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  1. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Except the one you do and understand. Practice creates magic. While the externally, it might look more or less the same.
  2. Good that you put this theory in use. It's too complicated for me, but I am sure it is valid. Followed one link and came to a weird russian site, followed another and downloaded 400+pgs for further use. When it comes to Wang Mu (reading it now), he is sneaky. Like all nei dan authors 😁 If you look at the LDT, the MCO, and the Yellow Court; he is really interesting.......
  3. Ok, so I hesitate to ask, but does this theory in any way come in in actual practice, or do you see it more as a theoretical framework that you feel fit your image of internal alchemy?
  4. I bet that special forces all over the world will use that in their recruitment posters.
  5. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Actually, I understand the reluctance to share methods. Those that knows, often have payed with money and effort to get acess to that knowledge. And since I avoid talking about "the great dharma of Kong and Jin(g)", I cannot complain too much when the Nei Daners refuse to publish their manuals and personal notes 😁
  6. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Is there any Nei Dan thread that have shared information? Or do they share insults?
  7. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Yes. The time of the secret Ming, and the importance of the houtian bagwa. And the translation wars.
  8. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    The Age of Man is over. The time of the Orc has come.
  9. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Taoist Texts, interpreter of the sacred scrolls and keeper of the seven keys. Share with us, miserable creatures, the true Dao of Ming and Xing, so we might walk Peng-Lai carefree with the other Immortals. Free us from the cycle of behaviour that leads to death, help us to revert to the pristine state. As a token of respect, we present this 🐉🥕 (both dragon bones and ginseng, how can you say no😁)
  10. So you balance the Jedi with the Sith.
  11. So they might not be gun-toting violence-romancing aggressive bastards who push themselves for their own egos sake?
  12. So, as you wrote earlier, you can always take the position that this is a subject that cannot be talked about. A lot of mystics took/take that one..... Differentiating between manifestations that can be described with words and the unmanifest that can not, keeps speculations at bay. But that can also become dogma.... For all that we know, the mystic experience might just be parts of our brains turned off and creating weird psychological states (which we give meaning and value to). Unless you believe that the brain can detect sub-atomic particles and the space-time matrix.
  13. Or, go the other way. Start with a nasty standing practice that will rock your world. Santi from xing yi?
  14. You see, we make it up as we go, in an attempt to explain things that pop up in our consciousness. 😁 Some of these explanations are really good. Didn't say valid.....