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  1. I don't see that flexing your pelvic floor is such a "secret". In the methods that use it, it is taught early. In The methods that doesn't use it, it is not taught. In some methods of tantric yoga, it is used to guide prana in to the central channel, so yes it is used in hindu tradition as well. And when you can guide it there, the physical thing can be dropped.
  2. Yesss! Summer is here, there is more Fire on the northern hemisphere, and the threads becomes more entertaining (confusing).
  3. And you failed to get my point. Again. Maybe I should write it out more clearly: Repeating the same process that caused harm and expecting to get another result is probably not the way to success. Obviously you disagree with this concept, which is ok with me. But your respons clearly show that you didn't actually read what I wrote, you jumped to a conclusion and reacted from that. If you READ my post, you will see that I actually didn't critisize the perineum method. That only happened in your head. You created a straw man argument.
  4. Or, to put it in other words, think through the situation. 1. Dude gets messed up by energy work. 2. Dude gets even more messed up by Chia-based energy work. 3. Is it good advice to do even more energy work, especially when Chia is one of the sources referred to? If performed under personal supervision from someone who actually know their thing and are able to teach it, maybe. I trained with a gal that was slightly messed up, years ago. She decided that the effect of practice was to slow and since she was a very bright and ambitious person she didn't have time with that, so she went to see a healer. That didn't go too well. So she decided to see another healer, who claimed he removed "carmic bands". After that she started to experience energetic things, which made her think that training to channel energy was a good idea. Which lead to burn-out and anti-psychotic medication. Which gave her the idea that seing a healer and doing some energy work might be a good idea. At this point, I made sure we lost contact. Yes, this is not relevant for the OP, just me associating with a sad life story I once witnessed.
  5. Spirituality and Dao, Chicken and Egg

    Thought, yes. Daoist experience, well that is another thing. If you have the view that the major philosophical views of Daoism is based on changes wrought by meditation, then you need to embrace that. There are probably more views than that, since "daoism" is a large and diverse tradition.
  6. Spirituality and Dao, Chicken and Egg

    Ehm..., That is not true. You just do not have access to that section of TDB where we make fun of you. 😁
  7. What is so "special" about full lotus?

    And then there is the super secret Shaolin explanation, which is now more esoteric since the above explanation is made public. But I cannot tell you since the wrath of the ancestors would be upon us.
  8. What role does faith play in the taoist perspective?

    No faith in your practice? 😀
  9. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    I know. I have the authentic understanding, the rest of you sad sods are walking through side doors with level zero dead-end practices. (You have to go back to 2016 to get that one) 😅 But I do have a collection of how others do this, in my PPD. I would be happy to add yours if you care to describe it more.
  10. What is so "special" about full lotus?

    That is the meaning of the mudra in the hindu tradition on Bali. It stands for alternate nostril breathing. The author that wrote that also mentioned she felt that the Balinese priests made fun of her, so....
  11. Five-element theory and Lao & Chuang

    No. I am a believer of the process Bruce Frantzis describes: This is what it says, This is what it means, This is how you do it. Things are what they are, yes. But without a method I will not be able to experience that for my self, that is, no alchemical transformation will take place in me. It will only be either an intellectual knowledge or an observation. So the trigrams are what they are, as the elements. But what are they? And there we enter the world of different traditions, with different takes on the subject, which brings me back to that excellent quote you used in your post 😎. And if you by the five elements mean wuxing, I believe taomeow did an excellent post on the correlations between the trigrams and the wuxing some time ago. Close but no cigar, if I remember right.
  12. Taoist logic?

    Eh, yes?
  13. Taoist logic?

    I am totally in the idea that experiences in meditation can give you ideas about the universe. I'm not yet convinced that we can feel the nature of the five bosons and microtubules and so on.
  14. What is so "special" about full lotus?

    So we can discuss: Who are comprehending, and who are just parrotting stuff they copied from a website 😁
  15. Taoist logic?

    So I looked at the last few posts. And I went back a few more. There was a statement that Lao Tzu formalized the I Ching. And a lot of technospeak trying to connect (what is probably the result of mystical experience) to modern science. And I ask: is there a connection, or is it just an attempt to validate the experience because of some unknown inner need?