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  1. The taboo of enlightenment

    Who are you? You are Shiva, you are not. Awareness is not you. While experiencing certain mystical experiences, it feels like you are awareness, but it is not ultimate. This feeling keeps fluctuating after a certain period of time. Desire is not you. The more you keep fulfilling your desires, the more it keeps you bound into the inverted views, which people consider normal. Contentment is what eliminates suffering. This doesn't mean that you go in a forest and live on timber and roots to make yourself look content. It means that whatever you do with your body and mind in this world, it is simply for the fun of it. You are not bound by the end results. They will not, in any way fulfill your desires. If desires persist, the external decides your thoughts, emotions. You have become a slave to everything. If desired are eliminated, there is no one to experience suffering.
  2. THE SIMPLE WAY: A Daoist Response to Life
  3. Women and Buddhahood

    Here's something I have started observing recently. Feminine is a quality, the receptive quality. An amazing one! The heart that comes with this quality is the most suitable for all sorts of spirituality and spiritual practices. However, this quality is like a double edged sword. It seems to strengthen the karmic bonds quite a bit unless you take the quality to the extreme and become feminine to the whole world. This is not about talking genders, since gender talk becomes pure bullshit after enlightenment. If you are still so attached to the bodily form you have, how in the heavens are you liberated? Masculine and feminine are qualities; a man can have more of feminine quality (in some, it needs work. In some, it's natural) and a woman can have more of a masculine quality, which is usually the case nowadays. Trying to go against their nature has become so common in the society today that it's become natural. No matter what gender, if you wish to be quicker in the spiritual path, you need to have an equal mixture of both. Speaking of the Buddhas, we'll first have to see and understand that in those days when the sanghas were first being established after Shakyamuni left his body, it was much much easier for a man to renounce home and traverse the spiritual path of buddhahood than it was for a woman. Why was it so? Firstly, this was again, because of the feminine quality which was widely prevalent among the women of those times. They were a lot more attached to their family/worldly bindings than their male counterparts. Secondly, a woman carried almost the whole of the reputation of her household on her shoulders, hence making this bonding all the more difficult to remove. Lastly, it was because of the presence of physical dangers all around, in the form of lack of food, wild animals, bandits, and so on. To a female, the only result other than deep spirituality was either death or disownment from her family. Now, this was likely the reason the early Buddhists were more inclined towards the male participation in the spirituality. This tradition slowly started mingling with the societal norms of the times, developing into what it is like today. As for all Buddhas being men, it's complete nonsense. Buddhas have no physical body they are bound to, so no genders. However, to say this would create a huge chaos in people's ignorant minds. Hence, they chose males. There have been many, many Buddhas. There still are, both males and females.
  4. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    What about the Hindu gods? Are the benefits from chanting their names recorded in some spiritual text?
  5. My first post

    If you pay attention, every breath of yours can be as amazing and exciting as the latest Nintendo is for an enthusiast. Trust me. I have been through that phase. Everything was vaporous. My feelings, my emotions, my family and all life around me. Then, I discovered that I am not what I thought I am. I never was. I am something else. Something I have never been able to think or observe. What is that something? I do not know. However, I believe that when I do, it will be amazing. Until then, I can explore my daily life. I can explore the indifference I sometimes feel towards the world around me, I can explore the panic setting in when there are surprise quizzes in the uni, I can explore the joy when I listen to a song and dance to the tune. In fact, as I become more and more meditative, things becomes more and more amazing. The feeling of not wanting to pay attention to anything is probably because you still falsely perceive life. We all do, but all of us are to some extent, driven by the motivation of becoming one with something or the other. For a practitioner, it's themselves. For a common man, it's his family and friends, for an otaku, it's his games and its characters. To some extent, everyone is driven towards that oneness. When your ego gives up that feeling of oneness, that is what prompts people to suicide. They (ones that suicide) believe themselves to be all alone. I am not saying that they might not be alone in their lives. Their family and friends, and even their societies might have abandoned them. However, if there is even a shred of oneness with something or someone, they wouldn't dare to give up life. So, yeah. If you have become the sort that considers the world to be illusory, I highly recommend you to go ahead and live like a total lowlife for a few days. Do whatever you want to do (except harming others, alcohol or drugs), watch porn, have sex, listen to music, dance, and go on. When you are able to start feeling the emotions, instantly create a bit of distance between them and yourself. Know that you are not happy/ sad/ excited or whatever. You are you, you are not the emotion. You are not indifference, neither are you sadness nor happiness. When this realization comes up, you will see what it means to feel amazed.
  6. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    Does letting go of this energy result in spontaneous movements of the head/spine?
  7. Hello

    Hi 1Bum. Ordinary is the beginning. As you go from being merely ordinary towards being extra ordinary (not a typo), you realize more and more about your own grandeur.
  8. Sadhguru's Series on Mysticism & the Occult

