Commodity Fetish of Folk Taoism as Late Capitalist apocalypse

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The giant salamander is believed by some Chinese to have anti-ageing properties, but there is no orthodox evidence to back the claim.




This article exposes a critically endangered animal as the focus of a local elite banquet with the media taking the photo being attacked.


The government says they will crack down on shark fin eating also.


Sharks are facing extinction now due to the shark fin eating.


Tigers - tiger what?


yeah tiger penis soup.




Rhino horn. All "outlawed"


along with elephant ivory.


Obviously this trend - is not limited to the Chinese.


The beaver furs were key for French lady hats in Europe in the 17th to 19th century.


Commodity fetish - Sushi is another great example.


Tiger skin rugs for yogis.


There are tiger farms in China for tiger skin rugs, tiger penis, etc.


But the "legal" sale of tiger parts is a great way to hide the illegal sale.


There's just a few thousand wild tigers left.


Tigers in the wild could go extinct in our lifetime - very easily.


Just think about it - humans take for granted these indicator species but this is it folks.


Sharks, tigers, etc. It's not just them but the whole ecological balance - the global temperature average has not changed within 1 degree over thousands of years.


A delicate balance.


So Taoist alchemy is based on sublimation of life force energy - which is the basis for religion to get rich - in the West it's called the Protestant Work Ethic.


Professor David Palmer in his tome Qigong Fever documents how this body sublimation training was the key for the Chinese government to channel the energy of the people for quick Westernization as industrialization.


So now China leads the world in carbon dioxide. The U.S. still leads "per capita" but overall china leads for current out put.


So then we have qigong masters who charge a lot of money for their spiritual healing and teach this healing energy - but at the same time it's a global business with a late-capitalist focus - bourgeois - airplane traveling - high energy use.


In other words it's not much different than folk Taoism eating endangered animals because they have unproven healing effects. Maybe eating a giant salamander really does have healing properties.


Meanwhile the real ecology is being destroyed while we pursue our personalized longevity tactics for spiritual happiness using tactics and means - cars and airplanes and fancy hotels to attend conferences, etc. for qigong teachings.


It would seem that the Qigong Fever really is the best example of the commodity fetish for the fastest latest development of global capitalism - the best way to sublimate your energy for personalized success to save up money to spend it better for materialistic happiness.


The sushi craze for example - we all know seafood is great health food for Omega-3 and vitamin D and cholesterol and zinc, etc. but the fact is that tuna is going extinct, cod is going extinct and just now the Pacific sardines are crashing.


Sushi is even common now in India - it is truly a global craze health food.


We are eating the ocean to death - literally in a generation the main fish foods are facing extinction.


For tantra people need to eat more meat for more jing energy but the main soy source for pork in China is from the Amazon distributed by Cargill, the world's largest private corporation. Most people have not even heard of Cargill nor know anything about it. I have researched it - but what's even the point of sharing the information. Do Chinese know they are eating soy -fed pigs from a Minnesota-based private corporation that buys up and promotes the destruction of the Amazon rainforest? haha.


It's a crazy late-capitalist global economy.


We want to be spiritual and to be more in line with Nature and it would seem Taoism is a great way to do that - but in actuality Taoism is driving this craze to eat and use medicinal health foods from species that are going extinct!!


It's the great contradiction of what I call the "trajectory of tantric technology."


learning about this giant salamander is kind of like the final straw that broke the camel's back.

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Apocalypse may seem exaggerated.


NASA has recently announced California has a year of water left - and it provides 50% of fruit and veggies for the U.S. and also exports.


NASA has recently announced that Anarctica is melting way faster - and provides the main increase of sea levels - the megacities along the coasts will be underwater - it is inevitable. It maybe a lot sooner than we think.


Also it's been a miracle nuclear apocalypse hasn't happened yet - as so many near misses from errors and accidents.


So many other factors indicate the apocalypse but that's all just symptoms.

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Good marketing and role models are whats needed.  Strangely I think only the government can provide them.


What'll save us is simplicity.  A return to simpler life.  Eat simpler, live simpler but to be effective it can't be forced.  Imo that would only cause back lash.  The world wants More and Better because the world has ads and TV.  We see the models, shiny things and dishes are held out as prizes. 


We need insidious but truthful push back in the form of advertising and shows that push the simpler life.  Not much money in it, but much better for the environment and in truth better for us, body and soul.  A couple 10's of million spent on marketing and role models and you might be some voluntary reversals.  A few hit TV shows, a bill boards, catchy phrases, celebrity commercials.   Hit'em both emotionally and factually.


Smart people are doing it right now, simplifying.  What the world needs is take away the alure of big city lights and replace it with smaller, simpler living, communities with the human touch.  It can be done, but best accomplished with the tools of the enemy- marketing and role models.

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Obviously this trend - is not limited to the Chinese.

Well, generally this type of behavior is practiced mostly by Cantonese in particular, not so much all other Chinese as a whole.  Note that this incident (and many like it) occurred in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

But most Americans simply equate all Chinese with any Chinese subculture, which is like equating all Americans with backwater hillbillies, gangbangers or any single state, etc...

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speaking of folk Taoism commodity fetish - so I went to my last qigong retreat a couple years ago and we received these jade necklaces for longevity.


I was too tired from having to work that morning and too much previously and was in full lotus but slumped over half asleep - people wondering what the hell was going on with me. haha.


The qigong master was picking up my anger about having spent too much money imo for some jade trinkets.


So now I got curious - jade? Where does it come from?



The jade trade has created a different type of trade in recent years. Myanmar's (formerly known as Burma) jade and heroin trades now overlap. Those who control the heroin trade have been buying inexpensive jade boulders in Myanmar. Then, after hollowing the boulder out, they replace the stone with packets of pure heroin, reseal the boulders, then ship them across the border to China (Mary Kay Magistad, p.A15).


Jade and heroin overlapping.







With the advent of larger mechanized mines backed by foreign investors who
could not easily be held to any liabilities, ruby, sapphire and jade mining became a
serious threat to habitat preservation and biodiversity. Dynamite and powerful equipment
have allowed the new mines to extract a lot of material in a short period of time, and the
resulting environmental damage around Mogok and Mong Hsu is extensive.10 Although
little research has been done, international environmental NGOs are extremely concerned
about the state of biodiversity in Myanmar.


Yep that's right - Newly mechanized highly destructive mining has enabled jade as longevity to be a new cheap trinket.


Welcome to folk taoism qigong in action.




pdf link


I was co-founder of the MN Free Burma Coalition and so I organized sanctions against the military regime controlling the economy in league with Westernized industrialism using slave labor and environmental destruction.


But now those sanctions have been stopped.




From Jade Land to Waste Land.



But Chinese businessmen, working though local proxy companies or in partnership with state-owned businesses, are widely seen as the ones in control of the jade trade.



Sure enough - a huge new Jade craze in Burma.



“Hpakant is the second Hong Kong,” said U Win Htun Htun, a local jade dealer. “You can get everything you want here—girls, methamphetamines, heroin. Half the people here are drug addicts.”

U Shwe Thein, the chairman of a local branch of the opposition National League for Democracy, said he had made proposals for tackling Hpakant’s drug problem, but they fell on deaf ears.


A second Hong Kong.




U.s. supposedly still bans jade from Burma - but I'm sure it can just be "laundered" through China.




This is just like Burmese slaves used for Thailand shrimp fishing - and Thailand is the number one shrimp exporter to the U.S.

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I have a Chinese friend in Beijing who is in her late twenties, highly-educated, wealthy, vegetarian, Buddhist-vows-taken on Mt. Wutai, student of New Age "music healing" with piano and crystal singing bowls, house smells constantly of burning sage used to cleanse auras and chakras, studied "classical" Chinese medicine with a Daoist doctor, is a sometimes-practitioner of something called "universal light yoga," a Japanese flower arrangement instructor, who invites any shaman or medicine man/woman who passes through Beijing to her home for tea... etc.


In January I went to her place for a visit. She proudly held up her new necklace for me to see:


"Look, so-and-so gave me a new Maitreya Buddha necklace! What do you think?"


Well, first things first, So-and-So just so happens to be the proprietor of a very upscale vegan restaurant in Beijing, as well as a chain of lucrative "natural beauty" salons, and is reputedly a highly-achieved spiritual master of some sort who hasn't been able to bear the taste of meat since early childhood. So I was a little surprised by what I saw, and could not help myself from immediately asking, my face no doubt contorted by confusion, "uh, is that ivory!?"


"Yes--wow, you have a great eye!--isn't it beautiful!?!"


"You do realize that the elephants are about a hair's breadth from being wiped from the face of the earth, right? And that it's only getting worse as China gets wealthier... right?"


