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  1. Calling All Metal Rats

    Uh-oh. I'm effed. Was advised to stay away from horses and rabbits. Married a horse, my wife gave birth to a rabbit. The lady at the mail-order bride company said that inauspicious Taoist combinations were no grounds for getting my money back. All sales final. Looks like a trip to the Mexican market for some ox-tail soup... by the gallon.
  2. Calling All Metal Rats

    Any other Metal Rats in here? My DOB - 09/12/60. Gonna be a good year for me.
  3. How's it going?  Starting up nei kung practice again on New Year's.

  4. It would appear that some folks dealing with crippling body-mind issues have not yet discovered the healing power of chi kung and basic methodical, abdominal breathing. TCM... thousands of years old... way ahead of the curve! https://www.thecut.com/2019/05/i-now-suspect-the-vagus-nerve-is-the-key-to-well-being.html?fbclid=IwAR0glHLlN9a3tBxp6XbDwq5TyuvDDbpIqRlcNfiNAd-gJn6O-EYRTL6qovs
  5. The opposite of Taoism is Fascism

    As it's been said before, madmen impose patterns on the world. Geniuses see the patterns. I don't remember where I read that.
  6. The Barefoot Doctor Spells it Out.
  7. The Art of War

    Well, Taomeow, it looks like this is going nowhere for now. Maybe some other time. Regards, scott
  8. The Art of War

    It would seem that the subject of conflict is alive and well, personally, collectively, globally. With the arctic in flames and the next American election cycle heating up, we are all being called to act courageously if we want a habitable planet. I'm proposing (another?) round of study Sun Tzu's classic. I haven't teased out the study guidelines, but I'd love to see honest and forthright participation, which I believe mandates homework and scholarship. As evidenced below, I"ve kind of gone bonkers collecting different interpretations. Any takers?
  9. Climate Change

    What was your reading list during the 10-year era? I'm making an effort to honor my love of reading, but I haven't enough hours in the day.
  10. Climate Change

    Mighty sobering message - I've seem some interesting models for global climate mitigation we could throw into effect if at the last minute we decided we wanted to live. Now it seems our technical and social challenges are tantamount to putting out hurricanes.
  11. Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD)

    Thanks to CT for the video post. I found that very relevant and I love the speaking style of Dr. Neale. The sooner we get this knowledge out there the healthier our world will become. I loved the point he made about the many folks who have followed the dharma successfully, who've gone on to have families and careers and successful accomplishments, and yet still feel like there is something stuck inside of them that won't budge, that won't allow a fuller blooming of potential. I'm glad to hear him reference Dr. Mark Epstein's "trauma of everyday life." His books are wonderful psychological journeys. Great stuff.
  12. A Heart Blown Open

    The biggest producer of Window Pane LSD goes on to become a Zen master and the 83rd Patriarch of the Rinzai Zen school of Buddhism. One of the best stories of modern enlightenment, of the integration of Eastern mystical wisdom with Western psychological insight, in years. Who is ready to wake up?
  13. A Heart Blown Open

    Has anyone else read this? The most important Buddhist work I've read in a decade. Cuts to the chase about unconscious conditioning and how to free ourselves from it.
  14. Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD)

    "Encephalon - I vaguely recall that you had opened your MCO with your neigong? So, did you maintain that after stopping your training after your child was born?" Well, time to atone for another delusion. Yes, I was making some great progress back then, but in all honesty, I couldn't complete the cycle from my upper spine to base of the skull without being quite stoned. So I must concede that, no, I likely didn't achieve a genuine MCO. But meridians in torso, upper and lower limbs were opening up nicely. On another note, I still read 365 Tao everyday, and yesterday seemed mighty pertinent to this post and to Water types in general - Depth Morning light illuminates the meditating wrestler. In his mind, even a wooden temple is washed away. Who can challenge an ocean's depth? There once was a wrestler who, in spite of his great physical stature, lost most of his matches. He consulted coach after coach, but no one could show him how to win. Although he lacked neither might nor skill, he did lack concentration and confidence. Finally, he went to consult a meditation master who agreed to help. "Your name means 'vast Ocean,'" observed the master. "Therefore, I will give you this meditation to practice." That night, the wrestler sat alone in the shrine and first visualized himself as waves. Gradually, the waves increased in size. Soon, he became a flood. then the flood became a deluge, and finally a tidal wave. In his mind, everything was swept before him: Even the gods on the alter and the timbers of the temple were consumed in his surge . Near dawn, the water settled into a vast and endless sea. That morning the master came to check on the wrestler's progress and was delighted. He knew that the wrestler would not lose again. For each of us, it is only depth of character that determines the profundity with which we face life. We can either add to our character each day, or we can fritter away our energies in distractions. Those who learn how to accumulate charcter each day achieve a depth that cannot be successfully opposed. (underlines added)