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  1. ORMUS

    After 5.5 years of study, experimentation, etc., I would say it's even more than that.
  2. ORMUS

    Ormus is present in brain and bone marrow, many plants and soils, and all seawater, as well as some air. We all try it, simply by having a physical body. It's already there. On another note, Dan Winter is not a particularly well-versed Ormus researcher. Saying Ormus can be addicting is like saying food can be. Sure it can. Some foods a lot more than others. There's a very large Yahoo group devoted to Ormus, and several smaller ones, as well as the whitegold mailing list. There's about as much bullshit surrounding Ormus as there is around martial arts/meditation/qigong/etc., so be prepared, if you investigate. There's also some truly mind-blowing stuff there, too, just like martial arts/meditation/qigong/etc.. It just depends. Ask me if you have questions. I certainly don't know it all, but...I've been studying it for about 5 or 6 years now, and have spends thousands of dollars, thousands of hours, and lots of time and energy doing experiments and studying Ormus.
  3. I'd rather eat a diet that doesn't require intensive therapy just to allow me to function in the real world. 80/10/10 just jacks my brain and emotions all up, I can't even be around people when I eat like that, I start avoiding my friends, it gets scary, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone ever, except as a "see, I told you that doesn't work" tough-love method. The worst part is needing to be lying down for 12 hours a day. I hate that, and it really cramps my lifestyle. I only need half the time lying down eating the raw paleo diet as I did when I ate the 80/10/10, and I sleep the same amount on both. That's sobering. This isn't a natural human diet. We need animal products. Only extremely high-level yogis can go without food and/or animal products, and I know a lot of people who THOUGHT they were at that level, and weren't, and learned the hard way. The VERY hard way. But do what you want, bro. I know what works. You know what makes a pretty theory. Who do you think will last longer? ROFL
  4. Let me know if you'll be down there anytime. I go every 3-4 years. What do you do down there for fun? Have you been up to Monteverde Park or Marina Ballena park in Uvita? I think your plan makes sense, although I'd definitely get the fat levels up to at least 30% of calories. Also, I'd go for the best quality sashimi. Experiment, go with what works, don't get dogmatic, and be open. You'll get there. I'm a mod over at the raw paleo forum, I'm cherimoya_kid...if you have questions, that's the place. Come hang out there if you feel like it.l
  5. I did it for about 8 months very strictly, and pretty close to 80/10/10 for several months before that. I just got worse as time passed. Even if you avoid the watery fruits (they destroy your teeth fast) you will still suffer neurological problems in the long run, simply from the lack of fat. I have a number of friends who did it for many months, and who were very unhappy with the results. Your body needs fat and animal products, especially your brain. What I find is that people who do a tremendous amount of traveling and physical exercise can get away with 80/10/10 for much, much longer. It may still be doing serious brain damage, though. Dr. Doug can get away with it because the panic attacks and other brain problems seem to be reduced by traveling a great deal, and he's on the road 11 months a year. He also does a lot of physical exercise, which helps reduce the sugar highs. Are you still living in Costa Rica, Sean? I've spent several months there, and have found some great sources of good fruit, coconuts, and other good raw foods there.
  6. 80/10/10 is fine short-term, but your body needs some more fat than that, long-term. Also, you need some animal products too. 80/10/10 seriously damaged my health. I know a lot of others who have had their health compromised by it, as well.