Of course her face fell, but I think half the reason they still keep me around in places like this is that's it's something of a breath of fresh air and/or a bit of a gag to have a guy visit every now and then who doesn't stand on the standard vacuous face-giving ceremony that illustrates most conversations, even those between good friends, in this country. She replied, "oh, well I hadn't thought about that," and quickly fished to depths deeper than even your average trawler must plumb in order to explain why a brand-new ivory Buddha necklace wasn't just about the biggest hotshitfuckdamn train wreck of moronity adorning any of the 21,000,000 + necks in Beijing that particular afternoon.


This friend of mine, perhaps a bit high off of all the positive vibes in that Maitreya pendant shooting into her heart chakra, as well as all that damn sage smoke, is convinced that the world is in the process of being woken up by 2012 energies and that we're just around the corner from some great awakening that's being engineered by invisible spiritual guides who've all descended onto Terra Firma to reboot our third eyes and turn the earth into some sort of indigo child Pure Land.


Well, hell, I suppose anything is possible, or at least that's what we're supposed to believe, anyway.


But in this case I kinda just find myself seeing things the way Drew does. But that's cool. If the world's gonna go up in flames, at least I can watch the fireworks while sipping on a Tiger Dick frappe and having my auras cleansed by silk- satin- and linen-draped babes who're still so drunk off those 2012 vibes that, far as they're concerned, the Pure Land is already here.


Namo Maitreya Buddha.

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man - thanks for sharing that tragic-comedy edutainment of the apocalypse.


Wow - it's creepy to be sure.


I mean people want to be in denial about this - shark fins are focused in Hong Kong so don't say it's all Chinese.... yep that kind of misses my point big time.


Hong Kong and a few other cities in China - megacities - let's say 30 million people in China eat shark fin soup. That's about 1 in 10 in the U.S. The scale in China just smothers what the scale is in the U.S.


But again this is a globalized phenomenon - the Chinese currency is tied to the dollar so it is what - 6 times more valuable - so that China can export cheaply. I mean I know this is a constant debate - but what is left out is that it is largely U.S. corporations partnering with the Chinese to manufacture the exports back to the U.S. Like Kissinger sits on the Chinese national petroleum corporation.


So anyway  - it's like someone commenting that they heard a rumor that the Chinese government didn't like qigong master Yan Xin treating George Bush Sr. eight times at the White House and so supposedly that was a main reason to control Yan Xin - to keep him from helping out the competition too much. haha.


I mean this stuff goes way beyond any nationalistic scale any more but suffice it to say changes in top down policies can have a huge effect.




Walker - according to google maybe you're friend's necklace is actually Yak bone?


Wait - it does list "white elephant bone" - that's CRAZY!




photos there.


No - there's are all wood and one is a craving of an elephant.




Sure enough - Buddhist Ivory Bone amulets.




Yep says Maitreya.


Also says the Chinese are carving mammoth ivory. Crazy.




Check out the $40 Jade Buddha pendant - the seller says they personally get Burmese jade and then manufacture it in China and sell it in the U.S. Not even mentioning the supposed sanction in U.S. against Burmese jade.


Back in my activism days with the MN Free Burma Coalition we would instigate action to change their policies - but obviously it's the basis of their whole business....


No I'm not talking about particular instances of exotic species, etc.


The whole economy is based on this "primitive accumulation."


So 70% of U.s. chocolate is from child slavery in Africa - pretty ironic. all the kids in the U.S. gorging on child slavery chocolate without thinking twice about it - but then we do live in a super high tech sophisticated over-educated world right? HILARIOUS.


Sure there's been some activism to change this and the slavery is supposedly being "phased out."


Similarly with the slave labor for the metals used in cellphones, etc.


Oh well -


that reminds me about 10 years ago a student asked the qigong master - when he was saying to be very careful about the previous use of items we buy - so we shouldn't buy used things and so someone asked him about things made in sweatshops.


He didn't answer - and presumably because he didn't know what the english were "sweatshop" meant. haha.


I mean the qigong master himself was in forced slave labor for several years from the Cultural Revolution.


Yeah I agree - I don't think there is any "escape" from this commodity fetish dynamic and I'm not saying Taoism as the cutting edge of it is wrong.


But yeah we should at least try to be open about it to try to improve the conditions.


But as you point out - the last thing people want to hear - the holier-than-thou scene - is that they are relying on exploitative products.


I mean - the qigong master even said that if organic food is eaten with very bad emotions then it's actually worse than the normal toxic chemical food.


I'm sure that is true - and yet I also think that the toxic chemical food does damage regardless of the emotions - like people's blood have been tested and if you eat organic then the chemicals do get much lower in the blood - carcinogenic chemicals.


So - I know it's a good traditional medicine knowledge to make sure to only eat food when having good emotions.


I mean we could say that organic food is just another commodity fetish except that organic food has been the traditional norm for thousands of years until the WWII "green revolution."


But then like I read recently a German engineer is helping the megacities in China return back to humanure composting as ecological sanitation to be used for growing food.


That is an excellent development.


I think alchemy training is really based on composting emotional energy just as the best organic farming is like a permaculture.


It's said in the next 50 years humans have to grow as much food as the whole history of humanity has grown.


Shud be interesting.


This reminds me when I was at my sister's wedding out east and an Asian-American female asked me what I thought would be the best Feng Shui for Manhattan.


Now this was right after 9/11.


The question was - I mean I had to say that it was a bit ironic.


But then I put the same question past the qigong master and - not the Chinese one - but anyway he said that he would not question - that you never know there might be some very powerful Feng Shui to Manhattan.


But anyway - he also said to me that God was creating new species all the time - as if that meant we don't need to be concerned about the ecological crisis.


It was - a sort of New Age version of creationism.


I didn't even want to argue with the qigong master obviously.


But this is actually a New Age belief - that we don't really need to take care of the Earth since there will be an apocalyptic cleansing. There's a lot of academic analysis exposing these creepy beliefs. I have exposed a lot of it actually - even to the extent that nuclear radiation will help humanity spiritually evolve! I kid you not!!


That sounds crazy until you realize that actually the NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Committee actually funded the main ecology science textbook by Odum. That's how bad off the "discipline" of ecology is - totally co-opted from the get-go.




An interesting blogpost researching classic Taoism for basically ecological activism lessons.


So then I had to look into postmodernism because that is a big part of this.



Shigang Feng, Dean of
School of Humanities Hebei University of Science and Technology, further stated that Taoism
and Constructive Postmodernism are echoed and in a state of inner coincidence both in the
Harmony Thought and correctly handling the relationship among heaven, earth and man.
Constructive Postmodernism found the root from Taoist and a more profound foundation of
theory, which enriched its philosophical connotations. Taoism seeks out its destination in
Constructive Postmodernism, Constructive Postmodernism makes Harmony Thought constant.
Taoism was empowered with the times’ vitality. These two schools both chant the harmonious
relationship of heaven, earth and man, which helps the collision of Chinese and foreign
culture, contributes to learning and integrating different thoughts under different cultural
backgrounds and solves the challenges of modern human development in the process.


I think that really corroborates my claim for Taoism as the cutting edge of the commodity fetish.




pdf link




A postmodern attempt to incorporate traditional religious views for ecological development in China.


Ecology, Aesthetics and Daoist Body Cultivation  

Screen-Shot-2014-04-03-at-11.26.02--195xJames Miller. 2014. “Ecology, Aesthetics and Daoist Body Cultivation.” Pp. 225–244 in Environmental Philosophy in Asian Traditions of Thought edited by J. Baird Callicott and James McRae. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.





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I would like to conclude this essay by repeating the point that I made at the beginning of this: So long as people urge others to respect, heal, or value nature as an object beyond the hermetically-sealed walls of their bodies, they subtly and unconsciously reinforce the absolute separation of the mind from the world. Such an approach to environmentalism is doomed to failure. Embodied traditions such as Daoist cultivation could play an important role in teaching people how to overcome this dualism, and how to create alternative experiences of the world not as external to body, but within the body. The Daoist experience of pervasion is predicated on the possibility of the world flooding into the body and the body flooding into the world. Such transgressive experiences may serve to break down the ordinary perception of a world disconnected from the body of the individual. In their place such experiences could generate an ecological aesthesis, a psychosomatic sensitivity to the mutual implication of the lived body and the lived world. Such a sensitivity could serve as a much-needed complement to discursive modes of environmental action, such as earth charters, policies, ethics and legislation.



In other words - there is no escape. haha.

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Good posts. Thanks.

The Taoist stuff I read to become Immortal is less dense foods (plant based diets) to eventually living on cosmic energy/ light, becoming light...

I don't get these tiger penis etc things. Corruption/ opposite to the truth... vampire/ parasitic in nature.

