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  1. Really good depth analysis on the nature of controlled media.
  2. Painfully accurate.
  3. Several important sentiments.
  4. Lot of crazy shit can happen to our energy body in a lifetime. It's good that your seeing a healer. Welcome to TDB.
  5. Chick is a badass.
  6. Classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Sz6g76cac
  7. Welcome to TDB.
  8. Welcome to TDB.
  9. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. The serpent bites it's tail. Many thanks for the spirited discussion.
  10. Surrender and Trust are VERY powerful energies that we can work with.....but things become problematic when we project those forces onto another Being in an unhealthy way (most people are guilty of this). No real teacher wants a parasitic student. Work with those powers on their own turf......the middle man is not a necessity. A master may bring clarity, terror, doubt, ecstasy, revelation.....etc. Lets not limit the forms. The power to Create and Destroy...these are within the tool kit of the God-Head.
  11. One of my first mentors (in the spiritual arena) taught me that no matter how enlightened or powerful another being is....you never surrender your autonomy or authority to them in any regards. Give respect where respect is due...but never surrender your freedom or personal power (ability to choose....etc). Be very suspicious of anyone whom asks such a thing of you. That is something that resonated with me and has only continued to prove itself "more true" as i go onward up the ladder. Part of spiritual maturity is taking complete mastery over everything we "create" (thoughts, emotions, materia...etc). It's like getting past puberty and learning to walk in the spiritual sense. Spiritual authority and prostrating oneself before a guru do not necessarily go hand in hand. Real masters want you to saddle up and Become a God.
  12. I disagree, the spiritual world does issue certifications....just not in any physical form.
  13. Basic chi overload. The voltage is more than what her body can handle on an even keel at the moment, so it's shocking her system. The body needs to integrate and process the surge, this can manifest as her being sleepy, dehydrated, having sudden pains...etc. You may consider asking her to wear some kind of steel necklace to give her energy body a bit more density and thus less affected by the intensity of your flow. Consider doing some yin energy practices after you finish with a normal session so that you don't "cook" her as much. Let me know how it goes.