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  1. What basic principles would identify a good bagua system taught right?
  2. Which Bagua style do you suggest?
  3. 2000.00 Plus airfare, plus hotel, plus food, plus time off from work.. plus, plus, plus, plus.. sigh...
  4. Anyone know this guy? tks
  5. Bagua Zhang and Longevity

    How many, out of the billions of people on this planet, have achieved enlightenment? Who clearly knows and teaches a clear, concise path. I know of no one in my lifetime. Easy to speak of enlightenment, exceptionally difficult to grasp and obtain.
  6. Bagua Zhang and Longevity

    The real question(s) is/are, what practices promote longevity and then does Bagua contain those practices. Is opening channels enough to promote longevity or is more needed?
  7. Bagua Zhang and Longevity

    Agreed.. Yin and Yang balance.
  8. Bagua Zhang and Longevity

    I practice bagua and can say when done correctly.. key word here, "correctly".. it is very demanding. It is not like taiji in which most anyone can do it. It is very difficult and demanding. In our art it is said, within the internal arts, few practice bagua and within the art of bagua, few practice it correctly. Does it promote longevity. The jury's still out IMO....
  9. Qigong Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang - My experience

    I spent some time with Master Zhang and for me, sorry to say, I wasn't impressed. First off he offered a seminar but wouldn't say what was being taught. The one I did go to was Tiger Qigong seminar. I went to the Tiger Qigong seminar in Southern California and took a group healing seminar, same day. Felt nothing special from the exercises or the healing seminar. And, I was able to communicate with Master Zhang via Chinese. I also had nearly 20 years background in qigong and martial arts by that time. In addition, he sold a video tape which supported the seminar. I bought this tape to support what I learned at the seminar. Unfortunately there was all of 2 or 3 minutes of anything valuable on the video. The rest was video of his students. A waste of money in my opinion. Of course when I did see Master Zhang it was back in 2004 or so so maybe he hadn't developed fully by then.. I don't know.. As it stands not he is not someone I would seek out as an instructor. At least based on my previous exposure to him. My 2 cents.
  10. Eternal_Student, I would be interested in your insights into qigong.
  11. Dawei, 你是这个大卫吗?? Is this you Dawei? tks...
  12. Dabbling in bagua zhang

    Dainin, are you actually in Boca Raton? Do you study Bagua down there? tks
  13. Dabbling in bagua zhang

    Well if you've never been impressed with a video on youtube, including BKF then I don't feel so bad and it gives me hope. Anyway, no worries Jess.. Unfortunately I'm not in an area that has an abundant plethora of internal arts. Where are you located?
  14. Dabbling in bagua zhang

    With all due respect Jess, people can train their entire lives and still be mediocre at best. At the same time, some can train several years and reach high levels. It depends on the individual. I've never met BKF but from what I've seen of him on youtube, publications, etc, he doesn't "flip my fiddle" so to speak like others who seem to fall all over him. Just my point of view.... and like Aholes, everyone's got one. Take it for what it's worth. Peace!
  15. Dabbling in bagua zhang

    You probably by now think I'm nuts Gerard so let me add to that perception. I am not a fan of BKF at all and don't believe at all, based on what I've seen on the net, that he has a deep understanding of internal arts.