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What are your favorite books on practical Alchemy?

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Hi all before you can discuss the best alchemy book a decision needs to be made what path of alchemy you want to work with. By this I mean the acetate path, cinnabar path, or antimony path in western study. My path as of now is the acetate path. On this there are a few books which I would recommend 1- Conserning the Secrets of the Adepts by J. Weidenfeld  2- Clavis Alchemie by S. Norton 

3- Bosome Book by G. Ripley 4- Scala Philosophorum by Guido de Montanor.

These would be my recommendations.

Strength & Wisdom


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For those interested in the Western hermetic tradition, I would like to draw attention to the work of a very little-known author: Louis Cattiaux, and his magistal work: "(The Message Rediscovered or the Clock of God’s Night and Day)."
(You can read about L. Cattiaux here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Cattiaux.)
The book has more than 5000 aphorisms that deal only with the regeneration of the fallen man and his exit into the light and it is a living and true experience of the author.
The beautiful symbols and images that pervade the book are mystical and alchemical in nature but apparently not in the usual sense.
The book would have been lost and unknown if is was not the effort made by his disciples  Emmanuel d’Hooghvorst, and Charles d'Hooghvorst, Emmanuel’s younger brother, whom he met in May 1949. 
Cattiaux transmitted the oral tradition that accompanies the book and which has always been the same through the ages to the two brothers.  Emmanuel d’Hooghvorst, who died in 1999 was the living embodiement of the hermetic tradition. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_d'Hooghvorst).
About external alchemy, IMO, first you have to receive the "donum Dei" and through the union of heaven and earth one starts the transformation within oneself until the final achievement of the golden immortal body.
The lab work it is a final and mysterious path that I do not know much about it, but according to the oral tradition you have to have receive the first matter or the matter of the pure life  from heaven or from a good friend to be able to  start the external path.
What Louis Cattiaux have rediscovered seems to be a path that is between the two "extremes" of a pure psychological  and a pure lab mineral research.
Sorry for my bad english. 
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"Biological Transmutations" by Professor C Louis Kervran might interest those on this thread. 

The book includes an experiment where chickens produce more calcium in their egg shells than can be accounted for in their diets.  Kervran's conclusion was that chicken's transmute silicon into calcium inside their bodies.  

From the standpoint of mainstream science this is anomalous.



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