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  1. Sifu Dan ferrera

    Hey I am curious. Does anyone know how old Dan Ferrera is. Does anyone still keep in touch with him. I think he probably still looks like he is in his 40s.
  2. Al perhacs

    Has anyone heard of Al perhacs I heard his training gives bad side effects. It's interesting. Because it talks about nerve fibre building. And living forever. And mind abilities.
  3. Hey. I used to do this training. The guy sifu Rob. He is real strict. So I think if you like someone telling you. Don't do this or don't do that. Kind of micro manegizing you. Then maybe the training will work for you. I did his training for two years back when I was young man. Like 19 years old when I started it. After awhile people told me I like like a child. And people did good things for me too when I never asked for it. So I assumed it was because of his training. But when I had him on the phone I could feel his energy causing problems with my energy. And when he talked with his voice it felt negative. So he is at a high level I assume but in a really negative way. I know so many people that have left him and his training. So I wanted to feelings on it. And by the way he says Criss angel bought his program back in the 80s. So all the " magic tricks" are really tai chi powers in action. That there are other guys behind the scenes putting their energy together to make Criss angel fly and so forth.
  4. new here to dao bums

    hey everyone i have been doing specific trainining for years now. my sifu is amin jani from youtube. i usually do mao you circuit and others put together. i was involved with chi energy a long time ago. was wondering if anyone else did they're trainining too. talk soon.