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  1. How to sustain my True Mind?

    I'm sorry everyone. What I took as my true mind was merely the second stage of Thusness where everything is perceived as I. From what I have read, true mind is far beyond those. So yeah, it was a misconception.
  2. Kundalini kriyas under rather different conditions

    Whoa! Thanks for letting me know about Thusness. I seem to be in the second stage, and if not for the info there, I would probably be staying here for quite a while..
  3. Kundalini kriyas under rather different conditions

    As I said, I am an absolute noob at this. I simple read about the secret smile from Vajrasattva's post about KAP. The I Am thingy is from Swami Nisargaddatta's I Am That.
  4. Hello from a noob. I started reading Buddhist sutras a while back and now, whenever I can, I tend to get back into the stage where everything around me, including my body is a mere thought, projected on a subtler mind. Basically, this state cuts off my emotions (other than the occasional bliss from listening to classical music or from penetrating into the feeling of 'I AM'). Today, I decided to do a little belly breathing, just because. I did a few in the morning after secret smile, and then some in the evening, an hour back while listening to Brahmanand Swarupa song. Towards the end, the left part of my face suddenly exuded a blissful feeling (it still keeps exuding) and my body, for the first time, automatically started moving strangely. I forced myself still a few times but every time I realised that my body was a mere thought, the movements started again. This is when I let go, closed my eyes and enjoyed myself performing a strange, yet graceful dance where every movement was in flow. I did that for about an hour and stopped when I heard mom coming up.😋 Now then, I see people post that you gotta feel joy, anger insanity, so and so while doing this but since my body to me was a mere price of thought which I had been observing, I didn't exactly feel much of emotions. Is there a problem here? P.s. I hear a strange ringing sound in my head, and the blissful feeling seems to be slowly seeping everywhere inside my body..
  5. How to sustain my True Mind?

    I started reading into the Shurangam Sutra a while back and I chanced upon the Buddha's explanation of "True Mind". After reading the same part for a few times, I finally succeeded in experiencing the true mind myself. However, the experience is rather fleeting and many a times after I wake up after sleeping, it completely disappears. Today especially, the Heart Sutra music which I had put on while sleeping keeps playing repeatedly in my false mind when I try to get back into experience. Is there a solution, or is it that my cultivation is too shallow?
  6. I think I need some help..

    Nice to meet you, everyone. I am Nishant, from India and this is the first time I'm posting here after lurking around for a bit. Now let me explain my thing : Two years or so back, I started reading Chinese webnovels, especially the type where the protagonist becomes a great genius and keeps flying around and soaring through the skies. That took me towards the whole idea of Daoism, and I started studying some texts and stuff. I started following Daoist rituals and tried to confirm my behaviour to the Dao whenever I was conscious of it. Mind you, I had no idea about Qi and dantian and stuff like that. Now then, I came across this forum, and a whole new world opened up before me. Cultivation and neidan, which I thought was the stuff of the novels actually existed. That once again reignited my passion for flying in the sky and getting celestial fairies as my consorts Here's how my journey has been since : I read somewhere about MCO, and finding it closest to what I had in mind about 'cultivation', I started visualizing that. After a few tries, I felt some vibration through under my right part of neck, then under the nipple all the way through under right side of the stomach area and disappearing there. Although initially ecstatic about the discovery of Qi, I corrected this path to the one through my lips, neck and centre of my anterior body to the dantian. These where actual vibrations, and not merely figments of my own imagination as I initially thought them to be. But while bringing this vibration back through my Governor vessel, I felt an intense blockage on my mingmen point. I still kept on trying this stuff, and well.. that's that. Oh yeah, something happened while I was casually sitting during the day and I felt this rush of pleasure whenever I breathed. It was like every breath created a euphoric feeling in my heart. Is that an indication of a problem? All this happened in a week, a few days before now. Two days before yesterday though, I came across Nan Huai Chin's book on the right and wrong spiritual paths, ( thanks to that, I have felt my mind grow calmer. I don't think of my bullshit fantasies anymore, and my only aim for now is to keep going further on my cultivation path. So, the same night, I sat in meditation with a detailed skeleton picture and started visualizing the bones of my feet for the White Bone Visualization method. I didn't concentrate for a long time and only got to my hip before I had to sleep for the night cuz my mom was mad at me. The euphoria in my heart got stronger that night, and every heartbeat made me feel blissful. Here comes the part I don't understand : I continued with the visualisation last night, from the very start of my left foot finger bones. I visualized both of my legs yesterday as compared to just one, and after I reached the spine area, I was distracted since my sick grandfather was asking for water from the other room, and my parents sleep on the above floor. I got up and gave him some water and went back to my bed, thinking that I would do the meditation tomorrow. Just when I had lied down to sleep, while thinking of remaining aware to keep myself conscious in my dream (I have yet to accomplish that feat), I felt a sudden thump in my head from the inside, and the world seem to blur. My consciousness seemed to have covered by something, and the most I could feel was that my hands felt really light, and I felt as if I could fly if I wanted to (an illusion, ofc). My body felt full on the inside with.. heat(?), especially near the heart. My head wasn't really buzzing and I still had some thoughts, most of them having to do with Nan Huai Chin's method of not controlling or forcing the changes. A short while later, this phenomenon disappeared and I regained my senses. For an hour or so after that, I continuously farted around for a while , and had to go to the bathroom twice(ugh, embarrassing 😳). For three hours after that, I just couldn't sleep and had multiple thoughts in my head. The White Bone meditation session I just had was quite peaceful, but now, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop thoughts from getting to my head. I tried chanting "Amitofo", and other methods, but none of them helped, although they were far more helpful in the day. Sometime after that, I forced myself to keep my eyes closed for half an hour or so, and eventually fell asleep. This morning, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning as compared to my usual 4:15, which is the time I have started waking up since I started doing MCOs and stuff. I personally don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, and my heart feels unsettled from all these thoughts. I don't think I have noticed much changes in my body since morning. Before I forget, I started feeding the hungry ghosts since the day before yesterday following this method : That's all from me. Makes me feel really free after sharing all this. I would be really greatful if someone was to advice me as to what's going on.
  7. Hello, fellow daoists!

    Hello everyone. My name is Sean, and I am a 20 year old guy who came in contact with Daoism a year and a half back. Since then, I have been continuously pursuing its doctrines and searching for the translated stuff to read and purify my mind with. I started with the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer regarding Daoism and also with a number of speeches of Alan Watts. Each of their words word seemed to send me into a whirling galaxy of new thoughts and ideas. I don't know why, but the whole set of philosophies seemed to be custom made for myself. Then, I looked into its history and a whole new world opened before me. I came in contact with quite a lot of stuff, such as internal alchemy, the Taoist immortals, the Qi and the spirit and a ton of the metaphysical stuff. Usually, I would scoff at such stuff and move on, but this time, I didn't. Internal alchemy wasn't something I could practice, so although I have it a place in the corner of my heart, I rarely gloss over it. But about the rest, I totally believe in them now. I joined a Tai Chi class and the steps of the exercise seemed to be expounding the stuff I had heard time and time again from Watts and Dyer. Something in all of this tells me that the Qi, and the meridians/energy channel stuff is definitely not a mere hoax. Far from it. It was amazing! And then a while back, I heard about the works of Zhuang Zi, and this has totally blown away my mind. The way the great sage presents his work seems to work just right for me, and I could comprehend more things than I could with the Dao De Ching. So, I have been looking into his teachings through his book, and his life and so on. That's been my journey so far. No one around me in their right minds would bother to discuss the Way with me, given their hectic lifestyles so this community is heaven sent to me. I truly hope to learn from everyone here. Thank you.