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  1. Hello to the bums.

    Just a beginner on the path to internal cultivation here. Have lurked these boards for maybe a couple months now, and feel much appreciation for some of the wisdom expressed here. What to say? Became interested in energy healing and TCM at the outset of the 2020 pandemic and civil rights protests in the US. Just wanted to find a way to do some good, is all. This motivation became an impetus to some interesting changes in my health and spirituality, and now I'm having fun doing daily Daoist meditations. Have a reiki attunement and some basic shamanic abilities, though I won't claim to be anything more than someone in the process of finding the door, if even that. Am ethnically Han-Chinese, but have respectful interest in American Indigenous practices as well. My family practices Tibetan Buddhism. Have not technically inducted myself into the school but I respect and appreciate it as well, and occasionally chant some of the mantras. As of typing this, am doing the 100-day "building the foundation" practice, after which I will practice an orthodox Daoist sect under a teacher. Am starting with neigong practice without a martial background, but if it's in the cards for me to learn some Taiji I'd be quite happy with that outcome. Welcome to me.