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  1. happiness is the vehicle, not the destination

  2. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    maybe this is a waste of time, but in case anyone still reading this thread actually cares about the truth and wants to go beyond internet gossip, i would like to add to what jamyang wrote. i too know micah personally and have for over 8 years. i studied taichi under him for many years and dabbled in other things with him as well, bagua, some qigong, etc. he is an excellent teacher and a respectable man. as a student and friend of his, i feel it is my duty to speak up when so many people are slandering him. micah is exactly who he says he is, yes he trains as much as he says he does, and no, he is not the same person as "shifu lin". i knew about "shifu lin" a long time before anyone even knew that he was even involved with mopai. i have no reason to doubt anything that micah has ever said about him. you can think what you want about the way micah markets things, that's fine. but it is seriously bad karma to drag someone through the mud on the internet when you have no idea who they are and are just speaking out of spite, or boredom, or who knows what. the truth is out there for those that actually care about the truth. that's the bottom line. instead of spending hours on the internet trying to find dirt on someone you do not know, spreading lies, maybe you can spend that time meditating and training. just an idea
  3. Women's health, women wisdom

    just a few websites & books that i really enjoy and that have really helped me on my path to improving my health (physical, emotional and spiritual) and my cultivation...
  4. master liu he - immune boost qigong

    glad you enjoyed it! not as "extreme" as the kind of practices everyone likes to talk about around here, so i thought it might be nice to share, if anything as a kind of counter balance, so people realize that powerful qigong or neigong does not need to be complicated or dangerous.
  5. master liu he - immune boost qigong

    this is the first time that master liu has shared any videos on the internet. this is a nice simple qigong form for the immune system. i would love to hear comments from anyone who tries it! i am going to study with her again this weekend, can't wait
  6. RAMADAN 2010

    ramadan mubarak!
  7. What's in a name?..

    very interesting, lets see what i can come up with... my maiden name is derived from a celtic name that means "god", my first name means "pure". my husband's last name means "from the mountain", his first name means "gift from god". father: last name means "god" and first name means "courageous bear". mother: last name means "wide open" and first name means "lily". very beautiful to look at our origins from this perspective!
  8. Feminine issues

    yes qigong would be a wonderful place to start. jade woman qigong is a form that was created to help women balance out issues like PCOS; i have been practicing it and absolutely love it. i think it would be worth it for your friend to look into. i think looking for medical advice on a forum like this though is a tricky endeavor. PCOS is a complex condition, and you will find literally hundreds of different forms of advice online, many of which are downright harmful. taking lots of pills and vitamins is not going to help. her body needs to be able to rebalance its hormones, and therefore the liver should not be overtaxed. multivitamins have been shown in studies to not improve much of anything when it comes to health. much better to just eat a wide variety of whole, fresh foods. chinese medicine has been very effective at treating PCOS and other hormonal imbalances from what i have heard. i have personally been treated for female issues with herbs and acupuncture and have been seeing some great changes over the last few months. i think it is one of the safest approaches, because chinese medicine will look at the body as a whole and treat it accordingly, versus just taking a strong supplement that will have an action on cysts, for example, but could potentially have a negative on hormones. herbs are a safer approach, in my opinion, when formulated/prescribed by someone qualified.
  9. tummo and chi

    kali yoga & dreamingawake, i appreciate both your posts and i understand your points of view, and tend to agree with it. i have no grandiose expectations of people fully understanding what they are looking for or why they are even seeking what they are seeking. however, that doesn't mean that one shouldn't ask those questions to at least potentially get that ball rolling in the person's mind. i think that has a lot of value. agree to disagree i guess. time to change, don't apologize for asking a question. seeking knowledge is important! i asked you a question though that i personally feel is important to ask yourself, as it will ultimately help you decipher the road ahead and the many paths that are available in self-development. whether you answer here on the forum or not is not really the point.
  10. tummo and chi

    there is a time and place to give people instruction and talk about actual methods. and in fact, there are LOTS of posts where people do. but the way his post was written, with no information about where he is at with his own practice, or if he even has one, didn't really strike a chord. your post was good, yes. good for you for wanting to help a guy out. but i tend to feel like that kind of post, honestly, doesn't deserve a well thought out answer with some wisdom and guidance. his post wasn't well thought out or well written, and the intention that came through was not one that i, personally, feel i should cater to. i asked him a question to give him a chance to write more and explain where he is at. but he didn't bother to reply.
  11. tummo and chi

    if someone is asking about how to develop very advanced skills, without giving any information about their background or experience, i think asking someone why they want to achieve those skills is perfectly reasonable. in fact, it is MUCH more reasonable than just giving someone instructions via an internet forum that they could misinterpret or that could potentially harm them. the practices that are required to achieve skills like those mentioned are actually potentially quite dangerous if not done under spervision (whether its hard external training, hard qigong, or advanced qi packing neigong). like you said yourself, most people will never be able to do the things this guy mentioned in his opening post. the "why" is very important because it dictates the road someone will take or should take or shouldn't take. i was not being dismissive, i was asking a legitimate question that the opening poster did not answer. same for the "third eye" thread. i asked him why he wanted to be able to open his third eye. simple question. never got an answer. opening the third eye is not some simple sunday afternoon endeavor, nor is it usually the ultimate goal of practice. anyhow. my two cents for what its worth. i am glad that this forum does have a buffer and that people have discussions about these advanced practices. thats the way it should be. no one should just be sent off to meditate in full lotus for an hour a day without any instruction
  12. Meditation as a cure for mental illness

    you should write a memoir. thank you for posting such a personal and powerful story.
  13. Male or female teacher for women practice ?

    thank you for the link! seems like she has created a very interesting system. i'm going to bookmark her website, might buy her DVD in the future.
  14. Male or female teacher for women practice ?

    other than the women i already mentioned, i have not encountered that many. there are probably many women that teach qigong in a martial arts setting, but i don't know that there are many that teach high level healing qigong or neigong. in a thread a few months ago, someone mentioned a female teacher somewhere in the south eastern US that taught taichi and qigong and was supposedly excellent. i cannot remember her name. there is effie chow too, this is her website there is another woman i know of from a fairly secretive taoist system that teaches neigong as well as the female sexual practices. she is an old student of the grand master of a system one of my teacher studies. i don't know much about her, i have been trying to get in touch with her for some time actually via my teacher. but they are pretty closed doors. we'll see. and there is angela yan, which there was a thread about recently here. no one seems to know where she is teaching, or if she is teaching. she used to be based in buffalo. this is a video of her :
  15. The Serpent - Satan?

    i am concerned by the fact that several people continue to feed into lino's delusions. this is a problem, he obviously needs help and will not be getting it from a forum, nor will he be listening to the many people who have already recommended that he seek help in one way or another. the least we can do for him is to stop feeding into the dark illusions that he is putting out. i say this out of nothing but compassion and love.