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  1. Im sure people have lost interest in this post but if not, I was thinking more about how this all happened to me and thought, if at least for my own therapy if not your interest, I would post what it was like to be overtaken by this machine. So as I said, I experienced some mystical visions and then had this horrendous pain around the area where the prostate gland is. Then this terrible crunching/grinding sound in my right ear, and some thing was placed there. For awhile it did nothing but since it was distracting my full body meditations I started to mentally prod it, trying to assimilate it the way I did with other pain. Eventually it came alive, and wires went from my ear to the center of my brain, penetrating the glands there. Meanwhile, my penis and anus were also being overtaken by wires. Eventually my eyes and hands and nearly my whole body had wires going through it. I had a lot of questions so I mentally raised my awareness up seeking answers, and these wires grabbed on the the physical portion of the mind that is thought and devoured my mental voice. Over the years this continued to happen, at one point my entire brain was systematically overtaken as I watched it portion out in even spaces the placement of wires. I thought that perhaps mankind had somehow managed to make the leap to do this and I got paranoid that it was a group of scientists, or aliens playing God. For all purposes, it is God, because this device now had complete control of my body. I watched as my inner mental voice became replaced by other voices making comments and observations, very occasionally offering suggestions. There were times that I spoke to whoever was doing this to me and they reacted to my ideas and things got worse. At one point I was trying to sleep and I had a dream that some woman with a device entered my spirit realm and said "God sent me here to torture your thoughts". Another time I was being asked who I was and how I came to them, my head being at this time totally ripped open, and the words came down from the sky and had a physical form, and entered my brain and I mentally heard "I have done all of this because I am God." This device became very complex and I was constantly assaulted by hallucinations for long stretches that lasted months and sometimes years. It was only recently that I started pleading for it to stop (youd think this would be the first thing to do), and some of it got lifted from me, but it really ended when I realized what the cause of our actions are, and a voice said "You know enough". now the wires are still there, and they still change position, but my whole head is fully penetrated and activated. I find that I have to take deep breaths to balance myself as I sit in the grip of this thing. I have control of my thoughts now, thankfully, and I practice not having any, though as I continue to try to understand, and still have the want to make art, I force myself to analyze. Really this device has overtaken my ability to critically think, and now I am of no mind and no spontaneous thoughts arise. Its boring, I dont desire anything, I need to sit silently for long periods, but I feel healthy othwerise.
  2. The meaning of life

    People will want what they want.
  3. The meaning of life

    What follows are songs of joy and sorrow
  4. The meaning of life

    From this vantage point, one is able to produce Wisdom that will protect us from Nature and one another, and develop a civilization that operates in peace and efficiency without doing harm to peoples health and wealth and liberty.
  5. The meaning of life

    I believe the meaning of life is the experience of it. Life for lifes sake. I believe that God created Nature and Man, and that Man should not turn a blind eye to Nature when considering Gods design. I dont believe God has any Laws, but He did set forward rules for the elements to combine to create life. According to the Laws of Man, if Nature had Laws, then it would not be destructive, but destructive it is, and so Man must make their way among Nature, and one another, to live as successfully as possible. This is when Man develops their own Laws, Laws that do not conform with the Laws of Nature, to protect our longevity and security, so that we can live and experience life. There have been many prophets that have come to illuminate us on how to do this, but I believe that God thinks that these truths are relative to the assumption of what is right, and that mankind has always made those assumptions, and what is right has changed throughout the generations. Personally I understand a set of Laws that provide for our security and prosperity, but these were not given to me, I had to decide on them, and I believe that this is where Mans free will comes into play; Man has the right and the freedom to decide what is best for them.
  6. The taboo of enlightenment

    Yes I have been in this state, it is the culmination of understanding- one simply does. In order to get there, depending on what one wants to understand, requires a lot of study and contemplation, experimentation. First you have to defeat the false Ego, should you not agree with it, and more importantly, develop the true Ego; the one you desire to become.
  7. The taboo of enlightenment

