise And Fall Of The ’80s Minneapolis Scene article. 

 For a few years in the mid-’80s, not long after Athens and sometime before Seattle, the epicenter of American underground rock was Minneapolis.

I pondered this paradox of the non-commutative Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth - how the ratios did not line up with the geometry as a "one to one correspondence." 

I knew - intuitively - the secret music source as the real harmonic infinity and so I did not logically accept the irrational square root of two theorem. Again see my Devil's Interval article that cites math professor Luigi Borzacchini backing up my claim  Borzacchini, Luigi. "Incommensurability, Music and continuum: A Cognitive Approach", Archive for History of Exact Sciences vol. 61 no. 3, May 2007, pp. 273-302. I tried to share my idea with my teachers but of course it was not very conducive to their Western training. So I pursued my idea as my college research and I was accepted into the music composition department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But already my views were too radical and my orchestration professor tried to make me redo my past assignments even though I had already gotten As and Bs. He said my

Quan Yin, sound-current,the inner ear method


transposition of a Schoenberg piano sonata into a string quartet was "Communist." That was a shock to me. I continued on with free jazz improv noise music with a local street flute musician in the Twin Cities but then I met my first qigong master, Effie P. Chow in 1995 and I continued pursuing the connection I had first made in the late 1980s. I was accepted into a master's degree Liberal Studies program based on my music consciousness research, which I had summarized into a monograph entitled, The Fundamental Force. That was 1996.

After rejecting the twenty-four methods which were not suitable for untrained minds...chose the one most suitable for [Quan Yin] which he praised as the most convenient for people on this earth. It consisted in disengaging the organ of hearing from its object, sound, and then directing that organ into the stream of concentration. When the conception of both sound and stream-entry had been successfully wiped out, the duality of disturbance and stillness became illusory. By advancing step by step, the subjective hearing and objective sound also vanished completely. This is where most meditators lost their way and were turned back into the realm of life and death, but [Quan Yin] said he did not stop there but strove to advance further. When the subjective awareness of this state and its object, that is the state itself, were perceived as illusory and non-existent, the awareness of voidness became all-embracing. ...all pairs of opposites have no room....Secrets of Chinese Meditation (trans. by Charles Luk, 1964, pp. 16-17, Surangama Sutra.

It developed into my master's thesis published online in 2000 at the same time when I finished my intensive qigong training as the final credit for my master's degree, with my published master's thesis on sound-current nondualism. In 2000 I summed up sound-current nondualism as this:

The dialectical process is demonstrated through sound-current nondualism by the splitting of nothing (the zero beats root of the fundamental) into two parts: the fundamental and the octave, that freely resonate into the next multiple of the fifth, forming complimentary opposites to the fundamental. The fifth splits the octave and fundamental in half but also pulls to or, resolves to, the octave and fundamental.

Right Eye Solar Yuan Qi and Left Eye Lunar Yuan Shen

Breath of Proximity: Intersubjectivity, Ethics and Peace (2015), by  Lenart Škof, is the follow-up work on Schelling's conspiratorial connection of breath to spirit:

Schelling is also aware that fire or warmth (radiance, flare or tapas in the Indian hymn) is the principle that warms a human being with the heat of the beginning while also removing his being from its original breath or inspiration - as an external oneness of co-breathing....as Wirth also states this is the conspiration of life.


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5 hours ago, Mudfoot said:


Question: Is there any human research where the involved scientists make a connection between the signals measured on humans and quantum physics? 


So, no direct, linear answer to this one.

Pity, because that would have been useful information. 


So I am still interested in any study that in any way measure anything related to meditation or healing that is not better explained by physiological or psychological models, and where the authors of that study connect their findings to quantum physics. 


But maybe this is premature? 

Maybe our technology isn't there yet? 


Well, I'm out. 

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8 hours ago, johndoe2012 said:

What do you think about 




I am thinking of the effects of the two way pointing in silencing the mind and enabling flow through the crown. 


I'm a great fan of this approach and have spent quite a bit of time in the past exploring all Harding had to say. For those who don't know, you just 'pretend' you don't have a head, although there is bit more to it than just that. If you look through the website, there are lots of practical experiments which help demonstrate your 'headlessness', ie, just try pointing at your own head and what do you find there? Just space!


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10 hours ago, Mudfoot said:

So, no direct, linear answer to this one.

Pity, because that would have been useful information. 


So I am still interested in any study that in any way measure anything related to meditation or healing that is not better explained by physiological or psychological models, and where the authors of that study connect their findings to quantum physics. 


But maybe this is premature? 

Maybe our technology isn't there yet? 


Well, I'm out. 


Did you try word searching "quantum" for what I posted above?


I can do that for you.


So we get 506 hits for quantum.


Let's see what happens!


O.K. here's the first hit:




As quantum consciousness neuroscientist Stuart Hameroff says, ""Change the Music.... Indeed, microtubule




Quantum consciousness is anharmonic - noncommutative time-frequency


resonant vibrations have been likened to music, specifically anharmonic Indian Raga (Ghosh et al, 2014)....As the Beatles sang, “Take a sad song and make it better”."
"Bandyopadhyay and his team will couple microtubule vibrations from active neurons to play Indian musical instruments. Consciousness depends on anharmonic vibrations of microtubules inside neurons, similar to certain kinds of Indian music, but unlike Western music which is harmonic [commutative logarithmic]" Hameroff explains (Science News, 2014)Tuning the Brain talk video by Hameroff June 2014  Hameroff:


In my imagination I see microtubules as a kind of musical instrument being played by the cosmic Casimir force. here



Now as I mentioned before I actually corresponed with Bandyopadhyay - and he was not familiar with Dr. mae-Wan Ho's quantum biology research! So he said he would read her work....


