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  1. zhan zhuang posture

    The weight distribution seems to be wrong in the diagram - should be 60% in the sitting leg and 40% in the straight leg. - usually this is 70 - 30
  2. Just relax and gently place and keep your attention on your tan tien - belly - and you will be breathing properly Nothing forced
  3. there is no stock market in heaven

    How can you be sure LOL
  4. Good Charities to Donate too

    We give to soup kitchens who feed the poor and homeless directly - no middle man
  5. Experiment with tongue relaxed on the roof of your mouth and with your tongue not touching Feel the difference for yourself
  6. ones tongue should rest on on roof of ones mouth at all times with the exception of when you are speaking.
  7. Perfect Health Diet

    our ancestors did not have processed oils in their diet. It is too concentrated. Oils are best when contained in foods. IMHO
  8. Introducing pain into meditation

    Start with an easier position - put pillows under your thighs. Do stretches to open the tight areas
  9. Happy bowel movement

    tablespoon of ground flax seeds although if one is eating properly they will have at least one quick - no struggle - movement per day
  10. Introducing pain into meditation

    Self flagellation is fun, also sitting meditation on a board with nails like some yogis. I wonder what your religious background is/was. Is ego involved? It is difficult enough to sit in meditation to find inner peace and reach higher states without introducing pain into the equation. Overcoming pain is a way to train ones mind but not a way to a higher state. IMHO
  11. How do Taoists handle enemies?

    a Taoist would act appropriately in the moment and a Taoist would know what is an appropriate action or non action
  12. A punch in the face

    My teacher is better than yours LOL I would outright refuse to play with her and if anyone asks why I would tell it like it is. Refusing to be in a bad situation is a highly developed skill in itself. Wuji baby!
  13. A punch in the face

    I would still explain to her the rules of the game She might not understand them; tell her if she can't or doesn't want to follow the rules you are finished with her. A good teacher would never teach her if she is as you say
  14. A punch in the face

    TM what was the woman's reaction when she hit you. Did she say anything? In the situation you described i would tell her what she did was not ethical/proper and explain why. She needs to know what she did so she can learn. Based on her response I would either tell her not to push with me again or push with her being on high alert until I was convinced she understood that the goal is not to hurt others.
  15. Favorite translations/commentary on the Gita?

    Jnaneshwar's Gita - Swami Kripananda