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  1. Tao in the human world

    Chiming in briefly from the perspective of my Stillness-Movement practice, for the longest time I had always thought in terms of linear cause and effect. After many of the meditation experiences I've had though, linear cause and effect now feels like only one aspect of a spectrum that also includes nonlinear conjoined space. It's quite a relief, although I'm still moving forward and seeking to progress in one sense, there is also an underlying sense that there is no FINAL future perfection or salvation in a linear future that I need to agonize over.
  2. There have been many days where I did SECA just by itself and was shifted for hours afterwards. Recently I worked on someone for 30 minutes and afterwards was told that they felt like they had 4 massages in one. I think the real "wow!" moment though is when people shift into the non-linear and reconnect with their Spirit. The sudden reduction in physical/emotional pain in a manner that blows through one's subconscious/conscious linear and mental assumptions is ultimately just a means for Spirit to accomplish that. One point of amusement for me is when people ask why I don't let other licensed massage therapists work on me more (i.e. "Don't you know you really need it!"). I don't usually allow other therapists to work on me because I already do distance trades with other members of the lineage I've meet at workshops. Besides, I find that most therapists actually rub me the wrong way in terms of their energy/personalities (no pun intended).
  3. Western and Chinese Gong Training

    Was doing some past research today and stumbled across this post. Pure gold! Mostly my experience his been with Qi as per my Stillness-Movement practice. When I've projected energy to my wife she sometimes jumps at bit, and describes it as feeling like a small electric shock. While the electromagnetic field produced by the heart, infrared heat and infrasound may be involved, my current understanding of Qi transfer is that it's primarily a transfer of conscious information. Any energy emitted by the body that can be measured by instruments is just a transfer medium. People jump because their nerves fire. Although the transfer of higher spiritual awareness is lacking, mentalists CAN cause outwardly similar effects with hypnotic techniques. Normally people only get that mild electric effect if there's mutual consent such as when I choose to do therapeutic work on them, which does make it difficult to test in a lab. I'm doubtful it would work to a random unaware person I tried projecting to on the street (it would be unethical anyway). In terms of Qi and body control, although I've experienced more of the former I do find that the two are synergistic with each other, I recently tried some standing post exercises and found they were easier after having done Qigong for awhile.
  4. In terms of overall consciousness I think the main spirit could probably be shifted from body to body so long as the head is kept stable. I'm far less certain however about the physical logistics of it...honestly I don't see it working out so well. There could be a personality shift as well in relation to different organ shens, as with heart transplant patients.
  5. Trans and Taosim

    1. Get in touch with your true self via Qigong/Alchemy, more nutrition and such. 2. Walk in the Wu Wei and do as your true self directs you. What it directs you to do however is a TOOL, an expedients means, NOT "who you are". Some of the things people identify with like their genitals, who they rub their genitals against and how the physical body attached to said genitals adorns itself are common urban Western obsessions, whether coming from a right-leaning or left-leaning standpoint. In terms of older Taoism, I'd those kinds of shallow details are actually irrelevant.
  6. Trumpcare

    Good post Brian. I find that people here and elsewhere constantly misunderstand the libertarian/minimal government approach to healthcare and safety nets. Accusations of favoring Social Darwinism and not wanting to take care of people fly all over the place. Where there's certainly some libertarians who might have that mentality (you'll find selfish people hiding under every ideological umbrella), the understanding I have of it is that it's more about allowing organic, self-organizing phenomena to do it's work. I'd add that it can't be claimed that the results of said organic evolution are always going to be pretty, but the main point is that attempts at state control are never going to be as robust and adaptable as self-organization.
  7. Porn?

    Yeah, it can be addictive/bad for you. And on the flip side, relationships that turn sour or end in financially devasting divorce can cause far greater harm in the long run.
  8. Questionable Journalism and Fake News

    Fake News = News that contradicts the narrative of the Mainstream Media, Washington D.C and the Globalists.
  9. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Really loved this post! I see it the same way, while there may be much in the world that is out of harmony due to human activity, I've always felt that physical existence is a wondrous gift, even if it sometimes isn't comfortable. Oftentimes the things that bring the greatest joy are satisfying precisely because they are a challenge. The thing I do like about some Buddhist practice is the isolation of Suffering as actually being distinct from simple pain or discomfort, but yeah, I think it really fixates too much on the 'escape suffering' aspect.
  10. LMAO Seth! Good advice everyone. Knowing how to deal with varmints is good once you start developing your energy or if you have holes in your aura. Overall though I think it's best not to fixate on ghosts/entities too much, compared to beings who are here in the flesh they really can't do all that much to you.
  11. Vajrahridaya

    Apparently he passed out and the medics couldn't revive him. The doctor who did the autopsy found no evidence of trauma or foul play. In several weeks they'll have the toxicologists report. I will let everyone know when I learn more (his name on Facebook is Jaro Majer btw). It is pretty shocking though, he was by all accounts very happy and full of life. A bit down recently when Bernie didn't win the nomination, but fine otherwise. Maybe this will turn out to have been due to a stroke or other issue not visible so far as outer health goes. While not close to him I am definitely feeling my mortality today since he wasn't that much older than me...
  12. Vajrahridaya

    Sadly, it would seem that the forum member Vajrahridaya has passed away. I learned of it via his Facebook wall today. He hasn't posted here in awhile, but I thought that this merited mentioning.
  13. The Spiritual Poison of Christianity

    The writer is correct to an extent, but environmental collapse has been common to complex societies even before Christianity. Most pre-industrial empires went bust because they deforested their local environments and overtaxed the soil.
  14. Atlantis

    Interesting discussion! Something about the idea of Atlantis has always deeply resonated with me. I've read numerous theories with varying measures of interest, but due to my INTP nature that is always doubting and looking for a greater comprehensive perspective, I've been on the fence and thought the various locations postulated were always flawed to some degree. I can definitely swallow the idea though that areas in Central Asia might have collapsed over time due to melting glaciers, or plain old deforestation and desalination as happens with most pre-industrial civilizations. As for all the other ideas about Atlantis having advanced technology or magic powers, there's nothing concrete to suggest that, and there's no cover up either as I have seen suggested by some. Yes conspiracies and cover ups do happen, but there's not really enough money in archaeological research to justify it, and you can't exactly classify and hide ruins or historical sites.
  15. Nei Dan (alchemy) and the MCO

    Referencing the discussion on physical/nonphysical, although falsifying materialism is a big part of my goal, I agree that when working with Qi it's not really one or the other. Actually, I've found that my practice goes much better when I stop analyzing whether something was physical or supernatural, and just "be". Qi is about transformation, it's not any one specific "thing". Movement of blood, shifting body alignment, heat in the abdomen, a remote viewing experience, it can include all of those things. As for MCO and Stillness Movement, speaking as someone who has been doing SM for awhile, I have over time gotten better at sensing what's doing on around the Dan Tien. I can feel movement around the belt channel, and sometimes get surges of energy going upward (and also down through the feet when doing standing SM). Also the building of LIGHT (separate from usual descriptions of Qi) at the Dan Tien. When reading descriptions though of alchemy and the Dan Tien from other Daoist systems, although there is some overlap, it's not exactly the same for SM, so even if long term goals are similar, individual "stages" for the Dan Tien don't apply quite as much.