    Sadhguru is definitely an enlightened being. DEFINITELY! Coming from my own experience. See, in the Vedic lore, there had once been a great yogi called Dattatreya. This guy was a fantastic one, and the legend goes that he actually had 24 gurus. It's difficult to have one awesome guru you can choose to be intimate on a level beyonse your emotions nowadays. This guy, he actually had 24. Here's the catch however. The 24 gurus weren't some profound yogis or whatever. They were : 1. Earth, 2. Water, 3. Air, 4. Fire, 5. Sky, 6. Moon, 7. Sun, 8. Pigeon, 9. Python, 10. Ocean, 11. Moth, 12. Bee, 13. Honey-gatherer, 14. Elephant, 15. Deer, 16. Fish, 17. Dancing-girl Pingala, 18. Raven, 19. Child, 20. Maiden, 21.Serpent, 22. An arrow-maker, 23. Spider and 24. Beetle In the Hindu tradition, anything and everything that can dispel your darkness to a certain extent will be your guru. That is what the term means. It definitely does not directly translate to a teacher. A more accurate translation would be "a pathfinder". His words have given me so much insight into life that in no situation can I not call him a guru. Btw, it's better to be more practical in these situations. Believing the Brahman to be your guru might make you feel good, but since it is far beyond your experience, it is a mere flowery word. To me, spiritual awakening is something that makes me feel good, and more and more good until it morphs into an absolute good. No amount of money/ alcohol/ drugs will ever lead me towards this eternal "feeling good" and so I chose the spiritual. Bliss is something anyone can feel if they want to. You can try this : try spending fifteen minutes of your day convincing yourself that you have the ability to respond to everything. Whether it exists or not, whether it manifests or is unmaisfest. When you are responsible enough, so that every breath you breathe carries your conscious response, you will feel yourself awakening to a never before seen state of bliss. Probably the simplest way to feeling the bliss they talk about. It is different from the orgasmic bliss in the sense that it feels much more dynamic. This is still far from the ultimate bliss however, since they say that the ultimate bliss is your own true nature. As Adi Shankaracharya says, "I am Shiva; I am the eternal-consciousness-bliss".
  9. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    Just wanted to post this. I have been reading about my self being seperate from my body and my mind, and even though I have reached the third stage of Thusness, the experiences of being everything and nothing seemingly only brought me into those moments of trance. Now today, I had been chanting the Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattva mantra, without any expectations. I only hoped that it would help me retain my awareness in sleep. I really wanted fly around in my dreams.. Anyway, I don't exactly remember as to what I saw in my dream but now that I think of it, it feels as though some profound realization just crossed my mind. I was there, looking at an anime character doing cross talks with a girl, and as I looked at this guy, I went into a trance and started thinking that I was him. This was so, that when he was happy, I was happy. When he was sad, I was sad. When he was acting funny, I thought I was the one acting funny. This continued on for a long time since neither the guy, nor the girl he was talking to seemed to realize my existence. Then, I realized that there had been an additional character all along. It was a girl in purple. I had ignored her until now, but the moment I focused at her, she looked at me (the real me and not the anime character). She told me to breath in a particular way (don't remember any of it). Finally, she wished me goodbye, saying that my dream was about to end. I calmly listened as though it was the most normal think in the universe. Now that I am awake, I understand that I had always been like that. I read and listened to the enlightened beings, flashlights flashed in my head but then, when I involved myself with the world around me, things seemed to get a bit out of control. I knew I wasn't the body or the mind, but it was still completely blurry and unclear. It still is, but I now know that I can wipe it clean. Somehow, someday, I will do it. Was it a divine providence? My own subconscious? Who cares! I am going to continue with the recitation no matter what!
  10. Strange emotional experiences

    Have you ever went through some particularly strange emotional disturbances where you experience some intense emotion without any reason whatsoever? Just in a few weeks, I, who had been a through and through atheist (still am) cried thrice : once while looking at the morning ritual in the Amarnath temple with a bored expression on my face, the next while I was looking at a tree in my backyard and the last one when I listen to Om Tara chant over and over again... Btw, do you think I am suffering from some mental damage or something?
  11. Daily life postures

    Hi everyone! I would like to know more about the importance of postures. There's quite a bit of info on the forum about meditation postures, be it sitting, standing or whatever. But I was hoping to know about the important of postures I take through most of my day. For eg, I have a tendency to bend my back when I am reading or writing, or at a computer. This has weakened my lower back muscles where a searing pain develops if I have to sit for more than half an hour at sitting meditation. I can consciously stop the suffering and simply sit there while feeling the pain, but I wanted to ask if that's good for the body. There's more. Since I have been an avid smartphone user for quite a while, the wrist of my right hand seems to tilt to the side subconsciously whenever I sit in the Gyan Mudra. I am not very sensitive to qi yet, so I can't feel whether it interferes the energy movement during the kriyas. Now that I have begun cultivating, my shoulders arch back and spine straightens naturally whenever I am conscious of the energies. However, I tend to go back to the old ways since I find them more comforting. How should I go about this?
  12. What now?

