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  1. Best wishes from Brazil

    @CobieJust say enough to bring the point across but don't overdo it. Thank you!
  2. Teacher for Non ejaculatory orgasms

    Doing nothing is the right move in this situation but medical intervention is ok if it helps. Letting nature follow its course is the way of Tao. BTW Non ejaculatory orgasms are not a health issue here.
  3. How to be a good Daoist

    Hi Tom, The question is not how to be a good Taoist but how to become a Taoist. To become a Taoist is to be a good person. One needs to follow some guidelines but not necessarily any special rules. It is self-cultivation and self-discipline by treating oneself and others with respect. One doesn't require to pray unless one is deep into the religious level. It is a good idea to obtain as much knowledge as one can to deal with the universe. That said, one needs to start at the human level to deal with what is in the environment. It is to have peace of mind to avoid conflicts of any nature. One wants to keep a calm mental state and look into things with an open mind within reasons. Physically, it is to have a healthy body to deal with the daily chores. There are many practices to enhance the physical being of the body. One can practice the Qigong exercise such as meditation or Taiji. Both will give one good mental health but Taiji or other exercises involving movement and breathing will give both mental and physical benefits. To be a Taoist is to be a good person, to begin with. However, one should not restrict oneself by following some rules that might be detrimental to one's mental and physical health. Good luck to you in pursuing this wonderful journey.
  4. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    Like the female Taiji master says: All the misinformation is out there to mislead the real information at the final end. So, unfortunately, the true masters become the fake ones. Thus the misinformed people are too busy denying the facts without giving them any thought or stuck what was learned in their minds at first.
  5. Best wishes from Brazil

    Eric, welcome to TDB I see your problem here. They are not really different versions. They are many codexes of the DDJ other than the original. Some of the characters were written incorrectly by the authors. In your case here, it might happen to be the author used the character 知 for 智. Usually, the character 知 means "to know" and 智 means wisdom'. However, it also happens to be that the two characters are interchangeable. In ancient times, I believe 知 (knowledgeable) was used as 智(wisdom) also. "使夫智者不敢為也" Literally, most people would be translated it as: Then, let's make the Wiseman dare not do it. However, the real interpretation is "then, let's make the wise guys dare not to do it" which makes more sense. Notes: The wise guys were meant in a negative sense in the statement.
  6. Chi Gong Lovers

    I will change the title to read "Chi Gong Lovers". In Eastern society, people have practiced martial arts following the described principle here. I am using the same breathing method in my Taiji and meditation practices. I have discovered it is very effective to improve the health of my body.
  7. Chi Gong Lovers

    Those who are interested in QiGong should watch this video. You may skip to 1:26:00 to get a general idea from the horse's mouth. The video talks about QiGong(氣功), and the breathing was emphasized for more than an hour. Let's have the reader determine what Chi Gong is all about.
  8. Tai Chi Maniac

    Those who love Taiji, and would like to share their thoughts with a Taoist attitude are welcome to make contributions. Here is something I thought is interesting to look at.
  9. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    Thank you! After all, this is a Taoist forum, I am glad that someone has taken this into consideration. Tao will take its Wu Wei course. Why do we have so many non-Taoist practitioners here?
  10. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    It has always been my motto. Sometimes, too much depending on following others could make one blind and off track. I will put it in my famous quote bin.
  11. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    Don't worry he will be banned again soon or later.
  12. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    Normally, at the wuji position in ZZ, the legs muscles are contracted which restricted the vein to return blood to the heart. As in Taiji, the movement of the muscles is contracted and released which aids the blood in the vein to flow upward returning to the heart.
  13. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    Well, he did say Wuji is just a posture, and the rest of the explanation is overkilled.
  14. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    If you haven't practiced for years, then, if you do it for 5 to 10 minutes from now, do you feel soreness in the lower and upper legs? Normally, beginners do. I just ask my wife to do it she did feel the tension in her lower legs.
  15. Nathan Brine Revised Material

    I believe that most muscles are activated in the lower leg. It is because that is where the support is for the whole body weight. As I stand right now, with my knees bent, I am feeling the tension in my lower legs.