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  1. Yes, you got me! I goaded him to write that people that try to practice Nei Dan are blinded by a pursuit of power, even though they are frauds that don't have orbits. That was my intent all along. I am a powerful mage. Or, it is as I wrote, he was putting other people and their practice down, because in his mind they don't live up to his image of something he (as he states) doesn't practice. Pick and choose. I personally like the mage option. Is there a pointy hat with that?
  2. But it was very subtle, a small questioning of intention, and although first denied it soon came out. I found the word "attack" slightly out of proportion. Just another day on the bums.
  3. Would you please put me on ignore as well? I would take that as a compliment 😁
  4. I believe that we got to the point: People who try to practice Nei Dan without having an orbit are fooling themselves? Is that right?
  5. Yes. Whatever. It is always hard to look at ones own writing. That's fine, never mind.
  6. Bums I am missing

    I might have misunderstood what they implied.
  7. Bums I am missing

    Ehmm.... Technically, if you look through the vast library of WMP posts, you will find hints about the material which is not public.
  8. It wasn't only a subtle attack. In this area, I would be delighted if threads not just revolved around how poor practices everybody else have and how their motives are wrong, but instead focused more on how one thinks that the practice should evolve. There are enough of threads here where we call each other deluded idiots for not practicing the right way. I believe Eva Wong writes in one of her books that her teacher told her to learn taiji first, and that she was taught Nei Dan later. I don't have the book anymore, so I might be mistaken. Both Chia and Mitchell, to name two authors, want people to start with other practices first. So is the problem that people want to practice Nei Dan, or is the problem that "they" (since it is hard on a forum to tell how any individual practice) lack a proper foundation? Or is the problem that, again "they/done", hunt manifestation of power? Because I can totally understand why the area is sought after, Wang Liping has a rep, and) Livia Kohn or Pregradio?) called Nei Dan the pinnacle of chinese meditation. (I might also add that i do not practice Taoist internal alchemy, so I do not feel that you stepped on my toes. If it came out like that, then I'm sorry that was not my intention. And in my method you cannot skip levels, the next level open up when you have done enough work where you are, so if one line of your argument would evolve in that direction, I would not disagree.)
  9. Look at your posts. You might find my subtle attack relevant in the context. I interpreted you as you were putting people down here, as if you new things about nei dan that they don't.
  10. Yes, but how do you tell the difference? And how do you tell the "real" Nei Dan from that which is not? I am sure many here have quite a few books describing a wide variety of methods called Nei Dan/Taoist internal alchemy, or have been seing teachers teaching it. So, what is good and what is (perhaps good but) not Nei Dan. You seems to have the answers. I am sure they would be useful for all persons searching through the Nei Dan jungle.
  11. And again, those predestined choose to post on forums like this. On the other hand, trying to follow a path and succeding following it to some kind of goal is not the same thing.
  12. Isn't that part of the answer. It is "the best", the most advanced, the most.... So why not the most desirable? And who wouldn't like to take short cuts?
  13. Popular in buddhist tradition. By the description, I would guess gall stones. Loads of repressed anger?