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  1. Morality

    I've never been one of the faithful. I imagined death when I was young and vanished for a minute. There was nothing, so I told myself that there is nothing to fear of death. I walked away from the Catholic Church before getting confirmed and I refused to go, I just didn't believe that it was the truth of the world. Sadly in my older years I realize that I was right, but that it is a goal to attain to try and bring that light into the world. The world is animal in nature, and people aren't always at the top of their game when it comes to doing the right thing. Also sad is that I became no better, doing things that I now find morally wrong. I didn't straighten out until I was 22, and even then I did a couple deeds that I am ashamed of. Still, I became a good person mostly, just had a couple kinks. Now I realize that God doesn't play by the rules, and I wonder if there are any in His eyes. I see the animal nature now more than ever, and I realize that life can be a struggle, and we all commit sin from weariness or anger, or foolishness. I wonder how God could police it all anyway? I can't say there is a Heaven or a Hell, but my dreams are not the most pleasant for me, and if there is any indication of where I might end up, it is in dream. My dreams aren't terrible, just not entirely favorable to me; it's no Heaven that I dream, but it's not a Hell either.
  2. Morality

    We live in an animal world. Like animals, we kill, we love, we fight. We have higher reasoning and more developed language, but we are still just animals. Like animals, we kill for sport and food. I focus on killing because that is the primary moral truth that holds in most people's minds. But yet, we kill, sometimes for pleasure or anger. I don't think this is frowned upon in the Divine God's realm of thinking. We probably just die when we die and there is no after place for us. Everything is what it is til it's gone, and its mostly meaningless unless you hold value to something. I wonder what the world would be like if we weren't told there is a Heaven, or that God has a morality? Would it be better? I feel that it would be more dangerous. I think there would be more nihilism and oppression. The strong would dominate the weak and life would hold less value to us.
  3. Morality

    I've given up thinking there is any Divine Law, or Divine morality, or human morality. I think people just do what they want and if you don't like it, do something about it. I think logically when we are harmed we get upset and we think there is a moral law about it, but I no longer believe in the providence of man or God. I think that we expect civility but the truth is that this rule is easily broken, and we try to govern ourselves with rules that protect us, but in the grand scheme, none of it matters; we are left to our own devices to protect ourselves. That is why I was given over to Thelema, it is God's Will that I see this. Do What Thou Wilt.
  4. Compassion

    I'm sorry you are depressed, I know how painful it can be. I really feel for anyone that is suffering from mental pain, or physical pain. It can be difficult to suffer long term. I don't feel like my life is a task from God, that is an interesting thing to think. It's funny how we validate a not-so-great life in the eyes of the Divine. I don't feel close to having a purpose for God. I feel that life is given to us and we make the most of it while we can and when we can't, we can't. Right now I can't.
  5. Compassion

    I'm trying to see it this way. I feel that I may be too depressed though. It's been a long time since I've felt the joy of being alive.
  6. Compassion

    Thanks, I never thought of it that way.
  7. Compassion

    I have this subtle pain in me. I think it comes from a sadness that is brought on by realizing our mortality. It's not a great pain, but it is always there, and when I find myself not thinking about it, I feel that I need to remind myself of it because otherwise I'm not thinking properly. I feel like if I ignore the pain and the sadness that I am failing at being aware.
  8. Why light in Buddhist scriptures disappear

    Yes, it can lead to compassion, but it can also lead to anger and hate.
  9. Why light in Buddhist scriptures disappear

    THERE IS NOTHING VIRTUOUS NOR NOBLE IN SUFFERING! It merely eats away at your strength and leaves you destitute! If suffering were virtuous then causing suffering would be good, and causing suffering is NOT GOOD, it is EVIL.
  10. Dreams

    Sometimes I dream as if I am watching myself go through the motions of the dream. Sometimes I am someone else. Usually the dream defies natural laws, but sometimes it's very straight on real.
  11. Compassion

    In this world of pride, greed, and sensual indulgence, one might well ask themselves; "What is right?" I tell you that compassion is the only path to righteousness, it is the greatest good and it is the only right way.
  12. Dreams

    Yes, beliefs. We all believe something, and I am posting what I have concluded.
  13. Dreams

    Ever since I was a child I have had prophetic dreams. They stopped for awhile, but after I had a close encounter with the God that touched me, I have had them again. Sometimes my dreams appear meaningless, and sometimes they have a theme. Sometimes I think they are a manifestation of my mind, and other times there are elements and language that I do not know or use. I believe that whatever is going on in the supernatural realm occurs not in our daily lives, but in dream. I believe that the ultimate language and reality of the Gods is far beyond our deciphering. I also believe that we transcend the body at death and exist in dream states, especially if you have been chosen to participate in the business of the Gods.
  14. How do we know?

    I believe that we are animals, and that we want sensual things. I believe we do not immediately know how to act, or right from wrong. I believe it is in our natures to do wrong if it suits our animal impulses. I also believe that God gave us the mind to overcome these things. I believe that God knows better than us, and I believe that God wants us to succeed, even after all I have been through. I think the occult is a step back from the higher minded thought of other traditions, for they honor the animal and the sensual.
  15. How do we know?