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  1. Take it easy. Just let your body balance. Watch a good movie.
  2. 8 Questions with Aurelian Popa

    In what I hope will be as exciting for you as it is for me, I have arranged a Daobums interview with Aurelian Popa! As you may know, Aurelian is a long time student of Wang Liping, authorized to teach with the Longmen Pai. In addition, he is a student of Sifu Jiang Feng and also authorized to teach in that school as well. His is quite accomplished from what I have heard and seen on video (I have not met with himin person), and has fairly unique access to both teachers. He has written a book about Sifu Jiang Feng who is very well known now in China after building "Apricot Forest Chinese Medicine Hospital" in the Yellow Mountain district of Anhui Province. Jiang and Liping are quite aware of each other and both have had positive things to say about the other's work, from what I hear. A rare enough thing these days perhaps. Aurelian has offered to answer eight questions:) Why eight I have no idea, but I can guarantee that I'm going to work on him to answer more. The call will be recorded and posted here on the Daobums forum. I think we will have some time to refine and edit our questions so that we get the most bang for our proverbial buck. Aurelian will personally choose the eight questions directly from the forum, so don't be afraid to ask more than one or two for fear of hogging up the interview so to speak. I think a sincere approach hopefully will open the door to more sharing for those who are interested in really dissecting these teachings and applying them to their life.
  3. Poem for a bum

    Return to me, oh sweet king
  4. Poem for a bum

    pull out from inside of me that which belongs to the place where all forms are related
  5. Taoist Study Group

    Ok, I just posted a bit of an overview. Here is the link to the discussion:
  6. Taoist Study Group

    Thanks for your interest. Just a quick note to say that I will be away from home through the 27th. After that we can get started. I think it will be a small group. If you are joining, you will want to get this book by Wang Li Ping : Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu. The book outlines the practice and has some theory as well. My focus is strictly on the practice. Hopefully we can have a few more students of Sifu join; at this time one other student who has received instruction from Sifu has offered to participate! Exciting! Also, this is just a study group, there is no cost and no obligation. Once we have a private forum established, I can answer personal questions and say more about my experience. -Warm regards
  7. Taoist Study Group

    I would like to start a study group based on my intensive with Wang Liping. It will take a while to compile my notes and recordings. After that, we could do it here on the forum. We would be using: Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu in addition to my notes.
  8. Taoist Poem

    I've been reading some Taoist poems, thought I'd share this one... A life-time is not what's between, The moments of birth and death. A life-time is one moment, Between my two little breaths. The present, the here, the now, That's all the life I get, I live each moment in full, In kindness, in peace, without regret. - Chade Meng, One Moment Best, Sean Denty
  9. The important thing to remember here is that we each do our own investigation in the end. We look, we see and then, at some point, inevitably, we must jump out of the story. Without this final willingness to jump, we stay in the story. This drama in the end is only just that, a story.
  10. Wizard Wang Liping?

    Edward, I have no interests to protect. I simply am interested in attending if there is another group. Especially if there is a group in the States. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Sean Btw, I had nothing to do with any request to take down Wang's picture. His picture is out there quite a bit, so I think it's a moot point. I haven't emailed anyone in your group except a friend who I met in 2006 and I sent you two very brief and polite PM's to show my support. I don't see a conflict between what you and David are doing at all and I think he would agree and support your efforts. I think people should take every opportunity to learn from Liping and I think what you are doing is great. If you would have bothered to read my PM, you'd know that.
  11. Small Heavenly Orbit

    Full lotus is probably not required to become self realized/enlightened. At least that seems self evident considering the number of enlightened masters who sit in some alternative position or don't meditate at all, but rather practice some prayer form or self inquiry or any number of things. Full lotus is however recommended and even eventually required in most cases for the practice and training that myself and others received from Wang Liping. It is also the natural outcome of the practice. This does not of course mean or imply that anyone who can naturally sit in full lotus has attained anything related to the practice or practices that Liping teaches. Just thought I'd toss that out. In the public seminars, full lotus is encouraged but not required. At least not right away. But then the public seminars are based on different principles and goals and generally more open ended with the primary imediate goal being health, mental wellbeing and healing.
  12. David Verdesi

