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  1. bill gates creeps me out. i think his intentions are not pure
  2. oh yes. the global warming thingy is kind of an idea to karmically put the burden on human collective mind to avoid individual consequences of actions
  3. what is the view on the argument that the earth has a natural heating and coolong period? there is tons of info to suggest now is the peak time of earths heating cycle. and so by this theory it goes that influence from greenhouse gasses is very minimal if not at all it goes to show a scale of supposedly recorded temperatures from history, and compared to the temperatures of the same period the earth is in now is not anymore extreme than it was in the past - last several heating cycles of the planet we all know that global warming is a business whats your take on it?
  4. What happens if we die?

    boy you are hungry on life
  5. What happens if we die?

    that makes sense, thanks. our spirit is constantly active in the subtle realm, though when we go to sleep, our awareness shifts from the physical to subconscious. there is another world where spirits interact. if a person's soul has not developed awareness of the subtle realm, it has no control over the "dream". you can see a whole mixture of people's experiences being recycled when in the sleep state. there are also beings that have completely shifted their awareness into the subconscious realm, so are 100% in control, while us are tied to the physical body. so enough awareness is not kept on the body it dies. that's why a lot of OBE/NDE end up with an unprecedented instant shift back into the body
  6. My story

    ninjas were trained to supress theyre energy so nobody could feel them. or distract with a fake energy. thats what made them succesful. mental and energy focus was as much concentrated as physical. in that sense, not all love is love in a positive sense. love can be evil too. when it is conditional
  7. i think one is for expelling feces, and the other is for storing them like a late-capitalist money fetish ! sorry, but ISQ is probably detecting bullshit somewhere else, as we speak. i tried to answer, but dont know how good that was
  8. What happens if we die?

    did you ever have a proper out of body experience? can you leave as consciousness at will? have you ever participated in another person's dream? when/if your consciousness was out of body, did other people see you as a "ghostly" figure? could they sense you? them being at a waking state, and you not ? i see your religion is budhism, i would be interested to know what are the appropriate definitions for such phenomena, in budhist terms? since that should be familiar to you saying that everything is really just a mind creation is being an escapist in my point of view. sure, in the whole aspect of things, you could say everything is not real, physicality is not real, its just a mind program being played out. but what good does that bring in perceiving the nature of reality, when you ignore everything that does not fit to your preconceived definition, or someone elses definition for that matter, no matter how important that person was who left those interpretations of the definitions seems like blind faith to me, and it works wonders to reinforce the limited mind's protective mechanisms, as usual
  9. What happens if we die?

    i have not tried the ayahuascas yet. can you hook me up with some?
  10. What happens if we die?

    and thats my respect to you too. thats why i said i dont post about things that make certain people react emotionaly, it doesnt do any good
  11. What happens if we die?

    thanks. you can go back to your chanting now
  12. What happens if we die?

    i know the closed-mindedness of members on this forum, so i rarely do post about it, unless its relevant to OP or someone who already had experience. thanks for your ignorance anyway
  13. What happens if we die?

    it depends what perspective your looking from. from a physical perspective yes, your body stops functioning and gets composted like poop, how dawei mentioned. no, it does not rise again to be a zombie or anything of the sort. there is this capitalist religion mormonism or i think, that they propagate if your a good person you will get resurected. but understand that those propagations are driving on peoples fears of dying and losing all their material posession in the first place. it reinforces peoples false beliefs. its likea short way out of it but also has a bigger perspective which ties to the etheric perspective // of when you die you are welcomed with spiritual propaganda instead of physical. the fact that you havent been doing enough work to see the truth through physicality, your spirit is still asleep and confused from physical life, and is easily coerced by any entity that wish to manipulate. and so there are such things as "contracts" into coming here on earth again. one of the contract terms is to give you a mind wipe and get you started over, because you suposedly have "karma to fix", which is believed to be a lie. karma works more spontaneously and instantly, rather than long term accumulation, but the entities really like scapegoating living things into this cycle for their own energy purposes. so there are many of these beings that work for this human soul free will negation cycle. they are called "celestial masters / ascended masters / gods / soulkeepers / reapers etc etc depending on your belief system they could show up to you in any form. so this is the first things that you may experience when you die, from a spiritual perspective. your ability to choose will depend on how spiritually awake you are. tell me if you wanna know more or that rings any bells to you
  14. best thread and yeah meat doesnt have anything to do with good, except for some additional jing energy as mentioned and other questionable possibilities, like protection from spirits (??? just some randomness) but has everything to do with bad, and the negative bodily response and consequences probably wouldnt fit in a page you wouldnt wanna sacrifice your precious body resources, just for the sake that you can ejaculate into a woman few more times a day. be it through your penis or your eyes haha
  15. you got yourself a friend, marblehead