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  1. Hi all before you can discuss the best alchemy book a decision needs to be made what path of alchemy you want to work with. By this I mean the acetate path, cinnabar path, or antimony path in western study. My path as of now is the acetate path. On this there are a few books which I would recommend 1- Conserning the Secrets of the Adepts by J. Weidenfeld 2- Clavis Alchemie by S. Norton 3- Bosome Book by G. Ripley 4- Scala Philosophorum by Guido de Montanor. These would be my recommendations. Strength & Wisdom Paul
  2. Hello thanks for welcoming me to this forum

    Thanks for the welcome Fa Xin. Spagyrics are not that much different then herbalism. In spagyrics you are working with plants and taking them through a reincarnation to recreate a living medicine with an intelligence. Their use can be either medicinal or spiritual in nature. If you would like to know more visit my site at www thanks again
  3. Hello my name is Paul and I have come to this forum to discuss the taoist work and texts on weigong. I am a practicing alchemist of western alchemy and spagyrics and have taken an interest in meditation qigong. I am interested in herbal formulas that were in use for meditation by the ancient weigong practice. I look forward to exchanging information and ideas about this taoist ancient practice. Thanks Strength & Wisdom Al-Kemi