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  1. GrandMaster Wang Li Ping December Intensive 2017

    Master Wang has an official English website, maintained by his students,
  2. Qi gong feats

    This is a well known magic trick. A search on youtube gives you tons of result:
  3. What Are "Legitimate" Qi Abilities/Power?

    Sorry tongkosong, you are not mopai expert even though you are an actual student of John Chang. Everyone knows more_pie_guy is the authority on everything mopai since he can quote magus of java better than everyone, and we all know that book is the utimate truth on neigong. So unless you battle and beat more_pie_guy on quoting magus of java, you have no power here.
  4. What Are "Legitimate" Qi Abilities/Power?

    If Jim and Kosta are such great experts on neigong, why can't they shoot lightning out of their asses like you can. Clearly you are more advanced than them. You know more about neigong than any mopai students existing or even John chang since none of them can shoot lightning out of their asses better than you do.
  5. What Are "Legitimate" Qi Abilities/Power?

    Ya Mu, there is no point arguing with more_pie_guy, don't you know he is the internet authority on neigong? He has read magus of java and he can quote from it better than anyone existing . He knows all the theory of neigong even more than any actual mopai students or john chang himeslef becasue he has read magus of java many times. Don't you know that that book contains all the truth of neigong practice and contains no errors even though the author did not speak chinese nor indonesian? A book relying on a translation by a bare beginner in neigong is the most authentic source of information, everyone knows that.
  6. Because he is the foremost internet expert and representative of mopai and all neigong practice. He knows more than any students of John Chang or even John Chang himself because his knowledge is the truth. He can backs up his claims with the holy scripture of niegong which has absolutely no errors, contains all truth and all knowledge beyond anyone who is actually in the mopai lineage, the holy scripture is the Magus of Java.
  7. I have been lurking long enough in the forum to vaguely remember that isn't your master supposedly a Tian SHan Pai qigong guy?
  8. Chen Zhonghua on sung and peng

    Interesting, do you study with Mr. Chen?
  9. Hey Drew, I don't mean getting into lotus. My question is once you got into lotus, how does he train to increase the duration of the meditation.
  10. Interesting article Drew, could you ask Jim next time how does he train to sit in full lotus for so long? How long does it take him to be able to sit for 6 hrs straight?
  11. Horse stance

    Horse stand is the basic training in any kind of serious qigong/neigong/martial art practice.
  12. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    This "challenge" is a joke, these guys don't have any dough. All that is promised is they will help the successful challenger to apply to all these skeptic grants. Such a bunch pathetic clowns.
  13. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    lol if you search "thunderpath" you will come across some dude named david verdesi who founded his own lineage quite recently.
  14. Sexual teachings of the White Tigress

    *sigh* some poeple will never listen. the fact that this practice is BS is as obvious as the blazing sun. the old master had already said so in "Understanding Reality". when one's body is completely fucked up then maybe one will start to regret but when that happen, it will already be too late.
  15. Sexual teachings of the White Tigress

    If anyone practice the BS presented in this book, they deserve any retribution that might happen to them. This is quite plainly the kind of evil practice that damage the name of taoism.