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  1. And doing research beyond a quick Google is also a great thing, especially since neither the Chinese or the indo-tibetan tradition are homogenous in how they do things. If you look hard enough, you will Always find a handful of (unrelated?) traditions that share whatever viewpoint. And Yin is more than Earth. Although, as you say, that only matters if you have a firm grasp of a practice where this matters. And after that, comparison becomes interesting.
  2. This cross-cultural model have a good fit for my practice.
  3. But where the influence of two chakras overlap, you will find a dantian. Again, depending on where you believe they are situated, and which function you assign to them.
  4. In this topic, it depends... Do you take the Heart center or the Yellow court, midway between your heart and navel, as your MDT? And do you place the Manipura chakra at the navel or at the solar plexus? And the swadhiwhatever to be at the LDT or closer to the genitals/perineum? And do you place the LDT behind the navel or further down? All of these are possible locations, depending on teacher and tradition. The Ajna and the Niwan are generally located in the same spot, but I am certain you can find some source that disagree. In my practice, the LDT is not a chakra, it is an area between the chakras where Red Bindu is stored. But hey, there is disagreement about that as well 😀 The Heart center would be a chakra, feeling similar to the other chakras. And the Ajna, well there it gets more complicated at least in my practice. Feel free to disagree.
  5. Golden Flower Meditation

    And a common way to experience this is to work with the heart center. So does the text speak about the method, or the result?
  6. Golden Flower Meditation

    I do not follow that book, but what I stated above is a part of my actual practice. Don't use those terms though.
  7. Golden Flower Meditation

    Actually, infered from the quotes above, it is possible. Maybe not from the full context, that is another matter. But do you have a better interpretation, or do you just have no?
  8. Golden Flower Meditation

    No it is not. The first part states it is the heart, the MDT. The Golden court might as well refere to niwan, from the quote above. And the chamber of water might also be in the head. So, still a matter of interpretation.
  9. Is this MoPai?

    A good Mo Pai thread draws attention.
  10. Golden Flower Meditation

    Center amidst conditions could be interpreted as the empty space within the ring of yin-yang. As in this LDT image. But, as in all these books, it might be a code for whatever, and thus up to interpretation. And I obviously placed the picture inside the quote.
  11. David Verdesi might be interesting. Going from mo'power to : I think this is an interesting shift, and an interview based on this might be interesting. But questions might have to avoid some of the history surrounding him (that was diplomatic).
  12. Diversity in The Great Divide

    By forcing afro-americans, hispanics and asian to join so that there will be an acceptable mix?
  13. How do you protect your qi?

    When your cup is full, use a tankard?
  14. I am sure most asian teachers today are aware of the risc of their Western students filming themselves on their hotel room after class, and having a contract with their editor before sitting on the plane home. Annoying for them, interesting books for the rest of us.
  15. Tibetan psychokinetic development

    David Verdesi on the subject.