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  1. Allergies from a tcm/daoist approach?

    I got similar issue and tried this Chinese herbal medicine before. It seems doesn't fit to me. I found another thing that I have a fat tounge with teeth print. I tried many formula of Chinese herbal medicine, and "FU ZI LI ZHONG TANG" (附子理中湯 and replace Ginseng Root by Pilose Asiabell Root) can reduce a little syndrome. I am practicing chi-gong for one year. I hope it can help me.
  2. How to translate 夫?

    If a noun after the word "夫" (ex: 夫道者,夫仁者) in an ancient Chinese sentence, I will translate it to "The". To emphasize the word was used a lot but rare people understand what the exactly idea is.
  3. A.C. Graham

    There is a teacher called uncle JT, who teaches Zuangzi and Chinese medical. Some of his material about Zhuangzi were posted online. Here is one of them ( I translate it to English using google translate on Google Chrome and compare it to original document. There is some bothered mistranslated names and ancient Chinese article, but the story is still worth to read.
  4. A.C. Graham There was no others -> There were others but we shared the same thought -> We couldn't share the same thought -> Things were either correct or incorrect -> The Dao was not complete, and that's why love appears. In the very begining, there is no others. At that point, It was ultimate and can't be enlarged by anything or any method. (有以为未始有物者,至矣尽矣,不可以加矣。) In the end, ZZ dreamed that he became a butterfly. I believe that is one step to go back the ultimate state.
  5. A.C. Graham

    "有分" was used as "有緣分" in Song dynasty ,which is described in that dictionary. In this chapter, The Adjustment of Controversies, "物" is opposing to "我". In the last part of this chapter, ZZ in that story can not distinguish which one is ZZ, and which one is others. Maybe, "物化" means "become others" here. There are 5 of "分" in this chapter, and I like to translate these "分" as "apart".
  6. Hello everyone

    I am practicing tai ji quan for 4 years, and suddenly can feel what qi is about one-year ago. The major material what I learned is in chinese until I found this forum. I am practicing qigong now, and trying to do some research about what qi is.