    @SongShuhang White bone visualisation is genuine tho, no? Moreover, as I said, I had yet to completely believe in qi and stuff like that, so I stopped the practice after barely a month.
  13. What now?

    Thank you for your advice. I had recently started walking around the garden barefoot in the morning before sunrise. Does that count as grounding? There's one more thing. I have read here about spontaneous movements and I know that it requires large amounts of practice to get to that. However, even before I had read about these or knew what these movements looked like, I would go through those strange movements when I distributed this feel all around my body. Not sure if it was mere hallucination, since I don't seem to be able to walk around with my eyes closed if I only relied on this feeling. However, when I used to 'give in' to the feeling, the body would go around doing strange things. Just a few days ago, my body starts doing back-bending exercises which I have never seen or heard of before. Moreover, this is not all. I wasn't able to sit cross legged with a straight spine well since being an otaku has destroyed my posture. However, I played around and now when I try to give in to the feeling, my shoulders raise themselves automatically while I feel some muscle around my back sinking, and lo! I can sit as stably as I want to with no sense of backaches. Can anyone explain this please?
  14. Unwinding Desire

    Desire is not a problem. You exist because your spirits desire to experience life. You exist because each of your cell desires to be alive. You exist because your parents had desires of their own. However, uncontrollable desires are the problem. Being uncontrollably desirous of anything causes entanglement with that thing/person, and then, YOUR internal state starts confirming to their presence or absence. For eg, when your desire of a certain person/food/ source of entertainment reaches to a point where your heart starts throbbing when you are refrained from experiencing them, that is the source of all suffering. I am not exactly an expert of any one religious practice, but from what I have experienced, desire is actually a physical manifestation of your being craving for infinity. This is also a reason why it can be dangerous. Because it keeps on manifesting itself in one form or the other for ever. Now, quite a lot of people around seem to think that a life without desires, passions would be through and through monotonous. This is most certainly wrong, however. If your body and mind can keep giving out feelings of bliss and joy no matter what you see, hear or feel, isn't that better than getting the same feel out of selected things? If that can be the case, you can see things like the Heaven and Earth do, treating people and things equally. A life like that will propel you towards what's right for you, materialistically and spiritually. If you can do that and treat all people and things with equally great amount of love, it will do wonders in clearing your emotional blockages. I have heard from quite a few enlightened beings that being unbound to emotions and thoughts can actually increase your sensitivity to your energy body (DanTian and meridians) and all further subtle bodies and layers of existences.
  15. What now?

    I am 20 years old now. I have never really practiced any sort of qi gong/yoga. However, close to a few months back, I suddenly realised the fact that I did not know who I really was when I woke up from sleep in the afternoon one day. The body was not me, and the mind was definitely not me. This seemed to send off an explosion in my head. It felt as though a thick cover had been lifted off from the top of my head. I enjoyed and meditated on this feeling quite a bit. Then, I started to do some research and figured that it might have something to do with the spiritual dimensions of life. Since I am in a university, and didn't exactly get enough time to learn, or even search for a teacher, I researched around for a bit and found this forum. After lurking around for a bit, I bought the 25 doors to meditation book from William Bodri and found some meditation practices. So then, I started practicing the skeleton visualisation method I found on his website. I had some experiences, and quite a few times, I felt something go boom in the body. However, I stopped the practices altogether since a few of my friends advised me to. Even I felt that there was probably something wrong with my head. A few weeks passed by just like that, and even if I didn't practice, I could feel something stirring up inside my back, moving towards my head. It's been close to two months since then. Here comes the problem : In these two months, all of my energy has seemingly gotten stuck in my head and presses down on my temple most of the time. Recently, it has even manifested in the form of phlegm in my nose which I can't seem to spit/blow out. This was probably one of the most frustrating periods of my life, since there was times when I felt that this energy was about to just explode out of my head with a 'poof'! I could also "feel" the things in my very immediate surroundings. When I used this thingy on my LDT, the energies seemed to automatically recede downwards, clearing up my head. However, they always came back up, annoying me to no little extent. Now my uni is placed in a remote area, with no tai-chi/yoga classes around, and I don't think there are practitioners here. However, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, I am back home. Hence, I finally had some time around my hands and I did an Inner Engineering Online course from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev since I had found his talks quite eye-opening. There, he talks about all your sufferings related to karma/action and accepting things as they are. (The 7 classes were quite transformational, and I still feel pretty good about betting my money on it.) I found the energies calm down completely after I have accepted them. However, even if they don't make me suffer anymore, it would still feel better to get my head cleared up and have my senses senses heightened. Moreover, I still alternatively feel states of high energy and fatigued (it's mostly fatigue) and a loss of appetite after I lie down in the bed after practicing yoga and meditation for a while. And once this happens, it continues to hound me through the day. So that's my general situation. Are there any solutions?