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  1. After the sword has struck, visibility doesn’t matter anymore
  2. So you would not spend time learning Mawangdui qigong then? Right from the tomb, talk about a dead lineage
  3. I just filled a thread in my PPD with quotes about what master and mastery might be.
  4. Seattle. Just across the Mo'pai bakery. You cannot miss it.
  5. Being aware of what you are turning into is also useful
  6. Add aggression to violence that is, add social aggressive acts, and women will come up to the same level of aggression as men. Most seems to be cultural, in most cultures female violence is frowned at, and males tend to be stronger, so females must accomplish their ends with another means. And as a footnote, if anyone cares, usually it takes the combination of high testosterone and low serotonine to get the profile of a violent inmate, whether male or female. And when people in uniform kill, it's not homocide, so it doesn’t make the statistics. Maybe a matriarcal society would have less physical violence, but would it have less social aggression?
  7. Simplified, so you don't have to integrate the legs, the kwa, the six harmonies, and so on.
  8. Even Chias student Michael Winn have issues with Chias version:
  9. Have you considered rewriting the essentials in a PPD thread?
  10. If you do not like an apophatic explanation to an apophatic verse in a scripture written by a mystic, then that is fine. We all interpret things differently. All to ones own, and so on.
  11. It is a common denominator in many mystic traditions. There are no words for the unmanifested.
  12. If mastery wasn't reachable, there would be no masters. But mastery is not and end point, development of skill doesn’t stop. If you are within a tradition, mastery as a level is usually judged by one or several seniors (masters) from that tradition. That also implies that "mastery" isn't set in stone. And then you have your idealized masters. Bigger, better, worshipable. Some people need them.
  13. Gold salts is used for reumatism.
  14. The world has yin The world has yang From knowing yin and yang, the wise man knows the 10 000 things, From one corner, the other three are known. Listing them all are futile.