    David is in a very unique position. While a few of his teachers happen to have well known names, David has been studying with well over 20 masters, some at levels that we cannot imagine- the majority of them virtually unknown, since he was 10 years old in Rome. Before I go further, I would ask readers who don't believe in such things to ignor what I write. I have no intention of offending anyone's sense of reason and beliefs. I'm not interested in debating whether or not you have risen your kundalini or if you can see auras and are already enlightened. That's fine, I have no opinion or issue with those points that I would wish to express; and no interest in debating David's credentials or reputation; or questions about where he got his PhD or didn't get his PhD, etc... The training and body of knowledge that David provides is not offered publicly or privately anywhere and is unique to David aside some limited external similarity in some of the basic practices. The price is there because that is what David feels his time is worth and he has a good number of dedicated and happy students. But, it is important to know that this is a very specialized training that is designed to do very specific things. Most people, if they knew what was involved, would probably choose a less involved practice. It's something that very few can or want to do and there are simpler ways to cultivate and have a meaningful spiritual life that require less sacrifice in all areas. It's a very serious business and commitment and most of the contextual basis that would make that clear and end the debates on the subject are off limits for open discussion. To discover if this is for you, would be a matter of destiny, not public debate or inquiry. Wang Liping's public teaching is good solid training, but it is not the training he gives privately with David (same with Jiang). He is not permitted to teach that openly; yes I've studied with him and yes that's what he explained to me personaly. This type of public training is designed for the masses and will grant the diligent student a concious death and, the few meant for it, more. As for Yang Shen Dao and Jin Dan Dao, to this date, Liping has trained only one student to a very high level and still that student is no where near his teacher. For this kind of training, you can have everything, time, money and teaching and still fail. There are students who have studied with Liping for many years who cannot reach the first level. And to receive this level of personal attention from Liping is not cheap by any standard, through David or otherwise; the government requires Wang to charge for his time. The recent blog of Wang's student for example is just external teaching and descriptions of some of the basic sensations and feelings that happen in Wang's presence during public teachings. Yang Shen Dao and Jin Dan Dao are something else and you need the masters presence on a very consistent basis for many years, and even then you can easily fail. To argue that this training, Yang Shen Dao/Jin Dan Dao, is out there and available is pure ignorance. This type of training is comparable to undertaking a complex space mission to repair a satilite or something. Most of us potato chip eating, average guys, would not realistically make it. We will become proficient at some aspect of the training and get the health benifit and make spiritual progress in this lifetime according to our karma and our destiny; to go higher requires many things and these are often hard things to overcome. How many good business men or women become billionaires? Only a few, there are lot's of wealthy people, some are millinaires, but only the top 1/100% become Bill Gates wealthy. Has to be a lot of destiny and karma in your corner. Wang Liping referes to his study as a young boy and, later as an adult, as torture that he would not wish on anyone. To train someone to his level in this life is not possible, and he has said openly that he has no intention of training someone in this way, with the possible exception one one or two and even they will only attain a fraction of his level and knowledge. Even to accomplish the basic goal that David holds for his students is a tremendous task, unmanagable for most working class lay people, that ideally requires a three year retreat or at least close supervision from the master and stretches of a year or more to train exclusively... plus the financial ability to secure the services of Liping. But, it's like the old saying goes, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, You'll land among the stars." The voices of criticism here are missing the point and the bigger picture. Compared to reaching the higher levels of proficiency in Yang shen or Jin Dan Dao, two closly related fields, what most people understand as enlightenment/awakening is a fairly easy task; still a great achievement, but not the same as someone like Liping. This is a dying way of life and something that is very rare and misunderstood, to the point of being tragically comical. I'm not saying that this teaching is better or worse or that one way is faster or more fun. It's just a different catagory that belongs to a particular line of Taoist practice that happens to be very specialized and uncommenly difficult and even boring perhaps in comparison to others practices within Taoism as a body of practices, schools and systems who's variety and shear number of different practices and groups is beyond any other spiritual tradition a hundred or