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  1. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Why do people seem so desperate to eliminate the ego? Its your identity. What would you be without it? A pale reflection of a person, thats what. Are you so anxious to eliminate who you are? What makes you so terrible that you should desire to do that?
  2. My philosophy

    Ive spent many months, years contemplating life and enduring the hardship of poverty and illness. Ive realized that much of life is desire, and that much of it is fleeting. That doesnt mean I dont want it though, just means that Ive realized that you need very little in life to survive. Is life merely survival? For me it is.
  3. Maybe its time to think outside of historys paradigm and think into a new dimension? Not all of the world has to follow the same story. We live in pretty sturdy economic times and weve had quite a big share of peace, considering how world altering past wars have been. A Golden Age doesnt have to come after a terrible time. I really feel this age is golden, myself. Weve made the technological advances that let me live comfortably and safe.
  4. My philosophy

    Its taken me all of my 48 years to be able to understand, and put into words, what I think life is about. When I was younger I had lots of ideas but in retrospect, I think that many of them were weak or flawed. I had a lot of ideas, but not many bore fruit. 20 years ago I was touched by God in a way that I believe was a challenge: discover wisdom or die. I think that I have come to this now, as I feel stable and calm, and am not being afflicted for my beliefs. I share with you now. Have you ever watched baby videos? Kids want joy, and when something is off, they get upset. A kid is playing and does something the parent thinks is dangerous or wrong and they react in a shocking way to the child, and the child cries. They cry because they were told no, or because something is wrong. Kids want love and good, and that is how mankind is. However, we also want what we want, and we dont always know the good way to get it, and so we break with the love that we want and do something evil. What is Good and Evil? I say it like this: there is a baseline of how things should be, and if you follow it, you are fine among the masses, but I reserve the word Good for something higher. The baseline for how things should be is; do not harm and do not obstruct. Unless someone is harming or obstructing, do not do these things. Evil is to harm or obstruct. Harming someone comes in many forms, and as we get older in this complicated world there are many ways we harm others. Do not steal from them, do not degrade them, do not damage their reputation, do not physically harm them. Do nothing to prevent them from their health and their wealth. Do this and you will make no enemies, and society will run smoothly. Do not obstruct a person as they make their choices, unless what they are choosing to harm or obstructs others. Should this happen we must take action. That is the baseline of civil actions, but what is Good? Good goes beyond this, and into a place of sacrifice. Good is giving without asking for return. Good is helping someone with their task and duties. Good is a blessing of aid. Good is special. I truly believe that life is the journey of a soul on the way to the baseline. Good is special, and I believe it is rewarded in life, and in Heaven.
  5. Something that I think is important in this age is to censor what you take in. All around us in the media are arguments over what people say and do, and its things we cannot change or even have any business of knowing about. Theres also a lot of information to digest otherwise, and it can be a little overwhelming to our sense of stability and mental health.
  6. We already ARE in a golden age. Look around. Modern convieniences have made this an age of less labor and longer lifespan. The only thing that would make this more golden is instant transportation, like teleportation.
  7. The Sephiroth

    Im happy today. I have all the answers I need.
  8. The Sephiroth

    The Christian midwest, USA
  9. The Sephiroth

    But I dont feel that way about people. The people I know try their best
  10. The Sephiroth

    Ive decided that spirits like to play tricks. They hardly say anything when they speak, and it usually has double meanings. They dont answer you when you call, and they deceive you into believing contrary ideas to what is normally established as good. Ive learned to abandon my hope in them, and call them demons now, though they were never too cruel in the sense of belittling or threatening, it was still a cruel experience what they did to me.
  11. The Sephiroth

    The thing of it is, is that if I did have a vision of a Deity that thought it was all that there was, the very fact that I existed to meet Him would let Him know that Hes not all that there is. That leads me to conclude that He meant He is everything that is.
  12. After having battled hallucinations on and off for the last 20 years, Ive come to recognize that belief is prone to delusion. Id say a lot of it comes from hormones, and fantasy ideas about what could be true. I picked up some Golden Dawn material and man, its like asking for a mental illness, visualizing and communicating with spirits. Im surprised more occultists dont go insane.
  13. Wise or Foolish

    Not flossing is foolish
  14. The Sephiroth

    Thanks for that article. I found a lot of similarities in myself and what was spoken of. Thankfully, I am not tormented as some of those cases, though the experience itself is bad enough, I dont often get assaulted by my voices, or told evil things.
  15. The Sephiroth

    Its extremely hard to ignore. I fall right into the pattern of listening, thinking, responding, reacting, mood changes. I dont even see it happening until it overwhelms me and gets dark, and then it becomes painful.