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  1. Heshang Gong commentary of DDJ

    Long story, starts with "a teacher said....".
  2. Heshang Gong commentary of DDJ

    Does that include the I Ching? I can understand that a person interested in a spiritual practice is interested in follow that method back to the roots of the spiritual tradition you define yourself as a practitioner of. Doesn't Chan and Shaolin focus on Bodhidharma because he is the direct link to the Buddha? Wouldn't be as cool to be a part of a later indo-himalayan movement....
  3. Heshang Gong commentary of DDJ

    For someone who really have no clue about chinese culture or history, is there a better interpretation of Chapter one of the Chuang tzu, about the big fish (Clearly trans) than going Nei Dan?
  4. creating karma

    And a psychopath might be attached to create pain and so on, rather then just being in a flow. Ok.
  5. creating karma

    So this does not include achieving pleasure?
  6. The Self, Does it Exist?

    Unfortunately I read that, and my imagination created a very disturbing image. 😁
  7. Hi - from Shubin (蜀宾)

    Lets say there is a reason I haunt an english based forum.....
  8. Hi - from Shubin (蜀宾)

    And when you feel ready, I am sure that an in-depth thread about WLP will keep us warm now that cold and darkness descend on the northern hemisphere.
  9. Hi MildMouse! There are specific breathing exercises that work fine, but it is likely that the anxiety will rise first, before you have trained your system to regulate you. And here comes the standard TDB phrase in: You need a teacher. Clinically, it is recommended to have a set of exercises that affect different calming mechanisms in you. That will give you the greatest chance to affect the root of your anxiety. In the absence of a teacher, relaxation practice and physical exercises might give the same result as psychotherapy or medication. Those will probably not go to the root though. A few years down the line, with a lot of study, more complicated stuff like bagwa can complete suppressed behaviours (one of the root causes of anxiety, but not the only one) and teach you really good ways to do autonomic and emotional regulation.
  10. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    Yes. If someone is looking for a strong stance with a spiral flow, the qilin stance should be on the list. The qilin stance has a couple of drawbacks: It is slightly difficult, and the "sweet spot" where things really happens is tighter than in most stances in my tradition.
  11. You know what I am saying 🤪 First someone speaks about a chinese term. Then someone imply that this term is really, really important, and if the rest here do not understand how it is defined in (xxxx) Pai, we know nothing. Then someone fails to describe what the term means related to actual practice. Descent to lower regions follow swift. PS I know, it is just Nei Dan envy. DS
  12. Qigong Beginner questions

    I practice standing. Full lotus is a no-no, popped a meniscus trying to kick a dudes head in my late teens... 😁 In a proper standing position you can do most of what you can do in full lotus, and some things you (I, actually) cannot do in lotus.
  13. Qigong Beginner questions

    The method I was taught from my main teacher only requires touch with one hand and one foot on the tree. Makes me motion sick though if there is a wind, so I tend to use a no-touch method with trees.
  14. Qigong Beginner questions

    That would depend on the method. Some methods are supposedly dependent on you being an out-doorsy person.