even a thousand fold. There are a good number and variety of perfectly solid practices openly available that will take you to self realization, enlightenment and beyond if that is your heart's desire; both within Taoist tradition and that of other world religions. They don't bear much relation to the training that David is giving, but are excellent in their own right. Some of the Tibetan teachers (some living) are very very high level. Same in India and parts of Europe. Some of these are as high as any master or higher in their respective practices. People are Human; when they hear that David's training costs a lot of money they say all kinds of things and and start the usual critique and end with their top 7 keys to enlightenment. Maybe that's a good thing in the end. Perhaps what they are offering or suggesting would be better for most people and take them where they need to be as individuals. But just to give a picture I will highlight some of the reasons why what David is offering has a unique value... There are perhaps 10-15 people that can do what Liping can do, he is the only one making himself openly available. This is one of the last great Yang Shen Dao/Jin Dan Dao masters on earth, and he considers himself a child next to his masters. Yes, one of the three masters is still alive and lives in the heart of a sacred mountain motionless most of the time; he is a master of uncomprehensable knowledge and enlightenment. David has met higher masters than Liping and seen things that most of you would dismiss, even those of you who are open minded enough to accept that some of these ideas and stories might be real. David has many masters and several masters that are of extremely rare quality and ability that he is as close with as Jiang and Liping. With each he is a close and respected student, having the body of knowledge that they present at his disposal and the ability and permission to practice and teach it to a degree that many so called masters cannot; this despite the fact that he always remains humble and does not call himself a master because he knows what a master like Jiang or Liping are truly capable of. David has unique access and knowledge and is highly qualified to transmit and teach that knowledge to westerners and the western mind, in this he is very unique (there are others who compare in part) and stands among the top of his field; regardless of other's opinions, ideas or hopes, as the case may be. David's teaching goes way beyond that of his teachers; not that they don't know what they teach, but to them it would be a waste of breath to spend the hours that David does presenting and explaining the complex theories behind the practices; knowledge and understanding that a master like Liping rarely gives and that can greatly improve your chances of progressing at a acceptable pace and level. At the age of 17 or 18 David was often in remote areas of China studying with masters who have completely transended any reasonable standard of human lifespan and knowledge. Very few will ever meet and study with immortals of this caliber; some of the Jin Dan Dao masters David studied with are far beyond Liping. The knowledge and experiences David gained, make him a rare teacher whos ability and level of cultivation match his level of understanding and knowledge. If you want to study what David teaches, and again this would make you the exception, you would be very hard pressed to find a better, more qualified teacher that can even speak English let alone explain closed door teachings in a comprehesive way on Yang Shen and Jin Dan Dao practice. This subject and who David is will likely remain controversial, but perhaps it is meant to be that way. Whether or not that is the case, it's for sure easy to disrespect what we don't really understand and haven't experienced based on like and dislikes and preconcieved notions. Not that we shouldn't go right ahead and say what we think, wrong or right. The import thing to remember is that cultivation can be very simple and uncomplicated. Not everyone needs to explore the most complex and technically challenging Taoist practices to fullfill their destiny and find inner peace. Some of the the best practices that can take you to enlightenment in one lifetime are one simple technique; of course with proper guidence and grounding. And some of the most impressive teachers that can give many sensations and spiritual/energy experiences are are some times the one's who have no clue what they are doing and what affect the practices they teach are having on people (not directed at anyone here). I for one really appreciate the work David does and feel that the way he conducts his personal business is done ethically, professionally at a fair price. Having said that, it seems clear that a person like David, who charges a high fee and tells stories of immortals and such, would and probably always will attract negative criticism ranging from smug undertones to outright dislike and anger. I guess that's just human nature. Nothing for it really. Anyway, I feel a genuine respect for anyone who sincerely follows a spiritual path with the intention of becoming a wiser person and serving others in their own chosen way. I think the noblist thing anyone can do is seek to understand who they are and where they come from. I also think that any practice can potentially be a great practice. And, I think it's human nature in general to politely or not gossip, discredit and brag about things we have absolutly no clue about.