Raw vegan, low fat, high carb is a good step forward IMO. Clarity + increase in all senses, feeling of lightness and overall well-being/ peace/harmony .. feeling subtle energy flowing in your body.

Sense of smell for one... pollution is a lot worse, fresh mountain/wild air/ fresh flowers one would take over incense without question.

Peoples senses have become dull.

Nature is Perfect, Beautiful, Abundant... we are so unfeeling, unseeing, creating destruction all around.

Aims for the future

Recognizing and valuing unique peoples/tribes and their right to Self-Determination/ Autonomy and Homeland

Recognizing and valuing animal-kind and environment.

From the land we gather our life. We seek mutual benefit/ harmony with our surrounding environment.

Exploitation of any peoples, animals and abuse of the environment is strongly discouraged.

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Sorry if this is non OP

fwiw Drew, I did some research on chocolate and slavery and from what I gathered your 70% statistic is way off.  Which is a good thing.  The slavery exists, but its much much smaller then 70% and has been shrinking for years.  (Hershey <the elephant in the room> hasn't signed onto various nonslavery agreement but that doesn't mean all its chocolate is slave grown) 


Its also damnably complicated.   You've got parents and the law looking the other way because they don't want kids to starve.   You have small farmers who aren't making much money saying they need it and are at least feeding kids in a very poor country. 


You have big companies that don't want to buy tainted chocolate but purchase in mass market places.  A large efficient farmer can set a lower price on his crop and that becomes a baseline that buyers use.  The smaller farmer is squeezed and goes to extremes to save money.


Obviously it should be stopped.  Chocolate producers should be pressured to invest in poor areas and farmers using slave labor should be closed down, just beware there will be unintended consequences, ie some kids who now live a very hard life might have it ended through starvation.  I applaud fair trade deals but when you stop making them volunteery you inevitably introduce corruptions and imbalances. 

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Dude you are a perfect example of the brainwashed mainstream fascism in this country.


The main "distributor" of child-slave chocolate is Cargill, the largest private corporation in the world.


You say it's "damnably complicated" and then you proceed to blame the victims of the parents of the children "looking the other way."


You say you have researched the issue. B.S.!!  O.K. so the Cargill-MacMillan personal wealth is - how much? $43 Billion.


So they could easily pay off the affected countries involved and still have plenty of wealth left over. It's not "damnably complicated" - the Cargill corporation has its own satellite system that it shares info with the CIA. We are talking about a plutocracy of the super rich that Congress and the media can't touch at all. Cargill is based in Minnesota and the media here just gushes over Cargill - promoting their destruction of the planet with nice liberal propaganda. One famous t.v. journalist in Minnesota tried to do an expose on Cargill but he almost got fired and so the story was squashed.



Watch this documentary on child slave labor - the parents don't "look the other way" as you claim. The children are coaxed across the border and leave after being told lies - once across the border their put into heinous conditions of malnutrition and torture. They are worked to death.


You find the same b.s. arguments about sweatshops also - oh they would starve otherwise - it's really a fascist contemptible position for you to take. the young females in sweatshops also have malnutrition and work in starvation conditions. It is literally also wage-slavery.


Nike makes bilions in profits off that wage-slavery and so there is no reason for it to exist.


Only that the 400 people who own 15% of Wall Street wealth obviously have a vented interest in maintaining their billions in wealth.


That's the ONLY reason this child slavery exists - pure greed.


I have personally volunteered my time to not only research these issues but to actually organize and prove with evidence that policies need to be changed.


I got the U of MN to officially divest from Total Oil for using slave labor in Burma.


I also got the U of MN to join the Workers Rights Consortium to boycott the heinous wage-slave conditions from the mega-profits of the sports apparel industry.


I also worked at the human rights center for Latin America - and we had a restaurant as a fund-raiser - a very popular restaurant that took away profits from the Sysco slave-wage food system. and so the University bought our building and shut us down. haha.


Sure I had other students help me in the activism but I was the one who founded these campaigns and I actually helped other students take them over so they could also be "leaders" but I never made any money doing this - I sacrificed any career I might have from attending the University. haha.


And so - you have "researched" this? haha. B.S.!!


National debt of Mali is $2.8 billion.


So that is a pittance of the personal wealth of the owners of Cargill.


They could change this situation overnight if they wanted.


I know people who chained themselves - I know one young female who chained herself to a car to block the entrance of Cargill's headquarters. haha.


I guess you could say she also "researched" this issue.


You say that fair trade should be voluntary or else it will have bad results.


That's the craziest mind controlled fascist statement in the world.


The corporate free trade system "voluntarily" uses child slave labor.


So fair trade in other words should not be the law and yet child slave labor is "voluntary."??


Nobody is kidnapped as a volunteer - so obviously to stop child slave labor you need something that is not voluntary.


There' s along history of genocidal colonialism in West Africa. Before Western colonialism based on genocide - Africa was feeding itself just fine and even thrived. We all come from Africa.


Have you been to AFrica and visited any communities that have been self-sufficient in feeding themselves for thousands of years?


I have. So I guess I also have "researched" this issue. haha.


On the contrary the WEstern modern economies have been dependent on Africans who have paid exorbitant amounts of dollars to the Western Europeans.


How much wealth was given by AFrican slaves in the U.S.? Trillions of dollars.


Wow the victims have the "right to sue" - against Cargill for using child slave labor to supply its cocoa!




Let's see that means some paid-off judge will get to rule on the case.


Democracy in action. Meanwhile the child slavery continues and the multi-billionaires say they are following the law.


Yep - child slave en masse is still legal according to Cargill!!


But "fair trade" should not be enforced or else the pitiful multi-billionaires might have their feelings hurt.




People really are brainwashed.




The Underdevelopment of Africa by Western colonialism has been documented by Samir Amin since 1972.


But the beauty of being in power is you don't have to "research" these issues and if you do "research" them it's only to patronizingly shrug them off.




How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.



In spite of a decade of sacrifices, in spite of well over one hundred billion dollars sent northward in debt service alone, by the end of 1990 Sub-Saharan Africa's debt had more than doubled. From $77 billion in 1982, it had risen to $164 billion, an increase of 113 percent.

Seen from the African point of view, then, debt is ever more intolerable. Yet seen from a global perspective, SSA's debt can only be called insignificant We can measure its importance in a variety of ways. For example, in 1990, Africa's share of total third-world debt was only 11 percent We will abstain from comparing Sub-Saharan African debt to the total public debt of the United States so as not to provoke hilarity among the readers of serious publication. Taking different yardstick, Africa's debt accumulated over many years amounts to only 16 percent of the losses sustained (at least on paper) in a single afternoon of October 1987 when world stock markets crashed. lt also represents less than 5 percent of the total annual sales of the world's top two hundred transnational corporations.


We're talking a massive loan-shark operation by the Western "development" banks.


So no it's not too complicated - it's just sheer greed and slavery en masse.




By the way - Cargill dumps food on Africa in order to wipe out the local farmers - to make the countries dependent on the U.S. for food subsistence - that's how a countries "Development" is then geared to slave-wage export to enrich the North - the Western parasites.



Western African countries, mostly Ghana and the Ivory Coast, supply more than 70% of the world's cocoa.


So that's where my 70% of U.S. chocolate from child slave labor comes from.



According to an investigative report by the BBC, hundreds of thousands of children are being purchased from their parents or outright stolen and then shipped to Ivory Coast, where they are enslaved on cocoa farms. Destitute parents in these poverty-stricken lands sell their children to traffickers believing that they will find honest work in Ivory Coast and send some of their earnings home. The terrible reality is that these children, 11-to-16-years-old but sometimes younger, are forced to do hard manual labor 80 to 100 hours a week. They are paid nothing, receive no education, are under fed, and are often viciously beaten if they try to escape. Most will never see their families again.


So yes 70% of U.S. chocolate is based on child slave labor.




Cargill has spent $5 million in the past three years in Ivory Coast and Ghana on a program designed to end child labor abuse, Cargill’s sustainable cocoa manager, Taco Terheijden, said in an interview.


Wow $5 million!


That's a huge amount of cash. What a joke.


thousands of child slaves.


personal wealth of the owners of Cargill $42 BILLION.


$5 million is what percentage of their personal wealth - of just a few people!!




So 5 million is


1/1 millionth of their personal weath.


1/1 millionth to stop the child slavery of thousands of people.


Nice "voluntary" way to fix the problem.


Oh but what - "fair trade shouldn't be enforced?"




Slave labor is perfectly legal and a great way to make billions in profits.




people are so brainwashed they actually fall for some one like Page spewing out this B.S.


I actually went to school with one of his family members.

