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  1. A bit dull so far, but only in the intro.
  2. Detoxing pretty hard the last couple of days....but have been training quite intensely. Could have nothing to do with larger energetic schemes.
  3. Blocked channels, energetic cords, failed expectations....etc. The stronger and more flowing your energy is the less external energies affect you. This takes time and cultivation to achieve. Welcome to TDB.
  4. Hi!

    Welcome to TDB.
  5. The only way to create a perfect society is to have it filled with perfect individuals. After all, a society by definition is an association of individuals. This is unlikely to ever happen. Furthermore, trying to create a harmonious society with "rules" when the individuals within it are in disharmony (look inward) is putting the cart before the horse. Instead let us settle for at least having a society that is peaceful, runs smoothly and is not actively destroying humanity and the ecosystems in which we exist. Compassion, like oil in a car is the primary lubricant between individuals (and other systems) and thus a major key in achieving this goal. Cheers.
  6. Welcome to TDB. There are a couple coyotes lurking around here. A thread that talks a bit about Chaos magick. Cheers and enjoy the forum.
  7. Taoism books are good, Taoist practices are great. Welcome to TDB.
  8. I didn't realize The Magickal Challenge is back on. Andrieh has a new sit and everything as well as a fb group where people are posting. May jump on in. http://www.magical30.com
  9. We can have stronger connections with others because of past live interactions. Don't put these friendships on a pedestal, there still may be a time when you evolve beyond them. The more you open up your psychic capacities the easier these interactions become. Tapping into others no longer becomes difficult. Sounds like your practice is going strong Vajra, congrats on developing some initial siddhis.
  10. Please god stay away from Mantak Chia. Some of his exercises can straight fuck up your body. Karezza is a good place to start for looking into Sacred Sexuality. Chi Kung is a practice that can help you to experience subtle energy (chi) but learning to experience it consistently takes time and practice. If you want to experience some powerful initial effects of chi, take this exercise and do it one day for as long as you can until your body can't take it anymore and becomes burnt and friend the energy (8 hrs +). Though in the long term practice moderation....only do 70 % of your limit in a single day to ensure a consistent practice without burnout (Chi sickness). Have fun.
  11. Be careful whom you let play with your energy body. Ultimately on the path you have to do the majority of the work. Don't know anything about augass....just do your research and don't be dependent on others to get a gnosis "fix". Have a daily practice your going hard at. Cheers.
  12. Found this link online, might be valuable for some in Cali: Kunlun Seminar
  13. One of the conclusions i've come too after many years of cultivation is that enlightenment and the path is not a realistic solution for the many social ills that populate humanity. It just requires to much effort and discipline to walk the path. It's highly unreasonable to expect more than a slim minority to seek in sincerity. Though that doesn't mean spiritual knowledge is useless in helping aid humanity in it's suffering. Simple techniques which take no training and are so easy and effective that anyone can use it in order to assist in moving a society towards greater harmony are the real keys. This Compassion mudra is one such powerful key. Cheers.
  14. I first started learning chi kung via book and dvd and received lots of benefits without the direct instruction of a teacher. Here is a core exercise from Spring Forest Chi Kung. Basic but powerful, cheers.
  15. To "fasttrack my awareness of chi", here are a couple of tips. 1. Conserve your sexual energy 2. Practice a lot everyday....for several hours. Here's a list of tricks you can do to create time and space in your life to grow your practice. No matter what anyone says (don't be a sucker), it takes time and effort to achieve basic sensitivity to subtle energy....and then there is more down the road.