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An interesting picture gleaned genealogically...


My father's last name means "warrior," his first name means "lion."

His brother's, my only uncle's, last name is predictably the same; his first name means "cat."

My mother's maiden name means "bear," her first name means "muse."

My paternal grandmother's maiden name is derived from "Hagar" the biblical personage; her first name means "wisdom."

My maternal grandmother's maiden name means "oak tree," her first name means "God's promise."

My husband's last name means "birch tree," his first name means "bear."


Thus within the names of the closest family I have


4 animal entries -- lion, cat, two bears;

2 tree entries -- oak, birch

2 religious entries -- Hagar, God's promise

2 entries for art and philosophy -- muse, wisdom

1 martial entry -- warrior


I would say this layout accurately describes the peculiarities of my personality, the drives within my soul, and probably my DNA.


What about you?:)

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My surname appears to have been changed when my great grandfather moved to Australia.


As for my fist name, I'm going to have to paraphrase Butch from Pulp Fiction and say "I'm Australian, honey. Our names don't mean nothing." :)


Although Mal is apparently Spanish IIRC for evil, and people have thought I use it as a joke. Pretty cool, but it's just my preferred shortened version of my name.


This thread should be fun as other cultures usually have pretty cool name meanings.

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very interesting, lets see what i can come up with...


my maiden name is derived from a celtic name that means "god", my first name means "pure".

my husband's last name means "from the mountain", his first name means "gift from god".


father: last name means "god" and first name means "courageous bear".


mother: last name means "wide open" and first name means "lily".



very beautiful to look at our origins from this perspective! :wub:

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I love this...


my name means 'honourable'

my eldest sons' name means 'inspiration'

my youngest sons' name means 'eagle'

my mothers means 'by the grace of god'

my sisters name means 'justice'


i had a horse I called gollum cause he was always sneakin'

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My father's first name means 'Rock'

My first name means 'straight or channel'

My mother's first name is questionable, but it came from an association with either the god Jupiter or Julus.

My maternal grandmother's first name means 'eagle'.

My maternal grandfather's first name means 'God is gracious'.

My paternal grandfather's first name means 'Brave power'.

MY paternal grandmother's first name means 'Lily'


I couldn't find any meanings online for the last names in my family. If anyone has a good site for this, especially one that my google skills couldn't locate, I'd appreciate it.

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