    Absolutely. A high-level internal master could easily destroy each and every MMA fighter in the ring today. Don't believe me? Then I refer you to mjjbecker's post, above.
  8. Well, no offense, but I think I myself might actually know more 4 pillars astrology than you, and I don't consider myself anywhere NEAR the same level as my good Hindu friend, and he is nowhere NEAR the level of some the better astrologers that he knows. If you're interested, email or PM me.
  9. It is quite possible. I can put you in touch with a very, very gifted astrologer.
  10. Video of master using his chi

    From what I can see in that video, I can tell he definitely has excellent martial arts skills, and my standards are very high in that area. If you say he has those skills, ShaktiMama, I'm prepared to accept the possibility. He moves, if anything, almost better than my sifu, and my sifu very definitely had tremendous martial and chi abilities.
  11. Video of master using his chi

    It's no worse than the pursuit of money, sex, political power, etc., roughly speaking. That's my opinion. The reason I don't spend more time on it is twofold-- 1. I fear that I'll spend so much time developing a particular skill that it will affect my relationships with others. 2. I really wonder if I'll ever really need it. There's more than 1 way to accomplish a particular end. But I wouldn't tell people NOT to spend time on such things. I say, if life throws it in your lap, and you like it, and it's not going to seriously disrupt your life, have fun with it. But yeah, there are plenty of people (on this board, and in the world in general) who would take such a thing too far. Just like we have Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who have more money than they'll ever need, and who would have better served themselves and the world by taking a few more walks/naps or playing a few more video games or hanging out with friends/family more, you will also have similar extremely driven/talented people who train esoteric powers to excess. The same is true for getting high, getting laid, etc. It can be taken to excess, and sometimes is. If you don't see the wisdom glowing out of that paragraph, I cannot help you, nor would I want to, my friend. I know you're laughing at me. It's OK. I'm laughing back, even harder. It's like the Tao Te Ching says "Fools laugh. The Tao laughs harder." Not that you're a fool, just that you simply have not (yet, maybe) the necessary experiences. You wouldn't expect a pygmy in Africa to believe that satellites are flying around in space, or that the speed of time flow is controlled by gravity. He just doesn't have the background knowledge/experience, right?
  12. High Level chi battle?

    I don't know, there were a few times when we camr pretty darn close to total nuclear annihilation. We're still in nuclear danger on a smaller scale because of terrorists and crazy dictators. I fear that weapons that used these energies would take us several decades to get to a point of safety from total annihilation, just like it took us several decades to come to a basic worldwide semi-consensus re: nukes. I definitely think that, if Moore's Law keeps holding true, we will eventually recognize and accept and use these energies. They are a part of us/Life/nature. I'm pretty sure that at least some of them are quite controllable and harnessable, and do conform well to as-yet-undiscovered mathematical/scientific equations and rules. I see no point in rushing worldwide awareness of these energies. But, if you want to push that boulder up that hill...LOL
  13. High Level chi battle?

    Power is neutral. Nobel thought that dynamite would be used purely for good. Guess what? Not. The same with nuclear power. If you think nukes are scary, just imagine a large-scale machine that could harness these energies. Yeah, just as scary. What really scares me is the thought that some Muslim extremist might develop such a machine and kill a few million people. Yeah, I think I'll let that day come later versus sooner. If you want to reveal all this to the world, go find someone who has mastered these skills. The ball's in your court, my friend.
  14. High Level chi battle?

    I do not think you have thought this through. I don't actually know how long it takes to develop these abilities. I don't have them. For that matter, I really don't believe that practicing this stuff makes you a better person, or at least not automatically. A real fanatic will do what it takes to cause harm, even if he has to work years and years at it. The 9/11 hijackers spent years learning to fly planes and study martial arts. Spreading this stuff around will have no net effect on the problems that come with black magic. As soon as a particular ability is released publicly, everybody has access to it, and it's a wash. I repeat--there are reasons these things are secret. Some of them have to do with the world not getting any better if they are released, or maybe worse, and others have to do with the practitioners not wanting to get harrassed. Nobody wants eager prospective students, government agents, and skeptics calling and bothering them. Let's say you worked for a bank. Would you spread information around the internet about the holes in the bank's IT security systems? You could justify it by saying that the bank will eventually close those holes, if they are publicly known. Meanwhile, thousands of people could/would have their bank accounts emptied by hackers. Every release of secret information has its costs and benefits. Sudden releases have more extreme effects, wouldn't you say? Who wants extreme effects? Not me, I don't think.