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Oh I was thinking of Christy Gage - not Page. Christy Gage is a Carlson Companies heir. They are the 2nd largest private corporation in Minnesota. Cargill is the largest private corporation in the world. Guess what? Carlson and Cargill have interlocking board of directors. Small world - these plutocratic elites. haha.

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People should really stop with all the cruelty. They know better. Or they don't know better. In which case, it is a matter of ignorance. But with the internet these days, how can people still be so limitted in their ability to believe in better ways. They always wait untill sht hits the fan and then they unite for a good cause. I guess that is one way to do it. Eventually, people will always go for the improvement. Some people may just want to wait for the right kind of improvement to show up. Maybe it shows up in horrific nightmares, that push towards improvement. In the end, we have to go with the improvement. It's just a matter of time before people grow tired of the intolerable. Raise the standards. It is easy to accept the better thing in life. Someone just gotta wake people up that the better thing actually exists and is possible. The rest comes easy. It always has. The most anticipated thing is how each culture has its unique traits of thriving. That what makes a world of rich variety and culture so beautiful. We all have richness in historic background, and in that, many untold stories of great value. The people have yet to tell them for when the time is right, and meanwhile the people continue to choose the ever evolving representors of their culture. If it's a dictator, it could mean that the culture is still in the process of awakening to their true identity. Slow going process at time, because they want to be sure to succeed in preserving the absolute most of that culture. The variety is very valuable. In times of hardship, it seems like a hurdle. That too will pass. We will one day know, all the hardship will have been worth it. For when the essence of every culture begins to thrive, each succesful persevation will begin to multiply its resulting payoff.


Evils remain for now. So I stay clear from it. Their purpose for being is not yet revealed. Like many things. So I leave them for what they are. Meanwhile, I live a simple life. Awaiting the phoenix to rise from the ashes. I know every culture has suceeded before, so I know, they can succeed again. And when it does. I will be honored to witness it in all of its glory.


We carry the essence of all cultures with us. It follows us throughout the ages in the simple things. We may overlook them, but we do create new stories around them. It is natural to evolve. Only if the whole world unites together can we create a more lasting culture that has a longer timespan. We know that's not gonna happen today. But I tell you, it's not our job anyway. We just be the person we are, let the rest take care of itself. Our own life is good enough for us. It has all we want. All the history is right here in our own selves and we carry it with us where ever we go and we be it where ever we are. So let it be. Let it be a good history. Because it's not just his story. It's our story aswell.


Enough stories for now. It's time for bed. Like all stories, this story has to go to sleep. But it will re awaken again, when the timing is right. As too will the slumber of the history of the people one day dawn anew. It may not be as we had expected it to be. But that's the suprise I cannot tell you about yet. You will have to witness that for your self.

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I agree with most of #11 other than the use of Fascism in describing the International Capitalist system.



In most cases, fascists discouraged or banned foreign trade; fascists believed that too much international trade would make the national economy dependent on international capital, and therefore vulnerable to international economic sanctions. Economic self-sufficiency, known as autarky, was a major goal of most fascist governments.[16]

Are they wrong?

+ Environment and animal welfare

Environmental historian Michael E. Zimmerman defines "ecofascism" as "a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being and glory of the "land", understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states".[1] Zimmerman argues that while no ecofascist government has so far existed, "important aspects of it can be found in German National Socialism, one of whose central slogans was "Blood and Soil".[1]

According to environmentalist David Orton, the term is pejorative in nature and has "social ecology roots, against the deep ecology movement and its supporters plus, more generally, the environmental movement. Thus, 'ecofascist' and 'ecofascism', are used not to enlighten but to smear."[4]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecofascism

Naturally, International Capitalists would despise these two ideas alone... as they would be unable to exploit entire Nations and the Planet.

Ecology, Independence/ Self Sufficiency...    not so removed from Daoist ideas?

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 80

A small country has fewer people.
Though there are machines that can work ten to a hundred times faster than man, they are not needed.
The people take death seriously and do not travel far.
Though they have boats and carriages, no on uses them.
Though they have armor and weapons, no one displays them.
Men return to the knotting of rope in place of writing.
Their food is plain and good, their clothes fine but simple, their homes secure;
They are happy in their ways.
Though they live within sight of their neighbors,
And crowing cocks and barking dogs are heard across the way,
Yet they leave each other in peace while they grow old and die.


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We are, in the U.S., mind-bogglingly mind-controlled by the corporate-state media.


Let's compare a couple recent examples to contrast the U.S. imperialist food system since child slave labor cocoa was challenged as a legally mandated system to maximize profits and so "fair trade" should be voluntary.


How quaint.


We think of the Midwest U.S. as one of the "bread baskets" to feed the world. This is a lie. As I've stated - Cargill, the distributor of U.S. farm food, "dumps" the food in 100 countries - approximately - to drive out the small farmers in those countries, thereby making them dependent on U.S. food. If a country can not feed itself then it's whole economy can be controlled by the U.S. - oil, etc.


I had this research published back in 2000.




There you go.


Now let's update it.


Ukraine is another "bread basket" of the world. Ukraine farmers were starved to death in order to industrialize the Soviet Union.


Ukraine is being targeted again for this industrial corporate-state food system.




So what's the alternative - small sustainable organic farms. As I said - I went to Africa and I saw this in person - a culture, the most traditional Berber village of Morocco - living off the land for thousands of years - composting their own manure - humanure to transform the desert into fertile land.


Asia did this for 400 generations - thousands of years - using humanure and other natural fertilizer sources to grow food.


Instead of polluting the water with manure as the industrialized West does.



In over two-thirds of all countries, small farms – as defined in each country – represent more than 80% of all farms.


This is a fascinating report.




percentage of small farmers and percentage of land their control.


Now - for example the upper midwest had Family Farm Laws - where to own the farm land you have to live on the land to farm it. But I actually went out to dinner with the Federal U.S. district Judge who the next day wrote the closed-room decision to outlaw these Family Farm Laws. Why? That way Cargill can directly own the farm land for vertical integration. Why? that way, like with child slavery, profits can be maximized, at the expense of ecological health.


So do we hear about any of this in the mainstream media?


Nope - I posted the article - the Ukraine is now being taken over by U.S. agribusiness - as part of the U.S.-backed political military coup in the Ukraine.


O.K. so now for the contrast.


El Salvador.




El Salvador is very much aware of U.S. imperialism having recently survived a U.S. fascist genocidal war - which the U.N. documented - had the U.S.-funded and trained genocidal policies committing 90% of the murders.


But the Milpa farm system has survived the U.S. genocide - not only have they survived but they have recently kicked out U.S. agribusiness led by Monsanto.


Go El Salvador!


My brother-in-law's grandfather was a poor farmer in El Salvador. Just a few people own most of the land in El Salvador - for a U.S.-backed neocolonial export system and that was the basis for the peasants rising up in self-defense against starvation.

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I cited Zimmerman for my masters thesis in 2000. He is not being accurate in conflating the Nazis with Ecofascism.  http://reocities.com/Area51/starship/9201/epicenters/restoring-logos2.html



Corporate-state fascism has already promoted the guise of being nature-loving under the label of Nazism. Now eco-fascism, a term Berman uses, is considered to be the threat of a genetically-engineered micro-chipped social cleansing lead by the religion of technology-derived, "world saving" "life sciences" of Cargill, Monsanto and their interlocking elite associates.326 Systems theory, ever since it was co-opted by the Rand Corporation for the promotion of military jingoism and the corporate-state, has been applied in an inaccurate, deterministic and thus immoral manner.327



This is the beauty and evil of propaganda - just like W. - Bush - promoted himself as a nice Texan home-boy but he secretly was based on Connecticut high-tech East Coast shenanigans - the Nazis promoted for the masses this "back to nature" Big Lie while the Nazis heavily relied on high tech focus based on international capital investment.


Listen to this interview with Prof. Emeritus Peter Dale Scott about how NeoFascism works -


Now more specifically it hasn't been exposed much but the fact that the Nazis were created by Wall Street was detailed by Anthony Sutton and then reiterated in a more mainstream book on the Bush Dynasty.  https://books.google.com/books?id=Wty3o92hyigC&pg=PA357&lpg=PA357&dq=bush+dynasty+anthony+sutton&source=bl&ots=2IZMwxaVM3&sig=OzmJaog4l2Lyuc9HI9gU3JXEDrQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=7ZwkVdqGFYSEsAXApoKgBA&ved=0CEwQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=sutton&f=false  googlebook link.


I agree with most of #11 other than the use of Fascism in describing the International Capitalist system.



Are they wrong?

+ Environment and animal welfare

Naturally, International Capitalists would despise these two ideas alone... as they would be unable to exploit entire Nations and the Planet.

