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  1. Full lotus

    Normally I can sit in full lotus for a while, but I am blessed with flexibility, however recently I have done my ACL (a ligament) in my knee. Now I sit in half lotus with one leg stretched out in front! LOL, its kinda funny, but it seems to work well too! I think the key is gently increasing how much you can do. Your body will adjust if you do a bit everyday.
  2. What's in a name?..

    I love this... my name means 'honourable' my eldest sons' name means 'inspiration' my youngest sons' name means 'eagle' my mothers means 'by the grace of god' my sisters name means 'justice' i had a horse I called gollum cause he was always sneakin'
  3. hello.

    Hi, well i've been reading the other posts and I can say that I really don't know anything about stuff all. However what I am looking for is a teacher and a healer, or maybe a teacher/healer. The teacher bit is for myself. I meditate a little, I've never had a religion, but I have had a life long interest in taoism. I've only read a book by john bloomfield(?) and my husband who spends lots of time in Indonesia brought me a book about a guy there. Still it all seem to resonate (hate that word, but you know what I mean). The healer is for someone close to me that nees a miracle. She is outside the help of western medicine and probably most alternative therapies. I don't know why I'm posting on this site for this, but it seems as good a place as any. I'll post more about this in the healing circle subform, it seems a more likely place. Anyhelp in this direction would be most deeply appreciated. cheers all.