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  1. Fake "Bob Dobbs"

    It is called something with sillybearhappyhoneyeater, and discusses why Robert Coons sucks at meditation because he refuses to be pineal-centered and doesn't read Taoist Yoga.
  2. I remember one directly. You claimed that a study with about 20 participants gave good enough statistics, while the authors of that study wrote that the study population was too small. So at least that one is not a false accusation. Since I don't save these for later use, I do not have a collection for you, but in one of the quantum references you quotes where you put up the model as a fact, the author used (I do not remember if it was "might" or "maybe"), hinting at that this is NOT YET proven with tests. It might be, so I am not saying it is wrong. And, your reactions to the Coons clips recently was, in my opinion, way of. I could go back and do more of these, but that would not change anything. You will continue to write, and now and then I will check up the reference and be disappointed.
  3. Fake "Bob Dobbs"

    You might start with looking at the three youtube clips that drew used as a base for his thread. And then watch drew build a straw man...... This is not the same as being "outed as a fake". Hope you can see this. Now, if he said you were unintelligent without having you do an IQ test, obviously he was unaccurate. Or just insulting you.... 😁 In which context was this? Maybe he ment something else, like you displayed a behaviour? Rash? Rigid? Stupid?
  4. I would say, next to the technospeak, that the problem is that a significant amount of those references doesn't seem to say what Void claims they say, or if they do, they insert word like maybe. I have checked up several, and in some cases even bothered to post a comment about it. Maybe, in another 10-20 years, the field of biological quantum whatever will be mature enough to be useful to understand some of the experiences in meditation. On the other hand, the masters of old managed quite well without that theory, so it is very likely that a modern practitioner can manage without it as well.
  5. Nah. You would have to do mass murder to fulfill the picture of angelic, like one in every house. This is small stuff, at most a miffed house hold spirit. 😁
  6. What is Yang Fire ?

    Zouhuo rumo?
  7. What is Yang Fire ?

    The original players have left, the explanations are at length, and this thread definetly have gone south. 😁 As predicted.
  8. But there is a difference between the pineal gland and the thalamus and the networks the thalamus is connected to.......
  9. What is Yang Fire ?

    @Harmen You just erased one of my catch phrases. Thanks, hope I will see more of that happening here.
  10. Form of meditation of Lao tse and Chuang tse

    Well. Some westerners acquire discipleship in several Pai's. (JAJ and Ian Duncan comes to mind) So I guess:More is better.
  11. Form of meditation of Lao tse and Chuang tse

    Traditional super secret school of how to become immortal surpreme spiritual dude. Sort of.
  12. What is Yang Fire ?

    Except Void, who explains them at length.
  13. Form of meditation of Lao tse and Chuang tse

    You are not part of a Pai, are you.... 😁
  14. What is Yang Fire ?

    Come one, you know that noone ever answers a direct question about Nei Dan terminology here on TDB. At best, there will be a small dance-along before the thread goes south.
  15. Form of meditation of Lao tse and Chuang tse

    A good pedigree should be both long and have famous ancestors. Why settle for less?