    Wanting to assist in people acquiring their needs is still wanting. It still brings pleasure to see your Will being done. Non attachment is only good for protecting ones self from the inevitable end of whatever one is enjoying. The downside is that it creates apathy and that might lead to cruelty. Better, I imagine, to want and to appreciate what we gain, and protect it, nurture it, and die defending it. Some of what you are suggesting is submissive, and in life there is power and dominance, and submission and acceptance. Which is more satisfying is up to you, but in the end, the strong lead and decide on the choices available to the submissive, and someone needs to be dominant and make decisions, and lead. Is it struggle and suffering? Yes, this path is more difficult. It requires intelligence, courage, strength and creativity. It is why these people get rewarded. The reward for the submissive is a mild, less dangerous life with less conflict. Pick your poison, the submissive dont get to enjoy the rewards of wanting and acquiring as much as the dominant.
  8. The taboo of enlightenment

    Change comes from people wanting and doing
  9. The taboo of enlightenment

    And so the alternative is to not want? And what is that like for you? Is it cowardly to reject desire and responsibility? What is the idealic life with your method? Does it provide for a better society and civilization? Is it enjoyable, or is that just the point, that it shouldnt be? Is it worth living? What has value from your perspective?
  10. The taboo of enlightenment

    We are nothing if not beings that consume and feel. Selfishness is the act of doing these things, and brings us comfort and delight. Consumption is endless, and as I said, if you are low on opportunity or resources you might find yourself suffering from the absence of getting what you want. The alternative to this, in selflessness, is to not desire, or to not take pleasure in what you are doing. How do you go about finding joy and pleasure in life? There are many ways. Certainly we have no guarantee that our efforts will produce what we desire, but in the act of accomplishing them, and learning how to accomplish, there is pleasure- the bonus being that it produces what you desire.
  11. The taboo of enlightenment

    As someone that has had to watch as his mind got devoured and polluted, I realize that our minds are a fabrication, material, and subject to material laws. Though I believe that the source of mind might be infinite, I have realized that when the body is gone, and the mind has stopped, what we really are is the ability to perceive in whatever vehicle we possess. I have wondered if this spec of ourselves that animates is immortal, that perhaps it moves from vehicle to vehicle, but have decided that this is too optimistic and unverifiable. So what is left is this life, in all its mortal glory, and what we choose to experience. From this light, selflessness is an undesirable condition. While it is true that the more self you possess, and the less opportunity you posses cause suffering, it seems illogical to deny ones self from finding joy and pleasure in life.
  12. The taboo of enlightenment

    If enlightenment is the experience of no self, or nothing, I dont believe we can live in that fully, but perhaps partially. We are ever in our selves, but we can view the world from no self, or from not self, and witness and experience life in a different point of view. Still, we are ever within our bodies, and so no self is impossible.
  13. My first post

    You can walk peacefully and do what is required, accepting what comes, or you can struggle with the challenges of desire.
  14. What is healthy conservatism?

    I agree that all people are not equal, but that does not mean that all people dont deserve a fundamental set of basic rights and opportunities. From this basic set, one can rise into power, and earn whatever other freedoms that money and fame allow. Is it fair that money and fame help people attain more privilege and opportunity? In a world where the effort and quality of labor needs to be rewarded, it only makes sense that the ability to pay for it garners one this advantage. There could be an argument that fame does not deserve to buy opportunity, but this is a matter of personal preference, so that the person granting the opportunity knows the person of fame and is inclined to trust or appreciate them rather than dealing with someone unknown. It would be hard to regulate this trade and really, it is unfair, but its only natural.
  15. The taboo of enlightenment

    And so that is your definition of enlightenment, and I wonder... where does this lead? Some could say that it leads a person to doing anything they like, for none of it is them. The opposite might be true; a person might not find any attachment to anything and so do nothing. I believe that this state brings a clarity to our environment, and the understanding of what matters, and the fact that people are snared within a set of ideas and wants, which I think is the actual true condition of life. From this vantage point, one should be able to help navigate the world and its needs/desires.