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Shift Happens

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No better time to join the neo-amish underground!

Luddites unite!




tree-huggin' dirt worshiper

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dude, that was sweeeeet.

exponential times

technology and nature merge!

science and religion!

hold onto your seats and ride the wave!

connect with reality or be lost in cyber space!

connect with cyber space or be lost in reality!

china with more english speakers than usa?

united kingdom the richest country?

1/8 people marrying through meeting online?

india and china the new superpowers with much of the intelligence?



I know in my own life, all this is real amazing and blissful. Mostly, in that I have met incredible people through Zaadz, Facebook and Myspace. These networking sites have opened worlds to me. Literaly being born into the information revolution has been incredible. Keep looking up! We might just become immortal! Balance nature and technology... or at least nature and nature!


Much love and respect!



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