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  1. Paintings you like

    I experienced a series of supernatural events that led me on a quest. I didnt have to give up art, but the quest became all consuming, and left me with a lot of ideas, but no answers that satisfy.
  2. To me racism has to include discrimination and unfortunately people hate for all kinds of reasons. All kinds of people are discriminated against all the time. Its unfortunate that the color of someones skin automatically includes certain preformed opinions that we term racist. The same is true on the reverse side though. Racism gets all the press but what about discrimination against over weight people, or poor people in general, or unattractive people, or uneducated people?
  3. Paintings you like

    I used to be a painter myself, but gave it up to pursue a deeper understanding of religion. I always thought id get back to it, but I havent. Back then I liked modern expressionism/abstract expressionism, but since then Ive grown to appreciate more classical art. My friend was in Europe at a museum and sent me a photo of a painting of the gods and the demons waging war with an older fatherly figure in the center holding the crucified Christ. I really like that one.
  4. What exactly is meant by living in duality? To me, spiritually, it means saying one thing and doing another, for a duality is composed of contrary thinking, is it not? So, how are people stuck in duality?
  5. Unwinding Desire

    Im currently in a phase of non attachment/non desiring, and it wasnt by choice, exactly, except to say that I have renounced worldly things as being dissatisfying or out of reach. I was never much of a go geter, and never acquired much, but I had my wants and they were satisfied, and part of my initiation was that people need to be satisfied before they are willing to contribute, for what good is a life unfulfilled? What Ive learned is that it is good to want and to get, and there are things worth having, and things worth keeping and protecting, and this talk of non desire is foolish, and I think it is from a different Age, where it was harder to get what you want. Also, in the wanting comes destructive means to acquiring, and that is another reason I think non attachment was spoken so highly of. We live in a different world now. As far as my life goes, I can be at peace with non wanting non having, but I dont want to be, but as I am unable to do anything else, I have to choose to embrace it.
  6. Are there evil master?
  7. How to become conscious of your thoughts.

    I dont think the GD has a one truth, I see it more of a series of tools that can be used to discover and develop truth. Thelema has it too, to some degree, but like you pointed out there is "one truth"- the truth of their prophet. The Rosy Cross is a great tool for developing an understanding of your fundamental idea.
  8. Are there evil master?

    There is no duality, you can have good without evil. We only compare the two because they are opposites. They arent reliant upon one another to reach understanding.
  9. Are there evil master?

    God gave us all the impulses and opportunities that we possess, even the evil ones. Its up to us to decide what is right and wrong.
  10. Hi Im posting this in the Occult section because I have done a bit of study of the two major occult philosophical schools of Thelema and the Golden Dawn, and wanted to use their methods to support my commentary on how to become conscious of your thinking. I like these two systems because they make use of the Rose Cross, which begins with one point and expands into a philosophical spectrum. That is what I came here to say: one needs to have a fundamental truth in order to organize ones thinking. What that truth is shall be up to the individual, but once you have it, you can construct your behavior and worldview around it, cross referencing your beliefs with what is going on around you. Everything relates back to this one truth, and in that way you become aware of your actions, your beliefs, and your reactions. Everything starts with a simple origin, and as it is developed the complexity arises, and the magician makes the necessary adjustments as they grow in order to preserve and promote their one truth and worldview. You can do this with multiple truths as well, and synthesis them into a collective whole, weeding out the parts or half truth that dont fit in with your worldview.
  11. Are there evil master?

    See, I dont think greed is Evil, though I think in the name of greed, Evil can be done. I dont think lust, gluttony, sloth, vanity is Evil either- but again, in the name of these "sins", Evil can be done. Evil is opposition or harm, harm to another persons health, wealth, property and contractual arrangements. Good is helping in these areas. Its that simple, no sins to worry about other than the sin of harming these things, or standing in the way of a persons rights to acquire them.
  12. Are there evil master?

    Evil has a definition. Evil is that which opposes or harms, and Good is that which aids or heals. You can say that "action is not Evil" but that is untrue from the use of the definition of the word. Actions are just actions, it is true, and yes, it is our perception of them which defines it- but that is true of all understanding. Actions have a result, and we choose to react to it as good or bad. Its intrinsic in the nature of our use of the words good and evil. You can turn the meaning of intelligence into conscious awareness if you like, but I am fine with the old definition that intelligence means understanding. I dont presume that people are unenlightened and acting ignorantly with their Will, though this might be true, the definition of Good and Evil does not falter- it is their interpretation that falters. It just means they are not acting intelligently. Nietzsche makes the point that Evil is not always bad, that it sometimes results in making people stronger, or more inventive. This might be true as well, but that does not mean it is not Evil.
  13. Are there evil master?

    Evil is natural to this sensual world. Thanks to lust and hunger, we have Evil actions. Ive watched children attack each other at the age of 2 for no apparent reason, its instinctual. How many of us can say we never stole? We want stuff and there are ways to get it that arent legal. Nietzsche was right, but that doesnt mean that we cannot train it out of ourselves, though when you drain your lust, passion and hunger you might find yourself weaker and loving less (feeling love, not being love). At the height of the mind comes the true will to do what is right, but it is not the Will that we are used to, its the Will of intelligence. Evil is everywhere.
  14. Are there evil master?

    If you believe in Good and Evil then yes, there are Evil Masters. If you think life is just a series of events that are cause effect or determined by animal law, then no.
  15. How old are you? Is it too early in life to settle? Love and sex can be two different things, which do you want or do you want them both? Are you too young to settle?