Ecology, Independence/ Self Sufficiency...    not so removed from Daoist ideas?


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I cited Zimmerman for my masters thesis in 2000. He is not being accurate in conflating the Nazis with Ecofascism.  http://reocities.com/Area51/starship/9201/epicenters/restoring-logos2.html


This is the beauty and evil of propaganda - just like W. - Bush - promoted himself as a nice Texan home-boy but he secretly was based on Connecticut high-tech East Coast shenanigans - the Nazis promoted for the masses this "back to nature" Big Lie while the Nazis heavily relied on high tech focus based on international capital investment.


Listen to this interview with Prof. Emeritus Peter Dale Scott about how NeoFascism works -


Now more specifically it hasn't been exposed much but the fact that the Nazis were created by Wall Street was detailed by Anthony Sutton and then reiterated in a more mainstream book on the Bush Dynasty.  https://books.google.com/books?id=Wty3o92hyigC&pg=PA357&lpg=PA357&dq=bush+dynasty+anthony+sutton&source=bl&ots=2IZMwxaVM3&sig=OzmJaog4l2Lyuc9HI9gU3JXEDrQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=7ZwkVdqGFYSEsAXApoKgBA&ved=0CEwQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=sutton&f=false  googlebook link.


The same Wall Street that funded the Soviet/Bolshevik government?


This Wall Street appears to have financed the death of 150 million+ people in the last 100 odd years... I wonder who controls Wall Street...


So it is "International Capital Investment" / International Capitalism (Communism is also a Capitalistic system)


The Capitalists are the International Banks the Communists are their slaves "workers of the world unite"


Fascism at least in ideology... was neither Capitalist or Communist, rejecting Globalist ideologies... seeking self-sufficiency and healthy environments...seeing the importance for harmony between Man and Nature.


It would make sense for Fascism to be high-tech at first needing to defend itself against International Capitalists which have enslaved most governments and media.


The Capitalists exploit all weaknesses... these countries they are enslaving are in comparison completely defenseless.


If these countries had a high-tech military and National Self Sufficiency ideology they would be able to resist and start building their ideal nations.


I believe the resources of a country belong to it's people. They would also have an interest in the Environment because it is their homeland after all..


All Nations/ groups so far that have tried to break away from International Capitalism/ Banks have been destroyed physically and ideologically through endless lies.




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Your position seems to be as a closeted fascist.




Your position is nicely exposed here - the review of "Blood, Not Soil" book.

The Green Nazi: An Investigation Into Fascist Ecology

By J. Sakai



When it comes to ecological analysis modern humans, thoroughly mind-controlled, are really naive.


The ecological crisis is the huge global doo-doo that we are all stepping in. There's no escape.


So people can try to trump up simplistic ideologies - but it's not gonna help.


Deep qigong training will help though since we need to connect, ontologically, with the truth of who we are - eternally.


So you say that since Wall Street funded both Communism and Fascism - then some sort of strong militarized defense of a homeland is in order.....


Obviously this is terribly Naive.


It reminds me of some activist friends of mine - a naive young college kid was getting indoctrinated by this little Maoist cult, he bragged how they were storing up weapons so they would be ready for the revolution.


My response was look if the U.S. wanted to they would just Nuke this neighborhood to get rid of it.




Even more so it's literally been a miracle there hasn't been nuclear apocalypse just by accident!


So this idea of rational "defense" by weapons is hilarious.


In reality - when we consider big bank "funding" of both Commies and Fascists - the issue here is that money is a technology.


Money is actually just mathematics enforced by the military.


For example the first paper currency was invented by the Chinese - how did it have value? Enforced by their imperial military of course! haha.


So same with the U.S.


So then if money is a technology based on math - the problem is actually much more radical.


The problem is Western mathematics ITSELF - it's based on a wrong definition of infinity and then expands using a materialistic symmetric logic - which is used as applied technology.


So in the case of money - that would be the decimal or 10-based number system.


See you have to really UNLEARN a lot of b.s.


When we learn the Pythagorean Theorem in 10th Grade - we are mind controlled.


Even more so - 1 plus 1 does not equal 2 - that is the secret of Taoism.


So originally money was based on complementary opposites - silver as moon and gold as sun.


We've lost that complementary opposite secret of the sun and moon.



For example Easter - what's its secret? First Full Moon after the Spring EQuinox.


If you practice qigong seriously you can FEEL that secret internally. haha.


Modern humans are literally mind-controlled - cut off from the natural resonance of the cosmos.




the problem with Taoism as the Commodity Fetish - is that China was also Westernized - because Buddhism itself is a reform religion of Vedic philosophy which is based on dualistic symmetric logic!!


Around 1200 BCE - iron became more valuable than silver as currency in India.


Why? Because iron makes weapons and so iron is used to expand empire.


Silver was the lunar energy that tied spirituality to ecology as the moon controls the water cycles of life on Earth.


And so India became a materialist Solar Dynasty patriarchy.... and Buddhism was a reform religion - but nevertheless still a REFORM. It didn't cut out the rotten root.


Taoism is older like the "three gunas" of India - the oldest philosophy of India from African trance dance shamanism.


All human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals but in the West they are converted to symmetric logistic ratios as the foundation for Western math.


Again the problem is very deep and so there's a lot of mind-controlled brainwashing to unlearn.


So even if someone achieves enlightenment personally and is a real spiritual master who connects with real spiritual masters in heaven - when they apply that energy to Earth - they are still applying it as a reform movement on to a philosophy on Earth that is inherently destructive.


In other words - it's not truly Taoist unless it actually has that real complementary opposite logic.


So as I said with the Nazis it was a fake ecological worldview - that link I gave goes into it more:



Instead the Nazis pursued Adolf Hitler's evolving strategy, which was to simultaneously promote both techno-industrial development and the Aryan re-organization of classes.






Saying that Bramwell's defense of Darre's politics comes from her sympathy with his environmental vision. No, it's the attraction of his class politics that has magnetized her to the big white refrigerator. People's moral disorientation doesn't come from anything ecological---that's just the cover story--- but from the continuing attraction of capitalist racism.


This is very much true and the issue actually goes all the way back to Plato.


For example the big anti-semitism in Spain in 1492 was inspired by the Benedictine Monks adopting the Platonic eugenics from the Islamic Moors - and so Platonic eugenics ascribes a ratio number to people - the value 9/8 from music theory, the whole tone, saying that each citizen must be "compromised for the good of the state" - and so the 9/8 ratio has to be converted to a logarithmic value - 9/8 cubed equals the tritone, the Devil's Interval, as the basis for the Pythagorean Theorem, the Power Axiom Set, as the foundation of the Greek Miracle, Western civilization.

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Good post, you have given a lot of information (+ links) I am quickly browsing to get a general idea...

I agree about military... what you say is true...

How do you suggest these shamanic cultures etc defend themselves though?

My ideal would be Organic Psychic Self Defense... yet that may be too fantastical for many.

Throughout history many of these cultures have been physically and ideological attacked?

To decentralize defense would be better perhaps. 

Some also believe Atomic Bombs are also not real? / hoax

I agree about money also... you may recall my "dead cities vs living organic permaculture" thread... as further understanding of my position.

As with: 

Recognizing and valuing unique peoples/tribes and their right to Self-Determination/ Autonomy and Homeland

Recognizing and valuing animal-kind and environment.

From the land we gather our life. We seek mutual benefit/ harmony with our surrounding environment.

Exploitation of any peoples, animals and abuse of the environment is strongly discouraged.

I am not sure what position this can be defined as?


Somehow we have to get back to this as you say.


The Greek modes that previously have been an expression of open system divine harmonics became, under Plato and Aristotle, a closed system used for social control. Plato himself only allowed two of the twelve original modal systems. Aristotle recommended some music education but no music professionals while the European elite similarly outlawed the other modes.296

After the Aristotelian holy Roman empire attacked the multidimensional music-ritual based cultures of what became Europe, the troubadour songs of a spiritual "erotic asceticism" or "mystic love" were largely the inspiration for, and were the first targets of, the Crusades.297 The Cathars (from the Greek word katharos or pure) were wiped out and their subversive multidimensional sound-current mass movement was co-opted by the western elite as the cult of Mary, later being commercialized as romantic love.298

So Pythagoreans and previous having true understanding? have you read of the shared believes of Pythagoreans and Druids?

The other I would not call misunderstanding though, I would call it hostile subversion.

How would you change those hostile to the free world? when they are hell bent on destruction and slavery?

Do you have examples of this 1-4-5 music?

Even gold and silver needs mining and refining... can we all be exchanging gold and silver?

Is not gold and silver also monopolized. 

What about a world without gold and silver also?