2nd hit:



Can our new understanding of life replace the soul with a quantum vital spark? Many will regard the very posing of this question as suspect, pushing the boundaries of conventional science beyond respectability and into the realms of pseudoscience or even a kind of spirituality. That is not what we are proposing here.

2014, Life on the Edge, p. 310.


This book is all quantum biology research - it's not theoretical at all.


more from that book:



Schrödinger suggested that life was based on a novel physical principle whereby its macroscopic order is a reflection of quantum-level order, rather than the molecular disorder that characterises the inanimate world. He called this new principle “order from order”. But was he right?...Just as Schrödinger predicted, life seems to be balanced on the boundary between the sensible everyday world of the large and the weird and wonderful quantum world, a discovery that is opening up an exciting new field of 21st-century science.

You're powered by quantum mechanics. No really... (UK Guardian, Oct. 2014)

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Once again we see Schrodinger's order from order capable of capturing quantum events, and what Jordan termed amplification of quantum phenomena into the macroscropic world. Life seems to bridge the quantum and classical worlds, perched on the quantum edge (p. 132)....If we return to our musical analogy one final time, with the guitar acting as the odorant molecule





and the guitar strings as the molecular bonds that need to be plucked, then the receptors come in Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix forms. Both can play the same molecular notes, but right- or left-handed molecules have to be picked up by right- or left-handed receptors, just as right-handed guitars have to be played by right-handed guitarists....This combination of shape and quantum vibration recognition at last provides a model that fits nearly all experimental data. (pp. 163-4)


So a third quote from that book on quantum biology.


This one specifies the secret of noncommutative phase.

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Here's quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:



The clue to both binding and segmentation is in the accuracy of phase agreement of the spatially separated brain activities. That implies the nervous system (or the body field) can accurately detect phase, and is also able to control phase coherence. I have already alluded to the importance of phase information in coordinating limb movements during locomotion and other aspects of physiological functioning, so it is not surprising that the nervous system should be able to accurately detect phase. The degree of precision may be estimated by considering our ability to locate the source of a sound by stereophony. Some experimental findings show that the arrival times of sound pulses at the two ears can be discriminated with an accuracy of a very few microseconds [1]. For detecting a note in middle C, the phase difference in a microsecond is 4.4 x 10-4. Accurate phase detection is characteristic of a system operating under quantum coherence. Could it be that phase detection is indeed a key feature of conscious experience?

Quantum Jazz vid - see the polarizing light microscopy of quantum phase macroentanglement in action!

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The wide range of frequencies in an organism is just fantastic. In my book, I say that it’s like 70 doublings of the octave. I use the analogy of ‘quantum jazz’ to express the quantum coherence of the organism. It goes through a fantastic range of space and time scales, from the tiniest atom or subatomic particle to the whole organism and beyond. Organisms communicate with other organisms, and are attuned to natural rhythms, so they have circadian rhythms, annual rhythms, and so on. At the other extreme, you have very fast reactions that take place in femtoseconds. And all these rhythms are coordinated, there is evidence for that.... Imagine a huge jazz band of musicians making music, from very small instruments to the very large, playing very fast to very slow, with a musical range of 70 octaves. They are improvising from moment to moment, spontaneously and freely; and yet keeping in tune and in step with the whole. That is the ultimate quantum coherence....The fully quantum coherent state would be


quantum coherence of n order, n being a very large number approaching infinity. This state is only reached rarely, perhaps once or twice in a life time, for some of us, or maybe not at all [nirvikalpa samadhi or the Taoist Emptiness as the Tai Chi]....I have no doubt that at least some of the more esoteric things people ascribe to quantum effects are real, such as instantaneous communication at a distance, remote healing, etc. But we can push the boundaries from the very conventional toward quantum coherence of the organism, to complete quantum coherence of the universe. I believe the universe is quantum coherent. Quantum coherence is everywhere. And if we know how to tune into it, we see it....It is like a symphony. I’m a Taoist at heart. And quantum coherence and Taoism are one because coherent action is effortless action.


Quantum Jazz Biology interview with Dr. Mae-Wan Ho June 2010

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In January of 1998 P. Mohanty and S.V. Khare, of Maryland College, reported: pdf link Sonoluminescence as a Cooperative Many Body Phenomenon   Physical Review Letters Vol 80 #1 January 1998.



"........The long range phase correlation encompassing a large number of component atoms results in the formation of a macroscopic quantum coherence......"


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The researchers claim to have found a sweet spot in the 2-3 MHz range, [ultrasound] where the normally slower mechanical vibrations (usually associated with protein folding) of tubulin monomers and polymers overlapped with the typically higher intrinsic electromagnetic vibrations of the molecule.Hidden information-processing networks in the skeleton of cells
However, there are 30000 and above proteins working relentlessly in our body, the “common frequency point” [ultrasound] if it exists for all proteins, would open up a possibility to remotely cure diseases

.Nature 2014


So notice the Hameroff research I posted - ultrasound resonates the non-local quantum consciousness of the collagen microtubules.


So notice the Dr. Mae-Wan Ho research I posted - the microsound wavelength of stereophonic hearing is quantum coherent phase because it's faster than quantum time-frequency uncertainty. Microsound is the wavelength of ultrasound frequency.

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