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This Israeli Defense Force advertisement appeared a little random in an article about National Socialist environmental and animal welfare ideology?  ha



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yeah, innersoundqigong is a walking bullshit detector. im surprised how he not lost his mind with the over-intellectualized mind stuff. his qigong training must be pretty strong, and particular hehe

ok most of the world is brainwashed, you could say, incapable of comprehending and seeing the bigger aspect of things. but is it just the recent generations, exhibiting such traits?

the sad truth is that you could trace the detached value set mentality many years back already. so the world is going in a certain direction hundreds and even thousands of years already.

some lament the happenings of the world for the duration of 10 to 20 years, or 100 years in the best case (depending on the capability of the individual). what about thousand years, ten thousand years?? peoples minds are trapped by this religion-induced time fallacy, where the conditioning of it make them only look and see so far.

so what happens these days. all the happenings and events may be unique today, but the principles behind them, the ignorance and their justification (very important) is the same based on THOUSANDS of years of accumulated garbage, which barely changed. only morphed into a different form. "deep-seated passive ignorance" i would call it. detachment of oneself from reality.

it is a whole new level of resistance. and yes, you see it everywhere, even on this forum, more than you would expect, sadly.

it makes you wonder sometimes if people assuming their qigong stance do it blindfoldedly or not

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There's a lot of lies about the Pythagoreans so that is part of the scam - people "think" they have studied Pythagoreans when in fact they get fed lies.


So for example the Pythagorean Theorem is not from Pythagoras but actually from a lie about Pythagoras - it's from Archytas and Plato and Eudoxus.


Anyway the real Pythagoreans practiced 9 years of silence.


That actually is also what the Kogis do - the only intact Pre-Colombia Andean culture - or they came out of seculsion about 20 years ago.


Anyway so as far as self-defense - the original humans were first the Sandawe out of the forest but then with global warming they relied on trance dance training - I'm talking 70,000 years ago - as the Bushmen culture.


No war fare - but ALL the males trained to be spiritual healers and did so in retreats away from the females - one month retreats every year. Tshoma.


So all the modern males don't do the proper training and so we have warfare.


What's the defense of the  Bushmen? They don't really have one.


They got first enslaved by the Bantus who spread their iron technology - probably out of West Asia Huttites invading when they took over Egypt around 1200 BCE.


so biologically we haven't changed since 70,000 years ago - it's proven that the Bushmen have the SAME trance music from before human language. And guess what? No homosexuality also. The whole culture is based on complementary opposite harmonics - the 1-4-5 music intervals as the secret of yin/yang energy dynamics.


So the thing is that science has proven that white people actually are from wheat-based farming and this has spread around the world with dairy farming as "ecological imperialism" bring intensive animal plagues wiping out whole cultures, along with genocidal warfare, etc.


So also science has proven that as I posted recently melanin - is from increased "dopa" which is increases dopamine. That's why if the fur color is changed of animals it also lowers their adrenaline levels and so the animal becomes domesticated - or the other way around but the same phenotype expresses the genotype.


So yeah it is racist but the fact is that white people are domesticated, have lower adrenaline levels - due to Vitamin D malnutrition in the wheat based diet. This spread into Europe starting 9000 years ago and hit Sweden for example 5000 years ago. Before that Europeans were swarthy more like Asians - from a fish based diet and animal meat organs having Vitamin D.


Now I'm not saying Pythagoreans are the answer - they were also a reform movement more like Buddhism in many ways. But the Pythagoreans were also shamanic with links to Asian shamanism of Mongolia and also the alchemy training of Egypt. In fact alchemy originates from the iron-black smiths as a caste found in Africa and Asia, etc.


So anyway - after hanging with the qigong master who is AFrican-American - he emphasized to me that the secret to going into the Emptiness is the kidney energy. Now also the most famous Thai Buddhist meditation master said his secret was to put his students in the tiger-infested jungle so they were afraid they were going to die and they had to overcome that fear. In other words - the secret is that there needs to be a huge amount of kidney energy with the adrenaline from huge amounts of dopamine then converted to huge amounts of serotonin as kundalini bliss energy.


I would say then this issue goes back 10,000 years ago - with the - what's called "symbolic revolution" in humans with an anthropocentric focus of religion as the basis for domesticating the hunter-gatherer shamanism and turning it into a Solar-focused religion. The early religions of pastoralism - like in Kenya - what's the tribe - but basically when there is an eclipse of the Sun this means that the Son will die unless a sacrifice is made - of a goat. So you can see - this is a struggle between lunar energy and solar energy.


The origins of human language is based on Darwinian Deception from females using a lunar synchronized sex strike via menstruation as a signalling that there can be no sex. So then the males have to provide meat - high iron - through long distance hunting - knowing that during that time none of the females can get pregnant. Only human primates have their ovulation and menstruation completely synchronized with the moon cycle - only if they are living together in the wild.


And so the oldest trance music is the Eland Bull ritual for menstruation - based on this lunar "yin chi" psychic energy where the females exposed their backsides as "female display behavior" to indicate to the newly menstruating female the power of her N/om energy. The youngest menstruating female is considered the greatest source of N/om (jing) energy.  So then the female would grab hold of the male penises as they walked past her - to train them not to get blue balls. This means she was taking in their yin chi energy - absorbing it - while they maintained their physical celibacy.  At the same time the male takes in the female N/om energy. In Kenya this is done through shamanic drumming as a secret initiation called "eating the female."


But the males were supposed to be healing the females with the male chi energy. But some of the males went off by themselves and trained for immortality and the yang shen body - physical transmutations. And so this scared the rest of the humans - and those isolated males then developed alchemy as the focus on immortality of infinity contained internally. So then males believed they could control Nature based on the solar yang qi energy as alchemy - and from this arose the mass ritual sacrifice energy using gold and silver based on the sun and lunar energy.


In reality the original humans do not emphasize any gold or silver metals - instead the focus is on the rainbow light energy as the Snake N/om energy from water power governed by the lunar resonance.


So every full moon there is the all night trance dance based on the females ovulating and therefore having the greatest N/om energy and they sing all night to transmit their N/om energy into the males who trance dance to suck up the N/om energy and transmute it into Chi energy that is sent back into the females.


But this can only be done properly by the males if they train in secret retreat on their own away from the females.


The problem now in modern times is there is not this separation of the sexes and so the males can not store up their energy to truly fully open their third eyes so that they can then truly heal the females.


And so the females rely on technology as an attempt to escape from the raping males - this was first done by female chimps using spears to get meat so they didn't have to rely on male chimps providing meat but also raping the females - if the females didn't want the meat. A meat for sex exchange.


So females use technology as a means to deal with the symptom of the problem but it doesn't address the cause which is the male primates not doing the proper trance dance training away from the females. And so only the males can answer this problem but with the increased human population it is next to impossible for males to go on retreat.


Certainly females were the original qigong masters since they are yang internally and the energy comes from the lunar synchronized - which if continually built up through trance dancing - then activates the Emptiness as the resonance of the lunar energy. This is why Pythagoreans teach the number 2 as female, the first matter, lunar energy but it is the resonance of Apeiron, the female Cosmic Emptiness, the Wu Chi. It's the same as the Tao Te Ching teaching.


And so with modern humans based on wheat-based farming and the dominant white Western industrialization of society - in fact Machines are taking over with automation as the number 1 cause of job loss and this is all due to the logarithmic mathematics which cause a logarithmic inequality of wealth, and also create the commodity fetish based on left-brain dominance and repression of sex energy without proper sublimation, etc.


And so humans are now part of a larger cycling of the elements - with fire and metal taking over against water and earth but what remains is the formless consciousness that guides the moon-sun-earth resonance. And so ecologically - some other dominant life species will emerge, like in the past it was the troodons with the biggest brain of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and before that the Gorgons that went extinct 280 million years ago.


Right now we have the fastest rate of extinction of life on earth in the billions of years of life on Earth.


So science is the metaphor myth of our times - our main religion that guides us - but in fact it is the religion of the Machines being in control.


So you ask for examples of trance dance 1-4-5 music intervals.



This musicologist has traced the spread of the original human trance dance music as the basis for shamanism around the world - there are audio examples.


But that's just the jing energy being expressed - the males have to do the trance dancing as the tai chi training.


For example the Survivorman went to the Bushmen - again they represent 90% of human history but remain unknown by modern sophisticated humans. Les STroud did not have the stamina of the Bushmen to do the all night trance dancing and so he couldn't really activate this kundalini energy properly.


Obviously if the male is young and celibate that is the best time to do the trance dance training. the Book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality gives the details on the best training.


So it is who we are ontologically. For example in many ways I have more in common with the male pet fish in our house - then the females. haha. Fish are proven to have emotions based on their neurohormones - just like mammals. Indeed biologically - this is why the snake as kundalini energy - it goes back to activating our ancient brains as the Reptilian vagus nerve is the left side vagus nerve that puts humans in the Frozen Death position.


See for mammals to freeze and play dead - it is very bad evolutionary because usually the predator would just eat us. Maybe not for bears, but still.


Yet that is exactly - the "motionlessly relaxed" state that has to be created to build up the parasympathetic chi energy. So you need to make sure you have a safe environment to do it. A cave, a retreat, a monastery, etc.


But even having eye contact with a female will throw off the training.


And yet if the training is successful then there is a permanent biologically connection via the deep heart energy past death - a trance past death!! And the Bushmen say this - that their healing requires them to transcend death. The qigong masters say the same - they put their lives on the line every day!


When I went 8 days on half a glass of water and I saw ghosts and yin spirits, etc. I too had transcended death for a time being. But then I ate salt in some vegan soup and the sea salt tasted like poison. That's because the increased serotonin levels increase the ACTH which increases the potassium ion ratio in the brain  - that is the secret of the electric fish charge.  See when John Chang said he is the as an electric fish I took him literally and I looked up the science. haha. The original humans did not eat salt - and yet even the vegan diet does not exclude salt yet in the Taoist Yoga training manual it says for advanced level no salt. You can get sodium just from vegetables but salt is too concentrated and spikes the dopamine levels against the serotonin - the two are inversely correlated.





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The liberal view is that somehow an objective "Escape" can be made from the problems in the world - no matter how bad a person feels about them. So people watch the news to see how bad things are with the lie that somehow they are above and separate from what is going on. For example in 1998 when I got arrested twice protesting against the pending genocidal invasion of Iraq by the U.S. - my main message to people was the the future of the U.S. is Iraq.


So anyway like I said there is no escape. Mahayana Buddhist teacher Nan, Huai-chin said how it's probably not even worth meditating in modern times since it causes too much righteous anger. There's different types of anger - one type is having your heart qi energy pulled down to the level of your liver by people around you having their consciousness in their sex center. That is righteous anger.


If a person has their consciousness stuck in their sex center and it gets sublimated up into their liver - against their will - then they also will get anger - but instead of it being righteous anger it is the anger of an exorcism taking place - of the evil lust energy getting pulled out of them against their will.


The main form of healing that the original human culture did was actually from the spirits of the dead causing illness in the living and the main form of illness was from love sickness - from lust and jealousy from lust. So from this we can see that reincarnation is actually from the spirits of the dead attracted to the qi energy that is transmitted at mutual orgasm - and that is what powers the spirit to get sucked into the conception to create the fertilized egg that guides its growth as a new incarnated spirit.


Like I said - I saw ghosts and so people who die with a lower emotional blockage then have their lower frequency that holds them to Earth and so become more quickly to reincarnate back into a life form on Earth. Ghost pollution is a bigger problem in the cities. So for example when the whites invaded the New World - the indigenous Native Americans said the real threat was from "ghost pollution" - that the whites are literally walking dead ghosts. Because since the males don't do the proper spiritual training then the human society of whites is controlled by these same lower emotions (what I call the anger-fear-lust cycle) just like the ghosts that look to take over the bodies of people when they are physically weak and/or are newly born.


So if a person can not consciously feel and activate their connection to their heart - a connection that manifests through the third eye pineal gland - then the person, a typical modern person, is actually a type of ghost - as Gurdjieff said controlled by the Kundabuffer - the blockage in the lower back.  It's very easy for such a person to maintain a seemingly cold detachment that appears to be above the lower emotions - this type of left-brain dominance that in actuality just represses the lower emotions instead of consciously sublimating them.


So then this left-brain dominant repression of the lower emotions then projects that repression onto other cultures as an excuse to oppress them. Obviously since they, right-brain dominant shamanic cultures, are not cold, detached, rational cultures then they must be controlled by their lower emotions - when in fact through the shamanic training it is the opposite.


The lower emotions are channeled and consciously exorcised and leveraged for increased energy. For example if a person is angry - then that's the perfect time to do strong physical exercise - to leverage that anger into muscle as stored electromagnetic power.  That will exorcise the anger - to sublimate it, by pushing the sympathetic nervous system to the extreme but since there is no ejaculation - then it reverses to the opposite extreme of relaxation, the parasympathetic nervous system.


So that is the proper use of anger that has been lost. For example the qigong master told me how when he was in Africa by the Dogon culture there was a man possessed by anger and so the tribe drummed all night and exorcised the anger into a tree, which died, and the tribe drummed the rest of the night and brought the tree back to life, exorcising the anger back into the Emptiness.


What happened with the Solar Dynasty ritual priests is that left-brain meditation became dominant because it utilizes what is called the "direct path" which is the mind meditation with the left-side vagus nerve going to the right side of the heart. So if you can do a top down technique of concentrating the left mind which means that the left side of the cerebellum brain activates the vagus nerve on the left side. The left prefront cortex controls the right side of the body via the left side of the cerebellum with the left side reptilian vagus nerve going to the right side of the heart.


That's why in Brahmin Jnana yoga taught by Ramana Maharshi he says to focus on the right side of the heart as the secret portal gateway to nondual consciousness Emptiness - past the physical body. So basically this enables a cold UNDEAD state of rationalism based on logical inference using right-handed technology and left-brain dominance with a closed definition of infinity - axiomatic logic of Solar Dynasty religion, "I Am that I Am."


That is the opposite of the right-brain dominant ecological-based lunar-governed shamanism of Taoism and trance dance cultures, etc. So for example if a person can not be healed by this left-brain dominant energy which does not use any conscious direction of the energy - only a logical inference focus on the source of the energy - then the person died because karmically they were not ready to be healed. It is the person who was sick at fault. It is technically true, based on the cold UNDEAD logic.


So Buddhism as a reform religion - for example, in Theraveda Buddhism there is the all night meditations on the full moon. But it gets to be like Christianity where the real secret of the Moon is lost - with Easter being the first Full Moon after the Equinox. And so the Vipassana meditation is actually a type of left-brain logic - in this case, "neti, neti" or "neither this, nor that" logic that is a more modern version since, like Eudoxus, you can have ratios without ever needing to define what infinity is - there doesn't have to be any positive inference of what infinity is. So that type of logic of negative affirmation is perfectly suited for Western materialistic science based on proof by contradiction.


So when you have this left-brain logic mind yoga meditation like the Gelupa caste of the Dalai Lama then you are required to maintain the same caste system that the Brahmins used in India - so that the Solar dynasty ritual priests can calmly do their mind meditation while having a warrior caste protect them and keep them secluded, etc. Then the masses do the brunt physical labor in barely survivable conditions. But then having on occasion amazing demonstrations of spiritual power is enough to convince the masses that their sacrifices are worthwhile.


The alchemical black smith shaman yogis were then a "vanishing mediator" between the left-brain dominant top-down mind meditation solar ritual priests and the right-brain dominant trance dance shamans. So the black smith caste utilized tantra techniques of kundalini visualization - the snake as the eternal energy - and the alchemical transformation of metal using fire. And so the blacksmith would take on the power of the reptilian energy of the crocodile or snake.


Whereas the ritual mind meditation priest relied on left-brain dominant logical inference that was the "Direct path" of directly activating the reptilian left-side vagus nerve - the blacksmith shaman first builds up the foundational energy of the lower tan tien - the kundalini energy.


So that is the secret of the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life is the lower tan tien while the Tree of Knowledge is the Mind Yoga. And what does the mind meditation master teacher? Whatever you don - don't activate your tree of knowledge as kundalini energy (the snake)! In other words keep your heaven and earth separated by following the left-brain dominant religion only known by the literati, the Vedic priests or the Latin priests, etc.


From that "contained" infinity teaching of axiomatic logic then arose mass sacrifice ritual mathematics for sacred geometry and that's how the blacksmith caste was controlled. Make such and such by such and such dimensions based on the ritual sacred geometry math governed by axiomatic left-brain logic. then the masses are sent off to be sacrificed based on the Big Lie.


What got covered-up by this secret partnership between logic, math and the engineers - is that it is all based on music harmonics and was practiced originally as right-brain dominant trance dance training in harmony with the females doing the singing.


And so instead the females now try to be like the males but the males themselves don't know how to be real men. The UnDead formless awareness that can be accessed by left-brain direct logical inference is not to be used for actually healing people - but instead it is only the secret kernel that is covered-up as the foundation for a rotten root, the surd or absurd irrational geometric magnitude math for making weapons, etc.


If there are a few real shamanic healers left then they need to be incorporated into this engineering technocratic left-brain dominant framework - the goal of which is actually contained in the mathematics, and as secretly based on disharmony, as the logarithmic technology expands, so does the intensity of the pressure and tension of the technology, creating ever greater strain on the otherwise freely restoring cycles of ecology. The Machine is taking over but its trajectory was pre-determined by the math and that is the secret meaning of "predetermination" in Western religion also.


There is no escape from this conundrum of the great disharmony of modern times except by understanding this larger cycle of which we participate in. Taoist alchemy is actually a physical practice that is based on harmony of heaven and earth but it has to exist within this larger framework of separation of heaven and earth. The white European culture - based on wheat farming - and left-brain dominant technology - is inherently a culture against Taoism. And yet for Taoism to survive it has to be commodified by the white European culture just as China is for the most part Westernized with people fixated on wanting the best materialistic commodities - be it nice name brand electronics or clothing or cars, etc. And so Taoism is converted into the caste system that Buddhism relied on from Vedic symmetric logic of the Brahmin priests. The training centers cater to the desires of the Westerners (or Westernized customers) - not wanting to scare away their potential customers. Training centers become tourist sites. Students are no longer selected based on their abilities but rather teachers are selected based on the customer always being right.


Of course I am part of this commodified dynamic. The first thing I did when I went to see a qigong master was to ask for the price to be reduced since I was too skeptical that it was real and so I didn't want to be ripped off. haha. The qigong master Effie P. Chow agreed to cut my admission price by half. What I experienced convinced me that it was very real. And so I began researching it more. And though I had a hint of the Pythagorean basis for spiritual energy during high school it took me about 20 years to UNLEARN the lies of Western education.


People can be healed and great happiness can be found but it takes time to do this. Meditation is based on staying in the same place or doing the same thing over and over whereas time is the secret source of the energy - resonance of time. Western power is based on time being accelerated while people never stay in the same place - they spread out and commodify linear space. And so - we want to judge Taoism based on Western terms but in reality the Taoist masters will always be available to help physical beings on Earth spiritually be activated - even if the human species is wiped out.


In other words the secret of the Harmony of Heaven and Earth is that a spiritual master never really has to go anyway in space since they exist always-already in eternal time - as the formless awareness that is united with qi energy but also with harmonized physical energy. These "Sadguru" states - the Ishwara or whatever cosmic being people want to call it - Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu, etc. - is also secretly found in all of us, in everything everywhere. The sound that is creates is the OHM that comes out of the heart as a sound beyond death - from the infinite 1-4-5 music intervals. We can't see the source of these cosmic beings because in fact they are holographic and exist within us, and our own source also can not be seen - it can rather be listened to.

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Well I asked Jim about Jesus being from Egypt and he said he could see where I was coming from on that.


I tend to think for those willing to investigate the evidence - it would seem that Christianity is really about the Solar calendar.


For example the Essenes were against the Lunar calendar. Judaism is based on the Lunar Calendar.


Egypt was based on the Solar calender.


And even with Easter - the problem was that it kept getting closer to Christmas since Easter was based on the Lunar calendar and the solar calender didn't take into account the leap year.


So.... as it's taught in Hinduism every one needs their Ishwara that becomes a real physical being. For example Chunyi says that Lao Tzu appeared to him physically and touched his head. Now Lao Tzu means "old man" and is not considered a real person by most - but then there is also a "religion" based on Lao Tzu having a physical lineage, etc.


As far as science goes - 70,000 years ago there was the supervolcano Toba Explosion and so only a few thousand humans survived and so genetically humans are much more closely related than say chimps or bonobos are to each other - they are much more diverse.


So yeah I realize you have heard all this before as I have shared everything freely on my blog, etc. haha.


Being very religious is considered a form of "mind yoga." It is probably the best approach I would think for the typical Caucasian for qigong training. Again maybe that is racist to say that but I got into my qigong training from the African Studies department. haha. I grew up taking religion very seriously since my grandfather was a minister but I never had any personal friends who took religion seriously until I met the qigong masters. They are the only ones I know who take religion seriously.

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The early church was tied to real alchemy training more like Sufis picked up - with fasting and solitude.


But with Constantine the Church became an instrument of imperialism.



The Benedictine monks picked up the anti-semitism - the eugenics of Platonic philosophy which is built into the mathematics of the philosophy.




In fact history's most savage mass murderers – Adolf Eichmann, Dr Josef Mengele, better known as Auschwitz's 'Angel of Death', Franz Stangl, commandant of the Treblinka extermination camp – escaped justice down the 'ratline' that ran straight through the Vatican state in Rome.


Senior members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy – marinaded in virulent Judeophobia and obsessed by Bolshevism – organised the escape of thousands of the most debauched, cruel monsters to a peaceful, prosperous retirement in Catholic South America.






The Church helped some 110,00 Nazis escape.


This corruption has just gotten worse - with the sex abuse scandals becoming better known.


But the institutional sex abuse by the priests and nuns has not gotten much attention - the church has been used as a tool of genocidal Western imperialism.



There's been several documentaries exposing church priests as sex abusers.


But individual cases can always be excused and dismissed and the Church has   a well documented history of covering up and protecting the priests.


The problem is that the West lost the yoga tradition of how to sublimate the energy for real spiritual training.


Sure there are some mystic Christian monks who did achieve mind yoga success.


A good book covering some is Miracles by D. Scott Rogo.


But they were basically freaks - for example St. Theresa de Avila said it's best to just stay in the monastery.


In my first year of college I researched the relation of the Church and the Nazis. I had gone to a Christian high school but by the end of my first year of college I really couldn't accept the Church.


My minister had wanted me to become a minister and I said that I didn't think a person needed the church to be religious. He said that actually our church was more like a country club.


The qigong master shared that most christians are not spiritual.


In fact I have found the exact opposite based on my energy readings - that - well things I won't share but I know when a person comes back from Church their energy has been brought down in frequency. haha. Church is much more of a meat market than anything else.


Obviously people adapt their particular cultures to Christianity just as in southeast Asia the Buddhist monks go out to convert the local indigenous tribes or in Nepal there is the process of "sanskritization" for indigenous tribes wanting to be more Buddhist.




https://books.google.com/books?id=7m8xjpXTutEC&pg=PA237&lpg=PA237&dq=sanskritization+buddhism+nepal&source=bl&ots=yqb2ntASum&sig=xd3HC41K95YlvIM_4G91cJUx_Gg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=neQlVbe3LoGisQWQnoDgBg&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=sanskritization buddhism nepal&f=false


Yeah so just like becoming Buddhist in Nepal - becoming Christian can be a way for oppressed colonized cultures or tribes to try to improve their lives.


But nevertheless the overall role of Christianity is to attack the indigenous cultures - for example making the men cut their hair (which means they are homosexual in Native American culture) and then making the men farm (which is the women's work to garden).


The forced schools for Indians - most of them religious - routinely had sex abuse and torture.


A coworker of mine shared with me how she had attended a Catholic school - but a newer sect based on the charismatic movement - speaking in tongues, prophecy, and more focus on meditative prayer, etc.


So then she went on to a Christian college but they were really a scam to take as much money as possible from the students. She was punished since she was caught in "cohabitation" and so even though she had paid already for her food the college took away her right to eat in the cafeteria. Also she had to do forced unpaid labor. The male, in contrast, was not punished at all. So there is a very severe misogyny in the church.


This was also exposed in Professor David F. Noble's book "World Without Women" about the monasteries.


  A World Without Women: The Christian Clerical Culture of Western Science




So then his follow up, "The Religion of Technology" ties the Church to science being apocalyptic.


His final book broadened and deepened the argument - I never read that one but it was more similar to what I had been writing online. I tied it directly to the NeoPlatonic mathematics promoted by John Scotus Erigena, the 9th C. Benedictine monk. He also was against the Lunar prominence for spirituality.




So the Church as a "sovereign" city-state has a huge corruption problem despite the supposed vow of poverty.


Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia Hardcover – February 3, 2015




Certainly the charity work that the Church does is better than nothing - it helps to keep people from totally starving but in contrast how much money does the  Church just steal from people and then abuse the people?



Williams argues that Operation Gladio soon gave rise to the toppling of governments, wholesale genocide, the formation of death squads, financial scandals on a grand scale, the creation of the mujahideen, an international narcotics network, and, most recently, the ascendancy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit cleric with strong ties to Operation Condor (an outgrowth of Gladio in Argentina) as Pope Francis I.


I'm sure there's a few Christian saints out there and certainly "liberation theology" was a movement made up of real martyrs.


But yeah Slavery in the U.S. for hundreds of years was justified by the Church.


NeoPlatonic philosophy as Christianity is corrupt.


The Orthodox Church then got mixed up with the Nazis.


Anyway you look at it - the Church overall has been misled because the philosophy it's based on is messed up.




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